Quantum Paleo - Non Fiction: Weight loss, Diet, Women's Health

Quantum Paleo: Your personal leap!

Quantum Paleo is not… just a diet book, it is a result-oriented personal journey to help you make lasting changes in your health, mindset, and waistline. AND if you follow the 21-day plan you will lose 6-18 pounds in the first three weeks.

Quantum Paleo is not… long or complicated. It's concise by design. Most diet books are not read cover to cover—readers typically search for what they need to know. QP cuts to the chase and tells you what you need to know to achieve results.

Quantum Paleo is… about having a major breakthrough in the way you eat, live and take care of your body. No matter how many times you failed at reclaiming your health and ideal body weight in the past, QP can help you succeed this time by challenging you to discover what you are fighting for and use that discovery to achieve your dreams!

Quantum Paleo is… a proven path to vitality and health used by Dr. Doug in his NYC wellness practice for the past 14 years. Dr. Doug continues to work with professionals, families, celebrities—people from all walks of life, including the casts of dozens of Broadway shows and the elite dancer/athletes of New York's premier ballet companies. He is NYC's "Heath Fixer".

 "I decided to write a book that would cover the information gleaned from 100's of consultations with my patients. This is a 'what you need to know book'. The moment you take action on this information your life will start changing fast.  It takes an open mind and a quantum leap to get the most out of this material."

Are you ready to "Take the leap to your best body ever?"

Dr. Doug Willen has a full time Chiropractic and Clinical Nutrition practice in NYC, where he specializes in finding natural solutions for chronic health issues, and inspiring his clients to achieve optimal health and vitality. Learn more: www.TheHealthFixer.com

"Dancing Naked in Dixie"- interview with Lauren Clark

Dancing Naked in Dixie  Lauren Clark

1) Can you give us a brief overview of DANCING NAKED IN DIXIE?

In essence, it's a story about finding happiness in the most unlikely of places. When the story begins, New York City travel writer Julia Sullivan is sent to Eufaula, Alabama to cover the annual Pilgrimage and she's not happy about it! When she arrives, though, she's soon charmed by the quaint area -- only to discover that a developer is planning to raze the city's historic landmarks.

2) What's your favorite quality about your hero/heroine?

Julia is smart, resourceful, and energetic--she always has the best of intentions--but often acts before she thinks. That impulsiveness gets her into a LOT of trouble!!

3) What made you want to write this book?

I lived near Eufaula, Alabama for several years and always enjoyed attending the annual historic Pilgrimage, which is a weekend-long tour of antebellum homes and gorgeous landmarks. It's a magical time of year--everything's in bloom--the weather is great! I always thought that the city would make a wonderful setting for a novel. In fact, the movie, "Sweet Home Alabama," (Reese Witherspoon) used shots of Eufaula's historic district!

4) What are you working on now?

I am researching for my next novel, Pie Girls, which will follow a girl who's gone off to a big city (like Atlanta or New York) and vows NEVER to come home. She's forced to return to Greensboro, though, when her romantic relationship falls apart. Since she's burned a lot of bridges, it will be interesting to see how she makes amends.

5) What comes first for you -- character idea, plot idea?

It's always an idea ... or a 'What if' question. For example, Stay Tuned was a "What if two anchors got into a fistfight on live television...what would happen next?" Dancing Naked in Dixie was a "What if a big city travel writer was forced to go on assignment to the Deep South or lose her job?"

6) How do you think of titles?

Stay Tuned came from being in the television business for a long time. I wanted something catchy, short, and easy to remember. Dancing Naked in Dixie jumped into my head one day when I was thinking about a novel about a travel writer who comes to Eufaula. My first idea was to have the protagonist discover some fabulous "dessert" or treat that was so good it made everyone want to dance naked! The more I thought about it, though, I felt it would be straying too much from the plotline that needed to be Julia's journey--a physical journey from New York to Eufaula, Alabama, but also a personal journey of growth and discovery about herself and her own family.

7) What are your thoughts on love scenes in books?  Do you prefer to read/write sweet/romantic encounters between your hero and heroine or spicy ones?

After just finishing Book 2 in the Shades of Gray series, I'm definitely in the prude camp! I had a racy strip-tease seduction scene in Stay Tuned, but I don't want to write anything that would make my mother blush or my grandmother come back from the grave to wash my mouth out with soap!

8) Who are the authors who inspire you?

Love Sophie Kinsella...she's so funny! I adore Jennifer Weiner and Emily Giffin, as well as Lisa See, Abraham Verghese, and Michelle Richmond. I think Stephen King is brilliant, though I'm not a horror fan. The Green Mile is so moving, as is the short story he wrote which was made into "The Shawshank Redemption" movie. His book, On Writing, is witty and truthful!

