How to be published

Some time ago, the only way for aspiring writers was to be published by a traditional publishing company, that would buy rights to your book, print it, and sell it the traditional way.

How to be published

Today, the new web technologies offer writers a great possibility to be self published author. You can make an ebook version of your work on your own, and submit it to one of the self-publishing sites, most importantly to Amazon. You will get 70 percent of income on every copy you will sell, and that is far more than any traditional publishing company will pay you.

How to be published, and sell a lot

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have self published, so in order to sell your book, you will have to market your book. There is a lot of options, including marketing your book that you can do on your own, like getting your book reviewed and listed on book review sites.

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