The Threshold - an urban fantasy novel by Matte Black

New York City is about to explode as the streets meets the supernatural.

Man's world has never been his own. Since the dawn of time, it has rested in the cold, clawed hand of an ancient cadre of demonic entities whose enemies have come to refer to them as Inominata-The Nameless.  They rule from the shadows, wearing the faces of men, the kingmakers, the regime changers, and to this day, the puppet masters at the end of many strings.

Alicea is a beautiful immortal girl enthrall to the Inominata. Out of an opulent loft in Long Island City, New York, she locates targeted individuals on behalf of the organization's assassination squad led by a powerful demoness. When a skittish millionaire offers to pay upwards of eight figures to have them eliminate a relatively ordinary target in NYPD detective Eric Noble, her life is forever changed. Upon researching Noble, she finds him to be a kind man and exemplary police officer harboring a deep sadness over the loss of his wife and child. She becomes enamored with the detective, and believing herself in danger of being arbitrarily eliminated by the organization, she defies her masters by deciding to escape and save his life.

However, her plans are soon discovered, and when her estranged lover, an undead crime lord, and his murderous crew of immortal thugs are tasked by the demoness to kill Noble, Alicea realizes that time is running out.  But who is Eric Noble really? Although much of his past is a mystery to him, someone out there knows who he really is, and considers him to be enough of a threat as to be beyond the skillset of an ordinary assassin. So, as sinister beings close in, Eric's only hope may be the dark secret that lies buried in his psyche.