The Willow Pattern - Kindle Ebook by DeAnn Shelby - Victorian Era Historical Fiction with Love and Suspense

Did the dreams that I had of the qualities of the characters Darcy, Edward, and Peeta, among many other images of "true love" in literature speak to me to write a happy ending or a tragic one?  Follow the path of Emmaline and Lucas to find out what happens to innocence and love within the midst of a storm.

The shadow that looms in the dark has two names; tragedy and deceit.  Can the enduring love in "The Willow Pattern Series" conquer all? Will the secrets shatter the bond that has been secured?

Inspired by redeeming love, enraptured by suspense, let me take you on a journey to the small town of Chiseldon, England.

Imagine being a poor farm girl in the mid 1800's.  What would you dream about? Who would you want to marry?  Would you feel trapped in your life and status?

Desperately seeking a way out, Emmaline leaves her beloved family and travels to the Braunstone Estate to become a scullery maid.  Secretly hoping to find the same strong love that has touched her family for generations, Emmaline finds Lucas.  Young and innocent, Emmaline and Lucas secure a bond; a bond of true love and trust, but at what cost?

Unexpected discoveries from her family's past and the secrets held within the walls of the Braunstone Estate shadow their love.  Together, Emmaline and Lucas, must overcome the barriers of society as well as the secrets discovered.

The Wedding Gift - kindle ebook by Marlen Suyapa Bodden

When prestigious Alabama 1852 plantation owner Cornelius Allen gives his daughter Clarissa's hand in marriage, she takes with her a gift: Sarah-her slave and her half-sister. Raised by an educated mother, Clarissa is not a proper southern belle she appears to be, with ambitions of loving whom she chooses, and Sarah equally hides behind the façade of being a docile house slave as she plots to escape. Both women bring these tumultuous secrets and desires with them to their new home, igniting events that spiral into a tale beyond what you ever imagined possible and it will leave you enraptured until the very end.

Told through alternating viewpoints of Sarah and Theodora Allen, Cornelius' wife, Marlen Suyapa Bodden's The Wedding Gift is an intimate portrait that will leave readers breathless.

MacAdam's Lass by Glynnis Campbell

Have you been watching the Tudor Scotland TV series, "Reign"—the one where everyone dresses like the 1970s and Queen Mary's ladies-in-waiting are named Aylee, Greer, Kenna, and Lola?  LOLA?!?  Sigh…

Can you handle the truth?  MacADAM'S LASS paints a more realistic picture of Tudor Scotland without sacrificing any of the fun.  Women are spies.  Swordsmen wield golf clubs.  And Queen Mary's Four Maries are all named, you guessed it, Marie.

In MacADAM'S LASS, the second book of The Scottish Lasses series, Josselin Ancrum, a sword-wielding Scottish war-orphan-turned-spy for Queen Mary, has her eye on Drew MacAdam. She suspects the golfing "Highlander" isn't quite who he claims to be. While she serves up secret messages in the guise of a tavern wench, he seems to be courting the enemy English…when he isn't beating the Scots at their own game. Drawn together by fate, Drew and Jossy are swept up in their growing desires and the designs of their warring queens, until they uncover a terrible secret that binds their star-crossed souls.

"...a delightful romance set in 16th-century Scotland....Readers weary of Scottish romance cliches will be thrilled to see these cheeky commoners trading blows and puns far away from drafty castles." --Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

"…filled with witty banter and wily swordplay…beautiful and entertaining…a sidesplitting swashbuckling good time." --Joyfully Reviewed

"Be prepared for scalding heat between the characters, along with their rocky but enticing relationship. This is definitely a page-turner with surprises at every turn."

STEP3 A Supreme Being's Guide To Existence - kindle ebook by Louis Majors

The internet era is demonstrating our collective desire for a faster, more complex life experience as the average person spends 8 hours a day in virtual reality glued to a screen, but the answer is not better machines but our transformation and evolution from human beings into conscious or Supreme beings.

Multidimensional exploration, shifting to alternative event streams and parallel universes, overcoming space and time to live as a Supreme Being. Does that sound like a sci-fi fantasy? Something for the future? Well it’s not a fantasy, the information is available NOW and here is the guide to show you the way.

Tested on a readership of 280,000 readers over the last 7 years are you ready to try it? Six exercises and three steps launch you from the limited primate world into a NEW experience of infinite porportions

No Regrets, a Contemporary Romance with Suspense Elements by Susannah Gautier

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No Regrets is a novel about two people who once loved each other but were torn apart by circumstance and tragedy. Both steamy and emotional, No Regrets is a story that reflects real life and all it’s pain and passion.

Years ago in high school, Jamie and Aidan had the beginning of a promising relationship. However, Jamie had a secret life no one knew about, and she never talked about the grief and tragedy she was experiencing at the young age of fifteen. When the ultimate blow finally came, she left Seabrook alone and desolate, sent away to a place she would never forget.

Aidan was heart broken after Jamie left. Being young, he eventually went on with his life, but he never forgot Jamie. Tragedy struck his own life through the next decade. He lost so many people he loved, he became afraid to love again. By the time Jamie returns to Seabrook, he has grown mistrustful of people, cynical about love and accepts the fact that he will live his life a single man.

No Regrets is a story that deals with the experiences of life that can drag us down and keep us from loving again. I drew from the lives of friends and my own life and personal experiences. My nostalgia for a childhood home, the precarious world of dating, heartbreak, life choices, and the fears that often time keep us from loving again. Ultimately, No Regrets is a story about second chances and the redemptive power of love. It is a story about how we can make choices that will change out lives and become all we are born to be, regardless of how much our lives have been torn apart in the past. Jamie and Aidan show us that no matter the tragedies and sorrows we have endured, the power of love is the most healing power in the world. I hope you enjoy reading No Regrets and that you are uplifted by how Jamie and Aidan overcome all they have lost, and open their hearts to love each other once again.

Seduction Magic- kindle book Contemporary Paranormal Romance by Susannah Gautier

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Seduction Magic is the Prequel to my Dark Legends of the Underworld series.

It is the first book in the series. The actual underworld in the Dark Legends books took me years to create. During that time, vampires "went out" the Twilight Saga hit and vampires came back “in”. While the vampires came and went, I was building my Underworld of what would become the Dark Legend series. I built an entire mythology for this Underworld of Supernatural and mythical beings, which originated from the idea of creating a mythology behind the existence of vampires. This myth, morphed into the story of an ancient war between a group of Rogue Vampires and a nearly extinct race of Immortal Sorcerers. From my own mythology and bits and pieces of other legends, I created the Underworld in which my Supernatural and mythical beings live and die.

In Seduction Magic, the 1000-year-old prophecy the Three Mystics decreed are coming to life. It’s fulfillment means the rebirth the Amateris, a race of Immortal Sorcerers. The Death Demons are happily dominating the Underworld and don’t want the Amateris to rise again and rule the Underworld as they once did, so the old war that lay quietly dormant for several decades, now springs into full force once again.

