Abolition of Evil - thriller by Ted Richardson

Abolition of Evil by Ted Richardson

This book is free on Amazon 6/22/2017 - 6/26/2017!

They are the richest family in America that nobody has ever heard of, with a net worth of over $100 billion.  Their privately held company has secretly been shaping public opinion and influencing elections for decades—and eliminating politicians who stand in their way.  They are finally on the verge of achieving their lifelong goal: a covert takeover of the United States government.  But the potential revelation of a centuries-old family secret threatens to sabotage their subversive plans.

Meanwhile, Matt Hawkins discovers lost field notes written by Meriwether Lewis during the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition. In them, Lewis claims a seemingly impossible discovery.  Hawkins follows a trail of clues—from the Spanish conquistadors to a legendary tribe of invincible black Indians to the hallowed halls of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.  His pursuit of the truth leads him out of the past and headlong into the center of a modern-day political conspiracy—whose outcome just might determine the fate of America’s democracy.

Topaz and the Green Fairies (Topaz the Conjure Cat Book 3) by Pat Frayne

Topaz and the Green Fairies (Topaz the Conjure Cat Book 3) by Pat Frayne

An Uplifting Tale Of Humor, Danger, And Suspense

Armed with little more than a blanket, a hand drawn map, and a meager supply of food, this courageous young Fairy sets out in a tiny gourd boat to find help to save his marooned community from their fast- eroding, storm-ravaged island. Numerous obstacles, life challenging situations, and real danger confront him along the way.

The story switches between Bozel’s trials, to that of our old friend Topaz and the inhabitants of Knownotten Kingdom who are experiencing struggles of their own. Otis has been injured and is trapped in a desolate land where he finds himself held in the thrall of a sinister creature. When Topaz, Otis, Dooley and Daisy’s paths finally collide with Bozel the race is on to formulate a plan to try and save the Green Fairies before all is lost. Topaz will be faced with the ultimate test of his strength, courage and commitment to others.

Although this book was written to entertain, there is a strong emphasis on the value of friendship, loyalty, and courage.

Take My Hand (The Doms of the Cage Book 1) by P Nelson

Take My Hand (The Doms of the Cage Book 1) by P Nelson

This book is on sale for $2.99 (regularly $5.99) 6/9/2017 - 7/9/2017!

Lilith Graham is a woman running away from her past.

After a tragic car accident steals the life of her husband and best friend, Lilith learns he harboured a painful secret. To gain control over her spiralling life, Lilith escapes into a shell where she lives cut off from the rest of the world for almost a year. Lilith’s best friend Calla has had enough of Lilith’s behaviour, and she invites Lilith to play at one of Vancouver’s most exclusive BDSM clubs. But can Lilith let go of her past to reach her full potential as a submissive? Or will she find herself trapped inside a life with no emotions or connections?

Gaige Harlow is a man searching for something more.

Master Gaige has played in the kink for his entire adult life, but he has only ever had one permanent sub. It was a disaster from the beginning to the end, and he vowed not take on any more subs until he got his head on straight. Unfortunately, The Cage’s resident shrink Calla has other plans for him. She insists that Master Gaige take on a new training sub. He reluctantly agrees as a favour to Calla.

Once Master Gaige meets Lilith, he recognises the hurt sub underneath all her walls and barriers. The Dom inside him has a primal need to break into her layers and peel each one back one by one to reveal the woman underneath. Each encounter leaves both of them wanting more until Lilith’s past comes back to haunt her. Are they both willing to fight for the Dom/sub bond they have, or are they doomed to repeat past mistakes? Find out in Take My Hand.

A Far Road To Key West - another high adventure tale by Michael Reisig

A Far Road To Key West - another high adventure tale by Michael Reisig

This book is on sale for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 6/23/2017 - 6/24/2017!

In the seventh book of Michael Reisig’s best-selling Road To Key West series, Kansas Stamps, Will Bell, and the “Hole in the Coral Wall Gang,” face their greatest challenges ever. They return to the Guatemalan jungle to retrieve the remainder of a Mayan king’s incredible treasure, but in the process they find themselves engaged in a grassroots revolution, pursued by a vengeful colonel in the Guatemalan military, and immersed in the intrigue of a World War Two Nazi treasure.
Then, there’s the beautiful sister of a revolutionary, the golden Swiss francs, and the greatest challenge of all – Granja Penal de Pav√≥n – the most terrifying prison in all of Central America.
Take knuckle-biting excitement and a pinch of passion, then bind them together with the emotion and courage that are only found in the depths of true friendship. Wrap all this around factual historic and modern day circumstances, and you’ve got a zinger called ‘A Far Road To Key West.’ Wayne Stinnett  -- author of the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series.

Red Gambit - a pulse-pounding alien invasion adventure by Luke R. Mitchell

Red Gambit - a pulse-pounding alien invasion adventure by Luke R. Mitchell

This book is on sale for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 6/21/2017 - 6/28/2017!

It's been 15 years since the bombs fell. Those who survive scrape by in constant fear of famine, murderous marauders, and worse: the raknoth. No one knows what they are or where they came from. Only that they destroyed the world. And now they rule what's left.

Jarek Slater never lost sleep over the fact. He had his ship. He had his exosuit. He went where he pleased, dealt justice where he saw fit. Life was good. Simple. But then someone had to go and steal his exosuit. And you just don't steal another man's exosuit.

When Jarek's only lead turns out to be locked up in a raknoth stronghold, though, things get interesting. When that lead's big sis shows up waving around a silver staff, smacking around grown men with telekinesis, and stopping bullets in mid-air, things get, well, more interesting. And when the two of them get drawn into a race across the post-apocalyptic country to save her brother and find his suit...

Look, suffice it to say Jarek didn't sign up for this crap. Energy-bending arcanists? Red-eyed space vampires? Teamwork?

Oh, and then there's that mysterious alien artifact that might just bring on the second apocalypse.

No. Jarek sure as crap didn't sign up for this. And neither did his fiery new friend. But together, they might just be strong enough to pull it off.

Assuming they don't kill each other first...

RED GAMBIT is the first book in the Harvesters Series, an alien invasion adventure set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Think HALO meets DRESDEN FILES, with STAR WARS flavored sprinkles. Fans of Michael Anderle, Lindsay Buroker, and Chris Fox will love this series for its "fast-paced adventure," "compelling characters," and "wonderfully wise-cracking dialogue."

Grab your copy today and experience the action-packed beginning for only 99 cents!

