Two Graves

Two Graves by D.A. Graystone

International Best Seller


Pudgy, myopic and socially inept, he knows the terror of being bullied. From his earliest childhood memory, he has faced ridicule, name calling, harassment and beatings. Fear ruled his life, possessed him, controlled his every encounter with others.


Now, he has killed.

Now, rage rules his life.

He is getting even and everyone is a target.


But he should have remembered the Chinese proverb, "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig TWO GRAVES."


D.A. Graystone


I’m often asked if I was bullied in school? I’m 5 foot-six inches short, was in the Audio Visual club, played the violin and wore really thick glasses. What do you think?


But we writers can get even too — without risking the death penalty!


Were you bullied in school? Live vicariously as my killer gets even in Two Graves!




I thoroughly research the background of my books. Whenever possible, I incorporate real-life experiences into the story. If it didn't experience it, I make it up. Readers have commented on the following two scenes, one from book one in the Forensic Geology series (BADWATER), and the other from book two (VOLCANO WATCH)--they wanted to know if I'd experienced those, um, adventures myself. One scene came from real life; the other I totally made up. Which do you think is which?

Scene #1, from BADWATER: the bad guy is in a slot canyon in Death Valley, having just watched the chaos his act of sabotage caused, and now he's getting the hell away from the scene before he gets caught. He's already jumpy and suddenly there comes a low-pitched roaring sound, from upcanyon. He's desert-wise and knows it could be a flash flood coming, caused by summer storms in the watershed above. And there's no way to escape—the canyon walls are vertical and he can't outrun a flood. The sound intensifies. And then around the upcanyon bend comes something totally unexpected: a black twisting whirlwind of soil and pebbles. It seems alive, snaking its way down the twisting slot canyon without touching the walls. It screams. The bad guy presses himself against the canyon wall and the whirlwind just grazes him as it passes. A flood would have drowned him. This thing spooks the hell out of him.
(Hint: I'm a hiker and I've hiked Death Valley canyons many times.)

Scene #2, from VOLCANO WATCH: the protagonist (of both books) Cassie Oldfield is returning to her hometown, which has just been evacuated under the threat of an eruption. She's returning in search of her partner, who she believes is stranded there. She's returning on skis, coming in cross country via a steep canyon. (I like canyons) There's a sudden low-pitched roaring sound (I like scary sounds) and, in wonder and terror, she sees a slab of snow detach from the canyon wall and descend upon her. Avalanche. It catches her, tumbles her, envelopes her. Buried with only a small air pocket, she must dig her way out. But the snow is like ice. She thinks she'll die. And then mother nature throws her a rope: there's an earthquake, cracking the icy snow roof enough that she can escape. Of course, she escapes into more trouble….
(Hint: I'm a skier and I've skied the Sierra Nevada back country many times, and been caught in some serious snow storms.)

NO WAY OUT--so says the note in the pocket of the murdered mayor.

The volcano beneath her town is seething, and the fate of Mammoth Lakes now rests in the hands of emergency planner Adrian Krom.

But Krom has his own agenda.

Investigating the case, forensic geologist Cassie Oldfield tracks mineral clues to discover how the mayor died--and what she found. As the volcano moves toward red alert, Cassie races to prevent 'no way out' from becoming a prophecy.

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Fat Assassins

Fat Assassins promotes realistic female action heroes devoid of typical svelte physiques. It's a hilarious story of two country girls trying to navigate unemployment, stereotypes, dysfunctional family members, small town politics and mobsters to stay alive. Southern charm is at the forefront of this action-packed novel while maintaining a believable storyline as seen through the eyes of the modern woman.

Book Description:

Southern style sweet potatoes Shasta and Ulyssa have stuck together through thick and thin since their escape from third grade fat camp. But on one dark day, they both find themselves unemployed. A hazardous job hunt sees them turn down egg harvesting, drug dealing and phone sex before they settle for an exterminator job. Confusing mafia lingo leaves the girls thinking they're being interviewed to cope with a rodent infestation.

Confident that they can handle the job, they oversell their skills and demand half payment up front to seal the deal. Skeptical at first, the mob boss decides to hire this unlikely pair when he mistakes their attitude for professional stoicism. The girls are shocked when presented with a target profile and an envelope full of cash. They want out, but it's too late. The mob doesn't allow do-overs. And certainly not when they're whacking one of their own.

The clock is ticking and when the body count is still zero after multiple attempts, the boss decides to bring in additional assassins to finish the job and tie up loose ends.

And the girls just happen to be one of those loose ends.

