Fool Me Once

Ever have a pebble in your shoe, one that might only be a minor irritant, but just won't go away on its own?  Finally, you know you have to do something about it.  You have to stop, take off your shoe, and shake the offending object out.  To once and for all put an end to the constant aggravation.

That's how it is when you HAVE to write:  the stories are there, inside you, and you have to get them out.  And so I did.  Meet my pebble, "Fool Me Once."

Never judge a book....

Author Dana Hayes is thrilled when her first romance novel gets published; it was a dream come true.  But when the marketing plan calls for her to meet with the actor on whom her character is based, that's when things get wonky for the single mom.  She finds out that Kaden MacKay is a first-class jerk, and yet...  somehow Dana keeps finding herself in his proximity.  After a while, she grudgingly begins to realize that there's more to the temperamental actor than meets the eye.

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