Gold Rush Girl - Kindle eBook by Suzanne Lilly

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What does a young woman in 1849 do if she wants to become a doctor? Go to California and join the gold rush, of course.
Lucinda Martin York has known the healing arts since she was a little girl, taught by her mother and grandmother. Her father decides to move the family to California, and while they’re on the trail, word breaks out about the gold rush. After Lucinda’s parents die, she sets out on her own to make her fortune. She dreams of becoming one of the first women doctors out West, but life takes her on a little detour, as life will often do.
In this sweet suspenseful novel, Lucinda mines for gold, fights off thieves, battles a fire, finds a new way of making money, falls in love, and discovers how strong she can be. George Arnold, the man she falls for, adds a humorous twist to the tale with his dry wit and old-fashioned charm. In a land where there are nine men for every woman, George is a lucky man to have Lucinda’s love. But he has a secret, something he’s running away from, and he won’t share it with Lucinda until fate forces his hand.
A mix of western, classic, and historical fiction, Gold Rush Girl will take you back to the California that created both paupers and millionaires.

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