Open Channel - an action adventure novel by Daniel Betts

Warrior - a biomechanical creature built for war, protects her crew withing her bowels while following the orders of her skilled but tortured captain. She is the last of her kind, all her brave brothers and sisters having perished in a horrific act of genocide. For years she has been helping to hunt down and bring to justice those responsible, yet in the back of her mind is the ever present fear....a terrible enemy gathering on a distant horizon.

When her captain suddenly breaks from their mission to pursue a distress call from his estranged wife, a magically endowed woman who abandoned them years earlier, Warrior is skeptical, but like any good pilot, she obeys her captain and sets a course towards a mysterious but deadly encounter.
Join Warrior and her crew in an action packed adventure filled with mystery, intrigue, romance and colourful characters created by Canadian journalist and newspaper editor Daniel Betts.

Killer Abs: A Body (Pump) Horror Comedy Short Story by D R O'Brien

A story of lust, horror and Zumba, Killer Abs is a satirical take on today's get fit culture.
Twenty-something accountant Matt Warner enrols at an exclusive weight loss resort with his career on the line should he fail to shed the pounds from his paunchy frame.

Before long the accountant realises that his girth is the least of his problems as there is something deeply wrong with the Phoenix Resort where it's no gain and all pain.

It's a serving of full fat fear for the guests who must fight for their lives to survive the week.

Matt Warner is going to lose weight, or die trying.

"The Mayonnaise Murders" a sci-fi/fantasy detective novel by Keith A. Owens

      "For the record, my name is Vid. It's short for a name you don't wanna bother trying to pronounce if you're from Earth. Anyway, I solve problems. It's not what I always did, but things change and here I am. Stuck up to my gills in other critters' problems on good ole Planet 10.

     "Once again, if you're an Earthling reading this, I meant that literally. You folks have a habit of making up cute little sayings and whatnot. Working your tail off. Sweatin' like a pig. Up to your neck in.

    "This ain't one of those. I have gills. Deal with it.

    "As for Johnny Beardy, he didn't have gills because he was one of yours. What you folks like to call a rock star. But being without gills wouldn't explain why young Mr. Beardy was found butt-naked dead in one of Vivacious 5's more notorious back alleys at night, face down in a sandwich. A really big pork sandwich with mayonnaise on it."


     On Planet 10, pork is fine but mayonnaise is illegal. Used as an essential ingredient in the highly addictive drug MayoMadd, mayonnaise has long been banned for the safety of the colonies which has been free of the MayoMadd craze for years. So then where did the mayonnaise come from? And who has enough pull to get it delivered to Planet 10? Or is somebody manufacturing it, and if so where are they getting the ingredients? Is sandwich spread really that important to a critter, and where does a dead rock star fit into all this?

            That's what Vid has to find out, with more than a little help from Vee, a shapely news reporter with no shortage of attitude and an arsenal of quick comebacks wrapped in as much barbed wire as humor. What they eventually uncover is the biggest story of Vee's career, but it could also pose one of the biggest threats to Earth's teenagers – especially those with a taste for chemical thrills. The whole twisted affair could turn both Vid and Vee into wanted criminals just for playing too close to the fire.

The Whispers of the Fallen - A Fantasy Novel By J.D.Netto

Jorge De Oliveira Netto is a new up and coming writer from Boca Raton who late last year completed his first novel, The Whispers of the Fallen.

The book follows the epic fantasy route as rumors about the Diary of Lucifer echoed throughout Elysium, the world Netto created so beautifully. Hidden from all human knowledge, the Diary was kept a secret, locked away in the small village of Agalmath.

The protagonists Isaac and Demetre find themselves in a dangerous journey as they uncover the truth about the Diary and its guardians. However, for Isaac and Demetre, danger lies at every step, hidden in the most unexpected places. Hunted by the Nephilins and the Fallen Stars, they must find others who will join them in the battle against the coming darkness.

One star, Lucifer, rebelled against the Creator. He and the stars he deceived fell from grace. Lucifer was banished to the Abyss. But before, as a precaution, he left a Diary behind for his followers.

With this Diary, he can be reawakened and return from the Abyss, to defy the Creator once more. When the novel starts, the dispersed and battered forces of Lucifer have regained dominance and openly claim their rule over the world again. They are at the point of getting hold of the Diary and its power, to make Lucifer reappear.

"The idea came to me while driving down Interstate 95," says the 24 year old writer about the inspiration behind this marvelous plot. "I got home that night and I wrote about 40 pages of the book and knew the direction I wanted to take it."

Netto has been passionate about writing, and fantasy from a young age, "Ever since I was a young kid I was always interested in fantasy," says Netto. "I would always be in my room either drawing, writing, or making little books to give to family members."

Netto did a sensational job on the book; the plot draws the reader in and will instantly hook them for the entirety of the book.

The reader will fall in love with the protagonist from the moment they meet him, they will cry, laugh, feel pain, and feel the power of choice.

In fact, what Netto wants his readers to get from the book is simple, choice.

All the characters in The Whispers of the Fallen had many choices. "When you choose something be ready for the consequences," says Netto. "No matter if the consequences are good or bad."

It took Netto over six years to complete The Whispers of the Fallen. But he is already working on book number two.

"There will be four books," says the writer. "I've started on book two already, I don't want to wait another six years to publish the next one," he said jokingly.

Book two, which will be called Rebellion, is slated for a 2014 release.

Despite the recent success of Netto's The Whispers of the Fallen, this wasn't always the case.

"I got letters back saying there isn't a market for the book," says the writer who devoted six years of his life to writing the book. "But in the first two weeks the book has been out, it had already sold over 200 copies, which for an unknown writer is really good"

Netto didn't let those rejection letters bring him down, "I clearly remember when I sent my first letter to a New York house and my first rejection letter arrived two months later," Netto recalls. "The rejection letters actually made me believe more in my story and on myself as an author."

"Rejection inspired me to write a better story, believing that "Whispers" could be more than just an entertaining novel," said the writer.

Since then, over 500 copies of the book (electronic and hard copies) have been sold on,, on the official book website, and iTunes.

Many have criticized the themes of the book, saying it's too dark but this isn't news for Netto.

"The controversy surrounding the dark themes of this novel are not anything new or unexpected to me," explains Netto. "Many have criticized the characters in the story, saying that they go against the beliefs of many. Honestly, my goal here is to inspire and entertain, showing that even during the darkest times, there will always a shining light."

Netto will be attending the Book Expo of America, in New York City on May 29-June 1, 2013, the South Florida Super Con from July 4-7, 2013, and the New York Comic Con on October 11-14, 2013.

