The Marbella Project - kindle ebook by Nigel James

Dan Green is devastated when his only son is brutally murdered by the Russian mafia in Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol in Spain and the Spanish police seem powerless to act. However, as a former officer in the SAS, Dan is no ordinary father. He gets himself fit, recruits a former colleague, Jimmy, to help him and sets off on a revenge mission, taking on the most powerful organised crime gang in Southern Spain.
The bullets fly and the body count rises in this high octane thriller as Dan and Jimmy attack the crime family's interests along the coast and the family uses all its resources to track them down. The most popular holiday destination in Europe is turned into a war zone as the two sides chase each other.  Even so, there is still time in such a glamorous location for some  encounters with  attractive ladies. The action switches from Spain to Moscow and London and then back to Spain for the dramatic climax.
Initial reaction to the book makes it likely that this will be the first of a series and fans of the book are already calling for it to be made into a film.

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