Autumn in the City of Angels - Kindle eBook by Kirby Howell

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A plague of epic proportion sweeps the globe, leaving less than one percent of the world's population immune.  Among the living is Autumn Winters, the teenage daughter of a famous actress.  When Autumn's parents don't come home and the city is overtaken by a dangerous faction, she goes into hiding with a small group of underground survivors.  They're led by a mysterious young man who harbors an unearthly secret, and with whom Autumn feels a deep connection.

Autumn in the City of Angels is the first novel in a series, followed by Autumn in the Dark Meadows and Autumn in the City of Lights

Tequila Assassin: Malinalli Way - Kindle ebook by Greg Prosmushkin

Jack Fleming is an anti-hero.  He is a hard drinking wise ass.  But he is good at one thing - killing.  Tequila Assassin: Malinalli Way is an outrageous roller coaster ride through the Mexican countryside with a healthy dose of murder.  But no mistake about it, Fleming only kills bad guys who truly deserve it.

CENTAURI by Ken Bush

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Four astronauts land on Mars for a routine mission. Is there gold deep in the surface of Mars? While mining, they fall into the middle of an intergalactic battle on the surface and are forced to return with a strange being that looks human (white hair, blue eyes) to a parallel universe.

Through deceit and betrayal, they're tricked into taking on homicidal androids and told they wouldn't be allowed to return to Earth. After being introduced to advanced weaponry, alien civilizations, they find out that Earth will have to pay the price of the greatest war ever.

It’s high suspense for Lt. Robert Sears. In trying to make his mark as an astronaut, he's not  very satisfied with the routine mission to Mars. He's blown away after a starship battle explodes over the surface destroying their space shuttle "The Mayflower".

The captain is injured and Sears takes charge. He has the crew return with Drayden (a Centaurian) and the horror begins. Sears is betrayed and must decide between two worlds which are his ally and his enemy. He finds out he may lose his crew forever and Earth will be destroyed.

Can Sears win in time before it’s too late?

Between Land and Sea - Kindle ebook by Joanne Guidoccio

When I announced the release of Between Land and Sea, a paranormal romance about an overweight, middle-aged ex-mermaid, I was surprised by the subsequent comments.

The typical male response was a Duchenne smile followed by a puzzled expression and several pointed questions...

Why is she so old?

Just how overweight is she?

Are you putting a fat mermaid on the cover?

The men had preconceived notions of what a mermaid should look like—wavy auburn tresses, mesmerizing green eyes, and a curvaceous twenty-something body.

The women, on the other hand, were intrigued by a mermaid who did not fit the stereotype and wanted to hear more about her reinvention story. Many of them had fond and not-so-fond memories of The Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale.

I also had mixed feelings about that fairy tale. The sad ending of the original version stayed with me, and to this day, I still feel sorry for the mute ex-mermaid who could only smile when the handsome prince married the princess. Knowing that the wedding morning would only bring heartbreak and seal her fate as “foam on the crest of waves” always saddened me.

I wanted the little mermaid to marry the prince and live happily ever after. But when the Disney version was released, I still wasn’t happy with the ending. I realize now that I wanted to read about a different kind of mermaid, one who could achieve a happy and successful life, with or without the prince. And maybe one who wasn’t quite so young or so beautiful.

Keeping this vision of an older and wiser mermaid firmly in mind, I wrote Between Land and Sea, the first book of the Mediterranean trilogy.

Isabella of the Mediterranean kingdom gives up her tail for an international banker. In a fit of rage, her grandmother chops off Isabella’s hair and ages her beyond recognition. The horrified banker abandons her on the fog-drenched shores of southwest England, leaving her to face a difficult human journey as a plain and practically destitute fifty-three-year-old woman.

With the help of a magic tablet and online mermaid support, Isabella embraces her new body and heals her bruised heart. Along the way, she encounters a cast of unforgettable characters, among them former mermaids, supportive and not-so-supportive women, deserving and undeserving men, and several New Agers.

Parable of the Forgotten - An Unsuitable Mystery kindle ebook by Simon Fenn

Someone with nothing has nothing to lose..

Jarvis Langton is an unborn-again Christian living on the fringe.
He's not big on life and has tried to finish his own twice.

Still, on most days, he quite likes to sun himself at Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens. One sunny morning, he notices something winking at him from a nearby bush. He investigates to find the dead body of his friend, Lady; a Thai transvestite.

Jarvis is not someone with his thoughts lined up in any reasonable order. It takes him a while to work out Lady must have been murdered. It takes longer for him to realise he is being followed. But once Jarvis decides he's going to track down Lady's killer; the premonition that finding Lady's murderer will bring him his own end, happens in an instant.
I've never read anything close to this before..the kind of book I could not put down. The plot was brilliant. More twists than a Colorado mountain highway. Rod Chandler - Retired US Congressman. Colorado USA   

With no superfluous lines and no rest-stops, it is a first class, no rest-stop, brilliant, whirly gig! Dr  Shé Mackenzie Hawke - Associate Professor, University of  Sydney.

..witty, intelligent tale..enthralled from beginning to end. Laugh-aloud funny and gut-wrenchingly sad..deeply spiritual..a love story in the truest sense.. Denise Imwold. Author; 501 Must-Reads Books.

Thoughts in Process: The Lost Art (Second Thoughts) by Theresa Ann Casten

Thoughts in Process: The Lost Art (Second Thoughts)  is a book of free verse poetry. It is Volume 2 in the series of a collection of poetry by Theresa Ann Casten. The book covers topics from feelings of abandonment in times of need, overcoming obstacles, moving on and remembering what it was like to have an imagination of a child. This book has been described as having strong emotions and truly inspirational. Featuring colored pictures to help boost a more creative imagination for the readers.

Vicious - Kindle ebook by Olivia Rivard

Vicious - Built for Death...Altered by Love

This story begins with a girl named Anna gone missing right when the  world undergoes some major changes under the burden of overpopulation.  As unlikely as it sounds, these two events are related.  Something sinister is happening to the girl and others like her, and there is a prison in Louisiana that has turned into its own version of a horror movie.

Two girls are turned into monsters, but they carry on their lives in very different ways.  One works to try to regain her humanity, and the other wishes to embrace her inner beast.  Live and let live become the golden rule until an unsuspecting human gets caught in the middle.  His curious love and want to help them seek vengeance on those who turned them into these things puts him directly in the path of destruction.  It's Anna's job to keep him safe, but her feelings for him get in the way.

Can we be who we want to be, or are we forever altered by what has happened to us?  Can evil become good if it so chooses?

Aram - kindle ebook by A.K. Frailey

Aram is a warrior in the land of Ur who wants nothing more than to save himself and his family, but an angry wife, a traitor, and a fierce beast block his path.  He discovers a beautiful land only to realize he has stumbled into the midst of a battle where an innocent clan is about to be annihilated. Aram must find out if he has any friends at all and if they will stand with him when he is forced to face this approaching evil. A young warrior named Barak thought he could lead better than Aram until his attempt at power nearly costs him his life. Aram’s wife, Namah, thought she finally met her match, until her choice leads her over the side of a cliff. Obed, the invalid leader of an artisan clan, is trying to keep his people calm as slave traders plan their attack. Neb plans to conquer as his grandfather taught him while his son chooses a different path. An old caretaker named Eymard knows a secret which will change Aram’s life forever.  Read Aram, book one of The Deliverance Trilogy, followed by book two, Ishtar’s Redemption and book three, Neb the Great. 

