Intrigue: Rick O'Shea Adventure #3 - Kindle ebook by John Rayburn

The President of the United States wants to meet with Rick. Why? A claim has been made that the Russian sale of Alaska to the U.S. was not legally completed in 1867. A Russian radical claims proof of his proclaimed illicit transaction and he wants the territory returned to Russia. Is it possible that present day riches of the territory can be taken away in a financial masterstroke or is it a clever bit of flimflam?

Rick, Helga and Lute are commissioned to find the truth as they face several close calls of danger. A confrontation with the Alaska FBI contingent winds up as a cooperative venture. In addition to the enigmatic Alaskan situation, other puzzles eventually confront them; theft of rough diamonds from a Canadian mine, a hate-driven threat to plant bombs in the U.S. and discovery of a long hidden stash of gold in an ancient fortress.

They are often able to make their way out of difficulties through use of specialized gadgets and complicated computer information provided by an elderly couple of experts back on the home front. The trio’s combined skills and contacts enable them to use a seaplane, helicopter and U.S destroyer in hazardous chases that take them to Alaska, Russia, the Mediterranean, Canada and India trying to resolve the dangerous difficulties.

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