Life and Death in Poland by Peter Fox


A true story of a young Englishman behind the iron curtain during 1969-1979.  Something for everybody, adventure, drama, love and lots more.


" One evening I got so drunk and took the cow for a walk around the village, Magda and her aunt had gone to get some more drink. When they got back she went crazy, saying I had kidnapped her best friend. When they caught up with me, the cow had me pinned against a wall. The cow had had enough of walking and decided the only way to stop me walking was to pin me against the wall, which was a brilliant idea, as I was so drunk I couldn't stand up any more, too much fresh air. "


" We then walked another flight of stairs on the opposite side of the tram level, we looked across and they were in a sheer panic looking for us. When they spotted us, we waved at them and then darted down the stairs, in fact we did this 4 times, until they sussed we were actually not going anywhere. We then walked down to the lower level and went to one of the bars and ordered coffee, they followed in 2 minutes later. I had to laugh, but managed to keep it in, the older one looked absolutely knackered. His eyes almost looked like they were pleading "stay here let me rest". When I think about it now, I was so lucky they didn't lock me up and throw the key away. "

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