9) What genres do you like to read?  Do you stick to one or are you eclectic in your reading tastes?   I vary my reading--mostly between Chick Lit and Thrillers. I've been on a Lisa Gardner kick lately. I'm desperately waiting for Juliette Sobanet's third in the Paris series. I tore through Stieg Larsson's series, as well as Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games (loved her trilogy for the strong heroine).

10) What was the last book you read that really WOW'd yo

I was impressed by James Patterson's Guilty Wives. It's not his usual serial killer repartee and I was captivated by the story. Alice Hoffman's The Dovekeepers was also amazing, detailed, and very moving.

Smart, Sassy Fiction with a Southern Twist

Lauren Clark is the author of Stay Tuned and Dancing Naked in Dixie. She writes contemporary novels set in the Deep South; stories sprinkled with sunshine, suspense, and secrets.

A former TV news anchor, Lauren adores flavored coffee, local book stores, and anywhere she can stick her toes in the sand. Her big loves are her family, paying it forward, and true-blue friends. Check out her website at www.laurenclarkbooks.com.


In a blink of an eye, Samantha Hunter's world comes crashing down in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania. In an unexpected twist of events, Samantha meets the mysterious Lucien Foster and learns the truth the government didn't want you to know...
dare to believe!

Moon Dust is a sci-fi adventure that begins when Samantha Hunter is the only survivor of a car crash that claims the life of her mother and younger brother, Cody. Although her car accident wounds are healed by a mysterious stranger, Samantha is haunted by the knowledge that the accident was her fault. When she and her father move to New Mexico, it is a chance to get away from the bittersweet memories of her family, and start over new. However, the arrival of a pale, dark haired stranger into her life changes everything. The stranger, a boy named Lucien, introduces Sam to the hidden world of real-life aliens. Romance and adventure follow Sam in her new life as she works to decipher her complicated alien-human relationship, and a underground covert organization who wants to discover what connects her to this strange alien boy.

Freedom's Sword - Historical Fiction

What some people don't understand about Historical Fiction is this: it has almost nothing to do with history as you study it in schools. History, the academic history, is about movements and periods and the sweep of nations. But historical fiction is about – a person.

Let me tell you a little about how I came to write historical fiction, and I hope you'll see what I mean. It was my granny who first told me the story the of the English invading Scotland and a battle at Dunbar when the Scots were defeated and dragged in chains to dungeons.

What made a story, a novel, was something else. 

You see, in that far away Scottish autumn, a young Scot named Andrew escaped from his dungeon and looked at an English flag flying over his father castle. He was no great knight, but suffering had filled him with an unquenchable determination. His father was in the Tower of London and everything had been lost in the war. But he had made an oath. He'd sworn that somehow the hated English would be driven from Scotland. That somehow they would pay. So with half a dozen men, they began a great adventure. An adventure that became a story of courage, of determination to fight for freedom no matter what the cost. And what storyteller could resist a story like that?

TALION -- Paranormal Thriller

My novel Talion began as a novella about the friendship between Lu and Lisa, teenagers from different backgrounds. I fell in love with Lu, who clings to her selfhood despite neglect and abuse. But the story dragged, weighed down by the characters' pasts and a present where the conflict arose from their general distrust of one another. Nothing was happening! The plot needed a catalyst, a threat that would either unite or destroy them.

Rad entered the story, stalking the girls as they sunbathed at an old dam in the mountains. The narrative was third person with multiple points of view, and I could not avoid including Rad's. Since his character is so far outside my experience, I had research to do.

Two or three books, I thought, but I ended up reading ten times that many. As often happens, a little knowledge taught me how little I knew.  My reading fell into three categories: books written by FBI profilers or police detectives, journalistic accounts of true crimes, and academic books.

Serial killers have been popularized in fiction, most famously Thomas Harris' Silence of the Lambs and his villain Hannibal Lector, whose powers verge on the supernatural. Harris drew material from the books of the FBI profilers who studied these criminals: Robert Ressler, John Douglas, Roy Hazelwood. So I began with them and learned the concept of signature, those details of the killer's crimes that express his inner needs and fantasies – his ritual. If he needs to arrange his victims' bodies in lewd poses, that's part of his signature.  His MO might evolve as his skill increases or circumstances dictate, but his signature never changes. I learned serial killers are driven by their fantasies.