The Dreams of Ambrose Killian, a fantasy drama by Sheldon Shacket

Nineteen year-old Ambrose Killian wanted a girlfriend in the worst way, and that's pretty much what he got. His new girlfriend was a real dream, or maybe a nightmare or even maybe much worse. In a day when having an imaginary mate is becoming popular, Ambrose's girlfriend turned out to be more than he imagined possible. Here's an excerpt:

Lisa saw Ambrose sitting in the car and her face lit up. She pedaled closer and stopped by the Camaro's open window, "Ambrose — everybody's been looking for you."
He replied, "Why don't you stay out of my fuckin' life? Who asked you to mess with my affairs?"
She replied in a measured voice, "I just wanted to help."
"Fuck your help."
Lisa looked off, but turned back with bulldog tenacity — refusing to go away, "I want to help..."
"Because — you're not well."
"I was well...just fine...before you started fucking with my life."
"You're is my fault."
Ambrose stared at her blankly— not understanding.
She said, "It was my fault that you got involved with 'Dreamastery.'"
Ambrose replied, "I know you were the one that recommended it to my mother. But, Why?"
She said, "I thought it would help you — Dr. Flanigan was my idol."
He gave her a dirty look, "You know what I think of 'Dreamastery'?"
She looked but didn't answer.
"It's a bunch of fucked-up old broads — and misfits like you that can't accept life the way it is."
"Ambrose please," she said tearfully, "I feel so bad. So bad — that I was the one that got you involved with it."
"What the fuck are you talkin' about?"
He pounded his fist on the steering wheel, "Fuck 'Dreamastery'!' It's a bunch of bullshit! I got my own problems — I don't gotta dream up new ones! I'm in love with some weird chick who's got this 'thing' about people — she's fucked up — but she likes me, okay? We're the same type — we're in love. Don't you understand that? She's gorgeous — she's mine and she loves me."
He stared at her vindictively, "Now what do have to say about that? You feel rejected? I don't care about you. You're a fat slob — I wouldn't touch you with someone else's dick. Go away! — Do you understand me, you fuckin' moron? Leave me alone!"
Lisa was shaken badly but took a breath to recover and said, softly, "Emily isn't real!"
He shrugged it off, "What the fuck are you talking about?"
Emily doesn't exist! She's a figment of your imagination."
He yelled back, "Are you fuckin' crazy?"
She said, calmly, " are."
Ambrose looked around — he suddenly doubted himself. It came slowly — then it crept up his neck — making the hairs bristle. "I don't believe you."
She pleaded, "Please believe me — she's a runaway 'Dreamastery' hallucination!"
The doubt within Ambrose had now started to gain steam — Ambrose blinked — trying to remember — to think — put together the pieces as the locomotive that rumbled toward him in the distance was still only a speck on the horizon.
Lisa burst into tears, "It's your 'Dreamastery' module — gone amuck!"
She grabbed his hand, "You're stuck in the 'Higher Land.'"
Ambrose stared at her as the jigsaw pieces slowly crawled together and assembled a marching band in his head.
Lisa screamed through her tears, "There was nobody there with you at that fucking dinner!"
The raging bull of Ambrose's anxiety had now shown its angry head as it tore through the barriers of his mind.
She wept, "It was your imagination — you need help!"
The bull had rampaged — on its searing horns — the dilemma — the irrefutable truth. The conflict, coming to a head — Ambrose looked around and appeared clammy — looked sick — his eyes rolled...and then convulsions. Mercifully he collapsed in the seat of Camaro which had changed from a chariot back into a pumpkin. The dream had come to an end...the train had arrived and beckoned him to come aboard.

More Than Just One Night - a romance novella by Claire Baxter

This novella will be free for Kindle from April 22nd to April 26th 2013.


The first in a series of sweet contemporary romance novellas about the Selwood sisters. Cora, the oldest sister, has been keeping the family business going since her husband died six years ago. She doesn't need the distraction of secretly seeing a man who is too young for her, nor the gossip that will result if their relationship is discovered.


But what was supposed to be a one-night stand turns into so much more, and uptight, meticulous, conservative Cora finds herself unable to resist Alex, the laidback lawyer. Can he dismantle the barricades she's built around her heart and help her see that she's only living half a life?

Brutal lonely - an action drama by Sheldon Shacket

"Brutal Lonely", an action drama by Sheldon Shacket

Are you ready for some light-hearted fun? We’ve got a bunch of characters loaded with problems to make you feel pretty darn good about your own life. Sort of a Les Miserables with guns, criminals and folks with particularly bad luck.

The main character is a muscular black man who can’t read, and then we’ve got a guy who’s in the process of going blind who has come to the conclusion that the black guy had inadvertently killed his parents.

There’s another former police officer who has a devastating facial deformity. On the lighter side there are a bunch of gang members who enjoy Pulp Fiction-style banter before they all end up dead. An unwed black girl who has her baby taken away from her and forced into prostitution is the comic relief.

All of the events start on Friday, December 13th, 2013 after a terrorist attack in Chicago that resulted in the perpetrator getting away with $5 million in Guatemalan bearer bonds. Then we roll into Christmas where the only present the characters receive is lump of coal in their throats.

You can’t beat the ending where the good guys make out like bandits and the bandits get their asses handed to them on a platter. (Not for pre-schoolers.)

Promise Ring - Young Adult Romance Cynthia Thomas

The Promise Ring is about a popular teen that has strong values and takes her promises seriously. When Cora's father gives her a ring and ask her only accept the ring if she is willing to make a promise to him and her mother. This promise is to save her virtue until marriage, being only with the one man that makes a lifelong commitment. Being a popular cheerleader and dating the best looking guy on the team makes keeping this promise a greater challenge then Cora realized. Promise Ring provides life lessons mixed with a wonderful teen love story that all readers will enjoy.

ROWLF! - a children's book by S. Moo (Shannon 'Guernsey' Coulter)

ROWLF! by S. Moo (Shannon 'Guernsey' Coulter) will be free from 04/04/13-04/05/13

The entire series was inspired by my beloved pets from my childhood and in my life now. I built my characters around my pet's distinct personalities. ROWLF! features Rocky, my sweet dog from my childhood. I made his character in my books just like he was in real life: rambunctious, rowdy, and a lot of fun. My series also teaches children valuable life lessons while reading and having fun. This story focuses on not judging based upon first impressions.

This is the 3rd in a cliffhanger series of 7 books for kids. In this series, parents, teachers, etc. and kids follow Fassa as he uses his fabulous imagination to meet his best friends and learn valuable life lessons along the way. Even better: once the story is read, readers can log on to for FREE access to fun activities, coloring pages, conversations starters, quizzes, and more that reinforce the life lesson in each story. HAVE FUN!

Diversity and Inclusion On a Budget: How to have a more engaged and innovative workforce with little or no dollars - a business book by Evelina Silveira


So you don't have much of a budget for diversity and inclusion? Or maybe you don't have any budget at all.  Times are tough and usually one of the first things to go is a budget for diversity, that is if you even had one. But you wish you could do something to advance workplace inclusion in your organization. We understand, --you are not alone. That is why Diversity At Work has decided to put this e-book together to help make it easier.  Its great for leaders, diversity and inclusion practitioners and anyone in general who wants to make their workplace more inclusive.


