White Heat - kindle ebook by Paul D. Marks


P.I. Duke Rogers screws up a case.  Real bad.  When the Weasel, as Duke calls him, comes to him, Duke thinks it will be an easy-money assignment.  Find the Weasel's old schoolmate, Teddie Matson.  And Duke does.  Finds her fast and easy for a quick two hundred bucks.


A couple of days later Teddie Matson, beautiful, black co-star of a TV sitcom, is dead.  Her killer, who everyone thinks is a deranged fan, is nowhere in sight.


No one knows who the killer is.


No one except Duke.


And he has no way to trace him.




"...taut crime yarn set in 1992 against the turmoil of the Los Angeles riots that followed the acquittal of the police officers charged with assaulting motorist Rodney King.... [T]he author ably evokes the chaos that erupted after the Rodney King verdict."

   —Publishers Weekly


WHITE HEAT CHOSEN AS ONE OF THE BEST FICTION BOOKS OF 2012: Rosa St. Claire at Examiner.com named WHITE HEAT one of the best fiction books of 2012. (examiner.com/review/best-fiction-books-of-2012-and-new-titles-for-2013)


"WHITE HEAT is a riveting read of mystery, much recommended."

   —Midwest Book Review


"[WHITE HEAT] really caught early 90s LA, in all its sordid glory. And had me turning pages late into the night. I think WH is up there with the best of the LA novels, but has an air of authenticity that many lack."

   —Woody Haut, journalist, author of NEON NOIR: Contemporary American Crime Fiction


"Every page is on fire."

   —Jon P. Bloch, Kindle Book Review

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