THE KILLING RAIN - Kindle book by PJ Parrish

"From the startling opening to the stunning finale, a masterpiece of
shock and surprise, a gritty Florida tale told with relentless skill.
P.J. Parrish's best book yet." — Mystery Scene magazine

Shamus and Anthony Award finalist!

A deep freeze is bearing down on the Florida Everglades, the kind of
brutal storm the locals call a killing rain. For detective Louis
Kincaid, the coldest night of the year has brought a terrifying new
chill -- the kidnapping of a boy who has come to look up to Louis as a
father-figure. But Louis soon realizes this is not a routine
kidnapping. It is the start of a killing spree by two ruthless men who
are using the boy as a pawn in a deadly game. With time running out,
Kincaid must track his twisted adversaries who are one step away from
committing the ultimate horror.

"Not many authors today so successfully combine an examination of the
characters' psychological lives with hardcore action and unrelenting
suspense the way that Parrish can...truly compelling reading." — Oline
Cogdill, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Currently ranked with 4.5 stars on Amazon!

Laugh Out Loud! Pregnancy a kindle ebook by Sharon Irish
This eBook brings together pregnant Ladies' real life comedy moments for the enjoyment of other expectant Mothers or anyone who has young Children and can relate to pregnancy, and the joys of being a Mother-to-be.  Pregnancy can be tough on body and mind and this eBbook's aim is to provide a little entertainment during what can sometimes be a trying time.

Laugh Out Loud! Pregnancy is broken down into the following sections:-

  •        'Pregnancy/baby brain and hormones' - silly things said and done by Pregnant Women who are regularly controlled by their hormones. 
  •        'Pregnancy accidents and mishaps' caused by or related to the pregnancy 'bump'.
  •        Eventful and amusing 'Doctor's and Midwives appointments'.
  •        The misinformed and often misunderstood 'Fathers to be.' 
  •        Comments made by young children ('pregnancy and young children'), some of these being made to their Pregnant Mothers, Family              members, or even complete strangers.
 The experiences in the eBook highlight the difficulties of pregnancy, how Women cope with both the physical and mental aspects and how others react, often with unexpected consequences.  This eBook emphasizes that Kids really do say the funniest things as it includes extracts of real conversations held with young children who are trying to understand the concept of pregnancy and impact the new baby will have on them.
"When I was pregnant, with my first child I read books about pregnancy which were informative, but didn't really prepare me for the situations I sometimes found myself in.  After experiencing some embarrassing mishaps because of my bump and hearing a few funny stories from other Mothers to be, I was left wanting more. I knew from my own experience that Women can feel down at times during pregnancy, and I can honestly say that laughing at the misfortunes of other pregnant ladies helped improve my mood and make light of my own calamities."

Killian James - a kindle Ebook by T J Askren

"Untold Stories of the ER" collide with "Bridges of Madison County" in this provocative novel of sex, love, friendship, and family

A provocative novel about sex, love, family, and friendship.

Killian James loves all kinds of women, but she doesn't always consider the consequences of giving into her desires. Fearing rejection from her family, Killian hides her sexual orientation and maintains a façade for her colleagues at Ohio Valley General where she works as an emergency nurse. Her best friend, a straight man named Joel, knows everything about her and tries to steady Killian's moral compass by steering her towards women who are more available.

Throughout her life, when faced with conflict, Killian sought solace with her grandmother, the only family member who knows her truth. When her beloved grandmother dies, Killian discovers family secrets that make her understand the importance of being true to oneself.

Killian James takes you through her erotic and tender journey toward understanding that true love never dies and the importance of friendship and family.

Four Given - kindle ebook by Malo Bel

Four Given by Malo Bel – The Mystery of Godliness -

My story started on a beach, a strange place for a journey to begin,
but nothing compared to where it would lead me!

Near the end of a relaxing vacation I was walking by myself towards
the beach showers. As I walked I was thinking about my life. Something
is wrong! My life is all about what I want, what I do, what I feel.
Where's God? I suddenly felt empty, like it was all "me" and no
"Jesus". I was so shallow. So self obsessed. And so I asked him,
"Lord, how do I let go of me and take in more of you? Please Lord,
help me! I want to let go! I want to be filled with you."

However, rather than an answer I got a question back - "How do you let go?"

Financial Empowerment: Realign Your Finances to God Will - Christian Non-Fiction by Pamela Carmichael

Do you have financial issues? How are you managing during these
challenging economic times? Do you wonder if God, Jehovah Jireh, is
really able to provide for you now and in the future?

Are you careful in how you manage your financial resources? Do you give
willingly and cheerfully? Are you savings dwindling away and your income
deflating with no sign of relief? Are you a big spender who wants to be
free of the consume-me habit?

If any of these questions relate to you and you are struggling in your
finances in anyway, then it's time to look fully to God for the
solution. Financial Empowerment: Realign Your Finances to God's Will is
a lighthouse in the midst of turbulent financial waters. This book not
only identifies your financial challenges but shows the why to those
problems and the how to solving them. Pamela lays a strong foundation of
practical biblical teaching on financial issues. It is the perfect
resource to start you on the path to financial success God's way that
will challenge you to be the best steward possible.

If you want to experience the God way to financial empowerment, then
read and apply the principles in Financial Empowerment. If you desire to
lead a more fulfilling life with your finances in order, get a copy of
Financial Empowerment.