There’s always a glitch though, isn’t there? Francesca, the future mother of the Genos, the savior of the Amateris, wants no part of the Underworld or the race of people whom she feels abandoned her. She will have to be convinced by the last living immortal royal of the Amateris, Raven, who can be seductively persuasive. It’s a steamy read in an intriguing Underworld of supernatural beings, who live unknown among us in the contemporary world.

As I begin to release the other books in the Dark Legend series, you will enter a world of more than just the average vampire and werewolf. There will be the Fae, Goblins, Selkies, Valkyries, good vampires, bad vampires, ambivalent werewolves, unique shifters, and other Underworld beings, which will be introduced as the series progresses. The Dark Legends’ Underworld is an entirely secret world, with cities veiled from contemporary society, with sorcerers who can control the elements of nature and mischievous Fae who are both protectors and arrogant tricksters. The stories are dark and funny, emotional and steamy, and a great escape from everyday life. I hope you enjoy reading Seduction Magic and come back for more of the Dark Legends Underworld. Sacred Bonds, book two in the Dark Legends series will be released mid July 2014.

City of the Sun - a historical fiction kindle ebook by Juliana Maio

On sale for $1.99 from July 1st to July 31st

Espionage, love, and power play upon the shifting sands of wartime Cairo

CAIRO, EGYPT 1941. As the Second World War rages, the city known as “Paris on the Nile” plays host to an international set who seem more interested in polo matches and swanky nightclubs than the Germans’ unrelenting advance across North Africa. Meanwhile, as refugees, soldiers, and spies stream into the city, the Nazis conspire with the emerging Muslim Brotherhood to fuel the Egyptian people’s seething resentment against their British overlords.

Ambitious American journalist Mickey Connolly has come to Cairo to report on the true state of the war. Facing expulsion by the British for not playing by their rules, he accepts a deal from the U.S. embassy that allows him to remain in the country. His covert mission: to infiltrate the city’s thriving Jewish community and locate a refugee nuclear scientist who could be key to America’s new weapons program. But Mickey is not the only one looking for the elusive scientist. A Nazi spy is also desperate to find him—and the race is on. Into this mix an enigmatic young woman appears, a refugee herself. Her fate becomes intertwined with Mickey’s, giving rise to a story of passion, entangled commitments, and half-truths.

Deftly blending the romantic noir of the classic film Casablanca with a riveting, suspenseful narrative and vivid historical detail, City of the Sun offers a stunning portrayal of a time and place that was not only pivotal for the war, but also sowed much of the turbulence in today’s Middle East.

The Circuit: Executor Rising - kindle ebook by Rhett Bruno

    ​In this grim vision of the future the Earth has been rendered a barren, volatile wasteland. Humanity now lives in contained settlements throughout our solar system, a place known as The Circuit.

   ​ When a religious sect known as the New Earth Tribunal has risen to preside over most of the Circuit, the enigmatic, yet brilliant, Cassius Vale arrives at their capital on Mars. Together with his android creation, ADIM, he will initiate his plan​​ to draw them into war with their mortal enemies - The Cersian Pact. His actions lead to the involvement of Sage Volus, a beautiful Tribunal Executor sent by her masters to spy on the Ceresians. There she infiltrates the ranks of a roguish mercenary named Talon Rayne, but finds her faith tested by him and his ragtag squad.

    Follow this cast of diverse characters as their lives are irreversibly joined in this fast-paced tale about love and loss. The battle for the soul of The Circuit has begun.

The sleepy little village called Foggybottom – a paranormal story by Frank Roberts

The sleepy little village called Foggybottom - David Morgan and his wife Kate, moved their family to the charming little New Jersey village with the quaint name, Foggybottom.   With David's love of local history, and being rather handy, it was quite natural for him to begin historical renovations to his wonderful old property.  He soon joined and helped to expand the membership of the villages historical society.  Along with other equally passionate members of the Historical society, the friendly group of neighbors soon began to restore many of their notable properties in the village.    Restoration fever had quickly caught on and the entire village was soon involved in planning an "Old Fashion 4th of July Celebration".

What they didn’t plan were the events that some former residents had in mind.

Come and join with the Foggybottom Historical Society where old buildings, small town life, long forgotten events,  friends and neighbors, both past and present  merge with the paranormal to write the history of today.  Enjoy The sleepy little village called Foggybottom where you may find it hard to separate the fiction from the truth, especially if you believe in spirits and love old buildings.

Desperation Is The New Hope - kindle ebook by Jessica Simone

‘Desperation Is The New Hope’ follows the life of a young girl who, having grown up in the future world of Patico, is forced by her family to move to the other side of the kingdom. What ensues is a stop-at-nothing battle for Eiara to decide where her trust and loyalty lies. Above all, Eiara learns her undeveloped powers may or may not get her friends killed, along with herself, if she doesn't learn how to control her powers in time. Emotion and circumstance collide as one young woman is left to pick up the pieces of a move she never intended to make. Will she save her friends....or even herself?

A young adult story full of fantasy and adventure with a sprinkle of romance.

Naked Foam Party - kindle ebook by Gareth Johnson

This is a short gay erotic story. It is the story of Peter - a guy in his early thirties who works in London. He flies to Barcelona for the weekend to meet up with his boyfriend Juan. Juan is in his mid-twenties, dark, Latino, sexy. Juan takes Peter to a foam party - always fun, but this one is a bit different, it is a gay naked foam party. There is something incredibly liberating about dancing around naked - a few drinks, a lot of foam, and really anything can happen. Peter and Juan spend the night exploring each other and the guys that they meet in the gay naked foam party.

The Mazer - Kindle book by C.K. Nolan

The Island of Southernwood is a peaceful place. Its islanders are a happy lot, and its trees are no less content if the words on their leaves are anything to go by.

But all is not well on our island. At the Albatorium in Southernwood City, Legator Wystan finds himself ousted from power by his brother, Bassan; the trees are afflicted by a foul pestilence which brings the Southernwooders out onto the streets in protest; and Silva Leon, daughter of Zossimo, learns that the circumstances surrounding her father's mysterious disappearance twenty years ago are not as clear cut
as she'd always supposed.

So starts the story of The Mazer: a tale of an island and its people and
trees and the secret that binds them all together.

Meet Winifred the cook and savor her delicacies in the Albatorium
kitchen; watch Marchus, the archivist, flit from cabinet to cabinet in the family leaves library; and join Harold, the bell ringer - and general dogsbody - as he follows roots of glowing green in a tunnel that seems to lead nowhere.

Escape to the world of Southernwood - you'll never look at a tree in quite the same way ever again!

Readers young and old who enjoy the Chronicles of Narnia or The Secret Garden will love this book.

Tattoo Demon - A Super Natural Thriller by Michael Hassapelis

After his ship was sunk by a German U-boat Nick’s entire world changed for the worse. He was intern given over to a Nazi doctor whom ran a special program for Himmler. Code named “ Operation Ink Demon” Nick was a strong athletic,young,smart,stubborn to a fault and last but certainly not the very least, American. In the camp they drugged him, brainwashed him,tattooed him with 40 tattoos from his collarbone to his toes.