AMERICAN SIREN by Stephen Perkins

AMERICAN SIREN by Stephen Perkins

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 6/16/2017 - 7/21/2017!

She can make you a star.
But you must first sell her your soul.
For, she secretly rules the world.
This world, and the one we can't see!

The music industry is merely a veil of secrets. What if the man callling himself Paul McCartney were an imposter? William Shears Campbell is an MI6 agent with not only a license to kill, but dark secrets and an even darker past. Now that a part of that past has returned to haunt him, he becomes involved in a massive conspiracy. And, this time, he might not be able to shoot his way out of trouble. When a powerful television executive hatches a sinister plot to improve the ratings of a popular reality television talent show, there may be more at stake than just ratings!

The Wager by Christine Young

The Wager by Christine Young

Sent to London to find a husband...

Amorica Hepburn and her two cousins made a wager. No one, not even the beloved Duchess could make them wed a dandy who cared only for himself. The trio vowed to resist the debutante balls and recitals, intending to enjoy the pleasures of riding, swimming and hunting. However, despite her best efforts, she could not deny the all-consuming lust she felt for a man she needed to keep at a distance.

Trusting an emerald-eyed spitfire...

Damian Andrews kept a secret that if discovered could lead to his death. Never in his wildest dreams could he believe the woman of his dreams would discover this secret. In knowing what he did on the wild coast of Dover, her life was also at stake. He must find a way to keep this headstrong beauty safe, from himself as well as the authorities.

The Road To Key West - High adventure and laugh out loud humor - by Michael Reisig

The Road To Key West - Laugh Out Loud Humor and High Adventure, by Michael Reisig

By the the best-selling author, Michael Reisig, The Road to Key West is an adventurous/humorous sojourn that cavorts its way through the 1970s Caribbean, from Key West and the Bahamas, to Cuba and Central America.

In August of 1971, Kansas Stamps and Will Bell set out to become nothing more than commercial divers in the Florida Keys, but adventure, or misadventure, seems to dog them at every turn. They encounter a parade of bizarre characters, from part-time pirates and heartless larcenists, to Voodoo bokors, a wacky Jamaican soothsayer, and a handful of drug smugglers.

Adding even more flavor to this Caribbean brew is a complicated romance, a lost Spanish treasure, and an antediluvian artifact created by a distant congregation who truly understood the term, “pyramid power.”

So pour yourself a margarita and slide into the ‘70s for a while, as you follow Kansas and Will through this cocktail of madcap adventures – on The Road To Key West!

Underground and Radioactive - and eye opening memoir of life underground by R.D. Saunders

Underground and Radioactive - and eye opening memoir of life underground by R.D. Saunders

A continual collection of anecdotes set in the 1970's that introduce the reader to a life they have likely never imagined..An extremely in-depth, eye-opening account of what life was like as a uranium miner in that era, presented it in a fashion that makes the reader flip page after page. Written with a light-hearted tone, a quick joke here or there, and just enough anecdotes to keep a giant smile on your face despite the backbreaking labor being described. This is a book that deserves to be read by anyone who likes learning something new in a very fun manner.

The Cavanaugh House - Amazon Best Selling Mystery by Elizabeth Meyette

The Cavanaugh House - Amazon Best Selling Mystery by Elizabeth Meyette http://www.amazon.com/Cavanaugh-House-Elizabeth-Meyette-ebook/dp/B00KBAZ9ZK

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 6/20/2017 - 6/25/2017!

Jesse Graham thought she was just inheriting an old, dilapidated house, but she ended up with much more: a ghost, a decades old mystery, and a chance at love. Stirring up old memories puts her life in danger as she searches for answers to who she is and what happened in the Cavanaugh house. As danger surrounds her, including attempts on her life, so does her new-found "family"  and the realization that she can love again after all.

Legends & Lies (The Golden Den Book 1) - Fantasy Adventure by M. Jiminez

Legends & Lies (The Golden Den Book 1) - Fantasy Adventure by M. Jiminez

Living in Sarvyr hasn’t been easy for Adastros since his father’s death. As the town’s chieftain and a praised warrior, he left behind an incredible legacy that few believe Adastros can live up to. While it had once been believed that Adastros’ potential was limitless, such ideas have long vanished from the minds of those in Sarvyr. Now he is only a reminder of a lost hero, an unfortunate boy with no father, a potential adversary who may yet pose a threat to those now in power…

Still haunted by the loss of his father and the judgmental eyes of those around him, Adastros dreams of a day he can show everyone what he is truly capable of. The arrival of the Waypost Hunt gives him the chance to do just that.  When all is finally going well and Adastros thinks his future is set, lies, schemes, and murder destroy any hope of a life in Sarvyr and force him to flee his home.

As a fugitive falsely accused, Adastros desires now more than ever to prove himself. With nothing left to lose, he sets out on a quest that will attest to his greatness for all to see. The legendary Golden Den may seem like nothing more than a myth, but Adastros knows proving its existence will etch his name in history forever. Unfortunately, his escape from Sarvyr has left him stranded with few supplies and no idea where to begin his search— and in more danger than he realizes. When he stumbles across an ancient elven city, he is thrust into the middle of an unprecedented war threatening the elves’ survival. Will Adastros have what it takes to turn the tide of battle? Could this be the opportunity he has been waiting for?

Yes, You Do Have Time! by James Butch Tanner

Yes, You Do Have Time! by James Butch Tanner

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 6/20/2017 - 6/27/2017!

For years, I have heard the dreams of people. Business ideas, inventions, innovative ministries, book ideas, have flowed from their hearts and minds during conversation.   Many of their ideas have been bold, creative, and exciting.  Some of them could actually be life changing for many people.

Regularly, I encouraged people to pursue their ambition. I challenged them to lay out a plan and stick to it. Unfortunately, as obstacles arose, I watched the excitement fade and the dream shelved. True potential was forfeited again and again. The world would have to wait. The top killer obstacle seemed to be time.

I wrote, Yes, You Do Have Time!, to address that issue.

Yes, You Do Have Time! offers two great finds. First, discovering time you didn't think you possessed. Second, giving you practical ways to use those moments to positively impact your life.

You have dreams you can fulfill, projects you can complete, and accomplishments that can be done to positively impact your life and income, with the time you already have.

In this book you get the skills to:
• Discover the time you need to start fulfilling your dreams.
• Clearly define your dream.
• Effectively banish time debits.
• Plan for and achieve your goals.

