How can I get free ebooks?

So, you have bought a Kindle ebook reader, and you'd like to have something new on it? Good news is, you do not have necessarily to pay for it. There are many places and ways where you can get free ebooks, but here we will concentrate on one of the best ways to get a free book for your kindle.

Self published authors often give their books for free to promote them

One of the best ways to promote a self-published kindle book is to give it away for free. An author not only has to make his book free, but also needs to inform readers about this possibility. So, he usually searches for sites where an audience of readers is present, to announce when his book is possible to download for free.

Here on Goodkindles - kindle book reviews, you can get kindle books for free

A lot of authors sumbit information about their books here, and they notify our readers when their books will be promoted for free. To get free ebooks, visit our book review site! You can also get on the list and get notified via facebook, twitter and email. Enjoy your free ebooks!

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