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Ghost of a Threat: Book 1 of the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter Series

Yes, it can be done: a paranormal romance without vampires! As a paranormal investigator and the author of true ghost stories, I wanted to write a series that included my love of things that go bump in the night. Savannah, Georgia, was the perfect setting for the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter series since it's already full of ghosts. I just had to add a demon or two for a little extra excitement! I was able to use real Savannah locations in my series, as well as some real Savannah ghost stories. It was a lot of fun for me to blend fact with fiction, and I hope that readers who have visited Savannah will feel an extra connection as they recognize familiar places. You can find Ghost of a Threat on Amazon. Enjoy!

Normal young women go on dates on Saturday nights. Paranormal investigator Betty "Boo" Boorman goes on ghost hunts in Savannah, Georgia, America's most haunted city. She's more comfortable around ghosts than guys, anyway. A violent haunting forces Betty to team up with her rival ghost hunter, the arrogant Carter Lansford. When the violence is turned toward her, though, Betty knows she needs additional expertise. She enlists the help of a handsome stranger, who introduces himself simply as Maxwell, Demon. Betty's ghost hunting is cut short when she's threatened and, finally, attacked. Either someone wants her to stay away from an investigation, or a demon hunter is targeting her. As Betty begins to fall for Maxwell's mysterious charm, she starts to wonder if her life--and her soul--are worth the risk.

Family History Part 1

Hello, my name is KT Hall, and this is the project that consumed so much of my life for a time, "Family History: Part 1". Actually, Parts 1 and 2 consumed about a year's worth of my time, give or take a few months.

This book was a result of wanting to write something "unique" as an author. I wanted something that spanned over a long period of time, something where typical norms and values were questioned, and something where characters were different from those you normally see in books. Of course, I'm not actually sure I succeeded in doing that; either way, Family History: Part 1 is a tale of love, romance, relationships, and of course, family curses. It features a plethora of characters, and of course, the book focuses intently on everybody's relation to one another.

After twenty-five years of perpetual celibacy, Collie Barrett suddenly finds herself pregnant after a mysterious encounter with a handsome stranger. Following his abrupt disappearance, Collie dedicates herself not only to raising her beautiful daughter Marie, but also to protecting her and her future children from a curse that has plagued their bloodline for over two hundred years. 

A thrilling tale of romance, time travel, relationships and family, Family History: Part 1 spans from the years 1812 to 1888 and follows the lives of Collie Barrett and her descendants as luck and love allow them to climb their way in society. Time and time again, each character faces a moment where they are forced to choose between what is right and what is easy, the choices of which affect not only themselves, but the remainder of their bloodline for years to come.


Breath(e) is a book that stretches boundaries. Though it's mainly about love and gets classified as a romance, it tries hard to show a realistic depiction of the struggle to find love when you feel certain there is something wrong with you (and who hadn't felt that?). It also spends a lot of time on the relationship between the young woman and her mother, who each have very different and contradictory ideas about finding love.

Amazon Description:
College freshman Elizabeth Foster is beginning to come to terms with her attraction to disabled men but she fears others might judge her harshly if they knew.

And that's exactly what happens.

When her mother learns the truth, she does everything in her power to stop Elizabeth from finding the only kind of man she could love. 

Now Elizabeth must learn to trust herself and reject her parents' vision for her future.

(This is the sequel to the novel, (W)hole, but can also be read separately) 

Revelations: Song of the Silvertongue

To everyone else, they just look like more hipster college kids stopping on their way through town, but nineteen year old Kyrie sees them for who they are--the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. That may be because she's a Nephilim, half-human, half-Angel. Or it maybe just be because she recognizes bullshit when she sees it after spending a year working in inventory control in the local Smiley's Mart. The Horsemen plan to start the end of days in West Texas, and that somehow involves her best-friend and a sexy ex-boyfriend Kyrie just can't shake. Soon Kyrie finds herself battling plagues of locusts, tornados, and one bitchy Rockabilly queen as she tries to keep the End of Days from starting in West Texas.  But things aren't always what they seem, and while Kyrie may have the best of intentions, we all know where those tend to lead.


When four ├╝ber-cool college kids arrive in a small West Texas town, only one girl recognizes them for who they really are—the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Nineteen years old, a greeter at the local Smiley's Supercenter, Kyrie's been blessed with an uncommonly good intuition…and a few other abilities she's been keeping secret.

