Lovers of Babel - kindle ebook by Valerie Edwards

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"Lovers of Babel is that one original storyline that I am always looking for in my reading."

"Lovers of Babel is a great first novel in a trilogy. Want magic? It has it. Want characters that are interesting who create a bond with you the reader? It has it! Want an original storyline? It has it!"

“Lovers of Babel” is the first book in a trilogy that promises to leave the reader on the edge of their seat up until the very end when finally their seat gives way. How can you not lose yourself in a story where everyone born after the apocalypse has super powers? The fact that people are still being born even AFTER the destruction of the whole world is intriguing in itself, but then you have “the grid”.

The citizens of Equinox are permanently tracked on this system that uses a chip in their eye as a way to survey their every move. Even with this extreme invasion of privacy, the citizens are content with their way of life. As long as they carry out their duties for the system, they can earn their credits, purchase their hovercars, play with their powers before curfew, and sleep in their peaceful beds without a care of the deception going on among their elite Authorities. Sage, however, is a different breed of Equinoxian. She despises the system and is bored with Power School. And yet, her father, Amias Riley, is the ultimate dictator in this new world. In fact, he created the system and would love nothing more than to have his daughter Sage rule in his place one day. As long as the rebel within her craves to discover the reality of her world, Sage will never honor her father’s system. With her best friend Chad by her side, she will find out that with every epic adventure comes a deadly cost; the truth.

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