The Evolution of the Modern Male and Female - a kindle short ebook by Richard Castagner

The purpose of this book is to bring the male and female back together. For years we have been drifting further and further apart, at great cost to society. Men and women have lost respect for one another and struggle to communicate. Marriage and family life, the bedrock of society, are disintegrating. Children are not getting proper emotional support and love. Today’s world is complicated and stressful, and there is strife between the sexes as a result. Unless we can successfully adapt to one another despite sociological changes, our species as we know it is in danger of becoming extinct. My hope is that men and women awaken to what we are losing and what needs to be done. For the mutual benefit of both sexes, we should fight to keep what worked in the past while adapting to the changes that have occurred.

I have written this book for all age groups. Please try to read it with an open mind and with all your buttons turned off. You may turn your buttons back on, if you desire, after the read.

This book is directly addressing a minority of the females (5%)[1] in the US, the ultra left liberal feminist, and most males who sadly assume that all of the problems we are having in the male and female relationship today are just going to go away. A growing number of US females (15%)[2] are conservative feminists who have many of the same goals that the American male wants right now. The majority of the females (80%)[3] in the US, do not consider themselves feminists but have been well indoctrinated by feminist principles over the last 50 years.

I do not include all women in this conversation; I know some wonderful, confident females who are respectful and have somehow avoided feminist indoctrination.

My hope is that the younger generation reads this book. They have the time to make the necessary changes in their lives that will increase their happiness as adults. It is our responsibility as adults to pass on these ideas to the younger generation as they grow up.

The issues in this book are very relevant to mainly the modern Democratic societies, especially the US, Canada and Europe. Other countries in the world are in different stages of ramping up to the US situation. I now live in Mexico and I already see the changes starting to happen down here. The society in Mexico is at 1960s US and changes in the male / female relationship area are needed. The problem coming, based on the US women’s movement, is how to stop making changes once the mission has been accomplished? My hope is that on an international level, other countries, including Mexico, see what has gone wrong in the women’s movement, especially in the US and learn from it.

We are living longer lives now, so being happy has never been more important. Men and women can still have it all if we simply decide to.

The Sorcerer's Dragon - A fantasy/sci-fi kindle ebook by C.D. Muller

The destiny of the world has been rewritten and the kingdom of Oblivion shall reign over the earth.
When a demonic entity known only as the Sorcerer breaks free from the gates of Oblivion, he seeks out an ancient relic known only as Ragnarok, foretold by the prophecy that it would give him the power to take over the empire of Armageddon and to recreate the universe.

The empire’s last ray of hope, Selena Ayladail, a fourteen year old girl who is tormented by the demon, unravels the truth of her existence that she is the only one who can stop him. She befriends an extraordinary dragon named Thor and they work together to try to stop the Sorcerer.

The Truth which was Kept from Us - non-fiction by Klaus E. Berger

I maintain that 90% of Jesus' teachings have been kept secret. Most of his teachings are to be found in this book, which goes on to tell of wisdom, truth, beauty and ancient mysteries in the context of world religions and folk tales about extraterrestrial visits to earth.
   The one and only truth, which is the doctrine of love, will be conveyed in a down-to-earth, non-religious style. You will be able to read many hidden writings containing Jesus' teachings, including the ancient gospel. The ancient gospel is the principal gospel, the complete and original gospel, containing far more than the four gospels of the Bible.
   The whole of the so-called Christian world is founded on a bigoted and distorted version of all that was originally wondrous and genuine. It is shocking that this could have happened. What do people today know of the laws of love? The teachings of reincarnation? Genuine and profound wisdom? This is no small and trivial matter that the churches are withholding - but the most essential and major part of the original teachings! The churches have suppressed the ancient gospel, as well as a wealth of other writings. The discovery of this original ancient gospel, 107 years ago, should have caused a sensation, the like of which the world has never seen before. But the churches have done nothing whatsoever! In fact, they have concealed the very spirit itself. It is these things, first and foremost; the spirit and the light of love, with which my book deals.
   Many people will be both delighted and dismayed when they discover the scope and nature of the treasures of divine wisdom which have been kept from them.
   What was once the unimpeachable doctrine of love, has been transformed, the world over, into religious ceremony and superstition.

Poetic Justice by Lori James

Do you like a ‘who done it’ murder mystery?  In the mood for a little romance?  Do you like to follow legal trials?  How about an over ambitious prosecuting attorney and a feisty female defense attorney?  Poetic Justice has them all. Do you own a pet? Has a pet ever changed your life or the life of someone you know? One of Poetic Justice’s main character’s life and heart go through changes, when they become owned by a stray.

Poetic Justice is set on a background of characters ranging from a single mom to high powered attorneys, who are sure to draw you into their lives.
Check out the reviews, and see if it's for you.

Tennessee Rain - kindle ebook by Emylee Bishop Sturk

Tennessee Rain is the breakout novel from author emylee bishop sturk. This novel falls directly into two genres, making it wonderfully unique as a Southern Gothic Historic Family Saga. It spans three generations, and is a true account of shocking events from her family’s tragic, but beautiful past. Primarily set in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, you will follow a family on a tobacco farm and discover the harsh reality of everyday life and the events they encounter along the way. Follow them to the railroads in Knoxville to the building of the Atomic Bomb in Oak Ridge to the cotton plants in North Carolina, but always back to the farm. Her visual imagery is stunning and her characters pristine. Coupled with her impeccable use of southern dialogue, you are given the feeling that you are taking part in the travesty that unfolds before you. Tennessee Rain is a story of determination, trials, suffering, and finding happiness where it lies. It shows how bitterness kept locked in a heart can tear you apart, and how overcoming seemingly impossible odds is always attainable. This is a story that is hard to put down and is sure to please.


One Night at the Jacaranda will be 0.99 pounds or $1.50 during November 21, 22 and 23!

One man dying of cancer. One struggling journalist. A group of single Londoners. One night that changes everything.

This roller-coaster ride of a story begins the evening a motley group of 30-somethings, fuelled by hope and booze, meet at a speed-dating event.  Cancer-stricken Sanjay, lawyer Laure, stressed doctor Geoff, harassed mother-of-four Karen and traumatized ex-con Dan all face each other across the Jacaranda’s gleaming tables in their quest for someone special.  Or just mind-blowing sex.

Undercover journalist Harriet is after a by-line, not a boyfriend.  She’s a struggling freelance in debt to her live-in lover.  Yet soon she unexpectedly has to choose between the comfortable life she knows and a bumpy road that could lead to happiness.

All six of the colourful characters are pretending to be something they’re not.  That’s the way, they believe, to make themselves more attractive.  But along the dating journey, via death, divorce and dark secrets, each learns you can only find a soul-mate when you start being yourself.

There’s a heart-breaking medical strand and a wealth of vivid detail that reflect the author’s experience as a doctor.  The unpredictable ending comes after laughter, tears and every emotion in between.

