Thrilling Days of Yesteryear: The Golden Age of Radio by John Rayburn

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Radio was the number one form of family entertainment for a quarter century. These stories range from the onset of official radio station licenses and the primitive state of early broadcasting on to development of modern technology. In a dazzling step back in time veteran broadcaster John Rayburn talks about the historical excitement of broadcasting in fascinating interviews with a sterling list of guests, including:

Durward Kirby (Garry Moore Show), Parley Baer (original “Chester” on Radio Gunsmoke), Arthur Anderson (Let’s Pretend), Carmel Quinn (Irish singer on Arthur Godfrey), Ezra Stone (Henry Aldrich), Minnie Pearl (Grand Ole Opry), Fred Foy (Announcer on The Lone Ranger). Foy’s stories of the Lone Ranger program provide enjoyable background concerning one of the longest lasting fictional heroes of the Wild West. The character’s longevity can be traced to the fact the Ranger was featured on radio, comic pages, movies and television.

Other interviews include Gale Gordon (I Love Lucy, Our Miss Brooks), Charles Correll (Andy of Amos ‘n’ Andy), Himan Brown (Inner Sanctum, Grand Central Station), Chet Lauck (Lum of Lum and Abner), Frankie Carle (big band leader).

There are great stories about Red Skelton, Jack Armstrong, Lights Out, Quiz Kids, Little

Orphan Annie, Jimmy Durante, Time Marches On, Hindenburg disaster, President Roosevelt’s

December 8, 1941 declaration of war against Japan and many, many more.

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