Many times a project gets started, but it is quickly shelved, because we don't have time.  I will show you how powerful just ten minute time periods can be in transforming your life. You will learn that investing even small amounts of time can have a huge positive impact on your life.

You really do have time to achieve your dream.

When you finish this book and complete the exercises you will be able to:
• Stay focused and energized by your dream.
• Be more productive in every area of your life so you can have more time for you.
• Celebrate repetitively because of multiple projects you can complete in the months ahead.

So, don't miss out! Start discovering time you can use for you, today. Reach your dreams. Fulfill your goals. Buy Now and learn how.

The Politician by Maggie Parker

The Politician by Maggie Parker


Thrilling story of a senior politician and the secret affair which she has tried for twenty years to recover from. Intrigue and romance set against a background of political unrest and modern day threats of terrorism.  A tale of the human side of politics, of a woman who is driven by guilt and remorse. A real page turner which has it all.

High Hopes by Sue Lilley

High Hopes by Sue Lilley

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 17/06/2017 - 23/06/2017!

Grace, Sam and Dixie have known each other forever. Sam and Dixie got married and they all lived happily ever after. Or did they?

Grace has a secret. Pregnant after a drunken one-night stand with Sam, she gave up her baby girl for adoption. A penniless student with no family to support her, she convinced herself it was best for everyone. And condemned herself to twenty years of guilt.

Her love-life has been a disaster. She married in haste and ended up divorced. Now, approaching forty with a sense of failure and dread, she receives a letter out of the blue. Her daughter has traced her and wants to meet. More than anything, Grace wants to see her, to explain that what she did was an act of love. But how can she do that without confessing to Sam? He and Dixie have a son and confessing to a secret baby now will put his family in jeopardy. How could their lifelong friendship survive such a betrayal? Yet Grace has no choice.

She visits their home in Cornwall to break the news in person. But Dixie and Sam are caught up in their own dilemmas. Distracted by Danny, a sexy odd-job man, Grace finds it ever more impossible to say anything as the week edges towards her dreaded milestone birthday.

Then more shocking revelations toss the family into turmoil. The jigsaw is smashed and the pieces scattered forever on the wind. But someone unexpected holds the solution.

Buy now and discover what happens next in this engrossing saga. The perfect page-turner if you don't mind being late for work.

Triple The Darkest Wave: Billionaire, Alien and Werebear Shifter Romance (A Three-Sub Genre Romance Book Collection) by Jan Dotson

Triple The Darkest Wave: Billionaire, Alien and Werebear Shifter Romance (A Three-Sub Genre Romance Book Collection) by Jan Dotson

Get THREE romance stories from each of billionaire, alien and werebear shifter sub-genres with PLUS a collection of 36 bonus romance stories FREE inside!

WE WERE THREE –MFM Menage Billionaire Romance

It’s one thing to have had a threesome, sexually speaking, as an encounter or fling or that one wild night. But it’s a completely different story to be a woman and find out that your two best friends from college have both decided that “you’re the one”, morphing your life into something completely different. Holly, Andrew and Cash are hot and sweet friends who were all born into well established multi-million dollar and billion dollar families. They were an inseparable and fearsome threesome long before any notions to take things further had hit, and it was quite a surprise when they did.

Find out how they go from friends to official and don’t miss a minute of Holly’s star designer outfits, and their life in the riches as twists and turns snuck in behind all the flirtations and hot steam will have you dreaming your nights away in her shoes.

Dimensional Love –Alien Romance

Julie Grows lives an average life as the local librarian, keeping her nose in her books. One day she is literally shaken off her feet and finds herself taking care of an alien prince who is causing her body and heart to react in ways they haven’t in a long time. With the prince comes unexpected danger.

Is it possible for Julie to form something more with this alien? Or is it just simple infatuation.

Her Bearing –BBW Werebear Romance

When Cara Hawthorne goes into the Alaskan wilds to finish her late husband’s nature documentary, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with a strange man she finds injured in the forest. Having just woken from a near-death grizzly bear encounter, Cara tries to help the man by taking him back to her tent.

While trying to healing the man’s wounds, she can’t help but gawk at his perfectly muscular body. It’s not her fault that the man was nude when she found him—but the half-conscious man’s muscles and skin are just begging Cara to cleanse them.

Cara gives into her temptations with the acceptance of the man, who introduces himself as Garth. After their brief time together, Cara’s camp is attacked by the grizzlies from earlier, and Garth must protect her yet again. What was supposed to be a casual rescue mission on Garth’s behalf turns into a romantic liaison that will challenge him to reclaim his title as king of the forest.

A Wife for the Laird: Highlander Historical Romance by Geneva Varghese

A Wife for the Laird: Highlander Historical Romance by Geneva Varghese

Ever since his betrothed, Evelinde, ran off with one of his trusted friends, Connor Buchanan, one of the most notorious lairds of Scotland, became a bitter man. He swore off women, vowing not to marry anyone until his death. That is until he laid eyes on Charlotte, an Englishwoman who has the face of an angel and the temper of the devil. Challenging him in ways other women never dare, Connor is intrigued and fascinated by this free-spirited woman.

Would he dare adore another woman as much as he adored Evelinde? Or would she prove to be just another woman who would swear to have him only to run off with another man?

The Cedar - an epic historical fiction saga by Carmen Butler

The Cedar - an epic historical fiction saga by Carmen Butler

From settling in the newly founded colonies in the 17th century through the pinnacle of the Civil War, The Cedar is an adventurous tale of the trials and triumphs of human endeavor, a broad canvas of emotion, and an epic tale of struggle and strength. A story that is at times heartwarming, at others heartbreaking, we are introduced to generations of the Bodes family and those close to them as they struggle against enemies, the challenges of the new world, and personal conflict.

Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway? - An epic theological religious manifesto by Dr. Frank Chase Jr

Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway? - An epic theological religious manifesto by Dr. Frank Chase Jr

KLEPTOMANIAC, Who's Really Robbing God Anyway is a trek through the pages of the Bible to find the untwisted truth about the centuries-old teachings on tithes and offerings. Every page of this book has information that will make you become an analyst in getting to the bottom line of what tithing is in the Old and New Testament. It takes you on a journey to first define the word tithe and then breaks down the differences between giving and tithing as the Bible instructs. The author attempts to expose what most people believe as fact to bring them to what the Bible actually teaches when it comes to true giving. Are the arguments put forth today about tithing fact or fiction? This book tackles tough questions like, did God ever require a tithe of money?  Was the contents of the tithe always money in the Bible? Who is really robbing God today? Did God change the tithe at some point in biblical history? Are first fruits money? Is the tithe food, money or both? Is the church the storehouse? Did Jesus, Paul and the Disciples tithe? Did the early church honor a money tithe system? Are Christians really cursed for not tithing ten percent of their income? These questions will be answered based on scholarship, the land, the language and the literature of the original Biblical people. Not only will questions be answered for those confused about whether or not they are required to pay ten percent of their income to any religious institution, they will learn what the Bible really teaches about money and stewardship in the interest of seeking truth.