The true crime genre is a perennial favorite, and given the dark side of human nature, journalists always have fresh material. Since these books describe the killer's crimes at length, they make difficult reading. In the 1970's a sadist named Cameron Hooker kidnapped a girl and kept her in a box under his bed. For years. He would take her out, rape and torture her, then stash her back in the box. His wife helped.  As always in cases like this, the question arises whether the wife was an accomplice or another victim. I had nightmares of being shut inside that box and realized serial killers' fantasies are worse than anything I could imagine.

The academic books gave me less practical help in writing Rad's character, but they broadened my understanding of the darkness in human beings. In Why They Kill, Richard Rhodes chronicles the life of Lonnie Athens, a criminologist whose violent childhood led him to research how people become violent.  Athens concludes violence is learned behavior – an optimistic finding since it implies violence may be unlearned. In Dark Nature: A Nature History of Evil, Lyall Watson explores the biological roots of human actions that are considered evil, or more accurately, amoral. He takes the more pessimistic view that amorality is part of our nature. But Rad falls outside the category of ordinary evil. Watson presents a complicated theory to explain serial killers, one that confirms my sense of them as monstrous. To make their fantasies come true, they lose whatever humanity they might have had.


Mary Maddox grew up in Utah and California. A graduate of Knox College and the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, she taught writing and literature at Eastern Illinois University. She lives in Charleston, Illinois with her husband, film scholar Joe Heumann. Her interests include dressage and tournament Scrabble. Mary's short stories have appeared in a number of magazines including Farmer's Market, Yellow Silk, and The Scream Online. Her fiction has been honored with an Artist's Grant and a Literary award from the Illinois Arts Council.


Ghost in the Machine - a crime thriller

Hi, I'm Ed James, author of the SCOTT CULLEN series.

GHOST IN THE MACHINE is an Edinburgh-based police procedural with a
modern twist, and is the first in the SCOTT CULLEN series but the
sequel, DEVIL IN THE DETAIL, is out on the 14th of October. It
currently has 42 reviews on Amazon UK, averaging 4.6.

The book is a unique twist on the traditional British Detective police
procedural - the story is told from the perspective of a Detective
Constable, the lowest rank a Detective in the UK can hold. Most books
in the genre tend to feature a DI (Detective Inspector), which is
roughly the sort of leadership role you'd expect, not a door-to-door
sort - the more ludicrous books feature a DCI, which is essentially an
administrative post. Most series begin with the detective already a
burnt-out husk - his wife has left him, he's an alcoholic, his
colleagues don't like him, etc. This series has his mistakes on the

The key feature of this particular novel is that DC Scott Cullen is
just starting out but is faced with a crime in which social media
plays a significant part - the victim, a young single mother, was
using Schoolbook, a social network, which may or may not have played a
part in the mystery. Cullen also uses it and it is a core part of the
way he approaches the crime. The story is set in Edinburgh, Scotland,
a city I've lived in since I was 18 when I moved from the north-east
of Scotland, much like Cullen did.

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

My website:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.

-- Ed

Bayward Heart - a Christian romance

Bayward Heart will be free for Kindle 10/03/12 to 10/04/12.
Bayward Heart, is the second book in the Cascade Brides series. Three siblings are named after the Sisters mountain in Oregon--Faith, Hope, and Charity. Unlike the mountains, the three women are now estranged, each living in a different part of the state--one in eastern Oregon, one on the coast, and one in Portland. As they meet men--who have their own family issues--they are reminded of the importance of family...and ultimately each other.

Bayward Heart follows Hope Conrad as she looks to a new whale-watching charter season to bring her charter business into the black. But an unexpected collision puts her boat in dry dock and hobbles her hope for a future. Captain Eric Bandon offers the use of his boat and lets her know his motives are not totally altruistic. He came to town after a difficult past and finds himself attracted to the prickly Hope. Will her name mean he might have a future with her that goes beyond the use of his boat?

Visit me at my website and Kindle store.

Troll Or Derby - a Young Adult Fantasy novel

This book was born after a couple of seasons playing roller derby.  I'd been wanting to write something about fairies and trolls, something for young adults, and when my skates hit the track and I started doing whips and pushes through the pack, I knew this was *it*.  Totally magical, completely fantasy, Troll Or Derby has the same fast-paced storytelling style readers of This Brilliant Darkness have come to expect, but readers say this is Tash's best work yet.  Be transported to the grizzly underbelly of fairy life in rural Americana.  So much for urban fantasy--try this rural fantasy on for size.  Guaranteed to leave you breathless and wanting more, or your money back.

The Memory Songbook - contemporary, magical realism fiction

free @ Amazon Oct 9 & 10
Memory Songbook

Music takes me back.  It always has.  I hear one great song and I'm 12 or 17 or --   I believe we all share this ability to time travel.  But it came as a big surprise to the central character of my novel.   It never dawned on him that he might save a life by helping an elder remember his favorite songs.

