DOG INSPIRED LESSONS - a compilation of heart-warming life lessons by Joyce Kostakis

Dog Inspired Lessons - Heart-warming insights on forgiveness, letting to and loving unconditionally by Joyce Kostakis

Dog guided lessons is a compilation of short stories that illustrate dogs are more than just pets; they are more than just companions, they can be our teachers. Enjoy heart-warming photos of Max and Cooper that inspired lessons on life, being present, loving unconditionally, and the power of forgiving and letting go.

I made a decision to apply the lessons learned while watching Cooper and Max interact on a day to day basis. The result was positive. I feel emulating them as taught me how to be a better person. It has taught me to be a better friend, coworker, sister, wife, and a pet owner. I decided to write this book to share my insights as well as provide a few photos to give you a smile in the process.

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