Much Fleming by the Marsh - kindle ebook by David Allen

Much Fleming by the Marsh is the comic invention of David Allen. The
kind of English village where the strange is commonplace, where no one
worries too much about the secrets of others and where strangers are
not that welcome. The villagers themselves are a collection of the
weird, the wonderful and the emotionally damaged. British Aristocracy,
nun-fearing vicars, naked white witches and psychotic old ladies all
coming together to fight for their existence. Add to the mix Security
Service men, Gypsies and endangered species and we have a recipe for
comic confusion that will have you laughing out loud.
Set in the beautiful countryside of the county of Somerset in South
West England, a place more often linked to the tales of King Arthur
and the Knights of the Round Table than Bad Mandy and the Wednesday
White Witches Group who like nothing more than dancing naked in the
moonlight. This village should be on the to visit list for anyone who
wishes to find British eccentricity still alive and well.

The book is the first of a series which will feature the village and
it's inhabitants undergoing a number of incredible and side splitting
adventures. In this this book the very existence of the village is
threatened by the building of a plant to process toxic waste. A book
to delight lovers of humour, both obvious and subtle. An escape into a
world which may not exist in realty but is a place we all know, a
place where good guys are not perfect but the bad guys are definitely
the bad guys! The story revolves around the efforts of a bunch of
villagers mostly mad or damaged in some way to stop the building of a
waste dump on their beloved marsh. From the one eyed woman who lost
her eye in a cuckoo clock accident and who now runs a phone sex line
used by the trans-gender housekeeper of the local aristocracy to the
vicar who is terrified of nuns, every character seems to live in their
own weird world but come together to fight for their little bit of
England and the right to remain different. The humour is sometimes
subtle, sometimes in your face but is never cruel despite the
opportunities to get cheap laughs at the minorities expense. It is one
of those novels where the various threads never seem like they are
going to come back together but in the end Right and the little people
triumph. This book may not change your life but it will make you
smile but be careful if reading in public because it might make you
laugh out loud too.
Coming soon is the second volume, Much Fleming and the Holy Grail with
even more nuns, guns and chaos

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