Duplicity: Rick O'Shea Adventure #2 - Kindle ebook by John Rayburn

This sizzling mystery involves impalement murders, security guards shot and high-level intrigue in Transylvania. Is it a reprise of the fictional Dracula or a struggle to gain control of what may be a multi-billion dollar invention or both?
Rick O’Shea is a different kind of detective, more aptly defined as a “seeker” and “finder.” He is joined by cohorts Helga Lange, a beautiful German lady with aerospace expertise, including a space walk, and Luther (call me Lute) Martin, a successful entrepreneur turned co-seeker. They venture forth into unknown Romanian territory and England where Bram Stoker was inspired to write about the renowned Count of vampire fame. At one point they get involved in a wild car chase through the Yorkshire Moors. They pass through the village of Thirsk, which was the real life site of author James Herriott’s stories in several books and the highly rated TV series, All Creatures Great and Small. This provided memories for the author who had the privilege of meeting and chatting with J. “Alf” Wight, Herriott’s real name.
The on-going search by Rick and companions is like trying to solve a big jigsaw puzzle and provides sweeping action and several life threatening encounters.
Eventually “treasures” are sought in the Channel Islands and Iceland before robbery of an armored truck reaches a climax in Canada. Award winning newsman John Rayburn brings exciting reality to the people, places and things involved in this second of a series featuring a scintillating trio of adventurers.

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