Murder in the Synagogue - A True Crime Book by T.V. LoCciero

Free on Amazon: 12/22-23/2012

"I was absolutely enthralled by it. It's one of those non-fiction novels that one simply cannot put down." –Robert Coles, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

"A fascinating double-portrait of the Rabbi and his killer that holds the reader spellbound from beginning to end."—Rabbi Jack Riemer, known as "President Clinton's rabbi"

On Lincoln's birthday, 1966, a young man stood on the bimah of a multi-million dollar synagogue in suburban Detroit and, confronting his audience of 700 with the Colt .32 revolver he would soon use to commit murder and suicide, he announced:

"This congregation is a travesty and an abomination. It has made a mockery by its phoniness and hypocrisy of the beauty and spirit of Judaism. It is composed of people who on the whole make me ashamed to say that I'm a Jew. For the most part it is composed of men, women and children who care for nothing except their vain, egotistical selves. With this act I protest a humanly horrifying and hence unacceptable situation."

This true crime book is a precise and harrowing account of the assassination of Rabbi Morris Adler by 23-year-old Richard Wishnetsky, a Phi Beta Kappa scholar at the University of Michigan and a Woodrow Wilson Fellow bound for the Divinity School at the University of Chicago. A troubled intellectual seeker, Wishnetsky knew Rabbi Adler as one of the nation's most prominent and venerated religious leaders, yet he settled on this learned and charismatic man as the appropriate target of his deepest rage.

"…riveting…case study of a crime committed decades ago… very interesting"—Gabe, Amazon Reviewer

"…detailed account of a brilliant young person's heartbreaking descent into homicidal madness…Highly recommended for those with a psychological bent and with an interest in the impact of society on the vulnerable young."--Kate, Amazon Reviewer

For anyone interested in the psychology of murder this one's a must.

T.V. LoCicero has been writing both fiction and non-fiction across five decades. He's the author of the true crime books Murder in the Synagogue (Prentice-Hall), on the assassination of Rabbi Morris Adler, and Squelched: The Suppression of Murder in the Synagogue. His novels include The Obsession and The Disappearance, the first entries in The Truth Beauty Trilogy. Seven of his shorter works are now available as ebooks. These are among the stories and essays he has published in various periodicals, including Commentary, Ms. and The University Review, and in the hard-cover collections Best Magazine Articles, The Norton Reader and The Third Coast.

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