Start the road to being empowered financially.

Lanosha and the Magic Within, Fantasy/ YA/Sci-fiction by F.M.T.A

Fourteen-year-old Lanosha Anderson isn't like many teenagers. Lanosha learned to embrace the paleness of her skin, the yellow in her eyes, and her ability to generate different forms of light with her mind. Lanosha has yet to meet anyone like her; so the older she became, the more she wondered about her birthmother who died shortly after she was born. 

When Lanosha discovered an enchanting bag in her attic that belonged to her mother, her father Andrew is forced to open up about her mother's dark past. Andrew, with the help of an enchanting, talking bird named Norgee, explained to Lanosha that her Mother was an Invoker, a mystical being from another world.

They told Lanosha she is a part of a prophecy to stop the death of every world that is connected by the Mystical Barrier. They also tell her there are dangerous Invokers, known as the Shadows, who want to kill Lanosha, and another girl named Cebastian, to prevent the prophecy from happening.

After a few days of coping with the truth, Lanosha learned of the Shadow's plot to destroy her high school. Lanosha managed to get to school just in time to save everyone, but she later learned that her father is missing and believed he was taken by the Shadows. Together, Lanosha and Norgee crossed the Mystical Barrier into the other world to save Andrew and to find Cebastian before the Shadows do.

Actor Muscle: Craft. Grit. Wit. A Professional Guide to the Business of Acting - a kindle ebook by Beverly Leech

Industry endorsed and 5 star reviews.  The Go-To book for the working actor.

"Actor Muscle: Craft. Grit. Wit" can show you the path for a career worth having. Starting with a realistic game plan, each successive chapter is the actor's next move. It lays out every stage of the game: from headshots and resumes, to getting an agent, talent contracts, comprehensive methods of submissions and auditioning for stage/television/film, unions, scams, and hard-won wisdom of the open road. 

"Actors by nature are renegades. We don't want to conform – we want to act, and that's all. We'll plunge the dangerous depths of psychological menace in a role, but mew like a stray cat over a cold call to an agent … The purpose of this book is for young actors to reach for legitimate skills and services to find work in this industry; to survive its ever-changing tastes, and crickets-or-cannonballs energy."

From Broadway to Soundstage, Beverly Leech is a 30+ year veteran and working actor.  Recent credits include "Modern Family," "Rizzoli & Isles," two national Microsoft commercials currently running and directed by Roman Coppola, plus a holiday feature due for release in December 2013, "Christmas in the City."

Carpe Diem, and Break a Leg!

Afterlife - a Science Fiction Thriller by S.P. Cloward

Amazon Link:
Kindle book free promotion on Amazon on Sept. 4, 5, and 6, and on sale for $.99 for the rest of the month of September.

Over 50 reviews with a 4.5 star rating, and the reviews keep coming!  Readers are raving about AfterLife, the genre crossover that "will make you think about life, death, and the way your actions affect those around you."  If you haven't read it yet, now is the time.  In celebration of its one year release, and just months before the release of book 2,  AfterLife will be free on Amazon September 4, 5, and 6, and on sale for $.99  the rest of the month.

 "I usually have little time for this genre, but…had a hard time putting it down"

"I never read this kind of book…but was immediately surprised.  I could not put it down…"

"If you don't think you like sci/fi, this will change your mind,"

 "Spy, mystery, supernatural thriller…this series has infinite possibilities…"

"Holy crap, this was awesome!"

Pick up your copy, and see what the talk is all about . . .  your After Life may depend on it!

Never Pick On a Jaguar Princess - Kindle ebook by T. Lynn Odom

Never Pick On a Jaguar Princess…it's dangers even when she doesn't
know what she is.

Hairy legs, acne and bad hair days—typical teenage traumas like this
fill young adult stories. But in this fast-paced novella, fifteen
year-old Juli Perry's problems are way beyond those things. First she
sees strange freckles on her legs—and, girl, do they itch! Then her
fingernails start to grow almost instantaneously whenever she gets
upset, her hair changes color and she has frightening dreams that come
true. Turns out she's a shapeshifter, a jaguar princess, and the Onca
Lake community to which she moved after her parents died is full of
other shapeshifters.

Add in four mean girls called the Track Pack and it's no wonder Juli
is feeling a little stressed. Her great-aunt tries to comfort her. The
cute boy in homeroom stands up for her. But in the end, it's up to
Juli to deal with everything life has thrown at her. And she's not the
only one who learns that it's a bad idea to pick on a jaguar princess.
One reviewer said: "Really interesting plot and the characters, as is
usual for T. Lynn Odom (aka Teri Thackston), are superbly
well-written. She captures the angst of teenagers in general, but also
the grief of the recently bereft. The story flowed so smoothly it was
like watching a movie in my head. I can't wait for the next book in
this series."

Inspired by the title of a video game, this story proves that
interesting ideas can come from anywhere…and that a trip to a casino
can pay off in more ways than one.

Survivors - kindle ebook by Salo Maa Neco

Early reports of possible Ebola outbreak

Hundreds of thousands of people in Eastern Africa have been isolated
to prevent the spread of a new outbreak of what some are saying is
Ebola, although this is not yet confirmed by health authorities.

The cluster of Ebola-like cases was confirmed last week in a district
40 kilometres from the capital of the Democratic Republic of
South-Zaire. Last year at least two hundred people were killed by a
relatively benign hemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola.

