Rapture - a suspense/romance novella by E.M. Bryant : Ebook for kindle


A missing student, a devious priest, a demonic grin, and dismal surroundings highlight this haunting story of forbidden love…..
Armed with only the desire to escape, a young nun recounts the last days of a decaying boarding school through her diary. When a student disappears, suspicion falls onto the school. Soon the archdiocese gives orders to cut supplies—from phone services to electricity. With Father Jaco, the parish priest, unwilling to deter from orders—and not allowing anyone to leave the school grounds—the nun attempts to take the remaining students and flee. She is thwarted by Jaco, and the very walls of the school begin closing in on her and the children.
Hope arrives in the form of a mysterious new priest. He claims to have been sent by the archdiocese, but Jaco is immediately alarmed by his arrival. Though the nun has held true to her vows, she cannot help but be drawn to this new priest, who offers more than just an escape from the hell they are imprisoned in. Battling her own inner-war between service for the Church and the desire of her heart, the nun begins to lose her poetic discipline and succumb to the most human of urges. And in the midst of a tortured romance, the two must face an unspeakable horror.
With a quirky cook and a twisted ending, this story aims to frighten, charm, and break the heart of the reader.