Our e-book is chock full of actions you can take that will cost you nothing or very little.  Preview a copy by following the link and read the endorsements.



Rode' Parker A young adult drama by Michael Arnold

It would happen when the day was quickly turning into night, and Ellen Parker thought briefly about going back secretly to her prostitution lifestyle after she had no luck finding a job when she walked into her house and saw the man that she was madly in love with, holding their cerebral disorder son Rode' Parker by his leg upside down with one hand and a bottle of alcohol in the other.

"I'm teaching this boy a lesson woman!" Those words and a backhand later was enough to finally once and for all leave the abusive and alcoholic maniac Olsen Berkley. As if Ellen and Rode' stepped into another world, they found a new home, Ellen a job and Rode' a mysterious gift that was discovered by a homeless man Cecil McNeal.

So begins this new life of resentment, hope, maturity and love that will change the lives of every character in this book.  

The Nestucca Retreat - a contemporary novel by M. Lee Locke
A story of baby-boomers wondering what they've done with their lives and how to build a future.
J. Cunningham Raleigh dies in an Oregon rain storm, struck by lightning while playing an electric guitar on a river dock.  A mediocre rock musician who never quite left the Sixties, Ham Raleigh was an intimate part of a long-standing triangle.  Millie and Jake Prince were Ham's best friends.  He was a part of Jake's life from childhood and Millie's since college. He was an intruder in their marriage and also the glue that kept them together. Millie and Jake drift apart after his death, though continue to struggle with staying together, still using Ham as a crutch.  Ham's death does not really cause this distancing but reveals the existing rift between them, one that has been widening for years.
At Ham's memorial Millie and Jake, along with Ham's ex-wives and other surprise guests, say goodbye to the now mythical Ham. How will they resolve all those nagging regrets?
Love comes in all shapes and sizes.  In mid-life, people still try to find the best fit.  And the aura of the Sixties commune, The Nestucca Retreat, inspires many permutations with varying consequences.

I Love Hip Hop - A street literature novel by Gary A. Swaby

Troy Parker was just another hustler claimed by the drug economy in South Side Jamaica Queens. When he realized that the drug game was short lived he instead tried to better his life and use the art of rap as his escape. Now Troy Parker is Thrill Ride, the most popular rap star in the game. When Troy's record label Wave Records finds themselves in financial trouble the company CEO devises a plan to manipulate Troy's image and increase profits.

Troy must struggle to balance his music career, his high maintenance wife, his best friend who can't leave the drug game alone and the up and coming rapper gunning for his spot.

I Love Hip Hop is Mad Men meets The Wire with a Hip Hop twist. 

Cat's Paw - a fantasy and mystery novel by L. A. Taylor

Cat's Paw - a fantasy and mystery novel by L. A. Taylor

Finalist, Indie Excellence Awards
An Amazon Kindle bestseller

Miranda Glivven's husband sets out on a secret assignment for the
government. When he does not return, Miranda goes out in search of him,
starting at his last known location. On reaching that town, she finds
the local authorities uninterested in helping to find him. Worse, some
of the local citizens suspect Miranda of using magic, a treasonous
offense, because of the unusual cat that has followed her on her quest.
Although Miranda has always believed that magic is superstitious
nonsense, she finds the circumstances of her beloved husband's
disappearance growing more and more mysterious.....

Combining elements of fantasy and mystery, the novel details Miranda's
painstaking search, in which she, out of necessity, becomes an
investigator. The fantasy setting reminds the reader of the Victorian
age, where trains are the main method of long-distance transportation.

The story begins with Miranda, the mother of two teenage sons, and the
wife of a lighthouse keeper, wondering why her husband has been gone so
long. From time to time, the Governor (the administrator of the country
she lives in) has sent her husband out on assignments, but this time he
has been gone long past his expected return date.. Even his letters to
her while on assignment, which have in the past been frequent and
regular, have stopped. Miranda uses these letters to trace her husband
in her effort to find out where he is and what has happened to him.

Betrayal by Serpent, mystery by Judith M Kerrigan

Secrets, Lies and Betrayal
     What was it in your family that was never talked about? Or was whispered about, spoken of in hushed tones and certainly not in front of the children? If you lived in a small to middling-sized town, what secrets existed right along with everyday events? Did you know about them back in the day or did you find out years later that someone was involved in nefarious dealings, lied to or lied about, had a dirty secret? How many secrets lie behind the facades of the ordinary citizens of any town? How many secrets do the characters in Betrayal by Serpent cover up? If Anna Kinnealy has any task at all, it will be to discover what's behind the masks of the people she's trusted, and when she does, it breaks her heart.
     Even the huge old Victorian house where Anna and her children have lived for years has its own untold story. Four floors and a basement have revealed "hidey holes" when explored by Anna's children. Can there be a secret past? Who lived in "The House" before the Kinnealy family and what were they up to? Who watches them now? Why?
     I lived for a long time in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the huge old Victorian and Queen Anne homes on and around Monroe Street murmur their own tales from behind the fancy facades and manicured lawns. Don't believe that? Just walk down the streets late at night and listen to the shadows.
     Isn't it amazing how evil co-exists so easily right here next to the ordinary and even right over there next to the good? Right there! Right in plain sight! Don't see it? Read this book and wonder what's going on where you live, right under your nose.
Judith M Kerrigan, author of Betrayal by Serpent

A Class Apart – A young adult novel by Stephen Henning

Have you seen the news today? It's all over the internet. A terrorist bombing in London. A class of school children caught up in the middle of it all. The survivors still in danger, virtually under siege in a high-rise hospital.  And whoever, or whatever, it is that is killing people one by one seems to have powers greater than should be humanly possible. And on top of all that, the UK Government is now publicly denying the existence of superheroes on British soil... [For information on this story, see:]

Teenage twins James and Samantha Blake are caught up in a seemingly random terrorist bombing while on a school trip. Many of their friends are killed. Up until now, James had been looking forward to learning the guitar and getting a girlfriend. Sam had been fending off the school bully and worrying about her weight. But when the twins wake up in hospital, their lives have changed forever.

The doctors are amazed at the speed with which James and Sam recover from their injuries and, when the twins begin to exhibit extraordinary powers, it is obvious that something incredible has happened.

As James and Sam attempt to overcome their fears and embrace their new abilities, a series of murders and disappearances start plaguing the hospital. The twins aren't the only ones with special abilities and it becomes apparent that someone is coming for them.

Will James and Sam be able to survive the nightmare into which they have been plunged? Who, or what, is behind the murders at the hospital? And was that terrorist incident quite so random after all?