The pages of the manuscript flip-flop in my hand, a pale rectangular fish with thin blue horizontal lines.  I'm tempted to fling the bulk across the room into a waste bin.  But when I glance at the title page —
      My head begins to throb.
      I feel faint. 
      The room begins to spin.
      Behind me I hear my mother Lo say, "Should I call an ambulance?" 
      I laugh, trying to hide my disorientation.  Suddenly the second-story floor feels warped and the slanted attic ceiling is threatening to crush me. 
      "What, what?"
       Lo sounds concerned. 
      I drop down on the narrow bed as a cyclone of music envelops me.  Styles and various tempos fight for my attention.  I hear myself try to sing along.  Lo complains.
      "Why are you shouting?"
      And then it all stops.  I clear my head and take another look at the title page.
                                      The Memory Songbook
       Lo sits down beside me. 
      "When did you find this?"
      "I think it was last week.  No, yesterday.  Or — "
      "You shouldn't be climbing the stairs."
      "I was putting away the Christmas decorations."
      "Last week?"
      "Well, no, maybe it was  — "
      "Mom, you haven't had a Christmas tree in twenty years."

River Rat - Coming of Age/Edgy YA

River Rat: A Novelette

Want to read a book that does NOT include vampires, werewolves, zombies, or zombie-werewolf-vampires? "River Rat" might be the book for you. It's a novelette, short and bittersweet. The genre is a mix of Coming of Age/Edgy YA, with a touch of Paranormal Romance. But it's not a typical Paranormal Romance.

Sixteen-year-old Floyd Lebus is a river rat. His kind was born one hundred years ago, when an enraged father threw his pregnant teenage daughter from a bridge. The baby swam free of his mother and survived, living in the river and on land.

Fast forward to now—Floyd and his clan live on the cliffs overlooking the river. They have adapted over the years to blend in with the locals, and are tolerated, as long as they stick to their own kind. Floyd gets his heart set on Mandy O'Dell, who is decidedly not his kind. She spends her summer days swimming in the river, and Floyd can't resist her. Despite their differences, Mandy is drawn to sweet and awkward Floyd. Dark family secrets will be revealed, and their forbidden union may have brutal consequences for Mandy.

The book contains some adult language, and adult situations, but nothing outrageous. Sorry, there is no graphic or gratuitous sex. There is no hunky beefcake. There is an engaging story about an outsider falling in love with a girl who is way out of his league. It's a story about the conflict between family loyalty and love. It's a story about keeping ugly secrets, and how revealing those secrets can set you free.

"River Rat" is a quick read, in which you'll meet interesting characters, and watch the drama unfold. One reader told me: "I really liked that the ending wasn't all sunshine and unicorn farts." (I love that.)

As a writer, my job is simply to tell a good story. I hope I've done that. Thanks for reading.

Available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0098QLF0Q  


The Writers' Conference, a Novel

Dates of Kindle Select free promotion:  September 25 and  26, 2010     09/25/2012, 09/26/2012

There is an observation made in The Writers' Conference that there are no words more beguiling than "Let me tell you a story."  Let me tell you the story of what happened at a writers' conference called The Clymer Workshop.The novel is first and foremost what I believe a novel should be, which is an entertainment. It has a diverse set of characters whose lives intersect in unexpected ways.  Over two hundred people attend the The Clymer Workshop, many of them with the same idea: to find the key to getting published.  Day after day the hopeful writers attend workshops, most of them busy taking notes, no one questioning what is told to them except for tall manic-depressive on a high who is irrepressible.  The writers on the staff have their own concerns, some of which aren't far apart from the people they have been hired to teach.  As the conference draws to a close, the atmosphere becomes increasingly tense with desperation.  Then, for one aspiring writer, the unexpected literally does happen.

The Writers' Conference  is the first novel that I am aware of that looks at the world of publishing and the frustrations of aspiring writers.  I was told by a well-respected New York agent that I couldn't say the things in print that I say about publishing in The Writers' Conference. I believe you can say anything in print as long you say it responsibly and it isn't offensive. 


Teenage Fiction Adventure

Susie's Adventures On The Magic Island by Susan Valentine

Free 2 - 3/10/2012

Susie has to write an essay for homework about a special tree and go into a dream state where she enter another dimension where she meets some very enlighten people who help her to find the information she needs so she can write her essay about the special tree. She also becomes aware that she has a special gift she can use to help herself and others.

Undercover Deceit - Love and Betrayal

Undercover Deceit is the first book in the Conlan Chronicles Series.