Ebola is highly infectious and kills quickly. It was first reported in
1976 in Congo and is named after the river where it was recognised.
There is no cure or vaccine for it. Ebola is characterised by fever,
headache, joint and muscle aches, sore throat and weakness, followed
quickly by diarrhea, vomiting, severe stomach pain, and aggressive
internal and external bleeding.

The latest outbreak, Health officials say, could be of the extremely
virulent Sudan strain of the virus. Officials advised against panic
but added that while Ebola is not yet the confirmed cause of the
deaths, significant precautionary measures such as national
quarantines and evacuations should be effected immediately.

Survivors, by Salo Maa Neco, is the story of Aleks, his friends and
all the inhabitants of a seductively peaceful Mediterranean island.
Six years ago they survived the global pandemic that killed millions,
and then billions. Entire populations died. But the islanders survived
and then they thrived. Until an elegant schooner appeared in their
harbour. And a man called Abraham came ashore.

They were farmers and fishermen and vintners and beekeepers. They
played chess in the town square, they drank wine as the sun set gently
into the sea, and they went to church. What did they know about
guerrilla street-fighting and weaponry? Old Mrs Odak made lavender
soap and lemonade. Would she fire a shotgun? Would Father Marco shoot
a little girl to save us?

Come. Sit with me. We'll share a bottle of earthy red wine and a plate
of dried figs. The sun's setting. The scent of lemon blossom is
floating on the warm evening breeze. Let me tell you a story of an
apocalyptic disease, of survival, of the sensual fragrance of
flowering rosemary, of them and us, of the Devil himself, and of the
boy Father Marco told me to take care of until his parents came.

You like a good story, don't you?

Gorgeously Full Fat - Kindle ebook by Sarah Clark
This is the book you need to read if you think you're the only person who's been on what feels like a million and one diets but still gained weight, joined the new gym in town over and over and not managed to shift the fat, and blamed yourself while eating doughnuts in desperation.
Sarah Clark was the hamster on the diet treadmill for over twenty years, and when she finally got off, her head was spinning. What do you do when you don't diet any more? How do you bond with the women in the office when you can't talk about calories, and if your husband is in love with your best friend and they both want to do Weight Watchers, how hard is it to explain that you're not on a diet anymore, even when you weigh over 200 pounds?
This book busts a few myths about dieting, and living as a fat girl, with a hefty dose of humour and a look back at some of the silly weight loss trends over the past 25 years. Susan Powter anyone? Callanetics?
In part two, Sarah also busts the myth that nobody fancies a fat girl. She dated men from ten years younger to five years older than herself, slim and athletic, tall, short and very large. Not forgetting the one with the bushy ginger beard!
Part three of Gorgeously Full Fat gives you hints, tips and stories from many other women (and men) who've been stuck in the diet trap and escaped, how they managed it and how great it feels not to obsess over calories any more.
This is the book for you if you really, really can't bear the thought of another diet, but you need a bit of persuading to give up the people pleasing and the fat talk, and just live like you love yourself...

A Killer in the Ozarks - fiction/suspense/thriller by H W Jackson Killer in the Ozarks-ebook/B00CX9FHPO\

A story of hardship, love, danger, violence, and growing up in the Ozarks Mountains in the early 1900’s.

Lukas McCoy was an orphan at a very early age. He never knew when he would eat or have a place to sleep. In spite of the hardship, he grew to learn only one person would take care of him, himself.

Go with us as we watch Lukas grow into young adulthood. He became self sufficient, with a strong young body, he learned to plant and harvest, to trap the fur bearing animals. And he became very good with a gun; very fast and very accurate.

When one of the Sharp boys shot his friend in the back, it started a mountain feud that lasted several years and took the life of many of it’s participants.

The beautiful Sarah that Lukas loved, tried to tame him, and most of the time it worked. But from time to time, as the hatred grew in the breast of old Martha Sharp, violence would erupt in the hills, and the grave diggers would go to work.

As Lukas grew older, and learned he could make money doing what he really loved to do, which was raise horse’s, he tried to draw away from his violent past, to put aside his gun. People just wouldn’t let him.

So he became a hard man in a hard land.

The Sweet Edge - a kindle ebook by Risa Peris

Stella O'Malley is trying to make it in the Big Apple - New York City. She holds down two jobs and works on a romance novel in her spare time. Her goal is to be a romance writer. But Stella's romantic experience is limited and soon finds her literary skills are blocked. Stella fantasizes about an attorney, Ben Forsythe, who is struggling to be partner at the law firm she works at. He is brilliant, kind and cute. He is everything Stella imagines a romantic hero should be. Then Campbell Royce comes into her life. He is successful, handsome but arrogant and superficial. Or so Stella thinks. Stella dislikes him instantly but Campbell pursues her and she discovers a level of sexual intimacy she has never known. Will Stella follow her infatuation with Ben or her very real passion with Campbell? Things are never what they seem as Stella and Campbell explore each other and life.

Acceptance - kindle ebook by Ibitola OJoye-Adebayo

"Acceptance" touches on many issues that people deal with in life, it
is gripping and intense. Just when you think you know which direction
it is going, the book catapults another direction. You get a little
bit of everything with "Acceptance". How many books can be classed in
several genres… dramatic, romance, suspense and thriller?

