The Waking Moon - Kindle ebook by T.J. McGuinn

KDP Select Free Promo: 11/23/2013 -1 1/27/2013

When author T.J. McGuinn wanted to know whether or not teens would respond to her new novel, "The Waking Moon," she posted it on a website that is wildly popular with young adult readers, The response was over one million reads in three months, and a passionate fan base asking for more. 

Now "The Waking Moon" is available for the first time as a Kindle Select ebook. 

Set in Colorado Springs, "The Waking Moon" is a YA paranormal romance about Paulette Goddard, a quirky outsider whose life is in shambles. Her sister is dead, her mother is a drunk, and she's been forced to transfer into a chaotic public school full of bullies. Things go from bad to worse when, one night while driving them home from dinner, her intoxicated mother hits and kills a teenage boy and is sent to jail. Now Paulette is truly alone. But when the teenage boy mysteriously comes back from the dead looking for Paulette, she finds herself face to face with the purest love on earth. 

"The Waking Moon" is T.J. McGuinn's debut novel. Based on popular demand, it will be the first of a trilogy. 

Michelle Gagnon, author of "Don't Turn Around," one of Entertainment Weekly's Top Ten YA Books of 2012 said, "'The Waking Moon' has everything I love in a novel: action, romance, and characters so real you half expect them to step off the page. Not to be missed!"