Those abilities won't be enough to deal with the Horsemen, though, who bring with them a magnitude of evil Kyrie's never seen before. Adding to the complications, her best friend has gone missing and Nate, her gorgeous but chronically deceptive ex-flame falls back in to her life, wanting to rekindle their old relationship. That can't be a coincidence, can it? Then there's Aaron, the oldest child in a family considered overly-religious even by Texas standards, who's determined to help her whether she wants it or not. With boys, it seems, it's either feast or famine. And of course they only want you when the world's about to end.

As plagues descend on the tiny town, Kyrie finds herself facing down Death, Pestilence, Famine and War in a fight for the lives of everyone around her. But as myth becomes reality and discoveries are made that shake her to her core, she begins to waver in her conviction of right and wrong. Temptation waits in the dark of stormy Texas nights, and if Kyrie can't find the will to fight any longer, the end of days are only just beginning.


Thieves at Heart

I write because if I don't, my already broken brain will make me crazier. Tavera is just one of my brain children and a favorite of mine. Her story began as a background sketch for a thief character in a pen-and-paper RPG campaign but she's more than just a thief. She's tough, she hits people in the face but she also cares for her father and makes him tea when he's ill.


Little Tavera is a half-elf child in a land of humans, an outsider dragged from bad situation to worse--until Derk whisks her away and adopts her as his own. Tavera soon finds out her new Pa is a master thief, a member of an elite group of professional scoundrels called the Cup of Cream. They make their money that way, sure, but thievery is as necessary as any other profession in the Valley of Ten Crescents; it balances society. To Derk's--and her own--delight, Tavera grows into a natural thief and works her way toward membership in the Cup. Joining would finally give her some place where she belongs, and it would please the Pa she loves so much. But being a thief means being only one step ahead of the law. When the law finally catches up, Tavera must choose: go against her Pa's wishes for the sake of loyalty and love; or obey him and survive.

Double Mocha, Heavy on Your Phone Number

In the mood for a feisty female protagonist and a little bit of danger? Give this book a try.

DOUBLE MOCHA, HEAVY ON YOUR PHONE NUMBER is a read that will keep you turning pages.

Ellie and Bix continually run  into each other, but she manages to give him the brush off each time. When she's snowed in with him, Bix is able to break down her barriers. Winning her over was not the hard part. Ellie's twin sister shows up asking for something that only Ellie can give her. After the things she's done to Ellie is the past, no one believes Ellie says yes. When her sister pretends to be her yet again, it puts all their lives at risk.

The love of family and the twists this book brings each step of the way makes it a new favorite to many readers. Give it a look.

Here's one review: The characters in DOUBLE MOCHA tease you into staying up way past your bedtime and needing your own double mocha to stay awake.

An unlikely first meeting begins a romance that, while sizzling, keeps readers guessing as to how it will turn out. Kramin does an excellent job keeping everyone on their toes and unlike many books I've read, I didn't guess the plot twists before they happened. (This is a HUGE compliment from me.) Coming from the Midwest, I enjoyed the quirks of small-town life -- including the endless snowdrifts -- and look forward to Kramin's next work.

Look for it and other great books at Musa Publishing, Amazon, and everywhere e-books are sold. Now itunes bookstore!

No Comfort Zone: Notes on Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

No Comfort Zone is a book that is changing lives. The following comments are from reviews and/or personal notes to the author:

"Thank you for helping me to become a little more free."

"Reading this book was incredibly liberating for me. For years I struggled to understand and could certainly never articulate the way in which I experienced the world. Marla Handy does this in an incredibly simple and straight forward manner."

"If you have PTSD, this book will make you feel less alone. If you have a loved one with PTSD, this book will help you understand some of what goes through our head on a daily basis and hopefully help you come to a better understanding and patience with us."

"For those of us who live with daily pain, it's a welcome validation of our own particular type of suffering. For those still trying to understand what their symptoms mean, it's a God-send."

"This book will change your perspective. Those of us who have had a fairly "normal" childhood usually do not think about, or recognize, that many of the adults we encounter in our daily life may not have been as fortunate."

No Comfort Zone exposes a jagged slice of humanity that is all too present, but often shielded from our view. The author challenges us to see life as she does, so we can understand a bit of what it’s like to live with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With insight and humor, she describes the fear and unpredictability of growing up in an unstable household, the terror of being raped as a young adult, and the confusion and shame of living with perceptions and reactions that are often so very different from others’. After years of treatment for depression, a diagnosis of PTSD came as a surprise. Isn’t this something that only happens to combat veterans? But it made sense. In writing this highly personal account, Marla Handy helps the rest of us understand what PTSD is and that it happens here at home, too.