Rising from the Shadow of the Sun - a historical memoir by Ronny Herman de Jong


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Who doesn't like time travel? Who doesn't love stories with a happy
ending? Well, here is one such story. The happy ending comes first.

I am going to take you all the way back in time from a cowboy town in the state of Arizona in the U.S.A. in the year 2013 to filthy barracks
in Japanese death camps where innocent women and children are starved to death and brutally treated on the island of Java in Indonesia in the year 1945.

Living in Prescott, Arizona, I am a published author of two books. I
love to write. I am also creative and could fill my days with craft
projects, making cards for loved ones, arranging flowers, wrapping
gifts, baking cakes and cookies, making my special banana-ginger jam
and more such things. I like to visit shut-ins and plan surprise
parties for friends. I do all those things when I am not writing. It
is really a hard choice for me: So little time, so many fun things to
do! Life couldn't be better.

I move with my husband to the Big Island of Hawai'i for twelve years.
I love living in Paradise and learn the art of dancing hula. Dancing
with many live groups of musicians is wonderful! Snorkeling and
swimming are a favorite pastime, and of course I keep writing. I
finish writing my first book and it is published! Yeah! Life couldn't
be better.

The state of Hawai'i has many islands. The inaccessible peninsula on
the island of Moloka'i where lepers lived and died in the eighteen
hundreds and early nineteen hundreds is now a National Park, since
Leprosy or Hansen's Disease was "cured" in the nineteen forties. In
1998 I spend a weekend exploring this "peninsula of crosses" and sleep
on the floor of the church amidst cockroaches and rain pelting on the
roof. That weekend is a spiritual and moving experience for me. I
witness a happy ending to a story of an incurable disease that became
curable in due time. Life couldn't be better.

California is the state where our three children grow up. Not yet
crowded in the 1970s, with a lovely climate, it is also the place in
the U.S.A. where I make my dreams come true: I go to acting school,
then work part time as a fashion model and actress in Beverly Hills
and Hollywood for about ten years. And, I start writing my first book.
And, I am a Hospice volunteer working with dying patients and their
families for six years. It is all so rewarding for my soul. Life
couldn't be better.

Back to the Netherlands, where I study English Literature at Leiden
University starting in 1957, find the love of my life, get married and
have three children, all in the course of fifteen years. Life couldn't
be better.

Back in time to the island of Java where I survive first the almost
four years of the Second World War and after that almost two years of
the equally bloody Bersiap, the nationalists' war for independence
from the Dutch. But our family survived the wars, we are reunited,
have a home, can finally live a normal life again and we are thankful
for all that. Life couldn't be better.

Then there were the years of deprivation, of scary bombardments and
explosions, of constant hunger; the years of tropical diseases and no
medication; of punishments, of people dying and people being killed;
the years of sleeping on the floor of filthy barracks, stinging bed
bugs and cockroaches; the years of uncertainty: will the war ever end?
Yet, I have my Mamma. And that is enough. She is my life, my hope, my
safeguard, everything a little girl needs. Life couldn't be better.

And so we have come to the end of our time travel: we are back at the
beginning. On the second day of Christmas 1938 a little girl named
Ronny is born who lives to be the author of a book about the Second
World War in the Pacific, which at that time has not even begun. She
gives her book the title Rising from the Shadow of the Sun: A Story of Love,
Survival and Joy.

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