The Black Witch whispered incantations over him as the tattooist from hell did his evil work on Nick’s skin. Transferring the souless creatures and monsters of the under world on to Nick’s epidermis.

God Walks My Dreams by Ranjana Kamo

A MUST READ - a book that leaves you wanting for more.

The story of a man who wants to hold the Sun and follow his dreams that seem impossible to achieve.

The man who refuses to give up and takes life head on.

The story of Suraj, a young man who moves from a small town to a big city in search of his dreams. Suraj starts from being a nobody who is trying hard to be a somebody and the story takes you through various turning points in Suraj's life as he fights through every hardship that life takes him through.

He is unstoppable as he chooses every opportunity that life throws open for him. His perseverance and faith in God are inspiring. His loyal friends struggle with him to follow their dreams.

He faces dire situations to reach Anita, the love of his life.

It remains to be seen where his life eventually takes him.

There is family, love, relationships, friendship, adventure, dreams, thrill, romance, faith, spirituality, hardships, struggle, kindness and gratitude that keep the readers engrossed throughout the storyline.

Flow with the subtle romance weaved through the lives of Suraj and Anita.

My first novel after spending years writing poetry; "God Walks My Dreams".

Days of Throbbing Gristle by Kevin Cole

It’s 1987 and Samuel Henry Hay is traveling to America.

Sam’s a troubled teen hell-bent on escaping a life of poverty in his native Sheffield. He arrives in Texas on a mission: Manipulate the Turners, his host parents, into giving Sam a free ride into university.

So far, so good. Yet for all his scheming, Sam has a dual talent for disaster, and over the course of his senior year in high school, finds himself embroiled in one disaster after another.

In tight writing that toys with the reader as much as the characters toy with each other, momentum builds as clever clogs Sam--his plans falling apart, his stoicism heating up, his will power eroding at the hands of more powerful (and perverted) people--feels cracks appearing in the shield of his venomous attitude. Will the angel beat the devil in time for graduation? Or will Sam Hay stay 17 forever?

This is no short fiction first novel. It’s a drowning into a world apart, where adults are soulless and your friends alive. Where what you learn in school is re-educated by rock stars. Where every day is a roller coaster ride of dreams shocked into reality as kids transform, painfully, into adults.

But it’s also a world of fun, adventure, of wit; of Yuppies, Mexicans, rednecks, headbangers, skinheads, preps, lesbians, Baptists, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Satanists; of drugs, sex, art, and mental illness in general--all to the beat of a unique rock and roll that defined the kids on the fringe of a generation.

For those who like to laugh in dark places, and literary fiction that’s easy to read, DOTG is an epic coming of age tale about a time and place that truly was as bad as you’ve heard.

Diary of an Airedale - kindle ebook by P.J. Erickson

It's a dog's life, or is it?

Alf is an arrogant young pup with no idea his short idyllic life is about to be turned upside down. Follow his adventures as he is torn away from home and starts his journey, learning about love and kindness, pain and terror, joy and despair. Watch as he matures from a cute fur ball to a handsome dog, experiencing all of life's ups and downs from comic to tragic and everything in between.

Ever wish your dog could talk? This is the story of the first year in a dog's life told from a dog's perspective. Let it draw you in, then talk to your dog and believe. You will see him in a different light. After all, anything is possible.

The Witch of Leper Cove - kindle ebook by Deborah Bogen

In case you've been thinking about the various mega-corporations that influence our modern lives, here's a surprise. In the 13th century people had to think about that too.

In England "The Church" was a monolithic institution that affected the lives of --- well, everyone. Once Pope Honorius launched The Holy Inquisition even a sincere desire to think about and understand Church teachings became infected with fear. Holding beliefs that were contrary to the official religious doctrine was heresy, and the Inquisitors were ardent in their attempts to find it and stop it.

In The Witch of Leper Cove we don't find the knights and ladies who so often populate medieval novels, but rather rural England's common people caught in the crossfire of the ruthless and the ambitious.

When Alice, a simple healer in the village of Aldinoch, is charged with witchcraft, efforts to free her from the Inquisition's rat-infested dungeon are spearheaded by Lily, Edric and Wyllym, three orphaned siblings who have good reason to love her. As they enlist allies and make their plans they discover things about themselves, their neighbors and even the lepers from Leper Cove that leave them all changed forever.

The Mansion's Twins - kindle ebook by Rose M. Channing

There are others out there, all tied to our own in various ways. Magic is real, and it's close, all we have to do is find it. That's exactly what Ellie and Savannah did when they found each other.

Ellie and Savannah Senka, fourteen year old twins, ran away from their unhappy homes, both thinking they'd return after a brief adventure. But they discover a portal to another world: the world of their birth.

There, they learn about their past: Years ago, when they were only babies, a terrible storm shook their world, leaving it in a dangerous and unbalanced state. Their parents sent them away to keep them safe. Now, they may be the only ones who can restore the world to what it once was, for the magic of twins is rare and powerful.

The girls are welcomed into a grand mansion, the safest place in the aftermath of the storm. They discover their magical abilities, learn about the unique history of the world, and find joy and friendship in the mansion's family.

When they are ready, Ellie and Savannah set off on a journey to the center of magic, the heart of the world where the balance may be reset, and the world restored. The journey is full of twists and turns, magic and excitement. The twins encounter the storm's left-behind magic: the places, creatures, and even people it created. Savannah is torn when she befriends a storm-created boy, for she and Ellie may be destroying everything the storm made when they reset the balance.

This book is highly recommended for young readers (preteen and teenage), particularly girls looking for an empowering story. The Mansion's Twins is full of strong girls, and strong sisterhood.

This is the first book in the "At the Crossworlds" series. I hope you enjoy it!

Nightlife Interrupted - A gamer vampire kindle ebook by Robert Hazelton

Nightlife Interrupted is a story about friendship, pop culture, a man’s desire for romance, blood cults and the end of the world. Demons use nightclubs to barter for souls, fairies carry guns, wizards hack movie streaming sites and vampires suck…necks. Supernatural creatures all belong to a group called ‘The Society’, a sort of organization keeping humans in the dark about the monsters all around them.

Vinny has the ultimate man cave. Theater, gaming tables, computers and consoles, Nightlife has it all and the customers know it. Night after night, he hangs with friends, role playing or watching illegally downloaded movies. Life couldn’t get much better or relaxed. Lazy employees and maintaining his graphic novel stock are the only real dilemmas he ever faces.

Of course, for every paradise there’s always a catch. In Vinny’s case, he’s a vampire with vivid dreams that just might be premonitions. His creator wasn’t a whole lot of help so he’s had to figure a lot of stuff out on his own. He had gone so far as to dismiss them as bad blood and too many late night horror movies until the subject of his night time fantasies sauntered into the shop.

Luckily, he’s got some backup. Ophelia Dupre, Society investigator, fairy and fellow gamer could very well help him out…if they could get over a few cultural differences. She’s got some troubles of her own but since Vinny’s latest dream seems to be heralding an apocalypse, everyone’s drama has to hit the backburner.