If you want to know more about Class Heroes, there's a lot to discover.

A Class Apart features a digital news channel called 24/7 Interactive News. You can actually go to the 24/7 website, read news articles and watch video reports, about the dramatic events that unfold in the story.

Class Heroes is the truly interactive reading experience for your Kindle.

The Judas Factor- supense thriller, romantic mystery

This book is going free on kindle on Amazon from 04/07/2013 to 04/09/2013.

In this book is an interesting dissection of the deviousness of betrayal as used in the art of survival and protection in the course of desperate dealings surrounding matters of money and power. The story concerns an extremely wealthy international drug cartel kingpin whose activities also include the support of a plot for a military coup to take over government and gain control of the political power in the country. While he has busied himself with the illicit operations of his outfit, a dashing young drug courier who has operated on his behalf has become involved in a dangerous romantic liaison with his fiancee, an English boarding school educated scion of a wealthy family . The courier is framed in a simple net of official corruption and proceeds to meet the wages for his actions. All the characters in this story are intertwined by their selfish and usually greedy actions which because of the instincts of self preservation lead them into a spiral of mutual destruction, betrayal and retribution. The pace and relentless advancement of this well written novel will have you glued to the pages from start to finish.

Four Widows - a mystery/suspense novel by Helen MacArthur

Four widows. Dead husbands. Unfinished business.

When did deception and disappearance suddenly become so fashionable?

When Lori Walker discovers her husband's death wasn't an accident, her darkest fears come true: the man she married was her greatest love and her biggest mistake.

Lori is thrown a lifeline when she forms a tight friendship with other widows who share their own stories highlighted with humor, heartache and mysteries. Questions are raised, answers are challenged and trust falls to pieces.

Emotional drama with suspense and intrigue, Four Widows explores the intricacies of love—its greatness and its acute complications.


Four Widows… not to be confused with:


Me (at my laptop): Four Widows.

Amazon: Did you mean Four Windows?

Me: No, Four Widows.

Amazon: Really?

Me: Really, really.

Captured by Moonlight---A Christian Historical Fiction by Christine Lindsay

Captured by Moonlight is the kind of book I love to read---lots of action, adventure, suspense, mystery, history, danger, broken hearts, strong spiritual thread, and of course a great big love story fraught with obstacles. I don't categorize my novels as straight Christian Historical Romances though, because I have too much else in them.

Captured by Moonlight is just such a book. It is Book 2 of my series Twilight of the British Raj. The multi-award-winning Shadowed in Silk is Book 1. So Book 2, Captured by Moonlight, takes up where Shadowed in Silk left off. Two of the female characters in Book 1 were so vivid; they absolutely demanded that I tell their stories. The first woman is British, Nurse Laine Harkness of the Queen Alexandra Military Nursing Corp. The second woman is Indian, a former child Hindu widow, by the name of Eshana.

Both women are captured---Eshana is literally captured and imprisoned by her very traditional Hindu uncle, and Laine by her feelings for her former fiancé who sent her a Dear Jane letter while she was serving in France during WW1. As Laine goes out to start a new nursing position in the thick jungle, to her shock she discovers her former fiancé, Adam, is running a plantation. But he still can't give her a straight answer as to why he broke off their engagement. Secrets abound, but she can't shake off her feelings for him, especially when he rescues a tiger cub.

Things get rougher for both Eshana and Laine as a cholera epidemic hits the area hard, and then a cyclone, as if troubles weren't bad enough with Eshana's relatives mistreating her, the local people uprising in support of Gandhi's non cooperation movement, and Laine trying to unearth the mystery behind Adam's plantation.

I hope you enjoy this journey to the tropical south of India for this exotic Christian Historical novel with two big love stories. My work is greatly influenced by the great MM Kaye who wrote the blockbuster novel Far Pavilions.

Counterfeit Cure - a medical thriller by M. Roman Slavin


Inspired by recent headlines, Counterfeit Cure is a timely tale of crime, immorality and drug supply vulnerabilities that will have you asking, "how safe are my medications?"

Something's wrong with America's prescription drug supply. Thousands have been sickened, hundreds are dead and as the public panic spreads, FDA investigators scramble to find who's behind the sickening of America.

Shutting down guys whose greed kills ailing people like her beloved husband, is why pharmacist Kat Vasquez joined the FDA. But with few resources, she and her team try to inspect a huge network of manufacturers and distributors under mounting pressure from her boss, the public, and the Senate oversight committee. The longer it takes to find answers, the more Kat is haunted by the images of the sick and dying.

Meanwhile, Colton Barnes shirks his demons by conjuring up memories of his street dealer days when the moldy, musky smell of used money got him high and junkies begging for a score got him hard. This son of a popular former NFL coach combines his two loves as the owner of one of the biggest wholesale drug distributorships on the East Coast where he's diluting the drug supply with enough counterfeits to boost profits without being detected, and amusing himself by distributing excess profits to international terrorists.

From the very first chapter, you're inside both Kat's investigation and Colton's operation and as their paths begin to converge you'll find yourself on the edge of your seat.


"The Wayfarers | Jacob's Trouble", Christian-Fiction by Jim Yackel

Part 3 of The Wayfarers trilogy -

You may be familiar with the acronym TEOTWAWKI, which is the end of the world as we know it.   For those left living in America, the world as they knew it has indeed ended.  The true followers of Jesus Christ are now gone, and what is left is a collapsing nation and a world in upheaval that is lurching toward the biblically prophesied seven years of Great Tribulation, also known as Jacob's Trouble from the book of Daniel.

Appropriately enough, it would happen that a young musician named Jacob and his brother are left to survive in an upstate New York village under the control of Martial Law, enforced by the National Guard and a peculiar volunteer paramilitary group created by the President.  In an effort to stay alive, Jacob and his brother are forced to abandon the home they grew up in and take cover in a familiar wooded area that had been a sanctuary for each since childhood.  But could these brothers keep themselves concealed for long enough?  Would they be forced to be wayfarers, travelling away from the home they knew with strangers who likewise are on the lamb?  Would there be direct influence from the supernatural - and would the brothers make changes in their lives that would affect them for eternity?

Could they survive until the end?

The Law & Annabelle - A western romance by L.K. Campbell
Murder and romance collide in the Dakota Territory in 1882. Fans of the television series Deadwood might enjoy The Law & Annabelle.
Penniless with nowhere to go, everything seems lost for young widow Annabelle Miles. A letter from her aunt in the Dakota Territory changes things for Annabelle. She goes on a cross-country adventure that takes her from her home in Baltimore to the gold mining towns of the Black Hills.
After her stage coach stops for the night at a way station, Annabelle witnesses a clandestine meeting to sell a phony diamond mine. The next morning one of the men she saw is found murdered. U.S. Marshal Luke Johnson arrives to investigate the murder and meets the feisty widow with a story to tell. Annabelle is intrigued with the Marshal but convinced that they'll never see each other again. She continues on her journey to visit her aunt, who owns a gold mine near the small community of Red Gorge. Once there, she meets the colorful characters who populate the town and seem alien to her genteel life back east. Even her Aunt Julia seems to have been changed by the vast and rugged wilderness of the west.
As fate would have it, Marshal Johnson's investigation of the way station murder leads him to Red Gorge and Annabelle's doorstep. Their developing romance is threatened when a second murder seems to implicate Aunt Julia as the mastermind behind the phony diamond mine scheme. Even though he doesn't believe she's guilty, Luke arrests Julia hoping to flush out the true perpetrators.

