The Sweet Edge - a kindle ebook by Risa Peris

Stella O'Malley is trying to make it in the Big Apple - New York City. She holds down two jobs and works on a romance novel in her spare time. Her goal is to be a romance writer. But Stella's romantic experience is limited and soon finds her literary skills are blocked. Stella fantasizes about an attorney, Ben Forsythe, who is struggling to be partner at the law firm she works at. He is brilliant, kind and cute. He is everything Stella imagines a romantic hero should be. Then Campbell Royce comes into her life. He is successful, handsome but arrogant and superficial. Or so Stella thinks. Stella dislikes him instantly but Campbell pursues her and she discovers a level of sexual intimacy she has never known. Will Stella follow her infatuation with Ben or her very real passion with Campbell? Things are never what they seem as Stella and Campbell explore each other and life.