Can the two of them work together or has our fate been cruelly handed to the wrong duo?

Time to find out. Pick up a copy of Nightlife Interrupted today!

The Perfect Game - kindle ebook by Christopher J

“Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball.”

 – Jacques Barzun

A book for middle grade readers ages 9-12, as well as anyone who has experienced organized sports a kid or as a parent. The Perfect Game captures not only the excitement of playing baseball but the feelings of childhood anxiety as well.  The characters are smart kids who feel deeply and make the reader feel, too.  the story has surprises, twistsm and turns that add to the up and down journey.

Joey Coltasanti, nicknamed “the professor” by his father, is ambivalent about playing his last year in summer league. A shortstop, he loves baseball and longs to realize his dream of making the town’s all-star team, and then winning enough games to advance to the state’s world series. However to reach this goal he must overcome his own anxiety that blocks his talent from shining through on the field.

Internal concerns are not the only obstacles in Joey’s path. He also has to deal with Mr. K, the coach of his team for the past two years. Mr. K uses sarcasm and intimidation with his players, as well as favoring his own son over Joey and his teammates. Added to the mix is Joey’s new neighbor and friend, twelve year old Mindi. A saxophone-playing member of Mensa, she is also a pitcher in the summer league who mows down opposing hitters with a blazing fastball and pinpoint control.

Joey decides to play, with events during early season contests testing his will to continue. Eventually a tumultuous game involving adults who can’t seem to grow up leads to changes in the league. A benevolent new coach arrives in town, and things begin to turn around for Joey and his underdog teammates. Eventually joining forces with Mindi on the all-star team, Joey moves closer to fulfilling his dream. Advancing to the state’s world series means finding innovative ways to win pressure packed games, which leads to Joey confronting his fears on the field. Ultimately he learns more about winning, losing, and the exciting game that is baseball.

The Neon Pond - kindle ebook by Denise Grant

Imagine an Islamic fairy tale with beautiful South American fish.  "The Neon Pond" is an original children's classic that draws you into an aquarium of quirky neons and territorial fish.  The neons have their own habits that clash with their predators, yet somehow their Princess manages to save them and they, in turn, plot to find her a Prince.  Let my neons take you on a classic adventure! 

Meretneith - Kindle eBook by Barbara Cerda

Perhaps the best-kept secret about Meretneith is that I created characters that I admire.  Meretneith was created with pen and yellow legal pads on trains, busses and planes during days as regional PM for AT&T Wireless out of the OMC in Chicago IL. 

​Always thinking that it was a professional indulgence to enjoy careers where I was the only female team member.  This offered a unique opportunity to learn what drives the hidden needs and wants of men.  Extreme money and power merely wet imagination.  From being a broker to the smallest and largest financial institutions to banking and futures trading​houses I finally found a brief home as a regional Project Manager.

Facing a tedious business trip to Las Vegas - I looked for something to read during down time.  Bored with what seem then inexhaustible hosts of Sci-Fi fantasy readings...I decided to amuse myself with my own story. A biologist turn economist my researcher skills kicked in.

Growing up in multiethnic neighborhoods n Chicago - I fell in love with Rebbe's tales of Judaic mysticism.

​When researching the book Meretneith I sat in old libraries from the Oriental Institute on the University of Chicago Campus to the archives of DePaul and Loyola University seminaries - I read and took notes.  ​Notes became fictional prose and a story that weaved in and out of ancient cultures too old for man to remember.

Meretneith can never come close to the actual fantastical history of the human race and its migration through countless eons of "religions and ideologies", each new one more seductive than the others.

I have fallen love with the saga and it continues.

Admissions - kindle ebook by Jennifer Sowle

Read the novel before you see the movie! 

This psychological suspense novel is set in the Traverse City Asylum in 1968, a state hospital which shares the stain of early psychiatric practice.  From the pages of the actual hospital newsletter of the time, we are given a window to see what is behind the beautiful facade, the expansive grounds, and the towering spires.  Through the everyday experiences of the patients, as well as the roles of the doctors, charge nurses, and attendants, we enter the often shadowy world of the insane asylum.

The novel is written from the perspective of a young mother who is placed in the disturbed ward after a suicide attempt.  This ward, reserved for the most severely deranged, is like falling into a snakepit. Over the span of her commitment, a group of five patients provide a lifeline for the shattered woman as she struggles to find the light.  As she begins to heal, we finally discover the circumstances leading to her despair.  And as she follows her own personal journey through hell, she unintentionally uncovers secrets of the asylum.

Did this really happen?  It could have.

Blackout - young adult dystopian novel by Madeleine Henry

Free Promotion: 07/01/2014 - 07/03/2014



We don’t have proof of what happened. All we have are the stories that we’ve passed down in the sixty-seven years since the Blackout. Things told and retold in the dark. From everything I’ve heard, this is what I believe.

     In 2015, part of the sun erupted and shot a massive solar flare toward Earth. As a kid, listening to the stories, I always imagined the flare as an enormous ball of red flames speeding through outer space toward our planet. We didn’t stand a chance. When the flare hit, it short-circuited all satellites and power grids—everything—and every light in the world went out. All yellow windows turned black at exactly the same time.

     My grandmother, Skye Andrews, was six years old when the Blackout struck. It hit in the dead of night. All electronics—televisions, computers, phones—were instantly useless. Then came the terrifying chill. Temperatures plummeted everywhere until the air felt like ice. The next morning, the sun didn’t rise. With quivering hands over their open mouths, Skye’s parents huddled in front of their windows, shivered, and gaped. Jet-black clouds covered an ash sky. The whole world looked gray, and daylight was so dim that Skye felt like a shadow.

     All hell was about to break loose.

     Panic exploded, and government everywhere was silent. They didn’t say a goddamn word. I don’t care if they were stranded—or scared, or unable to reach anyone out of earshot—they didn’t do anything, and they should have. They should have kept order when people started to steal and fight each other like monsters.

True Colors - kindle ebook by Krysten Lindsay Hager

Landry Albright is an eighth grader who just wants to be noticed at school. She gets pushed into trying out for a reality TV show modeling competition with her two best friends. She goes through the audition and is just happy she didn’t fall on her face while walking the runway. Little does she know her life is about to change when she moves onto the next level of competition. Meanwhile, her friends don’t make the cut and they suddenly ice her out on Monday morning.

Landry tries making new friends with another contestant, Devon, in the contest who also goes to her school, but can their friendship handle the competition?

Landry hopes her big break could come at any moment, but soon sees there’s much more to modeling than just getting your hair done and looking pretty. She begins missing out on being with new friends like Ashanti, a girl who truly has Landry’s back. Landry also has the chance to have a boyfriend when she meets a boy named Vladi from another school.

Part of Landry wants to be famous (and have her hair look good for once), but part of her just wants to be accepted. She learns about friendships, loyalty, being true to yourself, and that a good hair conditioner doesn’t hurt.