"Acceptance" is unique when it comes to comparing it to other books in
the same genre. It speaks a lot to most young girls, young adults and
women especially in many African and Asian cultures. It tells of a non
existent relationship between mother and daughter. "The
mother-daughter relationship is the most powerful bond in the world,
for better or for worse. It sets the stage for all other

EL REINO DE LAS SIRENAS - e-book kindle por J. A. Ortega

"El Reino de las Sirenas" es una novela sobre el mar y sus secretos en
la que se conjugan realidad y ficción, con dosis de lirismo, épica e
incluso ironía.

Constituye la primera parte de una trilogía que tiene como punto de
arranque el caso del Mary Celeste. El bergantín de bandera
estadounidense cuya tripulación desapareció en el Atlántico, muy cerca
de las Azores, entre noviembre y diciembre de 1872. Uno de los
misterios relacionados con la navegación marítima nunca resueltos que
más ha inspirado la imaginación de cineastas y escritores.

Si te apasiona lo enigmático y lo desconocido, si te atraen la
historia y las leyendas, si amas la aventura, si sientes curiosidad
por lo que pudo ocurrirles al capitán Benjamin S. Briggs, su esposa,
su hija y sus marineros, este libro, sin duda, te interesa.

Entre otras cosas, nos recuerda lo extraña que suele resultar la
verdad la mayoría de las veces.

South on Pacific Coast Highway - kindle e-book by Gary Paul Corcoran

Slumming his way among the often tony, sometimes seedy but always
alluring venues of the Southern California coastline, Michael Devlin,
the jaded protagonist and private detective of South On Pacific Coast
Highway doggedly attempts to solve four murders, free a wrongly
imprisoned friend and wrest Zen enlightenment from a handful of better
forgotten dreams.

The entire story takes place over the course of one week in Laurel
Lagoon, a sleepy little beach town, modeled after Laguna Beach, CA,
where the author has lived for many years. The backdrop is a
blistering summer heat wave. The tale begins on a hot and restless
summer night. A call comes in from an old friend, who has just been
arrested for murdering his wife. Off to clear his friend's name the
following morning, Michael instead is treated to another dead body at
the doorstep to his downtown office. By that evening, he has witnessed
the cops fish another dead body out of Newport Harbor and soon another
man involved in the case has been murdered out on Balboa Island.

Believing all of these murders are somehow connected, and convinced
that solving them is the only way Michael can clear his friend's name,
he chases a dead man's cheating wife from a fortune teller down on
Coast Highway in Doheny Beach to the decaying trailers and rotting
fish along the Salton Sea and back to the restless summer nights of
Laurel Lagoon, her mane of long, red hair a talisman to Michael's
better forgotten dreams. Add a hard-nosed local cop, two pain in the
ass Feds, a couple of nasty boys from south of the border, one Russian
named Boris, along with a miniature poodle named Butch and you have
the ingredients for a great crime tale, a story of love gone wrong and
a searing portrait of life along the Southern California coast.

Under Fire, thriller by Rachel Amphlett

An explosion rocks a Qatari natural gas facility… a luxury cruise liner capsizes in the Mediterranean… and someone has stolen a submarine…  Dan Taylor doesn't believe in coincidences – all he has to do now is convince his superiors that they're next in the terrorists' line of fire.

Rachel Amphlett releases her new thriller, "Under Fire" in August 2013 and it promises to be another adrenaline-fueled read from the Brisbane, Australia based author.

 As Britain enters its worst winter on record, Dan must elude capture to ensure the country's energy resources are protected. At all costs. In an action-packed adventure, from the Middle East through the Mediterranean to London, Dan and his team are on a quest that will test every choice he makes. Assisted by the exotic Antonia Almasi, Dan realises he faces an adversary far greater than he ever imagined. And not everyone is going to survive.

 "Under Fire" will be released as both an eBook and paperback format and available for purchase through online retailers from 14 August 2013. Bookstores can order through their usual wholesale distributors.

 "The best part about writing action thrillers is the research," says Rachel. "I've had to investigate everything from liquid natural gas production through to anti-submarine warfare – including being in a submarine, just to make sure the reader feels like they're totally involved in the story."

Rachel Amphlett's debut novel "White Gold" unleashed a techno-thriller with an environmental twist. Extensive research on the world's current affairs, socio-political climate, and the ongoing struggle to meet the world's energy needs resulted in a novel described as "fast-paced, non-stop action", and "a slick environmental thriller that ticks all the boxes" with favourable comparisons to both Andy McNab and Matthew Reilly.

"The success of "White Gold" really gave me the confidence to keep writing," says Rachel. "I can't imagine not writing now!"

Under Fire
ISBN – paperback: 978-0-992-26850-3
ISBN – eBook: 978-0-992-26851-0

Readers may enter the Goodreads giveaway to win one of 3 signed copies of "Under Fire" (entries close 30 August).

