How to get a book review

As many self published authors, when your book is ready, you face the new challenge: how to reach the readers that will buy it. One of the best ways to do it, is to get a book review.

There are many book review sites in the web, including our site - Goodkindles. There are two types of websites: websites that review books for free, and the other one: websites that offer a review or a book listing for a fee.

Of course, free book review site sounds nice. But usually they are very poorly maintained, are full of errors and spam, and your book review probably will never reach readers. Also, free book review sites tend to gather audience that searches for free books, so they are not willing to pay anything and probably will not buy your book.

Paid review sites, on the other hand, usually are of good quality, and they have staff that makes sure the website is well optimized and reaches a quality audience. Here, on Goodkindles, you can put your book listing and be sure you will have some attention of people searching for books on their kindle ebook reader. You can also find a list of some good book review sites.

How to get a book reviewed?

Send your book description and cover to a review website. Make sure you attach a working link to your book - this way you will market your book and make it easily accessible. Remember to read "How to" section, as it usually tells important conditions of making your book reviewed.

Send your book info to Goodkindles and reach your potential readers easily!

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