The Holy Bible: True or False? - Kindle ebook by John Rayburn

Broadcast Hall of Famer John Rayburn is neither adversary nor advocate of the veracity of the Holy Bible but serves merely as a disseminator of information. This iconic on-air veteran examines the deeply rooted beliefs of the world’s many religions.
Advice has often been given that it’s better not to get into argumentative discussions about either politics or religion. The advice is based not only on the fact there are so many different viewpoints but also the highly personal nature of them. This book contains contradictions, confusion and conflict right along with deeply-rooted religious beliefs.

How all the many differences came to be can often be traced to interpretation. The story or description can engender many different ideas and beliefs. In other words, different “interpretations,” some of them brought about, according to many experts, by translations that may have been influenced by changing languages, the non-print era of bygone centuries, or simple errors of the genre of what we now call “typos.” There were no proofreaders as such and it would seem highly possible that miscues of one kind or another could occur by copyists using primitive materials.
The primary purpose is to explore and offer material leading to better understanding concerning the myriad religions, thereby decreasing rancor regarding the differences. Among many topics the text questions whether Moses and other prominent Bible figures were actual persons or perhaps inventions of theological ideas.

This idea has been given credence with information about a recently deciphered 4,000-year old clay tablet housed at the renowned British Museum. The research suggests the much discussed Noah’s Ark was round, not long with a pointed bow. Furthermore, the specialist who translated the tablet believes the story of the flood and a boat to rescue life was a Babylonian invention passed along to Jews during their exile in Babylon in the 6th century B.C. He doesn’t believe the ark existed. If an accurate assessment, it explains why remains haven’t been authenticated on Mt. Ararat.
This book content is historical, probing and speculative with acknowledgment that translations and interpretation can play major roles in misunderstanding. One of religion’s major arguments concerns creationism and evolution and that, too, is discussed. The author is an award winning veteran broadcaster who reports negative and positive aspects concerning both the Old and New Testaments.

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