Rocket Man - kindle ebook by William Hazelgrove


Rocket Man is a very funny and poignant comment on our times, when an upside down middle class is barely hanging onto the American dream. Taking cues from the calamity of The Great Recession, we meet Dale Hammer, a man who is determined to find meaning in a landscape of suburban homogeneity, looking for the moment he had with his own father when they blasted off a rocket on a wintery evening. He feels his son slipping away as he tries to get around "the silent shame of fathers and sons." He becomes the Rocket Man for his sons scout troop and immediately his life implodes. Accused of cutting down the subdivision sign to his neighborhood, he becomes the lone rebel, going down in a flaming arc. When Rocket Day comes, Dale is determined to give his son more than his father gave him.
Free Download promotion 08/26/2013-08/31/2013

New Encounters - kindle ebook by Helena Smith

New Encounters....Things are not as they seem. Bella Stone is an
intelligent 33 year old, who works her life away. Wishing for some
excitement in her life, she gets more than she could bargain for.
Parting from her soul mate many years earlier, she has never really
found anyone that has come close.... until now. But is he all that he
seems? New Encounters is full of twists and unexpected turns. A
romance that turns into an action packed whirlwind. As one reader
commented "Like 50 Shades of Grey mixed with Bourne. I love the way
there are parts of the book where your heart stops and parts of the
book that make you laugh."
Bella is a strong woman, but can she cope with what is about to be
thrown her way? This book contains some saucy scenes, not to mention
the Mafia, SAS and Deniable Operators.

Romancing Lady Stone - Kindle ebook by Delilah Marvelle

Romancing Lady Stone is a playful, historical romance nod to none other than Romancing THE Stone, the movie. I was an 80's child and knew one of these days, being a romance author, I would have to give a nod to Romancing the Stone. The setting is 1830, Russia, where the heroine, Lady Cecilia Stone is traveling from London to keep her son from making the biggest mistake of his life. Only she finds herself in A LOT of trouble and soon is dependent on a reformed Russian mobster-like 'gentleman' who falls head over heels for her. So if you like romance and adventure, check it out! To read an excerpt go to

Amazon link:

The Master's Book - kindle ebook by Philip Coleman

This story has been described by some as "Da Vinci Code for younger readers". It is set mainly in Brussels, but also in the neighbouring towns of Bruges and Ghent. Although the setting is contemporary, the story has roots going back to Medieval times, but with elements from the two World Wars for good measure. Sean Byrne, who narrates the story, is an Irish teenager, coping with the stresses of a move to a new country. He is befriended, however, by Stephanie Clarke, a pretty and pugnacious new classmate of mixed Congolese and English parentage. Together they discover a near-priceless work of art in the basement of Sean's house, a house whose previous owner has been murdered. Their curiosity, initially, but ultimately their courage and tenacity, lead to the discovery of the perpetrator of that murder and others, as well as uncovering a network of art thieves. As the plot develops, Sean wonders whether Stephanie's friendship is based solely on her shared desire to get to the bottom of the mystery or whether he can hope for something more than just friendship.

I hope the story captures some of the angst of adolescence, espeically for someone who is uprooted from his familiar environment. I also tried to show what it feels like to live in a city that is very modern in so many ways but yet where the past is never very far away.

The All Souls' Waiting Room: A Black Comedy about Karma and Killing Yourself, steampunk novel by Paki S. Wright

Mid-century Greenwich Village and late Victoriana combine in the All Souls' Waiting Room, where a suicidal young woman protagonist, Johnnine Hapgood, has to face a bevy of obstacles before she can be given her ticket for a "p.d.," or premature departure. "You think the universe went to all the trouble of creating you just so you could off yourself?" is one of the first questions she has to answer. Only she can't.

The Akashic Recorder has a few things to show her about her present life. Xofia, the embodiment of feminine wisdom, has some ass-kicking to do. Three dead psychiatrists, Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, and Carl Jung, all joust for the right treatment -- and lust after the luscious Xofia. Will she or won't she be returned to her life on Earth? Only the Waiting Room knows for sure.

The Silver Cross - A paranormal detective story by June Winton

When Lacy receives an engraved silver cross for her 16th birthday she
soon realises that it is haunted by the ghost of her Great
Grandfather. She researches her family tree to uncover the meaning of
the engraving on the back and uncovers a terrible secret. The second
world war has cast a long shadow over Lacy's family and now she must
seek justice for her ancestors.

But not everyone is happy to have their evil deeds exposed. Can the
silver cross save Lacy from becoming a victim of her own horror story?

A coming of age adventure and mystery story.

GalleyCat 15 Places to Promote Your Book for Free

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We are excited to say that Goodkindles have been included by Jason Boog from GalleyCat in this awesome list of 15 places to promote your book for free!

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Hatching Discordia - kindle ebook by John F Hope

Satirize today's crazy world in an even crazier future, add a bizarre
story, sprinkle liberally with zany and whimsical characters, and you
get Hatching Discordia.

The Fertile Crescent Republic is a tiny Middle Eastern oil state where
defrocked doctor, Godzbadeh Ampzilla, happens to be in exactly the
right place at the right time to reap the eternal gratitude of the
sheik. Wallowing in the sheik's benevolence, and filling in the gaps
with his own blend of reptilian skullduggery, Godzbadeh slithers into
supreme leadership of the Fertile Crescent Republic.

Europe is now ruled by the New Holy Roman Empire, after a cabal of
governments and greedy corporations have pillaged the financial system
into collapse and left society ripe for a theocracy. Former insurance
salesman, Enrico Carrera, inveigles his way into the papacy by riding
on the achievements of a sleepy Spaniard who can perform miracles to

Meanwhile, Ike Yamamoto, the quixotic chairman of a Japanese
industrial corporation, is working on an indulgent genetic quest to
make women lay eggs. Ike's self-opinionated and truculent
supercomputer, Sally, makes provocative pronouncements that strain the
already malevolent relationship between Godzbadeh and Pope Enrico to
breaking point. And thanks to the bungling of Ike's incorrigibly
clumsy Mexican janitor, the prototype human egg hatches into something
weird and unexpected.