Monetary tithing has been taught as an undisputed fact in churches for centuries. Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway challenges that assumption and puts modern tithe teachings under the microscope of scripture.

Mr Dark by Pavan Kaur

Mr Dark by Pavan Kaur

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 6/19/2017 - 6/23/2017!

Mr. Dark - I know what they say about me, I’m demanding, but that’s only because I know what I want and I don’t play games. I don’t do girlfriends; I walk away without a second glance…until I met her. I feel myself losing control around her, will she be the one to bring me to my knees?

Ava - All I’ve ever wanted was to own a magazine. Doing this internship at Dark Media wasn’t my first choice. I do what I’m told until I meet him. He wants me, I can see it in his eyes, but he wants more than I can give. He unnerves me; he wants me to submit to him.

How can I say no to him when my heart is saying something else? What if he breaks me?

Will I be able to walk away with my heart still intact when this is all over?

Why Won’t They Pay Me What I’m Worth? by Rodney Koop

Why Won’t They Pay Me What I’m Worth? by Rodney Koop

Free 6/19/2017 - 6/23/2017!

Putting the profit into a service company requires understanding why people won't pay you what you are worth. Your price is your power and cash is king. In home services like plumbing, electrical, heating and air, pest control, carpet cleaning, roofing, siding or whatever you do can be not only profitable but pleasant for you and your customer. After 20 years struggling and trying to get technicians to sell and up sell in the homes Rodney Koop finally found the solution. Sell them exactly "how" they already buy every day. Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, don't they make it look easy. I'll show you their secret and on the way show you a business model that actually works every day.

Ten Dates - a laugh out loud rom-com by Emily James

Ten Dates - a laugh out loud rom-com by Emily James

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 6/18/2017 - 6/20/2017!

10 dates in 10 days. What could possibly go wrong? For Joanie Fox- everything.

Read the sexy, laugh out loud Rom-Com everyone is calling 'hilarious, witty and brilliant!'

Storm Clouds Rolling In (#1 in the Bregdan Chronicles Historical Fiction Romance Series) by Ginny Dye

Storm Clouds Rolling In (#1 in the Bregdan Chronicles Historical Fiction Romance Series) by Ginny Dye

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 6/18/2017 - 6/22/2017!

Discover riveting historical fiction in The Bregdan Chronicles - a series the author says may never end! Right now there are 10 books, but a new one is published twice a year.  

Ginny Dye brings the Civil War and Reconstruction to life with characters you will fall in love with!

This review from a reader may say it best:

REVIEW:  I've read all ten of the Bregdan Chronicles and each one adds a new dimension to the ongoing story lines, the characters, and the history of that time in our nation. I highly recommend starting with the first book in the series, so that you grow in knowledge of that time. By the tenth book, the characters have gone through years of pain and sorrow and strife and horrors that we cannot begin to imagine living through. I have fallen in love with these ""people"" and how they deal with everyday hardships and loss and also, those wonderful times of great joy as individuals and as extended family. Truly, these books have great messages built into the story lines and I learn more about myself and my beliefs with each book. Thank you Ginny Dye, for being the conduit for so many of us.........to seek truth and peace and the understanding of the human spirit and the human condition.

My Best Ever Dream - HORSES! (# 1 in the BEDtime Series for Children) by Kika Michi

My Best Ever Dream - HORSES! (# 1 in the BEDtime Series for Children) by Kika Michi

$1.99 (regularly $3.99) 6/18/2017 - 6/22/2017!

It's time to discover My BEST EVER Dreams - the series of what will soon be 50 books created just for young readers.

Stunning images blend with a wonderful story to help children discover Horses, Puppies, Elephants, the Ocean, the Jungle, Trucks, Things That Fly, Summer Fun, and SO much more! Your young readers are sure to want every one of them!

The best way to understand how wonderful they are is to listen to a couple reviews:

REVIEW:  I like to read children's books before I introduce them to little ears , and eyes. Each horse has a story of it's own, told by it's child. Relaxing, fun and teaches as well as entertains. Horses of all shapes and sizes and colors are met by the reader, each with their own little story....and life lesson, too. The illustrations are lovely and gently colorful....the horses personality is revealed through the child's words.. Fanciful, yet thoughtful, and just right for a child's developing imagination. Highly recommend this first BEDtime book!

REVIEW:  I can't wait to read this adorable story to my granddaughter! Beautiful pictures, to be sure, but it's the story that draws you in! Peaceful, positive, and fun to read, the words gently carry you through the adventure and transitions beautifully into being ready to sleep. We all know the power of positive words and images. My Best Ever Dream - Horses delivers! Highly recommend!!

Discover My BEST EVER Dreams for just $.99 today!

Mead Mountain - a Bestselling Christian Novel by B.K. Dell

Mead Mountain - a Bestselling Christian Novel by B.K. Dell

Riley Ellison is in love.

World-famous Christian leader and bestselling author, Riley Ellison loves like a lit sparkler. His genuine affection for even the most wretched burns with scorching heat, brilliant colors and frenzied energy. It's no wonder God chose him to orchestrate His miracle.

Pastor Ellison invites the press to join him in exactly two weeks, at which time he will tell Mead Mountain to move on live television, and in accordance with the promises revealed in Scripture, he claims it will move.

The lines are drawn and everyone must choose a side. If the mountain moves at Ellison’s command, no one could reasonably continue to doubt God’s existence, and America will enter into the next Great Awakening. If it does not move, pews will be emptied, believers will be shamed into silence, and the faithful will be made a laughingstock worldwide.

In the meantime, Ellison continues to do what he always does: attempt to shine Christ's joy into a dark and broken world. He encounters a gun-toting drunk, a God-hating celebrity, and a desperate woman trying to save the life of her son. Will Ellison's relentless pursuit to emulate Jesus act as a transforming force in the lives around him, or will the horrendous pain of this world cause Riley's spark to finally burn out? And will any of it be enough to overcome the biases of the reporter assigned to his story?