Jill thought that being married to a cop was going to keep her safe. She found out the hard way that just
because he may uphold the law on the street, it wasn't always the case at home.
No one should have to go through what Jill went through.
Will she find true love?

Mewsings: My Life as a Jewish Cat

Book Title: "Mewsings: My Life as a Jewish Cat" -Jewish holidays, humor
About the Author: Concert pianist-turned journalist Greta Beigel was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home in South Africa at the height of apartheid. After winning a piano scholarship from the University of South Africa,  she migrated to California where she metamorphosed into a music journalist, working for many years on staff at the Los Angeles Times. She has contributed to the New York Times. Greta  is the author of three Jewish-themed e-books, including the recent "Kvetch: One Bitch of a Life--A Memoir of Music & Survival."  
From the author: At a cat writers' conference I attended--yes there is such an organization-- a publisher once remarked: "Why on earth would you write a book about a cat who thinks she's Jewish?" Yet of all my writing, "Mewsings: My Life as a Jewish Cat," educational yet funny, gives me the biggest meeow.

Set in Hawaii, Iceland, New Zealand, South Africa, and LA, and narrated by a calico cat called Ketzel—yes, she's really my alter ego—"Mewsings" offers one quirky take on modern Judaism, with special focus on the High Holidays. Whether sneaking into synagogue in Honolulu, or noshing tidbits in the kitchen during Passover preparation or reclining and idle absorbing those biblical tales before Rosh Hashanah, Ketzel remains ever-respectful and in awe of Jewish traditions and teachings. But watch out come December and Hanukkah--she's ready to pounce on those spinning tops and piping potato latkes. I'm often asked how "Mewsings" came about. Well, relaxing on a beach one fall afternoon in Oahu, and feeling somewhat apprehensive about the fast-approaching Day of Atonement, I heard myself engaging in make-believe catty chat: "Oh my," a ginger tabby cries, "Oh my, I'm so worried. It's nearly Yom Kippur and what happens if my Mama forgets to feed me?" A kindly Siamese, prone to preaching faith, generosity and love responds: "Don't worry kitty. You can share my dish of fish. I'm not Jewish. I can eat all I want." Soon I composed my rhymes.  Most fun of all, was describing "Dubious Brethren in the Animal Kingdom," a series of meditations on assorted frogs, birds, one fat New Zealand hedgehog and a silly lorikeet I encountered during my many travels. And just in case, a concluding glosssary of Yiddish terms explains all.

This Time You Lose -- suspense thriller

This Time You Lose

A Best Indie Books 2012 Finalist
The Kindle Book Review has announced the finalists for its annual Best Indie Books Award, and
Michigan Author
Chris Stralyn made the cut – with her debut novel, This Time You Lose.
Entered in the suspense/horror category, This Time You Lose is the suspense driven story of one woman's struggle to survive when she and the children she cares for become victims of a home invasion gone terribly wrong.

Author Chris Stralyn explains: "In This Time You Lose, Lisa Kaamp operates a small childcare business out of her home in Nogeksum, Michigan. Highly respected and known for going the extra mile for her daycare kids, she thinks she's handled every daycare emergency possible. But nothing prepares her for the horror she now faces.

Lisa finds herself bound and gagged, four strange men in her home, and the daycare children held hostage in the next room. Terrorized by her captors as the authorities work to meet the ransom deadline, she tries negotiating with the men for the release of the children, but soon realizes they have no intention of letting anyone go. With the deadline approaching, Lisa must do the unimaginable to protect the children and get everyone out alive."

An intense thriller, This Time You Lose has been read and reviewed around the world. With over 200 reviews collected from various reader review sites around the globe, This Time You Lose is quickly becoming a must read phenomenon.

To learn more about Chris Stralyn and This Time You Lose, visit:

amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006KWKOEE
website: thistimeyoulose.com
twitter: @chrisstralyn
The Best Indie Books 2012 Award is given to the best independent and small press Kindle books published between April 1, 2011 and April 1, 2012. The Kindle Book Review site states,

"We are simply looking for the very best indie books out there. We are judging quality of writing, quality of plot, and quality of eBook formatting (a complete professional product). The judging team is comprised of our most critical and avid reviewers, so only the best will make it through. If you want to be a winner, you must grab our attention and keep it from the beginning. If you do not hook us, we will close your book. "

Finalists were announced September 1st, 2012 in each of the categories listed below.