Through a hilarious and chaotic sequence of whimsical events, the main
characters make their way to the relative safety of a sleepy village
in Crete. Pope Enrico and Godzbadeh Ampzilla are determined to
exploit the curious hatchling to resurrect their religious and secular
authority. Both men employ ludicrous and unscrupulous methods towards
their goals, but who represents the lesser evil with which good men
can forge a compromise?

Primordial Labyrinth - kindle ebook by John A. Ayala

Have you ever envisioned a post-human future? Lost your patience with
the overuse of moral dichotomies in contexts where they are not even
relevant? Do you want to be challenged as a reader and grow in your
soul? Primordial Labyrinth is set beyond morality, beyond nihilism,
beyond humanity. Singularities, Simulations, War, and Multiversal
Technologies await you in the world of the Post-human Cosmic Bloomers.
Ideas and imagery that will stay with you are interspersed with poetry
and cosmic lore. The protagonist reasserts the authority of the
narrating voice in a story that is told only through him. You might
wonder whether the scenarios are utopian or dystopian and why you
can't identify or empathize with the characters; but the real question
is: in a world that is not human, would they identify or empathize
with you?

In order to begin your reading, these words by the 19th century
philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer will serve as an introduction to what
was once your universe:

"In the lowest notes of harmony, in the ground bass, I recognize the
lowest levels of the objectification of the will, inorganic nature,
the mass of the planet."

Second Universe, the highly anticipated sequel to Primordial
Labyrinth, is available now.

Blood and Shadows - Kindle ebook by Dayne Edmondson

Blood and Shadows isn't your typical fantasy novel. It's the first
book in a series, named The Saga of the Seven Stars (try saying that 5
times fast). This first book sets the stage for the series and
introduces some of the major players that will be present throughout
many of the later books. So if you're interested long series ala
Robert Jordan or Terry Goodkind, etc., this may just be the series for

Blood and Shadows is basically about this super band of assassins that
are being united under a single leader, Lord Garik. He's got a virtual
army of assassins and a super powerful assassin named only "the veiled
assassin." He also has a bad-ass mage named Nikki, who let's just say
likes to burn things to ash.

In order to stop Lord Garik and his henchmen, the king of Tar Ebon
(that's the world this is set in - a whole different planet from
Earth) sends out his greatest champion, Dawyn Darklance. Dawyn chooses
several companions and they head out on a quest to find Lord Garik and
stop him. The stakes are pretty high, because if they fail anarchy
will ensue across the kingdom and thousands will die. Even more than
that, if they fail, the whole will be doomed to annihilation (more on
that later in the series).

Anyway, I think I may have given too much away, but there are still
plenty of plot twists awaiting any readers who want to venture into
this fresh fantasy novel. Thanks for reading.

The Sharing Moon - YA Fantasy Romance - Kindle eBook by Christy Campbell

Elijah Solomon is a lost soul. Neither an angel or a ghost, Elijah roams in between the Before and After, with no memory of how he died. There are no names or faces or voices.  A restless wanderer, Eljiah is summoned by The Messenger, who sends Elijah back to the human world for another chance. This time, Elijah must redeem himself by changing the life of another; the troubled girl with the misty blue eyes.

It isn't easy to have a second chance, Elijah soon realizes. Clues from his past arise and dreams reveal secrets that Elijah isn't prepared for. He begins to wonder what kind of darkness led him to this current place in his new life . . . and someone else wants him to remember.

Seraphina Adams  is a lonely introvert with an impossible mother. Haunted by her own demons, Sera has never been in a relationship, and must contend with the grief in her life that has led to a state of constant sadness. When she meets Elijah, Sera learns that opening up and trusting others can be the hardest things to grasp.

A complex story of two teenagers who enter each other's worlds, and fight the ghosts that threaten to come between them. With a mix of suspense, conflict and fantasy, The Sharing Moon casts a unique light on the fragility of both mind and heart.

Son of My Father - A Family Dynasty - a mainstream fiction novel - kindle ebook by Peggy Hattendorf

A panoramic tale of a multi-generational American family dynasty
brimming with corporate intrigue, greed, lust, love, personal and
business conflicts, deceit and betrayal.

With its blend of business and boardroom drama, family succession
planning coupled with beautiful and sophisticated people living lavish
wealthy jet-setting lifestyles - it's a riveting story appealing to
men and women.

Christiana Lynn Barrington's pedigree world is built, presented and
controlled by her billionaire father Jonathan.

She never knew anything else.

The Company was the core of the Barrington family. "Groomed from the
womb," Christiana would often quip.

Though she believed her father loved and respected her, there was
always a certain distance between them. He was "Father" never "Dad."
Frequently she wondered if he'd wished to have had a son instead of a
daughter but she never posed the question. Maybe she was afraid of
the answer.

As the only child of Elizabeth Matthews Barrington and Jonathan, she
is the heir apparent to the world-wide behemoth Barrington Holdings

But a threat to her hard-earned succession waits in the shadows ready
to take everything she's worked for away from her . . . .

