SCENT OF TRIUMPH - Historical Fiction

"SCENT OF TRIUMPH [is a] World War II epic."
- Los Angeles Times

The year is 1939, and French perfumer Danielle Bretancourt is aboard a luxury ocean liner on the Atlantic Ocean when the declaration of war on the European continent threatens to devastate her beloved family and young children.  
Forced to travel through London and Paris into occupied Poland, Danielle searches for the remains of her family until she is forced to flee to America.

Gathering the fragments of her impoverished family, Danielle begins life anew in 1940s Los Angeles.  Through determination and talent, she rises from meager jobs in her quest for success as a perfumer and fashion designer to Hollywood elite. Through it all, the men she loves suffer mounting losses.

As the war continues to rage around the world, Danielle aids the French Resistance in its quest for freedom, and continues the search for her lost son, Nicky.  
Can Danielle and her family overcome the devastation that haunts their life?
Set between privileged lifestyles and gritty realities, SCENT OF TRIUMPH is one woman's story of courage, spirit, and resilience.  

"SCENT OF TRIUMPH is a rich tapestry that weaves fragrance into an already compelling story of love and perseverance during WWII. Jan's skillful writing, combined with her wealth of olfactory knowledge, makes this a great read for all, but especially the perfume enthusiast." 
- Karen Adams, Sniffapalooza


Many people ask how I came to write SCENT OF TRIUMPH.  I've been a writer from an early age, and for this novel I drew on my entrepreneurial experience in the perfume industry and my mother's recollections of life in America during World War II.
So many of us have our own stories of resilience, of fighting for our principles, or for our families—I wanted to write a story that women and men of any age or circumstance could relate to, a story that would uplift the spirit.

Equal parts artist and businesswoman, my gutsy heroine Danielle Bretancourt enchants men and women alike with a magical perfume blended in France and launched in Hollywood, while World War II rages across the continents.  

Danielle is wonderfully creative, never takes no for an answer, but has her flaws in her choice of men. Max is stable and persevering, Jon is sexy, charismatic and caring, and Cameron is a fun-loving Hollywood bad boy with a heart of gold. Danielle's friend Abigail is also a wonderful person who works tirelessly on behalf of orphaned children to help find adoptive families. I had fun with Lou Silverman, too, a Hollywood studio boss, as well as Danielle's uncle, a noted French perfumer.  I hope everyone enjoys the diversity of the cast and the story of Danielle Bretancourt.
I'm working on my next book, which is named HOSTILE BEAUTY, but I'd really love to hear how you like SCENT OF TRIUMPH. You can find me on the web and through social media—let's connect! 

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