Over 50 excellent Amazon reviews (US and UK). From reviews:

“Pacy, witty and well observed.”

“This doctor has a very racy bedside manner.....As for the raunchier parts of the book - and there are many - well, put it this way, cleaning the bath will never be the same again!”

“Sexy, quick-witted, eye-opening and heart-warming tale… I recommend it to anyone looking for a polished, well-crafted contemporary romance.”

“Fast-paced, witty and fantastically saucy... Can't wait for the next one.”

“Searingly honest and full of convincing characters, this is a pick me up book that makes you feel better about life.”

“A wonderfully gritty story... with an appropriate and satisfactory conclusion.”

“Great writing, perfectly constructed chapters, and a real mixture of characters, make this a damn good book.”

“My initial impression was that it would be a light and frothy chick-lit type of romance but I couldn't have been more wrong. What I got was a warm-hearted and compassionate story about the vagaries of modern life, written in a lively and fun style. Undoubtedly, the writer has a real skill with words.  Her ability to tell a good story really shines through.”

“Racy, realistic and one to relish.  Really wonderful debut novel.  She writes with understanding, empathy and compassion.”

“Sassy and classy in equal measures.”

“At times dark, at times laugh-out-loud funny, this snapshot of dating in London stays with you long after the final page.”

“There are some dark and difficult issues, but they are dealt with in a sympathetic and readable way.  An absolute joy.”

Harvest Sky - kindle ebook by Hunter McEgan

Eleven-year-old Tiernan would have spent most of his time wondering what the outside world was like if he didn’t spend that time just trying to survive.  He and his mother, Glenna, just happen to live in one of the most dangerous places of the island of Prywonder.  One day, Tiernan finds his daily routine interrupted by the unexpected arrival of his friend Zandra.

Zandra was never known to be one to do anything the traditional way, but this never stopped her from getting the job done.  She was also never one to make excuses whenever she would be forced to improvise (as she put it).  She was happy just as long as the goal was met and there wasn’t any damage (unless, of course, said damage had been one of the goals to begin with).
After Glenna is forced to leave to answer a plea for help, Zandra is left to watch over Tiernan.  It isn’t long before plans fall apart and Tiernan finds himself joining Zandra on a mission that will lead them across Prywonder.  Nothing seems to go according to plan (something Zandra is unfortunately quite used to), and Tiernan begins to wonder if anyone ever truly knew what the mission involved.  Tiernan struggles to discover what the truth is while hoping that the knowledge won’t get anyone killed.

The Case of the Pig in the Evening Suit - kindle ebook by RR Gall

In 2004, a dead pig was pulled out of a storm drain in Sydney, Australia. It was wearing an evening suit. Unsurprisingly, its picture made the front page of the local newspaper. That was the start.

Two years later another clothed pig is found wedged a storm drain in the sleepy Scottish town of Dumfries, Jin Johnstone cannot hold his curiosity at bay. He decides to investigate. It is a bad decision: it puts his life in danger.

Jin is not really a detective: it’s just that people of the town come to him with their problems. Sometimes he charges for his services. It depends.

Already undertaking the task of finding a missing son, Jin’s search through the town, with its many colourful characters, brings him into contact with a beautiful and mysterious woman; a woman who fires up unprecedented and unwelcome desires in him.
Then another body is found.

Told in the first person, The Case of the Pig in the Evening Suit is a high-paced, multi-layered, quirky, and, at times, humorous murder/mystery, dripping with a distinct sense of place. Its many twists and turns evolving quickly into a thrillingly tense and topical story.
It is the first part of the Dumfries Detective trilogy.

Crushed - Kindle ebook by Willow Monroe

Harper fought hard for her little brother, but now he's gone and she's trying to claw her way back to normal. She needs a hero.

Jest is no hero, but there's something about Harper that is making him sit up and take notice. Can he let go of his own past long enough to help her escape hers?

From the author:

I loved writing about Harper and Jest. Before I started writing her story, Harper was quite the little smart-a** and angry at the world. Then, as I kept exploring her character, I realized that she was drowning in pain (that’s a theme in this story, BTW) and just needed someone to love her back to wholeness.

Enter Jest – the cocky, sexy new guy in town. He was supposed to be an infuriating jerk, but as I let him take the lead I discovered that he had a painful past of his own and he really, really wants to get past that and be Harper’s hero.

Waves of Passion - kindle ebook by Danika Steel

This is a story that is rich with complexities. Captain Seth Derby is a generous family man with a caring heart. His friends and family do not think he will ever recover from lost love. He is not the type to believe it can happen more than once. His obsession is his father's old boat and that is sufficient. When Denna comes to work on his boat with him, she is everything he does not need or want. He is shut down, she is cold and aloof. Yet, life has other plans and no one could have predicted what actually unfolded.

Special Attraction - Kindle eBook by M.L. Ryan

“Do you enjoy urban fantasy with a sci-fi twist that will make you snort Pepsi out of your nose if you take a drink at the wrong moment?  Then this book is for you.”  -Thianna D.

”Strap in for the wild ride across dimensions filled with great one-liners, adventure, and enough twists to cause whiplash! Never has a heroine who seems so unlikely to save the world stepped to the challenge with such flair.

Think about it: a being from another dimension gets trapped in your Kindle, then makes the leap from there to your mind. I don’t know about you, but I currently own several Kindles, and I’m thinking M. L. Ryan may know something we don’t!”   -Dii

”Special Attraction was hold-onto-your-seat full of action and humor. Oh, and romance. Do NOT forget the romance. Alex (pause for heavy sigh) is an absolute dream and Hailey's life has not been the same since she met him and Sebastian. And, she wouldn't have it any other way.

Even though this is the third book in the series, it can easily be read on its own. Ms. Ryan gives just enough details of what happened previously that you don't feel lost. I'm sure, though, that reading it in conjunction with the other books could only make things better. I especially would like to read how Hailey and Alex (pause for heavy sigh) got together.

It was a quick read... I read it in one sitting, which these days is not easy for me, just because of how busy I am, but once I started it, I could not put it down. And there were several laugh out loud moments. Ms. Ryan has created some wonderfully quirky characters that I just fell in love with...and Alex (pause for heavy sigh), let's just say he's my new book boyfriend.”  - It’s Raining Books

Wycliffe - kindle ebook by Sean DeDanaan

From a dingy apartment in New York, Geoffrey travels to a house in Pennsylvania for a reading of his aunt’s will. He is led to the library where, through a bookcase, he crosses into a gas lit mansion in Mayfair, London. This is not his history though – he is on an earth with two moons, being led by a manipulative duchess with a fixation on power and influence. As he adjusts to the change from beer to champagne in this Victorian setting, he learns who he really is and his destiny is revealed. Murder, intrigue, love and romance ensues as he begins to use his knowledge to affect the course of history in Britain.

