Beneath a Highland Moon - a Scottish Historical Romance by Gwyn Brodie

If you enjoy reading about handsome Highlanders and the ladies they love, then you'll enjoy "Beneath a Highland Moon," a story of forgotten love, romance and betrayal in the Scottish Highlands.

When Lady Jillian's castle falls under siege, she escapes, along with her four year old brother, from the wicked man who intends to marry her. She runs to Kade MacLachlan, the handsome Laird of Ravenskull for help. Once she sees him again, she realizes she still loves him. But does he feel the same way about her?

Kade is shocked when Jillian offers herself in exchange for his protection. And to help her regain control of her castle, where her brother is laird. He let the flaxen-haired beauty slip through her fingers once, he's determined not let it happen again, even if doing so puts his life in more danger than he could ever have imagined.

Will their love survive the danger that greets them at every turn?

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