How to sell a book

Writing a book is a long and painful process, and you are probably well aware of this fact. However, when you finally are finished and your self-published book is ready, you are facing an another big challenge - how to sell a book.

It is not easy. A few years ago what an author could do was hopefully nag publishing companies with his priceless work of art, believing that somebody will see brilliance of it and publish it. Today, everyone can self-publish their work on Amazon and other companies, and be a succesful self-published author on his own. Unfortunately, this means that your book will have to compete with thousands of other books. So now the most important step is the question - how to sell a book? How to market a self-published kindle book?

 In fact, the formula for this is really simple. Because you are selling an ebook, you have to promote and sell it where people buy it - in the web. You must identify a market for your book, for example if you have written a cookbook you have to find a place where cooking enthusiasts are present in the web - it can be cooking and recipes websites and blogs. Finally, what you have to do, is try to negotiate to put info about your book on these sites.

And that's it! The more places will hold info about your kindle book, the more people will know about it, and if it is good, for sure some readers will buy it. Here on Goodkindles, we accept information about self-published books - please feel free to send article about your book and it will be published here. We wish you luck with selling your book!

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