Key to Denial - kindle ebook by Carolyn Jenkins

Ellie Waters fled her old past married life in Iowa and moved into an old farmhouse in a small northern Florida town. Whether haunted or not she digs in and solves an old murder mystery and almost becomes the next victim in the process. Things get weird where she leasts expects it, in her country home with unexplained noises and objects rearranged, plus solving the mystery of a missing teenage girl. Nevertheless, Ellie is determined to stay: She fled one home, she's not about to be driven out again.

She loves her job, finding she learns as she goes. Ellie runs across some interesting characters while writing for the local newspaper: Matt the newspaperman, Jean the diner's owner/waitress, and Mr. Firth the jeweler. It's turn-of-the-century America, a place you would love to live.

The Breeders - kindle ebook by Katie French

.99 cent sale will begin June 25th and end June  29th.

The original idea for The Breeders came when I was in my car alone (which doesn't happen often due to having two children) and the Rihanna song came on the radio. She sang, “Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world.” I got to thinking, “Wow. The only girl in the world? I don’t think that would be as romantic or sexy as Rihanna’s song makes it out to be.” My mind unraveled from there.

The Bed by Nikos Vlachos

THE BED-by Nikos Vlachos

Some of life’s most intimate and revealing moments take place in the bedroom. That’s certainly true for Chicago couple Joe and Sara Isaia. The Bed is the story of their life together, starting on their wedding night in 1983 and ending 60 years later in their old age. The bed itself is a restored antique. Joe’s wedding gift to Sara, the one constant in their lives. It symbolizes the durability of their relationship. The Bed creaks and sags, even groans, at times, but it never completely gives way. Self-described baby boomers, Joe's a starving artist, Sara’s a nurse. However, Joe does a lot of the nursing – nursing doubts about his talent as an artist until he finds his niche. In the bedroom on their first night as husband and wife, they experience the giddy after-effects of their expressed commitment and the champagne they drink to celebrate. Sara is direct, playfully wanting to know "the why." “Why did you marry me, Joe?” The answer is typical male: “Because you’re fun to watch movies with…” They say opposites attract, and not unlike other couples, they have their differences: She believes in the concept of soul mates; he doesn't. Scorpio Joe, believes in astrology, Taurus Sara, doesn't. He's more physical than romantic; she's the opposite. He gets demoralized and struggles with his faith; she remains steadfast in her belief that he will find artistic success and is the foundation of their marriage. By the time they reach middle age, the differences that once created intrigue in their relationship turns to mutual contempt. "I give this marriage a two, Joe!" A major rift nearly tears them apart. But their deep love – and as it turns out – mutual respect for each other cannot be so easily dismissed.

A Simple Idea to Empower Kids - Kindle ebook by Kathleen Boucher

We want our kids to be happy, healthy and confident. We strive on a daily basis to do the best job we can. A Simple Idea to Empower Kids, for kids 8 and younger, is written to empower kids everywhere. If you are a parent, a teacher, Sunday school teacher, care giver to a disabled child, to the emotional abused, in hospitals, as a missionary or with the very poor this book will inspire and motivate kids to follow their dreams.  Engrained in the book are lessons against bullying, having more confidence, using the law of attraction to achieve any goal or dream kids can think of. The beauty of A Simple Idea to Empower Kids is it does not take very long to read. This is the kind of book that lends itself to have more discussions with kids about the law of attraction, believing in oneself, the power of love, choice and belief. After all at the end of the day do we not want to think and know we have done our best for our kids? A Simple Idea to Empower Kids is a book that helps the reader and the person being read to feel good. This is a win-win situation.

Complicated Creatures Part One - Kindle eBook by Alexi Lawless

A Blistering Hot Summer read, COMPLICATED CREATURES is a stay-up-all-night, tell-all-your-friends story of love, reinvention & obsession, and it's *on sale for .99* to kick off the your summer ready on Amazon beginning JUNE 25th for just a handful of days!

One glance at the way he looked at her, and Sam knew exactly what he was. A lethal habit, she thought. The accelerator on a race car. A halo jump on a crystal clear day. The best possible rush with the worst possible consequences.

What happens when curiosity becomes obsession?

Luck is Jack Roman's middle name— and Chicago is his Empire. He lives to work, loves to play, and makes no commitments. But when the mysterious S. Wyatt moves into the adjoining penthouse, he's immediately drawn to her, a striking, elusive woman who transitions seamlessly from wood-paneled board rooms to high-stakes, high-risk rescue operations in the most dangerous parts of the world.

Intrigued by her self-possession, aroused by her incredible passion, and disarmed by a vulnerability she cannot hide, Jack pursues her into the nexus of her dangerous present and her enigmatic past. An entire world is revealed to Jack, where living for pleasure becomes fighting for survival. And the only woman he wants may be the one he cannot have...

COMPLICATED CREATURES is a mesmerizing, labyrinthine romantic suspense that will leave you wondering: Do you really want to know everything about the one you love?

What Reviewers are saying:
"A Stellar Read!"
"Alluring, Suspenseful & Compelling..."
"Sharp, Lush and Vivid Writing Style"
“Warning!! This Book is Addictive!!”

About Alexi LAWLESS.

Lawless, whose profile describes her as a “corporate runaway, novelist, wanderer, and bourbon drinker,” makes her debut with a book described by reviewers as “un-put-downable” and “Ian Fleming meets Danielle Steele, only WAY better than both!" While Complicated Creatures is set primarily in Chicago, a town Lawless knows—and writes—with vivid clarity, readers will also discover themselves transported to the desert mountains of Somalia, the dazzling and riotous city of Rio de Janeiro and the peaceful ranchlands of Texas.

Fantastik - kindle eBook by C. A. McGroarty

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June 20th, 2014
July 2, 2014
July 3, 2014

Fantastik was originally a screenplay that I wrote while living in Chicago, Illinois.  The seeds of the novel were born out of a cast of characters my father introduced me to as a child.  My father was a trial attorney who spent the better part of three decades in a Camden city courtroom.  Jake Mott's character represents everything good and bad of the men my father had helped over the years. These men, who often seemed to be a weak moment away from transgression, knew me and my brother and sisters by name, they ate at our dinner table and sometimes they would come knocking on our door well past midnight in need of help or money.  My father was never one to turn anyone away. Growing up in a safe, upper middle class environment, far from the streets of Camden, the lives of these men was another side of life that left an indelible mark on me.

As for Charlie Boone, I believe there's a little bit of him in many of us. He epitomizes the plight of any hard working individual whose daily struggles, both financial and mental, overshadow all that is still good in his life; his marriage and his children, as he continues to make sense of the cards life has dealt him.

Streetlights Like Fireworks by David Pandolfe

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“David Pandolfe has done it again; he’s wonderfully crafted a book that can’t be put down and will never leave your heart.” - The Real Bookshelves of Room 918

“This book was every kind of wonderful.” –Bound by Words

Psychic flashes, haunting visions, missing persons and visits from ghosts. That’s just their first date.

Jack has been getting on his parents’ nerves for some time. Bad enough he’s a rock musician, has crappy grades and hangs out with his “loser” friends. But Jack’s ability to predict the future—well, that just annoys the hell out of them.