Windswept - kindle ebook by Cynthia Thomason

Take advantage of the Kindle countdown deal going on now, Mar. 25 - Mar 31 Only .99 cents for this sexy, fun adventure the Detroit Free Press calls "A fresh Caribbean breeze of a romance." Multi award-winning author Cynthia Thomason provides a glimpse into old Key West of the 1850s when the bars greatly outnumbered the churches and salvagers became millionaires. Can sheltered Virginia beauty Nora Seabrook, daughter of the island's newest federal judge, tame the brooding ship captain with a dark secret that will take them to a remote location in the Caribbean Sea? Mystery combines with sizzling romance in this fun romp.

Detox big time - kindle book by Caroline Benson

Big time for a detox!
Is your body exhausted all the time? Are you suffering from discomforts or weight problems? If so, everybody needs to read “Detox Big Time”.
This book, “Detox, Big Time” outlines an easy program you can follow every day to accomplish your personal health, eliminate stress and weight loss objectives.
It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?
The fact is, we all want to stay fit. So much is out there for us to reach and achieve. We are living in an age when many different experiences lie within our reach during our lifetimes. At the same time, we have developed sedentary patterns that encourage toxins and by-products to build up in our systems. These by-products threaten our health and equilibrium.
But we can avoid these detrimental side-effects by eating and exercising wisely.
To do this easily, you can order “Detox Big Time”. It will help you plan a regimen and prepare appetizing meals, and get you started on the path to well-being!
You will find in this little book many examples of healthy menus and recipes you can create in your free time. These will have a positive effect on how you feel. You will notice extra energy and enthusiasm in no time!
“This book is packed with great information, yet I did not find it as radical or overwhelming as other detox books I have read.” Top 10 Amazon reviewer
Early spring is the best time to detox...
$0.99 these days Don’t hesitate – order now!

I Have Three Things To Tell You, My Friend - kindle ebook by RM DAmato

The Golden Years Can Be A Killer!

At 65, Fernando Smith has a chip on his shoulder--he can't get out of his janitor's job for the next 80 Years!

"He furiously shook his cracked dustpan at the indifferent gods!"

In 2033, every senior citizen is offered a second chance and a second career. At 65, John Sinclair, a life-long teacher, faces two choices—a second career or permanent retirement and early death. The state will pay for his genetic rehabilitation, university education, and an extended life span of 160 years. It’s guaranteed! All Sinclair has to do is to mentor his young apprentice, commit to a new career, and avoid any dealings with a daft and spiteful school janitor, Fernando Smith. Like all incredible offers, Sinclair’s new career comes with a toxic price tag. The question is—is he willing to pay?

#1 Amazon Bestseller for The Last Seminarian.

For more info and preview visit

The Last Seminarian - kindle eBook by RM DAmato

2013 ForeWord Reviews Awards SciFi Finalist!

2014 Nominee--SciFi Global eBooks Awards!

Time is running out!

A dead friend mysteriously returns from a long forgotten grave--"I am dead and the dead are not speaking to you."

The year is 2040. Facing the threat of a viral pandemic, four friends will finally unite for an extraordinary reunion. Within an orbiting virtual world, the former seminarians will confront personal demons, while sharing ideas about the meaning of life, friendship, and love—including the existence of God. It is an allegorical dance played out in the microcosmic and metaphysical drama of the human condition. Can they return to Earth before the plague makes it impossible, dropping the curtain on existence forever?

Home - Kindle ebook by Donovin Freeman

Home is based on a true story. My grandfather was a numbers runner for the notorious gangster Bumpy Johnson. Bumpy's life story was made into the movie "Hoodlum" starring Laurence Fishburne, Vanessa Williams, Tim Roth and Andy Garcia. My grandfather and his wife were just not responsible enough at their age to raise four children so with the threat of them being put up for adoption their grandmother brings them down south and raises them herself. Home is a story about the collateral damage that can be done by the drug trade. Fortunately, my mother and her siblings were rescued from that environment and have lived very good decent lives despite very rough beginnings. It's a story that will make you laugh, cry, fill with rage, and cheer at the top of your lungs.

5.0 out of 5 stars I love it !!!!!!!!!!, May 18, 2013

By Amazon Customer
This review is from: HOME (Kindle Edition)
I love this book...I felt like I was at HOME :-) Totally a warm feeling! Mr. Freeman is truly a gifted writer. Can't wait to begin reading Home Again and Running in Place.

Home, August 23, 2012
By A. Johnson "book loan" (houston,tx)

This review is from: HOME (Kindle Edition)
This book is about family drama. Family who was abandon by their biological mother and who are about to meet for the first time in their adult years. Lots of drama and a very good read.

"The Adventures of Sheriff Williker / Book No. 1 "The Case of the Missing Horseshoe" - kindle ebook by Kim Hansen

A missing horseshoe for a prize winning horse...a set of mysterious footprints...suspicious looking characters...

Up against time, Sheriff Williker is called in to find the missing horseshoe for a prize winning horse before tomorrow's big race. Follow the Sheriff, as he unravels the clues to solve his first case.

"The Case of the Missing Horseshoe" is Book No. 1 in a series of colorful picture books written and illustrated by Kim Hansen. In Book No. 1, the reader will be introduced to the town's people--adorable forest animals--Sheriff Williker, Mrs. Williker, Mr. Drexel (the town's blacksmith), and other lively characters throughout this new series of picture books. Each book in the series will take you on a new adventure--each book has an ending--and each story has a moral.

Book No. 2 "The Case of the Lake Monster" - release date June 2014
Book No. 3 "The Case of the Haunted School House" - release date October 2014
Book No. 4 "Butch Has Gone Missing!" release date December 2014


The Adventures of Sheriff Williker was inspired by the author's childhood memories growing up in a small lake community in northwest Iowa. Kim named the sheriff after a saying her mom often said, ‘Gee whiz willikers!’

Kim's grandparents were the picture perfect ‘Norman Rockwell’ grandpa and grandma. Her grandpa was a U.S. Marshal, and her grandma was the town’s ‘doctor’.  Kim would sit and listen in amazement at the stories they told her about the early days--'LONG before there were automobiles--our mode of transportation was a horse and buggy...a kerosene lamp lit our way.' Her grandma would make house calls to deliver babies, many times traveling in freezing temperatures through snowdrifts. When Kim was sick, her grandma would always make her feel better by giving Kim one of her homemade remedies--warm lemon juice, honey--and lots of love!

Kim's grandma loved to knit, crochet, and make quilts. She was also the cook at the local high school in Superior, Iowa.

Her grandparents were in a band and often played at ‘barn parties’ on the weekends. Her grandpa played the banjo and harmonica. Her grandma played the piano and sang.

When Kim's grandparents retired, they spent their time gardening. They LOVED to spend time in their garden and grew everything from flowers, to raspberry bushes, to vegetables, to rhubarb--and even popcorn!

Her grandpa also LOVED to fish. His casual clothes were blue jean overalls and a BIG baseball cap. He carried a pitchfork with him when he worked in the garden.

Her grandma had white, long hair, rolled up and pinned to the back of her head in a bun. She wore flowered printed dresses, an apron, and stockings--rolled down to her ankles. If her grandma wasn't in the garden, you could find her in the kitchen. She was always baking pies or canning with the fresh fruits or vegetables they gathered from their garden. The canned preserves lined the shelves in their storm cellar.

