Heir of the Hunted: The Hollow World Book One - a daring fantasy by Richard T Drake

Heir of the Hunted: The Hollow World Book One - a daring fantasy by Richard T Drake

In an age long forgotten, the planet Oberyon was stolen by a devious god and hidden at the edge of the galaxy. There, it has continued to evolve, cut off from the rest of the universe, unaware of the secret that lies within...

Radyn likes to drink, juggle blades, and sleep beneath the stars. But lately, life in the travelling carnival just isn’t working. Then again, neither is reality. Time has started to skip, gravity is rebelling, and it’s getting harder to keep anyone from noticing.

Radyn is slowly awakening to an ancient destiny. The Saelydion, the primordial barrier to the underworld, is failing. Dark gods stir within the bowels of the planet. The theed, no longer just a tale to frighten children, walk the surface once more, and hordes of voiceless holy men gather in the Rolwood Forest, harbingers of their masters’ release. Only the Alakyte stand in opposition, an order of mystical warriors on the verge of extinction.

Any hope for the world rests on an unlikely alliance: Radyn, a carnival performer with a mysterious past; Kyna, a deadly warrior on her very first mission; Loken, a surly demigod cast out by his father; and Grol the burveeg, a beast whose loyalty masks a surprising secret. Together, they stand a chance at turning back the darkness, if discovering the ancient truth about their world doesn’t destroy them first.

Heir of the Hunted is a daring fantasy from author Richard T Drake, introducing readers to the intriguing characters, stunning vistas, and fascinating stories of the Hollow World. Drake explores identity, destiny, and sacrifice in the first instalment of this epic story. If you’re ready for a tale of incredible triumph and staggering loss, Heir of the Hunted is for you.

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