War of the Wildlands - kindle ebook by Lana Axe


War between humans and elves rages on in this epic fantasy tale. Fueled by his hatred of the elves, King Domren is determined to increase his lands. Standing in his way is an army of skilled fighters who are honor bound to protect the forests. As the king’s forces continue to advance, Prince Aelryk is tormented by the destruction he sees. The senseless killing and wanton destruction of the Wildlands weighs heavily on his heart, and he is determined to make a change.

Twin elves Reylin and Reylana lead their kinsmen into battle against the human armies. Reylin becomes more and more ruthless as the fighting continues, while his sister desperately tries to unite the various elven clans. They are determined to stand their ground and defend their homeland at any cost.

Young half-elf Yori is caught in the middle of the two warring factions. He must venture alone to find his place in the world. Leaving the only home he has ever known, he journeys into the forest to seek out his father’s kin. There he will discover the magic of the forest and unlock the power within himself.
A gripping tale of prejudice, revenge, and self-discovery set in a world of magic.

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