• Mystery/Thriller
• Romance
• Suspense/Horror
• Literary Fiction
• Sci-fi/Fantasy
• YA
Winners of the Best Indie Books Award will be announced on October 1, 2012

Bottom of Form

Petroplague, a science thriller in the style of Michael Crichton

What if bacteria turned all the gasoline in Los Angeles into vinegar?
Carmegeddon doesn't begin to describe it. Petroplague does.
Petroplague, a debut novel by Dr. Amy Rogers, presents a terrifying scenario that is all too believable because it could really happen. In this story supported by plenty of Crichton-esque scientific detail, a Latina graduate student at UCLA modifies natural oil-eating bacteria to make them particularly good at breaking down petroleum into natural gas. Christina Gonzalez’s goal is worthy: to increase energy production from currently inaccessible underground tar sands. But a radical environmentalist sees her work as a threat and sabotages the field test. Before long, mysterious gas leaks, explosions, and car breakdowns begin to plague central Los Angeles, and Christina must confront the unintended consequences of research gone horribly wrong.
Petroplague is a fast-moving thriller with some serious brains behind it.  Science, in particular microbiology, is central to the plot.  It’s a story about good intentions and unintended consequences, about loyalty and betrayal, about love and family.  Petroplague will have you cheering for Christina not only because you care about her, but because the situation she confronts is so frightening-–and believable-–that you can’t let yourself imagine it coming to pass in a fictional world, much less the real one.  Don’t be surprised if this book gets you thinking about investing in gold and stocking up on canned food.  Read Petroplague and you’ll realize that bacteria do a lot more than make people sick.  Bacteria rule the world.

The Demon Of Synar -- SciFi Romance

Hi. I'm Donna McDonald and a lover of all things geek. Being a science fiction and fantasy fan all my life, it was probably inevitable that I would end up writing a space opera at some point. Star Trek? Loved it--all versions. Star Wars? Own the extended versions. Firefly? Wept over the cancellation. What surprised me though once my science fiction/fantasy series was born was the appearance of a demon as one of the main characters. Hello fantasy. Say what? Yes, a demon in space. Not a hell raising demon from Earth, but still a condemned spirit that is forced to serve its master. I would describe Malachi inside his host as more the old-fashioned daemon definition of demon which is something along the lines of being an influential or inspiring force. Good influence or evil inspiration is another good question, but one you'll have to decide for yourself. Basically, Malachi is serving an eternal life sentence of being controlled by others. In fact, being "Forced To Serve" turned out to be the one thing in common among all the crew members of the Liberator.

THE DEMON OF SYNAR is Book One and free for all Kindle users. It introduces the characters and sets the groundwork for the rest of the stories. The hero of Book 1 is Liam Synar, willing captain of the Liberator, but the unwillingly master of his family's hereditary demon. Did I mention Liam ended up putting the demon, Malachi, in his very spiritual mate (and the heroine), Ania Looren, on the very day they had their mating ceremony? Yes, I know it sounds horrible, but to be fair, he was trying to save her life. Feeling appalled for forcing Ania to host Malachi in her body, Liam immediately left both of them and stayed away for two years. Yeah, also not a great sign of mating bliss and definitely not very mature on the part of a Norblade male who fancies himself the captain of a Peace Alliance rescue ship. Nor did it turn out to be a very good move strategically, especially with his evil brother looking high and low for Malachi. Conor Synar was supposed to be the demon's master and had been almost fully trained to do so. Liam barely knew how to call the demon in and out of the host body, much less make Malachi behave. Trust me though, Bogdan Synar had very good reasons for making his son, Liam, the demon's master.

When the book opens, Liam's plan of staying away has reached an end because Malachi has killed to save his host body, and Ania is being blamed for murders she cannot remember. At the urging--okay let's say insistence--of his close friend and ship's counselor, Lieutenant Dorian Zade, Liam heads back to collect Ania and Malachi. Problem is, Ania hasn't known about the demon all this time. She just thinks Liam abandoned her for typical male stupidity reasons. She also blames her cursed mated state for the gradual demise of her spirituality since Liam left. The situation blows up when Ania finds out about Malachi and demands to be allowed to die. Liam refuses of course. He's not that much of a lousy husband/mate, but Ania doesn't share that opinion.

Doesn't sound much like romance, you say? Oh, it's in there, along with lots of humor and some characters you're really going to like. Sure, if you're looking for a "happily ever after" in this first book, well you won't find it completely at the end. Sorry. This book is a "happily for now" kind of situation. It took two books to tell a romantic story as large and complicated as Liam and Ania's. But in this first book which you can read for free, you will definitely get to enjoy the journey of getting to know these three intriguing characters, and you'll have a lot of fun getting to meet the rest of the Liberator's crew whose stories will appear in later books.

And you may even find yourself rooting for Malachi. He definitely has the best lines. Maybe a character just sees things differently after two thousand years of being demon mist.

Happy reading...write and tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you.