Jack’s classmate, Lauren, is said to have unique abilities too. The town still talks about when she kept badgering her mother about the money in their wall. For the longest time, Lauren’s mother didn’t listen. Finally, she did and she hasn’t had to work since.

Jack would really like to connect with Lauren but can’t figure out how. She’s never looked at him twice. But when he experiences a mystifying event involving visions, voices and spectral visits, Jack figures there’s only one person to help him understand who’s calling out to him and why. Before long, Jack and Lauren are off on a road trip of discovery that could provide answers to a mystery left unsolved for twenty years. More importantly, they might even unravel the greatest mystery of all— how every so often someone will accept you for who you are.

“I enjoyed being taken on the adventure with the characters and didn't want to get off their wild ride when it ended! This is a wonderful book and such a great read for anybody and everybody!”- For the Love of Books

“The ending was perfect and I found myself crying… It certainly is a must read for everyone, and I loved it so much that it earned 5 stars from me.- Beneath the Jacket Reviews

The Long Drunk - Kindle ebook by Eric Coyote

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In Venice, California, the sun always shines, but that's not much help if you're a homeless drunk like James Murphy, a man with a past of shattered dreams and empty bottles. Murphy's life in the gutter was bad enough, but now bad gets worse. Murphy has one week to solve a cold-case murder that has police detectives stumped, or else his best friend dies. Evoking Chandler, Steinbeck, and Quentin Tarantino, THE LONG DRUNK is a darkly comic saga filled with sex, violence, booze, and plenty of foul street talk. Hard-boiled, heartbreaking, and gritty as hell, it thoroughly immerses the reader in the squalid yet resourceful underworld of the down-and-out. By juxtaposing the cruel realities of life on the street with the obscene wealth of the Hollywood elite, Eric Coyote creates an ultra noir masterpiece for the ages. THE LONG DRUNK, named to Kirkus Reviews' Best of 2012, will leave you crying, laughing, and begging for more.

"The Long Drunk punches you in the gut, drops you to your knees, and pisses in your face. It’s a damn fine book filled with dipshits, dipsomania—and lest we forget, dogs. You can’t help but love every filthy page.” -- Stephen P. Lindsey, screenwriter of Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

"An insanely great foul-mouthed drunken Raymond Chandler staggers through the cesspools of Venice Beach." -- Walt Morton, author of American Ghoul

Frailty of Crystal, The Locket by Breta Swan

Frailty of Crystal. The Locket

A dark, sexy, and devious love story for paranormal fantasy fans looking for a whimsical twist on immortal love.

If you like flawed characters, meet Cora...

She has a reluctant Chihuahua as a familiar, a gorgeous and vulnerable neighbor as her only human friend, and a secret assignment in the Ticking Realm. And she's just recovering from a tragic relationship, which left her devastated. She's a sorceress who has learned the hard way that taking a mortal as a lover is a very bad idea.

If you like flawed characters, meet Justin...

" beautiful male sat before her, a windblown angel of a man who might have fallen from the skies above and drifted to earth like a snowflake…he smelled a bit like Geoff…”

When Cora meets Justin on a business flight, she finds him hauntingly familiar.  And irresistible.  So, she ignores her better judgment and surrenders to passion.

On the surface, they are just two strangers hooking up for one hot night.  But things are not what they seem.  Because Cora has secrets...deep and dreadful ones. And it turns out Justin may have a few disturbing ones of his own.

Frailty of Crystal, The Locket is the first volume in a new fantasy/paranormal romance series, the Ticking Realm Books.  You’ll find out early on that Cora isn’t your typical romance novel protagonist.  She certainly has her outward charms, but she is also troubled by inner secrets—those she keeps from others and maybe even some that she hides from herself.  In this first book, Cora meets Justin...the human who could be either her destruction or her salvation.

The Captive Queen: A Novel of Mary Stuart - a historical fiction by Danny Saunders
 Political schemes, religious partisanship and unbridled love shake the Royal Court of Scotland at the end of the Stuart dynasty. Witness to sordid murders, spy for Her Majesty among the Protestants of the infamous preacher John Knox, forced to give up her one true love, thrown out onto the streets then ruthlessly attacked by a drunkard, Charlotte Gray will do everything in her power to remain the sovereign's lady-in-waiting. As for the Queen of Scots, she faces turmoil of a completely different kind: prisoner in a castle under the command of her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England, Mary Stuart learns that she is the victim of a vast conspiracy and that her English counterpart has ordered her imminent execution. Despite their hardships, Mary and Charlotte will keep their dignity throughout the storm. The two women will finally find serenity, one in the arms of a man and the other in the arms of God. Interwoven with historical facts of the era, the thrilling The Captive Queen saga is worthy of the greatest royal intrigues that still fascinate us several centuries later.

LAST STRAW - Kindle ebook by David Rheem Jarrett

If you have ever been cheated by your wife, your lover, or your financial gurus, you will enjoy this book.  A  good and very capable man has been screwed once too often, and the results are not pretty!  Set in the picturesque and eclectic university town of Berkeley, California, the story chronicles his quest for vengeance, stalking and punishing his victims one by one, but leaving no usable evidence behind.  The two detectives assigned to capture him have few leads, and their job is made even harder by the pressures of their own romantic affair, complicated by secrets neither is willing to share.  It is hard not to pull for this classic antihero, as he could just as easily be you, or me.

Elusive Obsession - a book by Judy Kentrus

Looking for a fun, sexy romance with a twist?  23 Five star reviews on Amazon.

 “I don’t believe I’m doing this!” Julie muttered, trying to adjust the heart-shaped neckline of her black, sequined costume.  The B-cup is too small and my breasts are popping out.  I’m a widowed mother of two children but here I am about to pop out of a birthday cake and expose myself to a bunch of elderly males with nothing but horny memories!”

Find out what happens when they push the cake into the wrong party and the birthday boy is a handsome, virile male of 35.  Julie’s last minute favor to her sister changes her life in ways she never imagined.

Scott Landis is bored with his own surprise party.  When raunchy stripper music and the arrival of a sexy blond stripper in his birthday cake livens up the festivities, he decides to have some fun and wonders how much she would charge to celebrate his birthday in a more private setting.

Elusive Obsession is currently .99 as a pre-launch sale for the follow-up book, Maid to Order.  Sale ends July 15th. 

Redemption - kindle ebook by Andrew Laurie

‘All stories need a hero. Sadly, I’m no hero. Now in my mid-thirties, I have a string of failed romances behind me, matched only by a series of poor financial investments. I’ve been in the same rented flat in East London for nearly ten years. I drink too much, smoke too much and I like a flutter on the horses….

The story of my early thirties was of my fall from grace. The drink, the women, the debts. The fast life style. The exit from The Guardian. Back to Hartford with a whimper, no more national profile, no more glory. Accepting a role as Deputy Editor in a team you can count on one hand, working for the Hartford Gazette, the best (and only) newspaper in Hartford. It’s the story you will hear now. A fall from glory and a redemption, of sorts.’

