Wanted: One Ghost - Kindle book by Loni Lynne


Wanted: One Ghost is a paranormal romance, fantasy, mystery with a touch of American History thrown into the mix.

Anytime is a great time to read about ghosts, not just Halloween. But add a bit of spicy romance, some fun secondary characters and a plot full of mystery, history and intrigue and you have Wanted: One Ghost. It’s been compared to the classic, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, though my leading ghost is more Old English than New England and the twist in the plot is not what most readers expect. Taking a cue from ghost tours, western Maryland countryside and urban locals, the fictional town of Kings Mill, Maryland is more than what the average citizen thinks. History as the town folk know it is about to change and with it a new outlook for the town and its budding growth. But it will take some feisty citizens, a historian who doesn’t believe in fate and the ghost of the town’s past to make a mark on the map. Anything can happen when you bring a ghost to life. But it takes a village to teach him the modern ways and the heart of a good woman to teach him how to love.