The Legend of Devil's Creek - a mystery novel by Anonymous A

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Do you fear death?

The Legend of Devil's Creek is a murder mystery that explores the questions of whether much of the evil in the world ultimately flows from our anxiety over mortality, and whether upbringing and early childhood experiences impact our ability to cope with this anxiety.  In grappling with personal demons, the characters exemplify the process of psychological recovery from traumatic experiences.    
The author is a former federal agent who tapped his law enforcement experience in crafting this story.  He hopes readers will enjoy this insider's look into the world of investigative police work.   
The plot revolves around a series of grisly murders on a remote island of modern-day Puget Sound.  The killings appear to be connected to a century-old local ghost story born in the island's dark and violent past.  A redemption-seeking police captain leads the frantic murder investigation.  The horror of it brings back tragic wartime memories, engendering the return of fugue episodes and debilitating recurring nightmares.  More convinced with each day that it is humanity's fate to destroy itself, he races against both the murderer and the specter of his own mental breakdown at the hands of an unshakable despair.  At the same time, a student at the island's small college faces growing evidence that one of his new friends and fellow students may be the murderer.  In struggling with his suspicions, he confronts dark truths about the childhoods of each of his friends, and contemplates how these things may have caused the psychological damage behind the self-destructive behaviors they exhibit as adults.

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