Drinker, smoker, mild drug abuser: not yet forty, journalist Rob Stanford has already seen better days. Spurned by the woman he loves, can he salvage some self-respect by solving the murder of his best friend?

‘A fast paced thriller which will leave you gasping for breath.’

‘Trainspotting meets Get Carter: Never have cigarettes and alcohol tasted so good.’

Montana Sky - Kindle ebook by Kelly Miles

Lauren Raines has a degree in Journalism, graduated top of her class from NYU. She feels it’s a major accomplishment and the only thing she has to be proud of. She knew if her parents could only see her now they’d be disappointed. They’d be disappointed in her, in her life and her choices. She’d done nothing with her degree. She’d done nothing with the degree that they paid for, that they were so excited about. No, instead she was a housewife. A lonely housewife of a NYPD officer. An abusive cop. A man she thought she couldn’t escape. One faithful night she had no choice. It was either leave or be killed. Period. She will risk everything. Her money, her friends, her home…all for a chance. A chance to live outside the walls of her prison.

Luke Randolph was a rancher but it wasn’t by choice. At least not at first. His alcoholic father died, leaving him to pick up the pieces of the ranch and his mama’s heart. He was an abusive man so there wasn’t too much to miss, but just his absence had messed everything up. As star quarterback he thought he knew where his life was headed and it sure wasn’t here. His fiancée Lisa didn’t understand either. She didn’t understand why he couldn’t leave and never look back. Luke couldn’t leave the only thing he’d ever known. He couldn’t leave his mama and his friends to pick up the pieces. It wasn’t him. It wasn’t the way he was raised. When they couldn’t agree, things escalated and they fought. Unfortunately neither of them got the chance to set it straight when Lisa and their unborn child were killed in an accident.

Will Lauren and Luke be the answer to one another’s prayers? Will they be able to pull each other from the dark? The dark that holds them back, that keeps them from ever imagining the happily ever after they deserve, or will outside forces keep them apart?

Trial by Fire [Covencraft #1] - urban fantasy kindle ebook by Margarita Gakis

A fun and fast paced ride - If you like Urban Fantasy, you'll love Trial by Fire!
From an Review: Trial by Fire was great. Before I got even halfway through I was looking forward to the next book. The depth of character is so well written I knew that I wouldn't get to know them as much as I'd like in the first book. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and could not put the book down. There was enough excitement, action and mystery to keep me interested and engaged. I had some fun guessing where the story would go and got some laughs out of myself when I was wrong. I also enjoyed the dialog and how the author captured the way people would actually converse. It kept it from feeling scripted and made it that much more relatable. If you like this genre this is a great book for you to read!

Come Dancing - Kindle ebook by Leslie Wells

Kindle free book promotion dates: June 25-26

I began writing this novel in 2009, on the thirtieth anniversary of my arrival in New York City.  I wanted to describe what it was like in the years 1979-1981, when Manhattan was still rough along the edges. When SoHo was still the domain of artists and galleries, and the occasional local bar or cafe. And when nightclubs like the Palladium, the Roxy, Danceteria, and the Mudd Club attracted a huge mix of people from many different strata of society.

              Back then, you could go out dancing and run into just about anyone: actors, politicians, rock musicians. Celebrities weren’t surrounded by bodyguards; the assumption was that if you were allowed into a club, you were cool. No one was going to harass anybody; after all, this was downtown. True story: once I went to a rock concert at Radio City, and three days later I met the lead singer at a party (he was obnoxious). And there were no cell phones back then. People didn’t walk around with a camera in their pockets 24/7—so if you were famous, you didn’t have to worry about being photographed every time you turned around. That made for a much more open atmosphere, where regular people rubbed shoulders with the glitterati as everyone cut loose on the dance floor.

              I also wanted to write about book publishing before the advent of e-readers and computers, when we were all lugging home 400-page manuscripts every night. As with the music biz, the changes have been seismic. Unfortunately the salaries are pretty much the same, especially for assistants (when you account for inflation).  I really did find those lavender shoes on the street, and I wore them until they fell apart.

    I hope you'll enjoy Come Dancing! Also please visit me at for bonus scenes and more.

Emma's Home - kindle ebook by Maryann Jordan

Alpha males with heart and the strong, independent women they fall in love with.  A town full of wonderful secondary characters.  Life, love, friendship.  These are the stars of the Fairfield Series.  Emma's Home (Fairfield, book 1) is the story of Emma and Jake, the high school counselor and detective who fall in love while solving a mystery in their home town.  This book is for readers who love alpha males, who always put their women first and the independent women who find that having a loving alpha male in their life is just what they needed.  Emma's Home is a stand-alone novel in a series.

I wrote Emma's Home in three months, but their story had been in my head for several years.  I wanted a unique title and a unique cover.  Emma, in her early thirties, is looking for a place to settle down and call home.  She meets Jake, a man who knows that finding the right woman is challenging since he also takes care of his mother.  The cover is original, showing the town of Fairfield at the bottom and the loving couple at the top.

As a high school counselor myself, I knew how to write Emma's character and make it believable.  The hardest part of writing was Jake's character - I wanted him to be a take-charge alpha, without making him seem insensitive.  My reviewers feel that I have accomplished that goal!

Emma's Home offers the perfect combination of sweet romance and hot sex.  Some books are filled with very long sex scenes that tend to run together and if there is not a good story, then the book seems rather pointless.  Emma's Home certainly has steamy scenes, but they support the story - they are not the focus of the story!

Laurie's Time - kindle ebook by Maryann Jordan

Alpha males with heart and the strong, independent women they fall in love with.  A town full of wonderful secondary characters.  Life, love, friendship.  These are the stars of the Fairfield Series.

Laurie’s Time (Fairfield Series) is the story of Laurie and Rob, the elementary school teacher and the fireman who fall in love while battling family secrets, a fire at the school, and an illness that threatens to tear them apart.  This book is for readers who love alpha males, who always put their women first and the independent women who find that having a loving alpha male in their life is just what they needed.  Laurie’s Time is a stand-alone novel in a series.

I wrote Laurie’s Time in two months, but their story had been in my head for several years.  The first book in the series, Emma’s Home takes place after Laurie’s Time.  After writing Emma’s Home, I decided that one of the couples in that book needed their own story.  My readers love series that takes them on the journey of a new relationship, while re-visiting the old friends from the previous books.

  I wanted a unique title and a unique cover.  The cover is original, showing the town of Fairfield at the bottom and the loving couple at the top.

Laurie is looking for a place to settle down and call home, ready to start her adult life on her own.  She meets Rob, a town player who is ready to find the woman of his dreams.  Laurie is wary of his attentions, but Rob is determined to prove that he is worthy of her love.

As a high school counselor who has also worked in elementary schools, I knew how to write Laurie’s character and make it believable.  The hardest part of writing was Rob's character - I wanted him to be a take-charge alpha, without making him a seem insensitive.  My reviewers feel that I have accomplished that goal!