Kim's uncle was the town’s blacksmith. His wife was the editor of the local newspaper. They also had a large garden and huge apple orchard. You could always count on Kim's aunt serving her guests a slice of freshly baked apple pie.

Kim's other uncle was retired from the Navy and LOVED to fish. Come rain, wind, sleet or snow, you could find him out on the lake fishing, even ice fishing!

Kim's grandparents had one daughter--Kim's mother--who was the youngest of four siblings. She was just as loving, caring, and hard working as her grandparents. Kim's mom worked for the local newspaper office. In her spare time, she loved to garden. You could often find her in the kitchen with grandma baking or canning.

On the weekends, all of Kim's family would get together for Sunday dinner at each other’s houses, or often times gathered at one of the lakes for picnics and games. Everyone brought tons of food--homemade salads and desserts made with fresh vegetables and fruit from their very own garden.

"I hope you enjoy THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER, as much as I enjoyed reliving my childhood through writing and illustrating this series of children's books. -- Kim Hansen

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kim Hansen is the Amazon bestselling author/writer/illustrator of a NEW series of children's books titled THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER, inspired by her childhood memories growing up in a small lake community in Dickinson County located in northwest Iowa. Her grandparents lived in Superior, Iowa, where Kim spent most of her childhood days. Her grandpa was a U.S. Marshal. Kim named the sheriff after a saying her mom often said, 'Gee whiz willikers!'

Kim Hansen is also a talented artist/muralist. She owned and operated Custom Murals & Designs from 2002 through 2012. Her work has been showcased throughout Colorado, Florida and Arizona.

In 2009, Kim began working on true crime book projects as an investigative researcher with self-published authors Sherrie Lueder, John Hansen, Jill Hansen Smith and Tyson Wrensch. Both books, HE KILLED OUR JANNY: "A Family's Search for the Truth," and UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT, became best sellers on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes.

In January 2014, combining her talents as an investigative researcher and muralist, Kim set out to accomplish her dream of writing and illustrating a series of children's books THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER.

Silicon Man - a science fiction thriller for kindle by William Massa

A global pandemic has cut the human population in half. An android workforce fills the void left by the devastation. But some of the AIs have grown tired of being slaves. Some want freedom. An underground movement of runaways has sprung up and wages a shadow war with a simple objective -- equal rights for artificial people.

Enter Commander Cole Marsalis, head of the AI-TAC first response team trained to deal with the rogue robots. Now he has been tasked with the ultimate undercover mission - infiltrate the android underground. But to do so, he will have to become that which he hates the most... A machine!

"SILICON MAN is an intelligent techno thriller where the line between man and machine has never been more unclear."  Nicholas Sansbury Smith, best-selling author of ORBS

Parachutes and Peppermints (The Freefall Trilogy Part 1) - Kindle Ebook by Sadie Mills

Chocolatier, Lucy Simkins, has been unceremoniously dumped by her dithering boyfriend, Phil. She needs to blast him out of her system. She needs to feel alive. She decides to go skydiving.

Joshua Snow is one of the most experienced tandem instructors at the dropzone, with a smile that can charm the birds from the trees. Confident, charismatic, even a little cocky, he soon finds himself on the back foot. He finds his shy little tandem student somewhat disarming.

There's an instant attraction between Joshua and Lucy, an attraction that hasn't gone unnoticed by his peers. A distracted student is one thing - they're all used to that. But a distracted instructor? That's a whole different story.

Parachutes and Peppermints is the first part in the Sadie Mills Freefall Trilogy, a fast-paced series of novellas, each set within the space of a single day. In this romantic comedy Sadie Mills grabs the unsuspecting reader by the handholds, drags them to the door, and pulls them out of the plane with her, giving a glimpse of a world full of adrenaline (not to mention insanely hot men) rarely explored in literature.

Chimera - kindle ebook by David Kaine

I have a Ph.D. in the history of religion - and until now I never did anything with it. I ended up working in the tech sector, but I have all this arcane knowledge floating around in my head. Every now and then I would completely overwhelm a conversation partner who happened to ask me about religion or mythology, but otherwise I didn't find much of a use for the stuff I learned in school. Then one day I was reading a Dan Brown novel, and something clicked: I realized that the interesting stuff that Brown uses to spice up his thrillers is very much like what I learned all those years ago. And so I thought to myself: "I should try to write something like that, and see if people like it."

Most likely my dissertation supervisor would be spinning in her grave if she wasn't still alive, but I'm having fun and so far my readers seem to be having fun, too. As long as people like my books, I'll keep writing them.

THE ESSENE CONSPIRACY - Kindle eBook by S. Eric Wachtel

Kindle Countdown Deal - March 24-30,2014


*****Definite intrigue, March 20, 2014 By Nancy S. Wagner

This review is from: THE ESSENE CONSPIRACY (Kindle Edition)

This book is written in third person, going from person to person. I often wondered how I was going to keep everybody straight, but Wachtel kept it straight for me. Not as clearly scripted was figuring out who the bad guys and who the good guys were in the intrigue. Some of the plot reminded me of a previous book by a different author that resulted in many readers believing the book was not fiction, but truth. 5 stars for the author`s ability to weave a similar tale and draw the reader into the story so thoroughly. But I would not recommend the book for all readers. I recommend this to adult readers only that simply want to enjoy a well written fiction book

Discovering a barely legible name scribbled on a blood-stained business card in the shirt pocket of an Israeli minister murdered in Jerusalem, the Director of Israeli Intelligence calls upon an old  friend and colleague, security consultant Harry McClure,  to investigate a possible American connection to the brutal crime.

Follow McClure  as he uncovers a complex  Wall Street money-laundering scheme linked to a clandestine Messianic Brotherhood’s plot to reclaim Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.  A suspenseful historical thriller that will keep you guessing.

Recovery of a Colony Ship - kindle book by John Thornton

Recovery of a Colony Ship by John Thornton will be free on March 31, and April 1, 2014.  It is the first book in a ten book series, The Colony Ship Eschaton.

Here are some reviews of the books in this series:

This review is from: Destination of the Colony Ship (Colony Ship Eschaton #10) (Kindle Edition)

“Not so much a good book but the final chapter of a really great book. It held my attention from the start of the first book to the end. What can john Thornton do for an encore?”-- Barry Cullum

I just recently discovered the Colony Ship Eschaton series recently and have enjoyed it immensely. It was fun trying to visualize and then guess what animals the characters were describing.

I have to be honest and say that there were some things that I found annoying, like constantly saying "Habitat One: Coastal Plains" et al...we got it, there are eight habitats; the author could have shortened the Habitats to just their names after the first book. I didn't like how 'superior' and 'condescending' many of the Domer characters were towards the people on the ship; including Jamie and Michael. While I understand that there are people like that in the real world, in the literary would, we want our 'good guys' to be good.