Dark Secrets Cottage - a paranormal mystery by Geoffrey Sleight

Ghostly, terrifying visitors shatter the peace of Simon Turner on his first night in an old country cottage that he's inherited in his great-uncle's last will and testament.

Suddenly awoken in the pitch dark, he witnesses a violent struggle between the unearthly spectres, curses fly and a strange young woman tells him the cottage holds secrets that he must discover. The encounter leaves him frightened and confused. He is gripped in the cottage's spell, compelled to learn what is driving this occult activity.

With the help of a new found friend, Anna Reynolds, a local newspaper reporter, together they begin to unravel a series of grim events that took place in the property. It leads to a shattering revelation for Simon, exposing his family's horrifying past, lurking in the depths of Dark Secrets Cottage.

Hamfist Over The Trail - an adventure novel by G. E. Nolly

This will be a free Kindle download on Vietnam Veteran's Day (March 30, 2013) and the day prior (March 29, 2013).
This book has been percolating in my mind for the past 45 years, begging to come out. The stories are based on my experiences in 1969, during the first of my two tours of duty in Vietnam. I wanted to write it as a memoir, but then I would need to include the actual names of the other guys in the story, many of whom are no longer with us. Out of respect to them, and their families, I couldn't do that.
Then it occurred to me I could embellish the tales, change the names, and make it a novel. So no, not EVERYTHING is true, and I borrowed some of the stories from my comrades, but it will all ring true to any pilot who served over there. And it will ring true for the grunts, too, although theirs was a different, much more brutal, war. The Vietnam experience was different for everyone, and was also the same.
There's a love story in there, too, and my wife of 45 years is breathing down my neck making sure I let you know it's all fiction. (She's not looking right now, so I can tell you there's more than just a little in there that's true. Shhh... here she comes again.)
Most Vietnam War novels are about someone who was drafted and fought on the ground. this is about a young Lieutenant who volunteered to go, and ended up flying a small, slow aircraft, the O-2A, over the Ho Chi Minh trail, and about the friends he lost and the personal demons he faced.
This book is the first in the Hamfist Trilogy, which chronicles two flying tours of duty in Vietnam. The first, O-2As in 1969. The second, F-4s in 1972, flying over Hanoi during Operations Linebacker and Linebacker II.

Your Poetry eBook: Quick & Easy Formatting for Kindle - Poetry Writing Reference - by D.L. Lang

Your Poetry eBook: Quick & Easy Formatting for Kindle is my way of
encouraging other poets to take a chance. I truly believe that the
success of poets in general depends on all poets encouraging each
other. Now, I know that poetry can be a very personal thing, and
putting your words and ideas out there will make you seem vulnerable,
but there is a satisfaction in self-publishing your work and a
cultivation of gratitude that comes with realizing people enjoy what
you have to say. Today, the best way to get your poems in front of
poetry hungry eyes is via Amazon's Kindle. In my book I make it easy
for you to take your poems from unknown to published. The only thing
holding you back is fear. You may have heard poetry is too hard for
ebooks, HTML is too hard to learn, poetry does not sell, and you have
to pay someone gobs of money to publish you work. I am here to say,
that is just fear speaking. You can do it and my book will show you
how! Get your book ready for National Poetry Month, and celebrate this
gift of language that you have been given! If I can do it, then I know
that you can do it. So join me, as when one poet succeeds, we all

The Dream Jumper's Promise A Paranormal Suspense by Kim Hornsby

FREE! April 2-6 on Amazon Kindle

"A mysterious skill that straddles the line between paranormal and
possible, a woman mourning her husband lost at sea, and the sunny
embrace of Maui all come together in an evocative narrative that
quickly becomes a real page-turner." Lisa Costantino, Chanticleer
Winner of Top Women's Fiction 2012 – Maiden's Veil

Ten months after the presumed death of a missing surfer, Maui SCUBA
shop owner, Tina Greene, still can't accept her husband Hank's death.
Without a body, her undying hope for his survival lives on.
Jamey Dunn, an old boyfriend, arrives on Maui from his tour of duty in
Afghanistan where he's a dream jumper for the military. Tina's
inconvenient feelings for him resurface and, even though he dives on
her boat daily, she tries to avoid the man who betrayed her years
before. Nightly dreams of diving with Hank haunt her and the edge
between dreams and reality blur. Sensing danger, Jamey stays close to
the woman he's always loved but Tina turns to Hank's best friend,
Noble for comfort. Thinking he can help, Jamey offers to visit her
dreams. Tina is distrustful and hesitant to let him into her
subconscious mind, but relents. As the threesome come closer to
solving the mystery of Hank's disappearance, danger sets in to reveal
that one person is flirting with insanity, one is a traitor, and one
is an imposter.

Tea & Sprockets: A Modern American Poetry Book - Contemporary Poetry - by D.L. Lang

Tea & Sprockets: A Modern American Poetry Book is the culmination of
fifteen years of work. I wrote my poetry as a way of coping with some
tough times. Many days poetry was my method of turning the strong
emotions I felt about life's hardships into a positive, lasting
creative pursuit. It is up to you to unlock the meaning of my words,
as your interpretation is far more powerful than anything I could ever
reveal to you about my thoughts upon writing it. Poetry is the
beautiful, sometimes powerful blending of fiction and non-fiction with
a dual meaning--one formed by the poet and the other by each
individual reader.

Throughout the book, I touch on universal themes of love, loss,
rejection, war, peace, and the search for spirituality. It is my hope
that the poems in this book will bring you joy, perhaps catharsis,
laughter, and if I am truly lucky, impart some wisdom. These poems
were primarily written while I lived in Oklahoma with a few from more
recent years in California. I hope that you will enjoy the journey
that my words may hold, as these words brought me comfort and sparked
a journey of imagination far from the wheat fields of Oklahoma and the
metallic elegance of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Jesse McCann-an adventure and suspense novel by Jeanie Freeman-Harper

A boy from a small West Texas town grows up dreaming of finding the father he has never seen. In 1888, at age twenty, Jesse McCann begins a search that brings him to the bustling East Texas sawmill town of Morgans Bluff. Despite reports of his father's death, he finds him living as a minister, under an assumed identity, in an effort to hide dark secrets. On Jesse's quest for truth and justice, a legendary lone wolf, a one legged ex lumberjack, and a girl of Caddo-Irish descent become his only allies in a town filled with danger and deceit.

