The Writer's Tune-up Manual - kindle ebook by Craig Hart

Take your writing to a whole new level with The Writer's Tune-up Manual. Maybe you've been away from the game for a while, struggle with a certain aspect of writing, or perhaps you just want to put your skills up on the rack and give them a good tuning. 

Jacob Nordby, author of The Divine Arsonist said: "Craig Hart grabs writers by the shoulders and helps us dirty our hands with sweat and wrenches under the hood of our writing. Don't read this book unless you want to get a lot better at your craft."

Filled with 35 targeted exercises, The Writer's Tune-up Manual will put the sparkle in your prose by expanding your writing savvy in five specific areas: Character Development, Dialogue, Point of View, Description and Setting, and Plot.

Jerry Guarino, the author of several short story collections, wrote: "[The] Writer's Tune-Up Manual is intended for writers of all levels. This manual provides exercises on character, point of view, dialogue, description/setting and plot. This one I'm going to keep in my own writer's toolkit, to refer to when a particular need arises."

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