Donna McDonald

"Katarina the Dragonslayer and the Foebreaker's Curse" An epic fantasy with a sci-fi twist

Hello! I recently published 'Katarina the Dragonslayer and the
Foebreaker's Curse' on Kindle and would like to submit it to your site

"That's an old elvish proverb, which means ogres came up with it
first." - Wendel Iron Cloud, Krog War-chief

The world of Pellorea is deeply scarred by an ancient and terrible
conflict between magic and technology, a place where dragons rule the
sky and an unwavering malice lingers in the desolate places. It is into
this world that a half-elven girl is sold as a slave to a boorish
farmer. Katarina, however, is determined to find freedom and adventure,
and her curiosity sets off a confluence of events that will alter the
course of history. This is a story of magic, science, and saucy,
meddling dragons!

"What can I say about this book but WOW!" - The Kindle Book Review

Sam Medina

REALITIES - Contemporary Fiction

REALITIES will be free on Sept. 21 and 22, 2012 !    

Jenny Weaver is smart, she's funny, and she's so lonely it hurts.  Two years after her husband committed suicide, she begins writing to him, at first out of frustration and loneliness, then out of a deep need to look at what went so wrong in their lives.  She waits until the children are bathed and in bed, then pours herself a glass of wine and writes, "We didn't spend as much time together when you were alive as I spend with you now."  The irony of this doesn't escape her; nor does that fact that even though he is dead, people still try to 'place' her through him.  "Death doesn't sever a woman's identity with her husband," she writes. "When a man's wife dies, she's dead.  Widows' husbands linger."

     Richard Weaver lingers in Jenny's life.  He is with her night after night, until she is able to free herself from the past.


The Cross and the Black 1 - a paranormal novella set in Renaissance France

Claude is the happy servant by day and male prostitute by night.  Then bad luck invades his idyll.  His gambling debts are multiplying. His master has had enough of his sinful ways and gives the ultimatum to move out. 16th century France is no place to be destitute, and Claude is plunged into panic.   A mysterious stranger comes by and offers the perfect solution, the keys to a free paradise of fucking and fighting. But first he will have to learn to read and write and know the ways of a gentlemen. 

There's just one problem, what is the suitable payment for education and enlightenment?  Claude thinks his body should suffice.  The stranger concurs, and unknowingly Claude has agreed to the mortal price... 

Vampire tutors, illiterates male prostitutes, what more could possibly go wrong in a world strangled by the demands of God and men?  

Read here as Claude struggles between the Cross and the Black and fights to his last to escape his mortal debt. 

I wrote this book because I wanted something a little more philosophical and a little less gory on the subject of vampires. I think this fits the bill.  Through Claude's honest eyes, the reader will experience the darkness posed by vampires and religious orthodoxy but tempered with profane humor. They will also feel the grittiness of Renaissance life and the emotions of Catholic-Protestant conflict raging at the time.  In short, the novella provides an all-encompassing read.  You must give this book a chance. 

Pono: A Hawaiian-Style Approach to Balance and Well-Being


I am submitting this book on behalf of the author. The book is called "Pono: A Hawaiian-Style Approach to Balance and Well-Being".  It is a self help or advice book. 
What is wonderful about this book is that it is from a Hawaiian perspective. The Hawaiian word, Pono, like many other Hawaiian words has serval different meanings. A few of the interpretations are correctness, rightness, excellence and well-being. Uses author's personal experiences and humor to help the readers identify their purpose in life. How? By aiding readers in figuring out their sense of pace, purpose, power .

This book will be on Amazon for free from 9/22/12- 9/23/12. 

Thank you,
Brandi Akana

E-learning 101 - A guide for new online learners

E-learning 101 is a short, upbeat e-book which presents simple strategies for new adult online learners.
I'm Dr Liz Hardy; I'm an e-learning specialist. So many books make e-learning look impossible, but I've showed 3,000 students that it's not!
E-learning 101 offers practical e-learning solutions in a friendly voice, because I believe e-learning can actually be FUN! That's why the e-book is packed with pictures of friendly dogs...

The Newts - a comic novel

"The Newts" will be free to download on Amazon September 21 and September 22, 2012.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008N17WYA

Matt Valenti


American politics is about to get even weirder. 

Follow the adventures of  Tea Partier named Ed the Electrician as he tries to resurrect Ronald Reagan from the dead in "The Newts," the funniest political satire of the 2012 election. Along the way, you'll meet a cross-dressing fertility god who weeps for the souls of dead corporations, a burning creosote bush that transforms into a talking beard named Jerry, a three-headed lawyer whose bite is worse than his bark -- and oh yes, the singing Fox Newts. 