But my personal issues aside, I highly recommend going ahead and downloading all the books.”  --The Gecko

“With sci-fi tales I look for new and unusual plot lines and exciting ways to solve futuristic problems. This story was good at providing those things, but it did leave some questions unanswered. The death and the un-death of the first person they meet on the colony ship.”—An Amazon Customer

“Do you remember the juvenile novels of Robert A Heinlein? Do you remember how easy it was to get lost in them? That is what John Thorton's Recovery of a Colony Ship reminds me of. It's just a good fun yarn! Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that he is in the same category as RAH but who knows, RAH wasn't the Grand Master in his early works either. What I'm saying if you want read a book, and have reality suspended for awhile, then this is it.”—George12p

Coral Hare: Atomic Agent - Kindle eBook by Clive Lee

Kindle Countdown Deals Promotion: 03/24/2014-03/30/2014

Amazon Kindle URL:

An intrepid teenage OSS agent goes behind enemy lines to stop the Japanese atomic bomb project during World War II. Inspired by actual historical events.

Mina was once your average sweet-yet-sassy 1940s teenager. She watched Saturday afternoon serials, slurped cherry Cokes, and delighted in Frank Sinatra and big band swing.

Then she watched her father die trying to save a U.S. Navy sailor from the burning wreckage of Pearl Harbor, strafed by a swooping Zero fighter plane.

And oh yeah –- Mina is Japanese American.

Fighting racial prejudice, Mina joins the OSS (the precursor to the modern-day CIA) to avenge her father, and this Hawaiian-born schoolgirl becomes embroiled in a war she never thought she would be part of. Her life becomes a whirlwind odyssey of redemption, loss –- and vindication. Codenamed "Coral Hare," this undercover doe-eyed, gun-toting firebrand is Uncle's Sam's secret weapon against the Empire of Japan.

But the Empire of Japan has an ace up its sleeve -- the development of a devastating new weapon that will usher in a new era -- the atomic bomb.

Armed only with her wits and a handful of real-life gadgets, Mina must venture alone behind enemy lines to stop the Empire of the Rising Sun from extending its rays across the face of the globe. With details woven together from actual historical events surrounding Japan's World War II atomic weapons projects, the journey follows this pint-sized Hawaiian princess from the streets of Tokyo, to the rustic outback of Korea, to the malaria-infested jungles of the Pacific in her mission to prevent atomic annihilation.
Seamlessly blending poignant moments of heartache with blast-from-the-past, high-octane derring-do, Coral Hare is an elegantly woven tale of perseverance and courage that everyone from our Greatest Generation to Millennials can savor.

Conspiracy: Rick O'Shea Adventure#1 by John Rayburn

First of a series of three - check out the others, Duplicity and Intrigue!

Meet a different kind of detective, one who is a “seeker” and “finder” of things that have been lost, stolen or hidden. He collects lucrative finder’s fees, either from a client or from whatever is found.

A seemingly innocuous livelihood has its share of dangerous situations and harrowing experiences. There are hazardous encounters with hijackers, kidnappers, yacht thieves and drug dealers. An engaging team of O’Shea, lovely aerospace expert Helga Lange, and boyhood chum Luther (call me Lute) Martin, put together exciting methods of combating perilous encounters. Real places and things are woven into the story line in a fictional manner, giving an aura of reality. The author thoroughly enjoys the research necessary to make this happen.

Romance develops between Rick and Helga, although neither one seems quite ready to fully commit to a commitment.

Locales range from prehistoric caves at Lascaux, France to a magnificent castle in the Loire Valley with involved searches for art treasures hidden from Nazi forces in World War II, before moving on to Colorado’s San Juan Mountains and into Mexico and Guatemala for searches of their own. This is one of a series of three about the intrepid trio and the other tales of remarkable adventure will be listed here soon. In addition, there are nine other Kindle e-books by John Rayburn.

Worlds Away From Home - kindle ebook by Samilla Roberts

Worlds Away From Home is an inspirational coming of age novel which follows Ashley Parker on her journey of a lifetime. Her morning starts out fine, but after an extraordinarily gruesome day at school, feeling humiliated by her math teacher, Ashley decides to take a nap on her new deckchair. Little did she know her deckchair was no ordinary one and she was in for a big surprise.

When she wakes up from her nap, she realises she is Worlds Away From Home. The deckchair has transported her to an unknown place and so she looks for it in hopes of it allowing her to return home. As she searches for the deckchair, she realises that it would take more than finding it to return home...because she finds herself in many a mysterious places.

Throughout her adventure she gets to experience some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and it is through them that she ends up learning a lot about herself and her inner strengths. Worlds Away From Home is a quest of learning to dream big, to never take anything for granted and to live life to the fullest. This is a fantastic read for audiences of all ages and Ashley's character sets a fantastic example as a modern day positive role model for younger readers.

Storyland - Kindle ebook by Dawn Napier

The first half of Storyland is a collection of weird tales from The Return, the horrible apocalypse in which every scary story and monster that you ever imagined comes to live.  Mythical monsters, fairytale creatures, and horrible nightmares sweep across the world, and the human race is now an endangered species.

Alicia is a survivor, a tough young girl born and raised in the bloody aftermath.  Part Two of Storyland is her story, her struggle to survive, to find a safe haven and trustworthy friends.  She fights off zombies, vampires, dragons, and human monsters of all types before she finally meets a like-minded friend and never again has to travel alone.

The Triptych Force: I AM - Kindle eBook by Michelle Carbotte

Amazon Link

Free April 6, 2014 to April 10 2014.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been a seeker of Spiritual Knowledge. In my twenties I prayed for wisdom and understanding and this deep desire for knowledge has lead me to write this eTrilogy (3 part eBook series) called, The Triptych Force (pronounced Trip-tic) so that I may share with others what I have learned.

The connection I had with the spirit world was very strong as a child. I carried with me a deep “knowing” that there was more to my life than this earthly reality. My seeking began in Christianity because that is the environment I was raised in but after I had read the Bible I widened my search to include Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Kabbalah. I read many ancient documents like the Nag Hammadi Texts, Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bhagavad Gita and the Kebra Nagast, just to name a few. What came about because of my search was a rich, deep and profound understanding of God our Creator, His reason for creation and humanities’ part to play. God is a Creator with purpose; He does everything for a reason. He has a vision of His own that He desires to see fulfilled, and mankind is at the center of it. God is also not hidden and secretive like most of us think. Yes, in a lot of ways, He is beyond human comprehension but God, Our Father, desires to be known and has given us everything we need to have a rich and personal relationship with Him. Whether you are a person of deep faith or someone just beginning their spiritual journey, The Triptych Force has something to offer everyone. Anyone who seeks God will find Him and the deeper you seek the deeper you will uncover the power and love of God. Included in The Triptych Force: I AM are the 6 Triptych Force Laws, 5 Natures of God, 5 attributes of love, 8 paths of choice and the unstoppable power of I AM. The time period we are living right now is special. It is special because you are here. Every life has purpose. Come discover what your true purpose is. It is not about what you can do, it is about what God is able to do through you. When we live our true purpose we become more than our own imaginations can even visualize. True happiness comes not through wealth but through fulfilling our destinies. We are not helpless puppets. God is a supernatural All-powerful being and that same supernatural power is in us as well. It is time to learn more about our true power and to begin using it to change our lives and the lives of those around us. Embrace your power and purpose and become the person you were created to be. God Bless.

Undressing the N-word - Socialogy issues by H. Lewis Smith

Undressing the N-word examines how is it that those who were once victimized by a word now embraces it as a term of endearment, offering explanations as to why such demeanor is unhealthy not only for the Black
community but our nation in general.

