Vintage Whispers (A Cozy Retirement Mystery Book 1) by Riley Blake

Vintage Whispers (A Cozy Retirement Mystery Book 1)

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Rocking chair discussions reveal different versions of bygone days and investigations are in order. Soon, three blue-haired ladies are doing what they must to find suspects in an unsolved murder.

A few favorite lines/scenes from Vintage Whispers:

 “Miss Layla isn’t screaming. I heard the banshee myself.”

“Sure you did, when you looked the other way.” Opal rolled her eyes. “Trust me, honey. I saw her throw those shoulders back and let it rip.”

“Death is coming for her.”

Opal scoffed. “The only thing coming for that woman is a straightjacket.”


“You never heard the story?” Pearl lowered her voice. “Why the folks down at the Five and Dime said he suffered somethin’ awful. He was never diagnosed properly but death came for him and got him all the same. Irritability, I think. Lived with it his whole life. Bless his heart.”


“The only contribution those girls can make is toward the town’s gossip movement.”

“Well he said…”

“My point,” Opal sang.

“Wait a minute,” Mary Louise said. “You were seeing Sheriff Littleton?”

“For a few days. Then Catherine and Mark came up with their harebrained conspiracy theory to leave us behind like forgotten children at a crowded carnival.”


“I’ve always wanted to yell ‘timber!’ and run like the whole place is on fire.”

“Or like a tree is coming down?”


The man turned in a huff and marched away.

“Did I say too much?”

“No, girl,” Opal replied. “Keep getting your ditzy on. Never let them know how intelligent you really are.”

Pearl frowned. “You just handed me the rope and watched me swing.”


“No. Because everyone knows that Oscar never touched a drop of alcohol. He was a man of the cloth.”

“He was not a man of the cloth,” Opal said, sounding exasperated.

“Oh yes he was. He made the most beautiful dresses you ever laid your eyes on.""


“Tell us something we don’t know,” Pearl said, acting as if she had been trained for interrogation.

“Alright,” Kelly said, her expression never changing as her eyes met her husband’s. “Oscar didn’t kill the coroner.”

“Did you?”

“I guess you’ll have to wait and see. That’s the thing about a suspenseful mystery. You don’t know who the bad guy is until you reach the end.”

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