Little Angels' Mothers - a science fiction novel by Miles Geiger

Two highly intelligent, deeply skeptical minds are thrown into a
doomsday scenario that is threatening to destroy civilization as we
know it. A somewhat emotionally unstable math prodigy (f) is teamed up
with a street-smart but detached young anthropology professor (m) on a
"last gasp" mission of mankind to prevent the announced end of the
world. The mission is broadcast live on TV; everyone is watching.

The plot builds up slowly, becoming ever more epic in proportion, with
unnatural events eventually happening left and right. However, the
protagonists never quite suspend their disbelief. In fact, the
billion-strong armies of the dead, the terrifying monsters serving a
sadistic deity and other jolly revelations only appear to be pulling
the narrative, and consequently the ending, towards the deeply
personal and the "real."

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