How did the Black African American community come about seeing and using the n-word as a term of endearment?  Just what is the true significance of their use of the word n**ga?  The answers to these questions and much more are revealed offering insight into how it is that the Black African American community is a walking contradiction relative to their use of the N-word adding fuel to misunderstandings, confusion, chaos and disrespect.

To demand respect one must have self-respect, the history of the n-word dictates that it is not an honorable or respectable word, thus not all African Americans embrace the term.  Nonetheless, far too many Black Americans do use the term, bringing disrespect on all Black Americans. This creates tension and misunderstandings, and the matter needs to be resolved, not to just assume it will evaporate into thin air all by itself.

Undressing the N-word tackles the issue offering solutions emphasizing why if the United States of America the greatest country on earth is to make even greater strides in human relations, both Black and White America must be able to respect one another, and to  not allow itself to be held hostage by the n-word.

Keeping that word alive keeps its history alive, thus making everyone uncomfortable. Bury the word and its history is buried right along with it.  This is not to suggest that an attempt is being made to make the word vanish into thin air...that’s impossible.  It's as much a part of American history as the Boston Tea Party, Civil War, slavery, etc.  But it can be made to vanish from everyday speech.

To get this accomplish that word must be undressed and shown for what it is.  It can be tantamount to having an aching tooth pulled, you hate going to the dentist, but once the tooth is pulled the tooth ache goes away. Undressing the N-word exposes the n-word for what it is, why it's not a term of endearment, and why it needs to be buried, banned, eradicated and abolished.

No stone is left unturned, whatever, questions are concerns you may have as a white or black person relative to this issue is addressed and dealt with.

Starting All Over - kindle ebook by Lataryn Rainey Perry

A glass of wine, your favorite snack and scented candle is recommended when reading this novel full of steamy romance, drama and hilarious moments. This book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to know more. This is definitely a page turner filled with memorable characters and suspense. You won't be able to put it down, so find a spot and get comfortable.

Love and Trust is something everyone wishes to have, but finding a person who is worth giving it to can be hard.

Shanae McBride is a woman who is very caring, soft spoken and kind --but will not hesitate to put you in your place if you step out of line. After having her heart broken by a man she once loved she decided that she will never allow anyone to take her for granted again. Shanae throws herself into her business in an attempt to avoid stumbling into another relationship, but when she meets the very handsome & charming Troy Johnson, she soon forgets the promise that she made to herself.

Long Time Dying - kindle ebook by Solomon Carter

The villains in Long Time Dying are more real than you'd expect in thriller fiction.  Especially the Somalis. Those boys are real, they are dangerous and cause the kind of havoc on show in the novel. The other villains are loosely based on real people too. It turns out the world is more sinister than it seems. But that's just the bad news. The good news is an amazing place just like 'The Refuge' exists in Southend, the town where protagonists Dan and Eva live and fight.. Just google ‘Storehouse Southend’ and you'll find it. This Refuge stands in the middle of the criminal no-man's land the book illustrates, and it is pretty hairy there, but the Refuge is an oasis helping people who are homeless, broke, addicted and even some villains when they are down on their luck. As those villains work all around, good people like Dan, Eva and Jess and the volunteers at the Refuge (Storehouse) are unwilling to let the heroic aspects of humanity fall under the evil which comes with addiction and crime. Now that's good news. The good will out, but not without a fight - as Eva and Dan know all too well.

The Movie/Book Dirty Millions The Clean Way 3-D by Kirk Tillery

The Movie/Book Dirty Millions The Clean Way 3-D, was written with more passion and details then the award-winning movies. The Butler starring Oprah Winfrey, D jangle starring Jamie Foxx, Good Deeds starring Tyler Perry, Lincoln, and 12 Years A Slave combine!  If for some reason you have not seen the above mentioned movies, it is a must add to your weekend to do lists. These movies will in no way prepare you for what you are about to read, as they are entertaining and historically educational. We must continue to study the history of this particular group of  African-Americans who were treated in an deplorable un-humane way. These stories will prevail and will continue to be passed down to our great grand kids for generation to come, who will  eventually share them with the world for healing sake . One story comes to mind about my great great-grandfather Earl, who was ordered by the plantation owner Master Gibson, to drown his newly born twin sons. It had been a very cool summer and a extremely cold winter that had destroyed most of the crops on Masters Gibson's plantation. After returning from the market trying to sell what little crops that survived the cold winter, there was little to no profit to feed any new babies.  Master Gibson decided to call a short meeting one cold  winter day at the back of the big house for all of his hired hands and male slave. This is when he ordered them to destroy or kill all non-essential newborn babies, effective immediately . Time had passed quickly when my great-grandfather Earl decided and tried  for the second time, to drown his twin boys after hiding them for months.

You see, they were discovered by another slave and they were still alive some months after the order was given. This  particular slave rush off to tell Master Gibson what he had seen an Earl knew right then and there  he was in big trouble. Over the past few  months Earl just couldn't  drown his baby boys as his heart was broken with eyes full of tears. On this day Earl knew he had been caught, as he chipped away at the thin layer of ice that formed over the cold water in the barrel at the rear of  the slave quarters shack, he considered suicide. He said a prayer and slowly dipped the boys into the freezing water, holding onto them  to keep them from sinking to the bottom. When he heard them scream as he had never heard babies scream before, he almost lost his mind. It was just too much for Earl to bear as he started running like a crazy man who had just lost his mind. Holding the babies tight to his chess screaming at the top of his voice, oh God no over and over again, he ran off into the woods!. My great great-grandfather died that day at the hands of a house slave, who was order to use the masters special  whip that was embedded  with cutting glass. He was whipped to death in less than an hour for the crime  of loving his babies too!  The babies were ..........

Please continue to support  Dirty Millions The Clean Way, as we work together to stop world hunger and poverty . Today 16,000 plus babies die each day from something as simple as, a lack of food!  We can, we will, we must, do better!  Please visit for more details!

I Found You - A New Adult kindle ebook by Jane Lark

"Dark, gritty and wholly mezmerizing..." "I Found You, kept me up all night" a Kindle Countdown deal $1.99 in March 14. A bestselling novel. "Jason Macinlay is the best book boyfriend ever."
"A book you will not easily forget." "That is what reading is all about."

Tomorrow is for regrets ~ Tonight is for being together.

On a cold winter night, Rachel and Jason's lives collide on Manhattan Bridge. She's running from life, he's running toward it. But compassion urges him to help her.
His offer of a place to stay leads to friendship and trouble. There's his fiancée back home in Oregon and a family who just don't trust this girl from the wrong side of the tracks.
But when the connection between them is so electric, so right... everyone else must be wrong. And as the snow begins to settle on the Hudson, there's nothing but the possibility of what could be - of this, right here, right now. Them.

“I found You by Jane Lark is an emotional roller-coaster ride. From Rachel’s suicide contemplation to Jason’s family’s issues with Rachel, not to mention the first girlfriend Lindy, it is gut wrenching…”

“Rachel has decided she has nothing left to live for; wait for it Bam two paths cross.”