Sunni Knows - kindle ebook by Lawrence Grodecki

"Smart, sexy & mysterious with interwoven characters - think 'Love Actually'." That's one reader's take on Sunni Knows, and it would be hard to sum it up any better than that. Sunni, which is short for Sunaria, is actually a bit of an outsider in this mix of mixed-up characters. They're all pretty smart, but it's hard to tell, given the things they do, and their apparent blindness, denial, or confusion when it comes to love. They care for each other in the oddest ways, clutching to secrets from the mild to the ancient, even to the point of tinkering with something perhaps sacred.
There is one secret that ties them all together, though it takes awhile for them to realize it. When they do, the lives of these half dozen people change forever, and you will wonder whether it was fate all along, or merely coincidence . . . it's as simple as believing in love or not.
The funny thing is, Cupid seems to be playing her own game with them, regardless of what they think . . . or do. However, instead of slinging arrows, she seems to prefer throwing curve balls . . . a lot of them . . . lots of swings and misses, but there's also a home run or two . . . and in the end there is no denial.

Crossing the Line - A light romantic read on Kindle e-book

If you're in the mood for a light quick read in romantic vein, try
"Crossing the Line" by Jean Acre, available for Kindle by Amazon.

A little more than boy meets girl, this is the story of two people
forbidden from falling in love by common social mores, but, thanks to
our heroine's subterfuge, fall in love they do. Our handsome but dour
hero tries not to cross the line of propriety. This creates an
interesting dynamic of reluctant tenderness mixed with conflict - a
conflict that rips our socially crossed couple apart. When they meet
again several decades later, their past continues to dog their relationship.

While the book contains a tiny bit of erotica, this is subtle and does
not overwhelm the main story. The book is about relationships, the funny
things that happen in families, the dialogues that draw people together
or tear them apart. But most of all, it's about believing in true love
and romance. Try it!

Third Willow - kindle ebook by Lenore Skomal

Kirkus Review raves: 
"It's a dark story about a dark world, but Skomal makes the story readable and lovely via her prose. A haunting reminder about the loss of innocence."

Readers' Views claims: "WOW! I highly recommend this book for middle school and older. This is one you won't want to miss. This book blew me away."

San Francisco Book Review boasts: "Skomal rises to the level of found poetry. She has potential to be a first-rank novelist. I think you will enjoy getting in on the start of her career, in advance of the parade."   

Primordia - kindle ebook by T. A. Bradley

The idea for this horror story came from personal experience. Before
becoming a full-time writer, I worked as a virologist for several
biotech companies, the last of which had biodefense contracts with the
government. Needless to say, I've worked with some pretty nasty
viruses. This story came out of a "what if" scenario that came to me
while I was lying in a hospital bed, two days after I'd had a pacemaker
It started when I thought about what would happen down the line when the
battery had to be replaced...and from there I developed the idea for an
implantable device that would not need surgery to be recharged. The
rest was a journey of pure imagination that wound me through the darker
corners of my mind.

Letters to My Bully Anthology - kindle ebook by Azaan Kamau

As a bullied child, Azaan Kamau felt it was her responsibility to create the Letters to My Bully anthology to give voice to survivors in hopes of empowering America's youth. "As a survivor of bullying, I wanted to do a project that would not only help victims heal but would help to educate the masses on how serious this issue is.  I define bullying as abuse, mistreatment, torment and harassment by peers, classmates, neighbors, the congregation, siblings, parents, boyfriend, your spouse, etc.  This is an issue that America must make a priority as it relates to social justice and peace movements." Says Glover Lane Press publisher, Azaan Kamau

Imperfect Pairings - kindle ebook by Jackie Townsend

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Amazon link:

2013 Indie Reader Discovery Award Winner for Chick Lit

This is no typical Italian romance…hear what reviewers are saying:

"The mystery, beauty and complexities of culture, family and love are revealed through the relationship between a seemingly mismatched American woman and an Italian man…Townsend has crafted a compelling and intricate story that masterfully explores culture, love and relationships with haunting beauty and keen perception" – Indie Reader

"As a granddaughter of Italian immigrants, I have always been drawn to stories set in Italy. So often they are stereotypical…wine, beautiful countrysides, simplicity, good food. This novel does something most don't. It takes you to the inner nuances of the Italian ways…the mystery, the secrecy, the fact that so much is not spoken, is hidden, not discussed. I think the author got this right!" LibraryThing Early Reviewer

"…a love story not just for romance lovers, but for everyone who has been in a relationship, as they all will be able to relate while enjoying an entertaining, fun read which provides also a profound message about our choices in life. "Imperfect Pairings" is definitely at the top of my 2013 list for best books I have read this year!" – ReaderViews

Elisabeth McBride - A horror, suspense novel by Angie Blake

A paranormal story of suspense, horror, murder and mystery.

A twisted tale of a group of paranormal investigators who go into investigate reports of a haunted mansion.  They are not prepared for what they find or for what horrifying terror awaits for them inside.  

The horrifying story of a small girl who spent her whole life being held captive in the walls of her tiny room at the top of the mansion.  She never felt the touch of love.  Aside from the lady who took care of her she never met another person in her entire life.   Elisabeth made the only choice she had to rid herself of the terrifying ordeal.  Now she awaits in the darkness to release her emotional turmoil on the next unsuspecting soul.    

Siblings and Secrets - a crime/family drama kindle ebook by E Gibbs

Every family has their secrets but some are worse than others!!

This book is an interesting new novel which tell the story of brothers and sisters who visit Hollywood to see a brother who has become a famous film star. It is part family drama and part thriller with a strong plot that will keep the reader guessing until the very end.