It will take a miracle.

Mead Mountain is unlike any novel you've ever read. It's when we've observed deep sorrow, that we can truly triumph in joy. When we understand our brokenness, then we can properly value His sacrifice. Trust me, if you knew the hopelessness He delivered me from, then you'd understand the intensity of my worship! Mead Mountain is intense. The light is always brightest with the first step out of darkness. Mead Mountain will make you squint, make you cry, and leave you breathless.

Faith Physics: An Introduction to the Science of the Afterlife by Andrej Bicanski

Faith Physics: An Introduction to the Science of the Afterlife by Andrej Bicanski


Free 6/14/2017 - 6/17/2017!

In the near future Prof. Alfred L. Snesenon develops the theory that permits humanity to converse with the afterlife, which soon leads to worldwide chaos. The accumulating body of knowledge about the beyond revolutionises religion, science, and personal hygiene across the planet.

Faith Physics is a satirical novella and contemporary critique of religion. Taking ideas common to many religions at face value, Faith Physics is packed with sarcasm and absurdity, from crowdfunding campaigns where people submit questions for God to the search for hell, and much more.

Lyrics and Chords of Life: In the Key of Family - non-fiction inspired by Family relationships by Lorraine Myers

Lyrics and Chords of Life: In the Key of Family - non-fiction inspired by Family relationships by Lorraine Myers

3 Shortread chapters: Still Attached, Above the Horizon and The Cancer Couple. Author writes songs and poems based on real life events and creates books.  A dedication to Mother, loves and losses of siblings and a couple who both survived cancer and just celebrated 50th anniversary.

Marked By Sin, a new adult fantasy by Jasmine Walt

Marked By Sin, a new adult fantasy by Jasmine Walt

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 6/15/2017 - 6/17/2017!

In an alternate London, where ancient Hindu gods rule, one woman holds humanity’s fate in her blood-stained hands...

Adopted by Brahma Corp’s Assassin Guild and raised as one of their own, Malina Hayes is about to make her fiftieth kill. After bringing down forty-nine of London’s worst criminals, this latest job shouldn't be a big deal. But if Malina is successful, she’ll receive her first milestone mark. Ascension in the ranks, better pay, and a swanky flat in Soho all sound like very good reasons to make this kill count.

But fate and destiny have different plans for Malina. Seconds away from receiving the coveted milestone mark, Malina is torn away from the world she knows and thrust onto a new path—one where the purity of her soul will determine the very fate of mankind. Trouble is, Malina's kill orders were a lie. The targets she assassinated were innocents, and each one has left a terrible stain on her soul.

Stains she must now remove, at any cost.

Atoning for the blood of fifty victims is no mean feat, especially for someone who has spent their entire life killing. But if Malina fails, the lock on the gates of the underworld will crumble to dust. And we all know what happens when a legion of demons is unleashed upon the world...

Especially when they have their sights set on you.

Purified - a dark and suspenseful thriller by Elizabeth S. Sullivan

Purified Kindle Edition by Elizabeth S. Sullivan

$2.99 on Amazon!

Purified, a novel by Elizabeth S. Sullivan, features a complex but brilliant female protagonist traversing a dark world to find the missing daughter of a ruthless power player. This suspenseful novel evokes the atmosphere similar to The Silence of the Lambs where a female investigator will stop at nothing to find the truth and stop the murders of young women, even if it means her own destruction.

With the help of an unorthodox homicide detective,William Blake, the only cop who trusts Beck, they begin to unravel clues linked to the killer. With each answer she unearths, a psychological or physical terror is exacted against her, perhaps by Richard Safra, father of one of the missing women she is trying to find. Just as the reader thinks the answers are evident, twists in the story lead to a dark climax and some of the answers.

Purified - teaser trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBPFSDuWKos

Walk-In Investigations: A Paranormal Detective Mystery by Joyce Kostakis

Walk-In Investigations: A Paranormal Detective Mystery by Joyce Kostakis

Dying was the break she needed…

Or so she thought. Homicide Detective Katie Hanson prided herself on being an advocate for the dead. She had no idea dying would take that to a completely new level. A near death experience has added a new skill to her crime-solving abilities… she can channel the dead.

When she returns home from the hospital, she realizes the door to the spirit world remained open... wide open. Now she hears voices, sees things that are not there. These aren't just any voices.  The murder victims of her Department's cold cases are haunting her. They are loud and relentless and will not take no for an answer. To silence them she must solve the case.

Luckily, she has help from her psychic friend Vicky, who helps her navigate the waters of being a medium.

Katie thinks channeling the dead will close out her cold cases in record time. She is dead wrong. Things are not what they seem. In fact, it made matters worse. Now she has two suspects. Nothing about the investigation is clear-cut. It turns out that a dead person’s memory of the events can be as flawed as the living. The testimony does not match the evidence. She wants to believe the deceased, but the evidence doesn't support the account. Will channeling the dead lead her to the truth or cause her to arrest an innocent man?

The Pride by Richard Tabaka

The Pride by Richard Tabaka

     Nightmares aren’t supposed to walk among the living.  But they do.  Deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, hidden among the tall pines, creatures who’ve paralleled man since the dawn of time, live, hunt, breed.  Under the disguise of a religious order they have built an underground sanctuary, a safe haven where they are planning to rise to the place in this world they once held.  Their leader, Arcturus, and his lieutenant, Malik, look to once again feed freely on human kind.

     Nick Barnett, a former Special Forces soldier, has lost everything, his wife, his daughter, and most of himself.  One rainy night he collides with another vehicle and with his destiny.  As he struggles to overcome his addiction to alcohol he will have to face a world unlike anything he could have imagined.

     Suzanne Reynolds searches for her missing daughter.  The police have given up; she’s just another runaway they say.  But a mother’s love never dies.  Suzanne’s search leads her to the tiny town of Spirit River Falls where after and accident she meets Bill Collins, a retired detective and his friend, a local bar owner and Vietnam Veteran, Ernie Montgomery.  Together they will search for Suzanne’s thirteen year old daughter, Heather.

     Kelly Kryshack is just a young woman in her twenties, looking for love, looking for acceptance.  Abducted by creatures she cannot imagine she finds herself part of a group of people who are being hunted for sport.  But Kelly will do the unimaginable, she will become the first to ever escape.  Her flight will take her to a chance encounter with a recuperating soldier and soon enough a five person alliance will form.  Together they must face an enemy as old as time.  At stake are the lives of two young girls and maybe even the fate of humankind.  Can they defeat The Pride?