Love of Shadows (The Healer's Shadow) - a fantasy novel by Zoe Brooks

Link to book:

Free kindle book promotion  26th - 28th March 2013

What risks would you take to follow your calling? When women healers are banned from practising Judith must decide whether to follow her calling or play it safe. 

When the thugs from the local university start attacking Shadows, will Judith step forward to help?


"Peter," I say. "I don't think I've changed that dressing for a while."

The rumble is growing to thunder and there are voices.

I pick up a clean dressing and a pot of ointment from the shelves and walk across the room.

As I bend over the bed, I try not to think of the light of flames moving along the house walls of the square. I try not to see the look of hatred on the faces of the torchbearers. I try not to listen. I try to focus only on Peter and my hand as it peels back the dressing. I try not to listen to the clamour.

Under my breath I say a prayer: "Angels who are blessed, take this darkness from me."

And the darkness does clear, for a while. The wound is healing, so I apply some ointment to keep it clean and pick up the new dressing.

They are overhead now. There is no escaping the words, the room almost shakes with them: "Burn the witch! Death to the witch!"

My legs fail me and I slip to my knees. I am in the darkest of my nightmares, darkness shot through with flames. "Sarah, they are coming."

Genesis (Prophecy Rock Series) - a fantasy novel by T. Sae-Low

Upcoming KDP FREE PROMOTION DAYS 3/30/2013 - 3/31/2013

Raden Nite will never forget that day. As a seven-year-old child, his
peaceful life as a villager was suddenly shattered when fate
intervened and took everything away. Haunted by his unforgettable, and
seemingly unforgivable decision, Raden struggles to survive, caring
for his infant sister, while dealing with mysterious visions.

Years later, his duty as a soldier sends him and his closest friends
down a path fraught with danger. In the chaos of a local trade market,
they discover that mythological prophecies are anything but
make-believe, with Raden suddenly at the center of it all. Pushed by a
desperate desire for peace and redemption, Raden struggles to find the
moral line in a raging war where contemplating his next move could get
him killed.

Meanwhile, Prince Aric lives a life of abundance, where luxury is
plentiful, but still he broods. His father, the king, rejects him as a
worthy heir, harping on his flaws in comparison to his older brother.
Aric's desire for love, glory, and simple acknowledgement sends him on
a journey to the darkest corners of existence, where he discovers that
the harsh realities of war are nothing like the tales from his
childhood. Aric is transformed by what he sees, trying to justify and
make sense of it all.

Genesis is a timeless fantasy tale with a modern consciousness. Raden
and Aric endeavor to become what they believe they are destined to be,
with the repercussions of their decisions having unforeseen
consequences. Readers of all ages will find themselves breathing in
the spiritual world and mythology of Genesis, a seamless blend of epic
action, mysterious prophecies, and humor. Genesis paints a vivid tale
of love, loss, and discovering the ultimate meaning of true sacrifice.

Scars from the Tornado: One Year at Joplin East Middle School by Randy Turner

The students who have sat in my classrooms for the past two years have
not looked any different from those in previous years.

The comments they make have not changed in any respect from those I
have heard from students through the past 14 years.

But these students are different from any I have taught before.

Any of them who lived in Joplin on May 22, 2011, were deeply affected
by the tornado that cut a swath through the city that day, killing 161
and destroying one-third of the city, including East Middle School,
the school that had been their home.

For the past two years, these teenagers have attended school in a
warehouse in an industrial park on the outskirts of the school
district, directly across from a frequently aromatic dog food factory.

While more attention was paid to high school students who attended
classes in a former anchor building at Northpark Mall, these children
and the staff at East Middle School have struggled to make a warehouse
into a home and a place where students can learn what they need to
know to succeed in high school and in life.

The students' stories of dealing with the most horrific tornado to hit
this nation in six decades are included in the new book, Scars from
the Tornado: One Year at Joplin East Middle School. The book features
the students, in their own words, telling their tornado stories, how
the disaster affected them, and relating what happened during the
2011-2012 school year.

The students were not the only ones who had a difficult time dealing
with the aftermath of the tornado. I also tell my story in the book,
how I did not even want to be in the classroom when the school year
started, a dramatic contrast to the usual enthusiasm I feel when the
middle of August rolls around each year.

Though nearly two years have passed, the effects of the tornado are
still being felt and will be felt for years to come. One student in my
fifth hour class can always be found with a smile on her face and has
invariably turned in top-notch work for me this year. I was surprised
to discover from a fellow faculty member that this young girl had lost
her home in the tornado and had serious problems during her seventh
grade year.
Melinda's story and how she turned her life around is included in the
book. She, like so many others at East Middle School continue to deal
with the scars from the tornado every day.

The Seventh Circle - A fantasy novel by Todd Cheney

The Seventh Circle is a tale of high adventure, fantasy and destiny.

An excerpt:

"Mal Tarsis laid the book on the ground before the altar. He then
knelt before it and opened it to a book-marked page. The bindings
creaked with age as they always did. He remembered long nights poring
over this tome just to decipher the ancient dialects within it. He
found it strange that he had slaved so many long hours over this book.
But he always knew there had to be something in it. Something that
would give him the power that was rightfully his. If he succeeded in
this ceremony tonight, then nothing could stand in his way.
As Mal Tarsis knelt before the altar, he laid the curved blade
atop the book so that it balanced over the curving pages. The first
part of the ceremony would imbue the blade with the proper powers and
Mal Tarsis read aloud from the book. He could hear nothing but
his own voice now. The man's cries and pleas were a distant dream. He
saw nothing but the aged, yellow pages and his hands as he followed
the lines of text. He must concentrate.
"With the soul of fire I consecrate you,
With the stone of earth I will create you,
Take from him his, which is not his,
Take from him life, and give him this."
Mal Tarsis rose from the ground after reading these words. The
knife took on a reddish hue. Everything went according to plan. Yet he
had barely begun. Sweat began to bead on his forehead. . .

. . . Mal Tarsis edged his way to the head of the altar. The
final, most important, cut neared. He laid the blade across the man's
throat. With a dark elation, the warlock drew the knife from one side
to the other. As he did so, he spoke again.
"I summon thee, oh timeless ones."
The warlock bolted from the center of the circles. To remain
within would be suicide. Soon the tortured souls would bridge the gap
between the Lands of Death and the mortal world. The outer circle of
herbs protected the summoner and any others present from the souls of
the damned.
As he reached the outer edge of the second circle of herbs, Mal
Tarsis quickly glanced at the red candles. The candles had not been
very tall to begin with. They were almost three quarters down now. He
must finish the spell quickly.

