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I am writing to inform your website that my ebook "The Navigator" will be free on Amazon from May 4th through May 5th (Fri-Sat) 2012. I hope you can add it to your daily free ebook listings. All relevant information is below. Please let me know if any additional information is required and I will happily provide it. The cover is attached. 

Title: The Navigator
Author: Benjamin Goshko

Genre: Science Fiction / Water Fantasy

Type: Novel

Regular Price: $1.99

ASIN: B006M3J46K
"Quill is an outcast, an exiled Hesperian navigator hired to find a "fallen star." Petal and Junk are feral children, drifting across the open ocean, where every day is a struggle for survival. 

After Quill's crew betrays her and Petal's sister is kidnapped by a Hesperian warship, both girls team up on an island-hopping odyssey across the water world of Ea to recover what they've lost. 

Hounded by pirates, imprisoned by cannibals, and chased by shadowy Hesperian forces, the girls quickly find themselves kingmakers in the great war between land and sea."
About me:
"Benjamin Goshko is a lawyer, a gamer, a dreamer, an author, and a lowly fool. Reading and writing have made up a large part of his life, and he began composing short stories and comic books as soon as he could pick up a pencil. Currently, he lives with his fiancé, a cat, and a cockatiel, in an undisclosed location, far from all signs of civilization. On the internet he is known as SentientSurfer, an occasionally witty misanthrope who dreams of conquering Amazon with an armada of 100,000 mighty adverbs."

If I have misconstrued your guidelines for submissions I apologize.


Benjamin Goshko

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