Stranded with the Cyborg - science fiction romance by Cara Bristol

Stranded with the Cyborg - science fiction romance by Cara Bristol

Free on Amazon!

The only thing worse than being marooned on a hostile alien planet with his nemesis is falling in love with her...

Stranded with the Cyborg is the first book in the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series.

Ten years ago Penelope Isabella Aaron had been a pain in Brock Mann’s you-know-what. Much has changed in a decade: “PIA” as he code-named her, has grown up and is about to attend her first Alliance of Planets summit conference, and Brock has been transformed into a cyborg after a near-fatal attack. Now a secret agent with Cyber Operations, a covert paramilitary organization, Brock gets called in, not when the going gets tough, but when the going gets impossible. So when he’s unexpectedly assigned to escort Penelope to the summit meeting, he balks at babysitting a prissy ambassador. But after a terrorist bombing, a crash landing on a hostile planet, and a growing attraction to his protectee, Operation: PIA may become his most impossible assignment yet.

Blissful Disaster - a steamy rock star romance by Amy L. Gale

Blissful Disaster - a steamy rock star romance by Amy L. Gale

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 6/11/2017 - 6/17/2017!

One night stands.
Career-driven Ali Whitman, never dreamed of having one, until she finds herself waking up next to a handsome tattooed man she knows nothing about. After celebrating her promotion to field reporter at Entertainment Rocks! magazine, she breaks her number one rule - to focus on work without the distraction of the opposite sex.

Tyler Young lives by his own set. As bassist for Devil’s Garden, he exudes sexual energy and lives for the moment; no strings attached, no regrets, and no looking back.

When the two are brought face to face during an interview it goes sour, sparking a string of disasters. As their feelings for each other grow, they find themselves living by a new set of rules, but demons from the past haunt their new found love. Is it possible to crawl from the ashes of the aftermath or will it all go down in flames?

Perfect bliss or complete disaster?

Murder by Association - a murder mystery by Gary Starta

Murder by Association - a murder mystery by Gary Starta


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I can honestly say there are a hand full of authors that wins my support one hundred percent. Gary Starta is one of those authors. He has a writing proficiency that is impeccable and never predictable. An author that does his research to ensure a gripping and believable reading experience.

Murder by Association, the thrilling, mind-blowing, blood chilling prequel to Starta's BLOOD WEB. The protagonist Caitlin Diggs teams up with Detective Stanford Carter, and McAllister in the pursuit of an unhinged killer known as “The Plunger”. As they uncover the enigmatic and horrific clues they find themselves wondering if the evidence will lead them to the killer(s) or reveal additional questions that could possibly alter their lives forever.

Gary Starta has done it again. You’ll love the explosion of excitement in this thriller that will keep your brain in over-drive as you try putting the pieces together and cheer the main characters to solve the serial killings.

Shadow's Revenge - a tale of pirate revenge by Edd McCullers Johnson

Shadow's Revenge - a tale of pirate revenge by Edd McCullers Johnson

Cannons and Magic. Sail and Swords. The world of Maelstrom is dominated by oceans and islands. The few continents that exist are ruled by massive empires. Cannons roar and sorcerers cast spells, while ancient dangers slumber in the forgotten places of the world just waiting to be awoken.

The pirates of the Rising Shadow, have spent nearly a year hunting their treacherous former captain. Now, with the best lead they've had in months, Captain Bear, First Officer Eiger, and the rest of the crew prepare to exact their revenge, or die trying.

Shadow's Revenge is the first in a series of stories set in the low fantasy world of Maelstrom.

Miami Moon: A Jose Castillo Mystery by Jorge E. Goyanes

Miami Moon: A Jose Castillo Mystery by Jorge E. Goyanes

Steamy Miami is the place for action and adventure in the latest installment of Miami Moon: a Jose Castillo mystery. Sights, sounds and tastes of South Florida are described with the knowledge of a local. 

Amazon synopsis:

Miami Moon marks the return of uber sarcastic, classic car restorer and private eye Jose Castillo. A Cuban-American raised and based in Miami, Castillo is a throwback to the days when justice was handled mano a mano. He won't shy away from using his martial arts skills when needed, but he has a moral compass that he strictly adheres to—against conventional thinking and even the law if the need arises. Miami Moon offers a fully-developed cast of characters, which includes the vibrant streets, sights, sounds, and smells of the Magic City itself. Also along for the ride are Castillo's buddy, ally, and tech genius, Jim Gafford, who keeps Jose up on the latest security and surveillance gadgets; and his best friend Nate Devine, a homicide detective with the Miami PD who spends much of his time trying to decide whether to thank Jose for his help or throw him in jail for interfering with an investigation. As in Goyanes' first book, Miami Beat, Castillo peeks under the hood of Miami's seedy underbelly in Miami Moon where he goes up against the Russian Mafia, a ruthless criminal, and a serial killer targeting sex workers on the streets of Miami.

A Burning in the Darkness - A gripping crime romance with a big heart by AP McGrath

A Burning in the Darkness - A gripping crime romance with a big heart by AP McGrath

Free 6/12/2017 - 6/16/2017!

Who would you sacrifice everything for? A BURNING IN THE DARKNESS is a compelling crime drama and poignant love story that explores how a good man can swim against the legacy of his war torn childhood to make the world a better place. The devoted Michael Kieh is wrongfully convicted of murder at one of the world’s busiest airports where he is a full time faith representative. A series of brief encounters with a soul mate has eased his loneliness. When she confides a dark secret, he must battle to redress a heart-breaking injustice.

The Tour Guide: Intrigue on the Nile by Brita Vogt

The Tour Guide: Intrigue on the Nile by Brita Vogt

Free 6/12/2017 - 6/16/2017!

A vacation on a Nile Cruise in July 1996 is the beginning of Brita’s Egyptian nightmare. On the “Princess Amira” she meets the enigmatic cross-eyed Nubian archaeologist turned tour guide, Abdul. There is a powerful attraction between them and against her better judgment, Brita allows herself to be drawn into his life, a life she will find is filled with mysteries.

Brita then attempts to build a new business in the USA with Abdul’s employer, the Egyptian tour company Cataract.. Unwittingly, she has now become involved with a criminal organization whose scope and true nature are unknown. Her quest for the truth about Cataract and Abdul’s true identity puts her through terrifying experiences. She is date-raped by Abdul and stalked by unknown strangers. The FBI, U.S., and Egyptian government officials to whom she turns for help agree to do so at first, but then shut the door on her.