Laurie’s Time offers the perfect combination of sweet romance and hot sex.  Some books are filled with very long sex scenes that tend to run together and if there is not a good story, then the book seems rather pointless.  Laurie’s Time certainly has steamy scenes, but they support the story - they are not the focus of the story!

Sleeping with a Wall Street Banker - By Marlene Morgan

About the Book:

Sleeping With A Wall Street Banker is a psychological thriller that begins when lawyer Alice Francis leaves her life in London for a new start with Wall Street banker Jake Logan in New York. She quickly learns that this is a man consumed by his need to control; he loves but on his terms. When Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Jessica, finds out about Jake’s relationship with Alice, Alice’s life takes a dark turn. For all the trappings of success from a Wall Street career, Jake is a man tormented by the irrational guilt he carries from his past relationship with Jessica. Jessica is unmarried and childless with a biological clock that has all but stopped ticking, and Jake is her back-up plan. Her ultimate goal is to fix Jake’s life by interfering, setting him up, and blackmailing him in an effort to force him into a horrible relationship that was never meant to be. With Alice in the picture, Jessica’s goal is almost certainly a recipe for disaster and a fate equal to death itself. When the plan begins to fail, a mentally unbalanced Jessica resorts to destruction.

The Warrior by Ty Patterson

Zeb Carter has lived by his rules, has never backed off and never stood down.... and now when's in the Congo, and has witnessed barbaric acts, has been asked to do just that.

The Warrior is a thriller and has been compared to those by David Baldacci, Lee Child, Vince Flynn, Harlan Cobenm et al., but it's more than that.

It's a story about a group of friends desperate to right the wrongs of the past. It's about the loyalties of friends, some soldiers, some not, & the people they love. Ultimately, it's a story of one man's desperate desire to chase away his own demons & how far he would go to do so.

THE KEYS TO MY DIARY - Kindle ebook by Ann Omasta

Have you ever wanted to look inside someone else's diary? Well, now is your chance. Fern Burns (Yes, she knows it's a ridiculous name, but don't get her started on THAT) is handing over the keys to her journal where she writes about her offbeat, fun, entertaining life in the Florida Keys. She dishes out all of her hilarious stories and deepest secrets in her diary, and you'll find reading it to be a fast-paced, wild ride that you won't want to end. Go ahead...Take a PEEK!

Return To Violet - a mystery novel by Ron Mattos

Amazon KDP free promo running June 25-29, 2014

Imagine if someone offered you a fortune to solve a simple secret code. Would you try to solve it in your spare time or postpone everything in your life until you figured out the solution?

Brock Manion, a talented graphic artist living on the Southern California coast, is faced with just such a problem. After graduating from UCSD, his life is fueled by two dangerous passions—surfing big waves and racing a 300-mph jet dragster. Among the male members of his family, the courage to perform death-defying acts seemed to be genetic—something built into their DNA. The allure of danger led them to take risks for the sheer reward of an adrenalin rush. However, possessing an extra Y-chromosome does not provide the type of courage needed when confronted with a spiritual dilemma.

Return To Violet illuminates the power of forgiveness and reveals how it affects the hearts and lives of those who least expect it. The story provides readers with suspense, adventure, humor, passion—and perhaps even­­ a bit of enlightenment.


  “I just finished “Return to Violet” late last night, and I am in awe. I should have started by telling you that I almost NEVER read for pleasure- it has probably been 12 years since I just read a novel for entertainment. But I have to tell you, I was hooked from the very beginning. There were a lot of twists and turns that I did not see coming.”


“It is the first book I've read with rodeo, surfing, drag racing, Ginger Baker solos and Yogananda in the mix. At times the writing plods along but if you stay with it the story gets better and better with an interesting cast of characters who grow as the plot twists and turns.”


“This story had a little bit of every feeling that we go through. It is about friendships, family and strangers. There is excitement and times that are a little scary, because of the crazy characters that come in and out of the story. There are many life less to be taken away from the author, such as appreciating your life, family and friends. Knowing that what may seem important in the moment is really not and can rob you of a bigger picture. Never take anything for granted or become so self absorbed that you forget to look forward to see the impact that a quick decision can make on your life.
There are great characters created in the story that keep you wanting to find out what they will learn about life. Very well thought out and keeps you turning those pages.”

Midnight Sky: kindle ebook by Jan Ruth

Romance Reviews Award winner 2013

Romance Reviews Magazine: 'Midnight Sky received a unanimous vote for romantic content and a well-paced authentic plot. The characters were so believable they drew us utterly and completely into their world.'

Review:'Fascinating story, quite different from her first book but still set in the most superb North Wales countryside that Jan Ruth describes so well. Anyone who has any interest in horses will be captivated. I know nothing about horses and don't feel any connection to the horsey set but still enjoyed the comical actions of some of the characters; very engaging and felt I knew all the characters personally by the end.'

Review: 'A mad wife who's everywhere except in the attic, then a sane, beloved wife, who's in the grave but won't let go. But all ends very satisfyingly - perhaps too satisfying in the case of Pete's breakfasts. A definitely recommended read.'

Mistress of the Wind - Kindle ebook by Michelle Diener

Fairy tales are explorations of our deepest fears and desires. The Norwegian fairy tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon is no exception, as it delves into what rules bind us and why, and the inner and outer beauty in us all. That it does this by taking us on a breathtaking journey to the four corners of the world, and by giving us a heroine who defies all stereotypes only makes it more compelling. Mistress of the Wind is an adult retelling of this exciting, captivating tale - it stays true to the original, but adds a few twists of its own. Mistress of the Wind has recently been nominated by readers for an IRC Best Book 2014 award in the fantasy romance category.

About Mistress of the Wind:

Bjorn needs to find a very special woman . . .

The fate of his people, and his own life, depends on it. But when he does find her, she is nothing like he imagined, and may just harbor more secrets than he does himself.

Astrid has never taken well to commands. No matter who issues them . . .

She's clashed her whole life with her father, and now her lover, the mysterious man who comes to her bedroom in darkness and disappears to guard his mountain by day as a bear, is finding it out the hard way. And when he's taken by his enemies, no one is prepared for Astrid's response.

It is never wise to anger the mistress of the wind . . .

Money & Power: Come with mo' shit

This is my first book...ever. I’m a college student and started writing this book one day in between my classes. It didn't take me long to get it down. I have always had a passion for writing, so I put that skill to use. I self-published this book. At first I knew nothing about self-publishing, but I taught myself. I decided to do an urban fiction book because that was all I read growing up and I still read now. Those books are so interesting to me.

All of the characters are based off real life people. The twins Tez and Vez are growing up and learning their lessons as they go. Between handling the streets and their personal lives, things are getting very hectic for them. O’Sha and Nunni are best friends. They are good girls that fell in love with the bad guys. With O’Sha getting pregnant and not hearing from Tez, and Nunni not knowing if Vez made it or not, it’s driving them crazy. These two young couples are leaning how to balance their new lives together. This can either bring them closer together or push them farther away. With so many unanswered questions no one really knows what to do.