The story begins when Lucy and Bill are met at the airport to attend a Halloween party, which according to the tabloids will be the party of the year. But as it draws closer the secrets unfold and the biggest secret of all turns the celebration into Lucy's worst nightmare! 

This story is action packed and well written it has been given 5 stars and is described as a brilliant read!

The inspiration comes from a much loved family pet who had five adorable puppies each sharing their given names with the main characters of this book! 

Happy reading!

The Rescue – kindle ebook by Carolyn Reardon-Neuman

The Rescue – kindle ebook by Carolyn Reardon-Neuman
If you have ever loved a dog, parented a child or been affected by cancer, this book will make you laugh and cry... at the same time.
Free kindle book promotion 08/21/13- 08/23/13

I have always thought that I would immediately recognize life changing events, assuming that they would be accompanied by trumpets, banners, unicorns and rainbows that heralded their impending import. But carefully hidden in a typical life of business deadlines, financial responsibilities, chauffeuring kids around and walking the dog is where I found everything I needed to deal with a great, big, juicy life changer. It was the black humor joke shared with my husband right before we both drifted off to sleep that reminded me to keep my sense of humor when the going gets tough. It was time spent in the kitchen, making mac and cheese with my teenage daughter, that reinforced a bond that left us both stronger and provided much needed emotional balance. But never in a million years would I have thought that the simple act of my family bringing a rescue dog into our home would be a life changer and a lifesaver. Poe, my rescue dog, rescued me.

The Woods Are Dark This Night - kindle ebook by Howard J Waldrop

The Woods Are Dark This Night is available now at

Will you dare to follow Sir Reginald on his frightening journey?

"The Woods Are Dark This Night" is the tale of Sir Reginald, a royal knight.  He has found himself lost in a dark forest at night.  He has no recollection of how or when he got there.  All He knows is that he is in a small clearing littered with the bodies and debris of some battle.  He searches the battle field for a means to defend himself, finding only useless and rusted relics.  He eventually finds a decent shield and chooses the best sword he could find; this sword being broken and will work as well as a dagger.  Reginald knows this sword is more for show as is the lion's roar, than the teeth behind it.  After arming himself, Reginald ventures into the forest in search for answers to where he is, and why he is there.  His journey is filled supernatural and horrifying events such as ghostly lanterns, seemingly living trees, ominous shadowy figures, and being attacked on a small boat by a giant creature, all the while trying to maintain his sanity as he confronts his own fear and mortality.  Do you dare to follow Sir Reginald on his frightening journey, or will you succumb to your own fear and turn back?

The Umbrella Option - Kindle ebook by W.F.Walsh

KIRKUS - “A Sophisticated Thriller!”

CITY PAPER:  “An Action Packed Debut!”

Special Agent Jake Stein is the head of the Miami field office, Homeland Security Investigations, and a fast-burner within the ranks of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Brooklyn native has a history of solving cases that involve illicit drug smuggling and human trafficking. When he starts to hear “noise” about possible terrorist movements in his area of responsibility, he has no idea who and what he is up against.

Stein finds himself pitted against a terrorist group who plans to smuggle a nuclear device onto a cruise ship, sail it to Miami and take out most of South Florida. Now he must join forces with the feds, the mob and even a washed-up television actor to stop what could be the next 9/11 catastrophe.

Packed with action, page-turning suspense and political intrigue, The Umbrella Option is an intense, brilliantly orchestrated work of fiction that will grab hold and keep readers at the edge of their seats until the very end.

Deadly Fun - kindle ebook by P.M. Richter
Deadly Fun - Thriller/Romance
She calls herself Lo since she works in disguise and undercover, always with an assumed identity, using her unusual beauty to ferret out information. Lo works for an independent agency associated with the FBI. Her boss knows she has a checkered past, with time spent in prison, but she's also smart, and has a law degree.

Her new job involves a cruise to the Bahamas with her boss to investigate an enforcer for the Mob. But this will be like no other job she has encountered. By the end of the voyage she has chased suspects through the tropical islands, been in physical confrontations with knife, fist and firearms; the deck is awash in blood. Can she survive the deadly fun cruise--and her boss, who may prove even more deadly than the Mafia men she uncovers?
    "Marconi's family killed your husband."
    He hated the stricken look in her eyes, the tears he could see hovering on her bottom lids.  "I'm sorry, Lo.  I didn't know.  I just wanted my best investigator to work this case.  I really had no idea."
    "Which one?"
    "We don't know who actually did it."
     Lo was crying, her hands over her face.  "Do you know what they did to him?"
    Torture would be a nice word in comparison, Dan thought.  He knew exactly what they had done to her husband.  He couldn't stand seeing her pain and moved over to sit on the bed beside her. He put his arms around her and pressed her head to his shoulder.  He could feel her tears through his shirt.
    "I can't seem to get over it," she said, her voice muffled against his shoulder.
    "No one could, Lo. No one could."  He rocked her in his arms as the waves rocked the ship and let her cry.
Review by Elva:
Deadly Fun is a romantic/thriller escape and the author buys you a 1st class ticket. (Pam Richter does romantic thrillers very well, btw.)
I enjoyed this book for several reasons. It's a fast, light, read that is perfect for travel, vacation, or a bubble bath. Deadly Fun would also make a pretty enjoyable TV movie.