Fatless - a thick romance by Tricia Bischoff

Fatless - a thick romance by Tricia Bischoff

$0.99 on Amazon!

Something bad has happened to Tiola every birthday, starting in her late teens. This year is no different. On the way to her car after leaving a bar, Tiola is kidnapped. The 28-year-old, plus-size woman wakes up the next morning and finds herself in a large room with mirrored walls, and she’s naked…completely naked.

As far as bad birthdays go, this one’s definitely in the top three, but even if he killed her, it wouldn’t be her worst.

The kidnapper’s identity remains secret for some time, as he speaks to her through a loudspeaker in the ceiling, with his first resounding command being, “Get your lard-ass up and look at yourself.”

He proceeds to tell Tiola that he has taken her to have her lose weight with the program he created especially with her in mind.  Caring or crazy?  A large part of his design has her watching videos from a website called tafyps.com, where men across the country have secretly filmed large women in awkward and humiliating situations, a place where, “Most of the women weighed between 250 and 400 pounds.  You couldn’t really find one under 200 pounds, and if they were much bigger than 400, it cost extra.”

Tiola is made to diet, exercise, and watch videos of the worst moments of her life, situations created by her food addiction and obesity that she had no idea were caught on film and sold to those who knew the secret URL.

She is held captive for a year, and during that time changes take place that are far more important than her size.

The Forgotten - a Dystopian thriller by M. Stringfield

The Forgotten - a Dystopian thriller by M. Stringfield

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 6/8/2017 - 6/15/2017!

Evelyn Moore hasn't seen her children since the day they were born. No one in Felicity has.

From the moment a child is brought into the world they are placed into the arms of a patrol, and sent to live on the other side of the bridge. This is the way it has been for as long as anyone can remember. They say it began with a war so ravenous it split the land in two, creating what is now known as The Chasm - a giant crack in the earth that serves as the divider between Evelyn's world, and her children's.

Eighteen years later, and her daughter, Char, is finally ready to cross back into Felicity. She will leave the ruined city of Calloway, and her brother, Alexander, behind. Once she does, it won't take long for the world around them to begin to unravel. Everything they thought they knew about their cities would turn out to be a lie. Unfortunately for them, some things are better left forgotten.

Murder in Aix - a cozy mystery by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Murder in Aix - a cozy mystery by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Free 6/6/2017 - 6/11/2017!

Life is good indeed, especially if you’re a thirty-something expatriate living in an area of Provence where people would kill to live. And do! When Maggie’s new best friend is arrested for murder Maggie is determined to find the real culprit. Trouble is, there are a few roadblocks in her way, like an old friend on the verge of divorce who’s chosen Maggie’s house to have her nervous breakdown in and an ex-boyfriend who has the power to make Maggie’s life miserable.   And the killer is as warped and determined as any Maggie has encountered in her four years living in France.

The Institution - a gripping dystopian by Dylan Steel

The Institution - a gripping dystopian by Dylan Steel

Free on Amazon!

Sage Indarra’s childhood is forever changed when tragedy strikes and she’s forced to enroll in Eprah’s Institution—a cold, unfeeling place determined to make her forget everything good about her old life.

The Institution has one job, and it does it well: Raising loyal citizens, one child at a time. And Sage is next in line.

Legends of Windemere: Ritual of the Lost Lamb - a sword & sorcery adventure by Charles E. Yallowitz

Legends of Windemere: Ritual of the Lost Lamb - a sword & sorcery adventure by Charles E. Yallowitz

When the dust settles around the Spirit Well, the champions learn that one of their own has been taken. Luke Callindor is now in the hands of Baron Kernaghan, who has had centuries to perfect torture methods that Windemere has never seen. With his screams echoing across the psychic plane, the young hero must endure mental and physical agony until he is freed from the immortal warlord’s clutches.

Knowing that they would be walking into a trap, the other champions must find another way to rescue their friend. As rising tempers between the heroes threaten to shatter the group, Nyx takes it upon herself to choose their path. Putting her own life and sanity on the line, she will attempt a forbidden spell known as the Ritual of the Lost Lamb. To complete the ritual, the champions must travel to the people and places that are close to Luke’s heart and absorb the energy he has left behind. Once they have gathered enough magic, their tormented friend can be summoned safely to them without a confrontation with the Baron. Yet, they are not alone in this hunt. Their enemy has sent a new agent out to destroy the magic centers and make the champions suffer for using the forbidden spell instead of fighting.

'Legends of Windemere: Ritual of the Lost Lamb' is the 13th installment of this epic fantasy series and will push the heroes to the brink of destruction. What will be left of their friend by the time they are done with the forbidden ritual?

Gone Daddy Gone, a heart stopping mystery by Cheryl Bradshaw

Gone Daddy Gone, a heart stopping mystery by Cheryl Bradshaw

$0.99 (regularly $5.99) 6/6/2017!

In one instance Sloane Monroe's life is changed forever ... Shelby McCoy walks home on a snowy path on a winter's morning. She hears footsteps behind him. She stops and turns to find a man running towards. She hesitates for a moment. Confused. Who is this man and why does he have a gun? Too late she turns and begins to run.

The Miss Fortune Series at Kindle Worlds: The Stiletto Scandal by Riley Blake

The Miss Fortune Series at Kindle Worlds: The Stiletto Scandal by Riley Blake

Most people call their local law enforcement when a dead body appears in their yard, but in Sinful, Louisiana? Folks turn to the Geritol Mafia.

Gators, local bad guys, and contract killers at large keep former CIA agent Fortune Redding on edge but with trustworthy sidekicks and an impossible deputy in her corner, what could go wrong?

About The Stiletto Scandal

Unlikely Suspects…

When a former Sinful resident turns up dead in Fortune Redding’s backyard, Deputy Carter LeBlanc springs into action, but Fortune can’t help but wonder about his motives. Is he afraid a killer will strike again and she’ll become the next victim or is he trying to keep her away from the new man in town?

Motivated Killers…

Now considered an assassin-in-hiding thanks to an unfortunate stiletto scandal, Fortune has a nice price on her head and unlikely hitmen are in the killing game. With a borrowed identity and new place to call home, Fortune soon discovers Sinful isn’t as it seems. Since her Louisiana arrival, the former agent has been involved in one murder investigation right after the next. And things are about to get a lot worse for Fortune and a few of her closest friends.