Topaz and the Plum-Gista Stone - a fairytale for all ages by Pat Frayne

Amazon: Paperback


This is a fairytale for all ages. Adventure, magic, and the value of
friendship and loyalty await fans of Tales of Topaz. This cleverly
woven and original tale of a mystical cat, his friends and the magical
land they live in will truly captivate anyone who loves mystical
stories of high adventure. The reader is drawn into the amazing
Kingdom of Knownotten and introduced to unforgettable characters. The
classic fight of good vs. evil is waged in a world inhabited by
gnomes, ogres, sprites, witches and other mystical beings. All of
these creatures coexist in a complex and beautiful land of peril and
wonder. This is an enchanting story, rich with suspense, humor and

About Topaz: Topaz is a Yellow Conjure Cat. A breed unlike any other,
these large yellow cats can be identified by their orange stripes and
their strange luminous eyes. Gifted with an extraordinary strength of
mind, Yellow Conjure Cats possess a unique natural power. Although
it's a power they are born with, the use of it has to be taught.

Conjure cats are known for their long life spans. Some have been known
to live for several hundred years. They may have survived in this
world forever had their race not bred so few of them. Nevertheless,
too many of these brave cats died in battle at a young age. Their
lives were sacrificed to protect defenseless beings from the cruelty
of evil wizardry. Others perished defending king and kingdom against
the greedy would-be conquerors so common in that day. In the end,
Yellow Conjure Cats vanished from the Knownotten Forest. That is, all
except one, the one called Topaz.

Though their time is past, these heroic cats will never be forgotten.
Yellow Conjure Cats have won a place of honor in the hearts of the
inhabitants of this kingdom, and they have come to be revered in
legend as well. True stories of their selfless feats have been passed
on to each new generation of fairy and elf children and up to the
present day.

Now, it is up to Topaz alone to defend this kingdom and protect its
inhabitants from harm.

This is what Tony at ebookanoid had to say about Topaz and the Plum-Gista Stone

This ebook is written with a calm mastery of storytelling by Pat
Frayne and is told in such a manner that all the various characters,
both good and evil are totally believable, and her descriptions of
landscapes is superb – even the evil witch ends up being an individual
one can feel affection for surprisingly enough.

The Quest of the Dicepterons Volume 1 - The Blue People of Cloud Planet a science fiction novel by Brian Wolfenden

The most successful species on planet Earth from a longevity aspect is the dinosaurs. They first appeared 230 million years ago and ruled supreme for 135 million years from the start of the Jurassic period. They populated the whole land mass by shear numbers and size; the largest being 58 metres long by 9.25 metres tall. Despite this dominance, they did not know that something was on a collision course with Earth and 66 million years ago they became extinct.
But what if it was not an asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs?
Join our astronauts on a journey to the stars and discover a unique species with technology and culture very different to ours. But this race is dying and they are not aware of the dark menace that lurks in their seas.
Can our astronauts save The Blue People of Cloud Planet?
What are the consequences for planet Earth?
Who or what are the Dicepterons?

Eleusis - a paranormal adventure romance by Genevieve Fairbrother

Available in e-book and paperback formats:

"The truth doesn't change, only our understanding."

A quarterfinalist in the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.

One expert reviewer described  "This author is excellent at descriptive writing and makes both people and places come alive with an ease and naturalness that only hard work and huge talent can produce."

Macy needs a break. Her parents are dead and now a moody trespasser has set up camp on the property she has inherited. When the stranger confesses himself to be an ageless sea-god and tells Macy she has been guarding a secret she never knew existed, her once simple life takes a drastic turn. Just when she thinks it can't get any stranger, a back door to the Underworld opens up and it's time to run like hell. 

Mythology and contemporary life collide as this fast-paced novel explodes and dark forces tracking Macy surface to capture her. In the transatlantic chase that follows, she learns of her forgotten past and a centuries-old connection to the sea-god who helps her escape. A tragic miscalculation derails Macy and in a moment of self-sacrifice she ends up where it all began, trapped in the Underworld. 

Has she learned enough about her past to forge a meaningful future? Utterly alone, she realizes that to gain real freedom, she must reject her assigned place in history and in doing so risk everything. 

Events challenge her whilst she comes to grips with her legacy and decides what she wants in life. Family betrayal, sinister plot twists, and unlikely friends fill this exhilarating story of one woman's journey to shape her future as she learns her true identity and strives to become a force in her own right. 

Eleusis by Genevieve Fairbrother is one-of-a-kind contemporary paranormal adventure novel that narrates a unique perspective on women and relationships using the life of one immortal woman moving through time.

Miscarriage Of Justice - Crime Fiction - by Bruce A. Borders

Murder, mayhem, and mystery. The road to revenge is paved with all three. Ethan Rafferty, after serving 15 years for a crime he did not commit, is ready to take the journey. And justifiably so, in his mind. But there is a certain District Attorney who has no desire to go along for the ride.

Marianna Clark, the one responsible for Ethan's loss of freedom, and who knew he was innocent, has a few devious plans of her own. As the two travel down the dark path of vengeance, toward an unknown destiny, the lines between right and wrong seem to become blurred.

While the characters move simultaneously in opposite directions, both discover personality traits they didn't know they had, good and bad. Both are obsessed with winning. And both come to the gloomy realization that winning is impossible in this theater of grand injustice, into which life has flung them. Yet, losing is not an option.

Miscarriage Of Justice is a classic tale of good versus evil  - but exactly who plays each role is open to question. Who is right? Who is wrong? Both? Neither? Is there a wrong and right side at all? Think you've got it figured out? Don't bet on it. This book will keep you guessing until the very end.

Booth Girls, a Love Story by Joan Uda

Are any of us ever quite what we seem? Kenny Dalton isn't, though Mary Louise Meyer has lived with him in graduate school for three years and he has repeatedly asked her to marry him. Kenny doesn't exactly lie to Mary about the other women he sees, but he does attempt to cover his tracks, and he hides other significant facts about himself.
Mary refuses to see Kenny's infidelities, preferring self-willed blindness to losing him, which she's sure will happen if she confronts him. Mary is a small-town Iowa girl, inexperienced when she slips into Kenny's bed the first time and soon becomes pregnant.

Kenny is studying astrophysics with the famous James Van Allen, discoverer of the Van Allen radiation belts. Kenny's special interest is rocket propulsion. America's first space walk is 15 years in the future, but Kenny knows it's only a matter of time, and that he can be part of the American space program.
With Kenny's brilliant future unrolling in front of both of them, Mary knows Kenny will overwhelm her for the rest of her life if she doesn't walk away. She choses to have her baby at the Booth Memorial Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa, and give it up for adoption.

In 1954, no test exists that will prove Kenny's paternity. Thus he has no legal rights with regard to the baby or Mary. But he's not done with either of them: Kenny doesn't give up on what he believes is rightfully his.