"Made me laugh out loud . . . by the time the book reaches its climax - a dramatic debate between Reagan and FDR over which should return to life and re-assume the presidency - I couldn't stop reading. . . . No one can say this book isn't funny." Liz Ellor, O43 


Violence - a Romantic Suspense Thriller!

VIOLENCE is not AT ALL what you expect.  It takes some nerve and perseverance to get through the first portion of the book but you will be rewarded. I have many people who have e-mailed my website (mostly women I might add) that said VIOLENCE is the best book they ever read.  Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven.  I write to reach people - period.


Handcrafted Jewelry Photo Gallery -- nonfiction, crafts

Handcrafted Jewelry Photo Gallery  --  free dates: 09/15/2012 - 09/19/2012  --  link  
Handcrafted Jewelry Photo Gallery is a compilation of my cast and/or fabricated jewelry in 14k yellow gold or sterling silver from 1975 through now 2012. Step by steps of several of my pieces have been published in international trade magazines: Jewelry Artist, Wire Jewelry, Step by Step Jewelry, Lapidary Journal. This book will soon be available in Spanish.


This Brilliant Darkness - a Dark Fantasy/Horror novel

This Brilliant Darkness just celebrated its first birthday in early September!  After a year out there "in the world," this little book has received multiple five- and four-star reviews, been a book club pick, and has found some devoted fans!   Author Red Tash couldn't be prouder.  A fast-paced headtrip of a book, you'll meet lifelong Hoosier & quirky professor Christine Grace, her zen-Catholic boyfriend Tom, the eccentric British physicist Richard Welletter, the brooding monster Greachin, and many more characters as you traipse with them around the unique city of Bloomington, Indiana--home of one of the most popular universities in the world.  What is lurking in the quiet campus woods?  How are all the characters connected?  If you liked Stephen King's The Stand, or you're a fan of Robert Altman's films, you will love This Brilliant Darkness!

Red Hot Rose - Erotic Serial Romance

What do you get when you cross a writer with a special knack for description and an active, sexy imagination?  RED HOT ROSE, an erotic romance featuring Rose DuPont, a somewhat repressed college girl, looking for a way to pay for her last semester of college when her best friend Jessica comes up with the perfect idea...  **For mature audiences only.  Explicit sexual scenes and language.**

Kandi Kayne
Erotic Romance Author

Bargello Quilts Photo Gallery -- photos of my work

Bargello Quilts Photo Gallery is a compilation of my original quilt designs along with a few quilts designed by others but created by me (Joyce Zborower). This book will soon be available in Spanish.

Book Page on Amazon: 


Dancing Naked in Dixie - Chick Lit/Contemporary Fiction

Dancing Naked in Dixie
Lauren Clark

There's nothing like an authentic setting to create mood, emotion, and intensity for a story. Compare The Devil Wears Prada's urban skyline with Gone with the Wind's sprawling, lush cotton plantations. There's the stark Swedish landscape in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the complete opposite of Sophie Kinsella's glamorous, Shopaholic London.

In Dancing Naked in Dixie, I wanted to explore the Deep South from a big-city travel writer's perspective. When readers meet Julia Sullivan, she's at home in the anonymity of New York. She's happy disappearing into crowded sidewalks, being whisked away in taxis, and jetting off to plush European resorts.

In tiny Eufaula, Alabama, there's no place for Julia to hide. Faster than she can park her rented SUV, Julia is surrounded by the city's unofficial welcoming committee. First, at the Citgo, she meets Alma and Stump, neither of whom waste any time announcing her arrival to the rest of Eufaula. Charming Shug Jordan--her host and tour guide--is ready and waiting--along with his sister and windshield-cracking niece. Not an hour later, Julia is introduced to Shug's girlfriend, Mary Katherine, the flamboyant B&B owner Roger, and the entire Jordan family, including MeeMaw, matriarch and keeper of secrets.

Like many of us, Julia harbors many cliche and preconceived notions about an area of the country she's never visited. While the city is boasts the typical BBQ joints, high-strung Southern debutantes, and SEC college football fanatics, her expectations are shattered when the people of Eufaula open their hearts and homes to embrace and care for a complete stranger. Dancing Naked in Dixie is about a girl finding happiness where she least expects it.

Gift of the Dreamtime - Reader's Companion -- Memoir

It's one thing to write a book--one about yourself, especially.  It's another to write about what happened in your life while writing it.  This Reader's Companion fills in a lot of blanks about my ordinary life during the very fantastical events of "Gift of the Dreamtime - Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma."  A lot of its readers have told me that I made overcoming PTSD look easy.  I hope with the addition of this Companion they realize that nothing about PTSD is easy, yet it can be healed.