The Promise of Provence - women's fiction by Patricia Sands

The Promise of Provence - women's fiction by Patricia Sands

Fifty, suddenly divorced and alone, can be an opportunity to begin something better than you ever dreamed… see for yourself…

Life often changes when we least expect it and that’s what this story is all about.

After a year of heartbreak, Katherine Price impulsively agrees to a home exchange in the south of France. Colorful locals, a yellow lab named Picasso, and the inspiring beauty of the Provence countryside breathe new life into her days. And that's before she finds herself in the sun-kissed Riviera … with a cast of intriguing characters, including a wild and wealthy Australian yacht owner and a handsome Frenchman who brings her exotic cheese instead of flowers.

She begins to believe it may not be too late to rediscover her joie de vivre!

Readers of The Promise of Provence have said the story took them on the best vacation they ever had without leaving home!

The Siren's Eyes (The Siren Legacy Book 2) by Helen Scott

The Siren's Eyes (The Siren Legacy Book 2) by Helen Scott

Cin's sister is gone. Kidnapped. Now her boss has hooked her up with a friend of his who says he can help find her. He’s so cold and distant that she has trouble imagining he cares about anything. They have to find her sister before she has an episode, and her strange abilities become known to her captors.

Thad knew he shouldn’t have answered his phone on his day off. Now, he’s stuck helping this woman find her sister, and all he can think about is trying to keep his hands off her. Besides, if he touches her then it might trigger one of his visions and the last thing he needs to do is explain magic and visions to a mortal.

As the barriers between them break down and the danger grows, Cin and Thad have to choose between holding on to their defenses, or risking everything to save Cin's sister--and each other.

Powerful and thrilling, The Siren’s Eyes, is a tale that will fascinate lovers of paranormal romance! Don't miss the latest installment of the Siren Legacy series by Helen Scott!

Lost Universe I - a new style of sci-fi by Keith Brandon

Lost Universe I - a new style of sci-fi by Keith Brandon


The great Ambassador Tekara Yuolin -a grey alien- who holds the Federation together. When the last remaining humans arrive from Earth soon they find out, that the invitation to find the 'end of the world' and join the aliens, was nothing, but a cover story in order to lure out humans to deep space and give them the impossible mission to save the future. The mission led by Captain Patrick, soon finds himself along with his crew in adventures and galactic battles, to save the day. Something he and his crew never dreamed of.

Lost Universe I -The saga begins!

Death, Lies & Duct Tape - 14 Thrillers by 14 Best-Selling Authors

Death, Lies & Duct Tape - 14 Thrillers by 14 Best-Selling Authors




$0.99 (regularly $9.99) 5/31/2017 - 6/5/2017!

14 writers at the top of their game. 14 best-selling books. 14 ways to keep you awake at night.

Rip in to killer fiction with this fantastic collection of 14 critically acclaimed books by some of the best thriller writers around today. This library of best-selling books is only 99c for a limited time, order your copy today!

Daring the Devil - a hellish young adult paranormal by Natasha Larry and Lindsey R. Loucks

Daring the Devil - a hellish young adult paranormal by Natasha Larry and Lindsey R. Loucks

Kiera Morningstar is the heir to Hell--only she's not really sure she's cut out for the job-- as she has a soft spot for humans. When she fails to capture a human soul--again--her mother banishes her from Hell to the Nest to live as one of the people. Only, Kiera soon discovers her mother didn't really banish her for punishment, but for protection. Someone is after the Morningstar throne, and if they succeed it could mean Hell on earth, and maybe everywhere else!

Daring the Devil has a surprisingly compassionate heroine who discovers she's more than she thinks she is with the help of her new human friends, an angel, and even, a saint.

Dark Prisoner: The Kruthos Key by D. Thomas Jerlo

Dark Prisoner: The Kruthos Key by D. Thomas Jerlo

J.R. Tolkien meets Wonder Woman with serious guilt issues.

Blaming yourself for the deaths of your king and queen is bad enough, but Suna Di’Viao truly believes it’s what she serves for failing in her duty to protect them. For the last thirty-odd years she’s lived in isolation, until a stranger summons her to take on a quest to find the Kruthos Key, which key can unlock a powerful demon lord’s prison who promised the Diveneans of old who interned him that he’d return and raze the world. Suna’s quest would have been a whole lot easier if she wasn’t the last of her Divenean race.

Being paired with Feran Lambert, the youngest General ever appointed to the Guardians and Elite Guards of Dunkerk, certainly wasn’t her idea. He’s cheeky, a womanizer, and self-centered. Worse, he selfishly accepted the quest only to stop his nightmares. How he managed to get under her carefully constructed shields, she’ll never know, but now isn’t the time to lose oneself in silliness like love and become a milksop. Not when Balthazar’s spawn Ilio, and Isafel, a demon under Balthazar’s control is searching for the same object.

The race to find the Kruthos Key is on. Who will find it first?

Outsourced World - an eye opening chronicle by G. R. Wilson

Outsourced World - an eye opening chronicle by G. R. Wilson

$2.99 (regularly $5.49) - 3 months discount commencing 1st June 2017!

There is a missing section in most people's perception of recent decades. It is been variously claimed that we in the West are now living in post-Modernist, or post-Industrial times. The problem with such 'neat' definitions is they have little measurable meaning. Abstractions that act as palliatives. Rather more accurately, we are a little over two decades into the "New World Order", or the rule of the so-called "Deep State". But they too are abstractions! In actuality, these times constitute life under W.T.O. rules! Why do I know? I fell into the deep and muddy swamp of an 18 month old "WTO World" in 1996, just as soon as I had extracted myself from a 3 year contract in Saudi Arabia. This book tells the tale of what happened next. How did I survive in an unfamiliar and rapidly transforming Abu Dhabi? Why did I scope out Kuala Lumpur? How did I get seduced by two beautiful Muslim women? What was the state of my own country back in 1996? How much political and cultural damage had Bill & Hillary inflicted by the mid-1990s? And how in hell did I end up working for Enron in India ... just a couple of weeks before my money ran out? If you want a new angle as to why North America and Europe have been foiled by endless change and chronic unemployment since Y2K, then this book will certainly open your eyes. Outsourcing is not just about H-1B Visas or your sneakers being made in Vietnam. There's a whole lot more, much more, and I will be happy to give you a fresh and entertaining perspective with this book: the first in a 3 part series.

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