Brief excerpt:
"You never really get it, do you, Mary?" Kenny said. "I would never marry you just because you're pregnant. Five years ago, I might have. I was still my mother's wide-eyed boy, fresh off the farm. I'm different now."
In my mind sweet-sour images formed of what my life would be like if I married Kenny. I saw myself walking down a street clutching a toddler's hand, pushing a baby carriage with a tiny infant in front and a slightly older baby in back, all Kenny look-alikes: eyes, hair, physique, and maybe even personality. And Kenny fondling me to begin another one, murmuring, "Nature abhors a vacuum," while the life I'd planned for myself drained away like so much rain after a gully-washer.

Soul Purpose - a science fiction comedy by Nick Marsh

The story of a reluctant vet dragged in over his head - think Doctor Who meets James Herriot
Alan Reece is a young, unhappy vet, who thinks that getting called out in the night is about the worst thing that could ever happen to him.
This time, he's right. A nocturnal encounter with a miracle will quickly turn into a nightmare, and as the world collapses around him, Alan will realise that he alone holds the key to a century-old secret.
Accompanied by Kate, a psychic-turned-physicist, and George, a credulous reporter, Alan will pit himself against a man who has already conquered death, and now has designs on the world.
Alan is going to discover that there are some things that really shouldn't happen to a vet.
If you enjoy it, also look for the sequel - Past Tense, in which Alan begins to really wish that he'd paid attention during those Roman History classes at school...

Past Tense - a science fiction comedy by Nick Marsh

Past Tense - because sometimes, it really should happen to a vet

Past Tense is the continuing story of Alan Reece, a troubled veterinarian  from Devon, England, who last year was surprised to discover that he had become the 'Conduit', a link between reality and the strange world beyond. 

Not even beginning to understand this, Alan deals with this problem as he deals with most in his life - he ignores it. Unfortunately, ripples from his unwitting transformation have freed a dark and terrible creature from its improbable prison.

Burrowing into the past, it plots revenge from Ancient Britain, and only Earth's reluctant Conduit has any chance of stopping it.

Now Alan and his friends - a medium-turned-physicist, and a self-confessed 'bum' - are wishing that they paid a little more attention during Roman history lessons at school, and Alan is realizing that if he doesn't face up to his unwanted legacy soon, it could be the end for all of them.

Past Tense is the second in the Conduit Sequence series of science fiction novels. It can be read as a stand-alone novel, but if you want to discover how Alan found himself in this predicament, read Soul Purpose - also available from Amazon.

Psycho Proctologists and the Flaming Buttholes of Doom - by W.W. Pecker

Available in Ebook, Paperback, and Audio.

Forget Fifty Shades of Gray, this book is fifty shades blacker than your a**hole . . .

Michael McLaren is Hollywood's proctologist to the stars. In Tinseltown, there's no shortage of famous people who need things discreetly removed from their sphincters--or who want things shoved up there. Either way, business is good.

But when he discovers that demons dwell in the darkest crevices of existence, he's unwittingly initiated into a secret society of demon hunters:

The Psycho Proctologists.

The world may think they're crazy, but they're all that's standing between you and the Armageddon. 

Because when flaming buttholes threaten to doom humanity as we know it, who ya gonna call? 

A butt doctor.


W.W. Pecker is the top-secret pen name of an award-winning author. 

No, really. It wasn't the Nobel Prize, or even the Pullitzer, but it was an award for writing, dammit. And no, it wasn't his third grade teacher's class prize, either. Geez. Cynical, much?

When he's not writing, he can usually be found watching porn on the internet.

THE EQUATION: The Yes after Yesterday - Spiritual Action & Adventure book by James Tarantin

The Legendary Larry King writes:

"The Equation is a Cross-Cultural Odyssey, an asset that will inspire in people the science of accomplishment."

The Equation Book tells a true, cross-cultural saga that spans over 58 Years and explores exciting adventures on 4 continents.

The Story of a young lad named Omer, born to a wealthy family and shackled on an island of battling hierarchies.

The youth leaves his home, and meets great dangers and tragedies as he seeks to discover Time's Silent Secret.

At the turn of the Millennium, the mission was to track historic clues and discover an Equation that was lost through the times … hidden in the margins. An Equation that whoever finds it will be Transformed. And with its 4 Rings of Power … design destiny.

A Revolution is inspired! Time Stops!

Will the lad transform or bite from the forbidden power and be carried to the brink of Death?

Love in Reality - A Contemporary Romance by Magdalen Braden

When fictional websites get mentioned on a TV show, the production company has to make sure they're not already in use. And then register the domains so no one else can get them. The Chum Hum search engine featured in several episodes of TV's "The Good Wife" isn't real, but CBS made sure they owned before airing the shows.
I'm writing a series of contemporary romance novels based in and around Philadelphia's legal community. I think of my stories as like "The Good Wife", but with happy endings. My books also feature a fictional website, a gossip blog called Philly Law Life. That's how the heroine of my debut novel "Love in Reality" first discovers she's losing her summer job ... resulting in her appearance on a TV reality show. Which is how she gets to fall in love with the hero, a producer on the show, so everything happens for a reason.

After my publisher registered, I wanted to do something a little different with it. So I'm adding blog posts about events from the books, as they get published. At a first glance, Philly Law Life seems like a real gossip blog. But look closely, and many of the stories are just a bit far-fetched. Philly Law Life is a little different from a novel, but in the end it's just another type of fiction. I hope you enjoy reading my made-up blog as much as my made-up stories.

The Last Roman - An Alternate History Adventure Novel by Edward Crichton

People enjoy and connect with time travel stories because of its inherent fish out of water element.  The idea of a fellow human plopped into a fantastical world with no idea what to expect or how to react resonates with our sense of adventure.  It's because of this urge to explore and seek out new ideas and locations that Columbus sailed the ocean blue and Armstrong rocketed to the moon, but some of us don't have a choice in the matter.  As is the case for Navy SEAL Jacob Hunter, who finds himself trapped in Ancient Rome during the Age of Caligula after activating a mysterious and powerful artifact while on a mission in modern day Syria.

Hunter, a man familiar with history and too many cheesy Sci-Fi movies, must brave this much forgotten world and work with its duplicitous residents while simultaneously avoiding the ever present risk of changing history.  He's seen the movies and read the books and knows enough about Rome to have already realized that within minutes of their arrival, something has gone seriously wrong with the timeline.  History is not as he remembers.  Upon meeting the emperor Caligula, he finds the man to be completely different than how history remembers him.  The man is completely sane, and others in his family are not as he remembers either, but Hunter and his team must work with these people carefully as they try to stay alive and find their way home.  

He only hopes that he isn't around when Caligula finally fulfills his historical duties and turns into the insane tyrant who once proclaimed himself a god and vowed to appoint his horse as Rome's head of state...