Fightin' the Boogeyman - kindle ebook by Larry Bruce Barnes

Fightin' the Boogeyman came about because after coming home from the Air Force and starting college I heard stories. During the time between classes the Vets and non-vets hung out in separate groups.  Being older, the Vets had different interest. Afte classes, and sometimes between classes, we'd share beers or joints and war stories. Since my war stories weren't about actual war . . . I listened.  "You want to know how I lost my foot? Let me tell you."  This scar?  It's nothing, you should see the one on my scrotum." "Was I scared?  Too scared to shit my pants."

These stories followed me around until Gwain Redoubt came along and saddled up those stories on his shoulders.

Last of the Firstborn - a kindle e-book by Glen M Glenn

The Wallingford Files: Last of the Firstborn is the first book in the next great science fiction epic series. It’s a suspense-filled, thrilling roller-coaster ride of emotions through romance, mystery, and inter-dimensional intrigue. One great man. One even greater woman. Both on a race to save humanity.

Here is the lowdown:

William Colton is running out of time. Sorion invaders have created the next people who will inhabit Earth as an outpost: a race born in the laboratory, a race part Sorion, and part Homo sapiens—a race of Meldings. William has one chance to save his planet. Underground lies the great computer of the past. He must find it before the Meldings find and destroy him.

Helping William with his search is a group of scientists who have been living underground since the invasion. But it’s Sondra Michaels, who he finds below the surface that will change his destiny.

Earth lies on the rim of the Sorion Kingdom in the Etmore sector of space. Until now, the small blue planet has been of little significance. But now that a war has broken out between father and son, king and prince, it now has come to the forefront of Sorion politics and culture, for it holds the future of the kingdom. A syntra is placed on each colony. One of them will give birth to the next Sorion King. According to the Datire, the Sorion holy book, the next Sorion ruler will come from the colony farthest from the home planet. That colony is Earth. But a great danger also lurks on the outpost. A destroyer to the throne will appear. An anti-Solan. A son of Kantari. The king fears William Colton is that anti-Solan. But the people of Earth are convinced William Colton is their Messiah. Only he can lead them to salvation.

Get on board with the first book and get hooked! The Wallingford Files: Last of the Firstborn is a super quick read that will leave you begging for more.

Jan's Families by Barb McIntyre

This book is about how a woman puts her life back together after the death of her husband, and the loss of her beauty salon. The main theme is about new life and change. It is a book about relationships; families and friends. Jan's relationship with her sister is not a good one, but her relationships with friends help her through bad times. The fact that family has more than one definition led to the title of the book. The cover idea came because the book begins with Jan looking at the lights of the city out of a plane window and thinking that the lights looked like the ashes of the fires her father would set to burn household trash when she was a child.

From the Official Review on the OnlineBookClub by Saoirse200 » 25 May 2013
"I found the character development in this story to be very realistic, the author Barb McIntyre made sure not to forget about the other characters personal development as well as Jan's. I loved Jan's families and I would highly recommend it to women."

For more information, or to buy this book, go to

The Silent Saga - kindle ebook by David Whelan

Hi, thanks for reading about my book. The Silent Saga is the culmination of years of thinking about science fiction and finally getting around to doing something about it. The aim of the saga is to fuse action and adventure and then mix ideas from numerous films and television shows I have watched.

I am of the belief that most ideas have already been covered so I decided not to fight against the concept of originality and embrace the clichéd. Now, don't get me wrong, the idea is similar to other stories but with new characters and a new setting. The idea of an all powerful enemy silencing the galaxy at the one time I feel is something different.

The purpose of the saga as a whole is to create a book version of a straight-to-dvd film. Those movies that entertain but you wouldn't really say is Oscar material as they are made on a low budget.
I could almost call it a B-Book, maybe that's a new term ha. I hope you enjoy the book and read it for what it is, a fun fusion of action and adventure and a dollop of cliché from sci-fi old and new.

Make Dirty Millions The Clean Way by Kirk Tillery

My first book Make Dirty Millions The Clean  Way, is a no-nonsense easy to understand book that has changed the lives of many people. I have seen this book turn individual  lives around who were on the brink of failure. This book has helped the small business owner, the unemployed, and those who were stuck in dead end career jobs. One-story comes to mind of a recently divorced  mother of four who was working a minimum wage job to support her family. After reading just one particular chapter of my book, this mother increase her income  to $8000+ per month.  By using only the resources already in the family home with no money, she was able to change not onl
y her life, but the lives of her kids. Make Dirty Millions The Clean Way is a  powerful, positive, successful tool, that is changing the world as we speak . If you still have the drive and desire  to become wealthy, this book is a must read!
This book was also written to help us stop world hunger and poverty together!  You see the way I see things, the more new big hearted wealthy philanthropists that I can create through this book, the faster we will stop world hunger and poverty. As 16,000 plus babies die each day from something as simple as a lack of food, we have to do much more to save all of them. With this disturbing public information at hand, time is not a luxury as we move forward with urgency to fix overwhelming task!

Winter House - Kindle ebook by Jack Hill

"Winter House" is the first book in the Winter House series.  20 years ago Jim Kanning and his young family were rescued by benevolent Billionaire Ted Jennings.  In return Kanning has worked faithfully, taking on dangerous clandestine assignments that fuel Jenning's incredible wealth and power.
As Kanning undertakes his latest assignment he soon discovers that things have changed.  He and his family are plunged into a life threatening race against time and the discovery of their true identities.  Lives will be changed forever!

Baby, I'm Yours - a kindle ebook by Samantha Chase

Nicole Taylor was looking forward to a night with friends who were planning their future, what she found when she opened the door was a man from her past.  The only problem, their names aren’t the same.  Was she meeting her mystery man’s twin or had he lied to her that steamy night three years before?

Josh Masterson never thought he'd see Nicole again - not that he didn't want to, just that he had messed things up so badly three years ago when he’d given her a fake name that he didn’t think it was possible to find her.  Fate may have lent a hand but he knows that he has a lot of explaining to do.

Dinner finds them discussing more than their friend’s wedding plans when Josh realizes that Nicole’s daughter is actually his.  He's stunned to find out that he has a daughter and vows that he is going to do everything in his power to not only stay in the toddler's life, but her mother's as well.

How can Nicole possibly consider trusting a man who she only knew for one night and had lied about his identity?  And how can she possibly consider letting him walk away from her a second time?

Dragons of China Picture Book - kindle ebook by Christina Huo

My first book is an introduction to Chinese Dragons and their role in Chinese and Asian culture.  The book has captivating images and fascinating facts and details about everything to do with Dragons from their role in folklore and mythology to more recent “sightings”.  Learn all about the magical powers that Dragons hold and their role as a symbol of the Chinese Emperor’s power, the different class structure of Dragon “society” and the 9 sons of the Dragon who each have different powers.  Dragon imagery is found in architecture,  music, art, religion, poetry and famous festivals like Chinese New Year where a traditional Dragon Dance is performed and of course the Dragon Boat Festival which culminates in a fast-paced racing event.
I grew up in China and now live with my husband and daughter in England. What began as a creative way of introducing my daughter to Chinese culture has now become a series of picture books to introduce other children to the many wonders of China.