Don't Look Under the Bed by Juan Jose Millas

What is 'Don't look Under the Bed' about? That's a very good question and one that will have different answers for different people. It could be seen as the story of a man who believes himself to be the monster under your bed, who has crawled out into the light and is struggling to live a new life. How would such a man deal with a stressful night at his girlfriend's parents' house, and what the heck happened to their dog?!

It may be a crime thriller as more and more bodies are turning up with no apparent causes of death but somehow missing body parts.  Is there someone dark and disturbing lurking in the shadows, murdering people in strange and usual ways that are baffling the authorities? Or is it the start of something much worse going on right under our noses?

Or it may be a quirky tale about what the shoes under your bed get up to when we're all asleep, as they devour your socks and make unnerving deals with your feet. Where do you stand on the social shoe ladder if you're a widowed moccasin? Is it better to be a high heel or a slipper? Is it that your foot's still asleep when you can't feel it when you wake up in the morning, or has it removed itself from your person to elope with your slippers?

 If may be none of these things, but it's probably at the very least half of them, and I'm pretty sure there's a bit of sex in there too. Maybe we should have put more blood on the cover?

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