Detox Your Soul - A 30 Day Roadmap to Loving Yourself - Kindle ebook by Tami Shaikh

Inner peace is finally within reach with Tami Shaikh’s groundbreaking new book, Detox Your Soul.

Do you often find yourself wishing to rid yourself of all the negative, harmful influences that often make life so difficult?

Look no further than this new thirty-day program that helps you cleanse away your spiritual, mental, and emotional toxins and remove these relentless daily obstacles once and for all.

Beginning with day one, you’ll learn how to face your inner demons and build up your self-esteem. The strategies are designed to be incorporated into your daily life—no drastic changes to your routine are needed! Waking up just ten minutes earlier and going to bed just ten minutes later each day gives you all the time you need to see—and feel—a difference.

Each of the thirty chapters provides a section for you to record your innermost thoughts, reflections on that day’s exercises, and what you have achieved both physically and spiritually in the last twenty-four hours.

By the end of the thirty-day program, you’ll feel more in tune with your spirit, mind, and emotions. Most importantly, you’ll have gained the tools to cleanse your soul for a lifetime to come.

The Ohana - kindle ebook by C.W. Schutter

A dying child’s life depends on her grandmother's explosive secrets about her tortured past and forbidden love.
A historical family saga spanning three unforgettable generations who meet in the brutal sugar cane fields of Hawaii where a savage crime and a failed strike draw the families into an uneasy alliance.

The Ohana is the only novel to accurately describe the beginning of the mob in Hawaii. My dad’s best friend in elementary school was a man who grew up to be one of the biggest mob bosses in Hawaii, uniting the Japanese, the Koreans, and Portuguese-Hawaiians. The Chinese were the first to form what people in Hawaii called “The Syndicate” which was understood to be the Hawaiian Mafia. My dad never joined but his friends liked playing poker at our house. It all ended the day I read an article in the newspaper about a man being gunned down less than a block from my house. I recognized the name and asked my dad if the story was about one of my “uncles.” In Hawaii, children always call family friends, uncle and aunty. All the poker games stopped after that day and I never saw any of the many “uncles” who came to my house to play cards.

In The Ohana except the bodyguard was blown up, not gunned down.

Years later I married a lawyer who represented every “godfather” in Hawaii for income tax evasion including my dad’s childhood friend.

Most of the stories in The Ohana are true. I kept stories tucked away in my brain and sometimes written down on scraps of paper. My first novel was over a thousand pages. The characters are mostly a combination of people I know very wellThere are so many treasures I gleaned from my mother and aunts.  Big things, little things-like the Japanese officers who called my uncle a traitor before spitting in my his face when he interrogated them. The abject poverty alongside enormous wealth. The racism, the prejudice, the immigrants struggles to be equal. I salute this nation of immigrants because even the Native Americans immigrated across the land bridge from China to Alaska. Aloha and Mahalo for reading my novel.

Don't Look Back - kindle ebook by Nicola Graham

Fate cruelly robs two young lovers of their chance at forever two decades ago, is the universe now trying to make amends?

Enter into this captivating story of lost love that many readers are finding hard to put down once they start reading. The story begins as Katherine Jacobs heads to her hometown in England from Los Angeles for a whirlwind, extended weekend to surprise her oldest and dearest friend, Diana, who is turning forty. Katie is not the only surprise guest at the birthday party, and tensions mount when she finds herself face to face with her first love, Matthew Sullivan. Once upon a time they had shared adolescent dreams of spending their lives together, but fate has dealt them each very different cards, and they inexplicably vanished from each other’s lives twenty-two years ago, leaving questions unanswered and old wounds unable to heal. They live on different continents, each married, each with their own lives. Don’t Look Back revisits their past, wanders through the streets of present-day London, and travels deep into the corners of their souls.

Psychiatric Hospital - kindle ebook by David Reuben, M.D

To the average person a Psychiatric Hospital is either a blank space in their mind or a TV-inspired Chamber of Horrors. They think of it as an ‘Insane Asylum’ full of violent raving lunatics held in check by burly grim-faced attendants.

A Psychiatric Hospital is none of those things. It is actually a vibrant ever-changing community where three-quarters of the population lives in a world of strange fantasies and delusions - in some ways not unlike the world outside.

And one quarter of the population is made up of dedicated men and women who struggle to bring those three-quarters, the patients, back to at least a semblance of reality.

The result is an ever-changing ever-contrasting pattern of conflict and cooperation, violence and tranquility, hate and love with a massive undercurrent of sex!

Come through the rusting door of the Psychiatric Hospital with me and I’ll show you.

The first thing you will see is all the young well-endowed nurses in tight white body-clinging uniforms. It’s almost as if they are flaunting their freedom to the outside world to protect them from the emotional stress and intensity of the Psychiatric Hospital.

Then there are the young doctors, interns and residents, barely older than the nurses overworked and underpaid — but with a wisdom far beyond their years.

By the time they have finished their tour in the Psychiatric Hospital, they have managed  - and learned from - murderers, drug addicts, famous actors, doctors who are patients, sadists, masochists, millionaires, and homeless men and women.

As you read through the pages of Psychiatric Hospital you will learn with them - and by the time you finish, you will know more than you ever imagined about insanity, people who are insane, how the doctors and nurses struggle to bring them back to reality.

You will learn more about the human mind than you ever dreamed possible. And you will learn something else besides.

By the time you finish Psychiatric Hospital you will be amazed and delighted about how much you have understood about mental illness, human behavior, and psychiatric methods. You will also be surprised about how much you learned about someone who is not a patient. That ‘someone’ is yourself!

Read Psychiatric Hospital and then tell me if I am right…

Pawned Queen - kindle ebook by SK Thomas

The horror of moving the a new city, being stalked by a police officer, your best friend is possibly murdered, your not sure who to trust.

Who can Melissa trust? And where does she turn next? Has her best friend been murdered? Who is watching from beyond the shadows?

A suspense thriller novella by SK Thomas is sure to keep you on your toes questioning what will happen next.

"Jack?" Melissa yelled out in question after she heard a knock on the door. No answer came. The floor creaked when she knew someone else was in the house. "Jack?" Her voice shook as terror crept in asking her to play. Every stranger has a purpose and the game is just beginning so take a step in any direction, if you dare.

Max is the Number One suspect in the disappearance of Melissa's best friend, Alice. A detective named Jack constructs a plan to get Melissa into Max’s personal space using her as bait, but soon after the web of promises disintegrate into a pile of deceit and lies she's left dangling without a safety net. The game continues leaving Melissa to question who to trust as she desperately searches to find answers because in reality, it’s not a game at all.

Idyllic Avenue by Chad Ganske

Stanford Samuels is an ordinary man with an extraordinary disease, segregated with his fellow mutants from the healthy population by eighty-foot walls. Sarah is the genetically perfect woman assigned to eradicate his mutation and deliver their family to safety. Only those who contribute a healthy offspring to the population will be granted entrance into the dome.

“The way to salvation is through the self-sustained bio-dome, free of the ills that have nipped at the heels of mankind throughout history. The artificial environment under the dome will offer all that we consider good – fresh water, fertile land, minerals for mining – without the disease and rot that has plagued us until now. The new society will exist not in sickness but in health …”

In the distant future, planets in the explored galaxies have been plundered and left uninhabitable. The search for alternatives is now exhausted, leaving the only option for colonization on a planet whose twin suns are moving rapidly towards extinction. To ensure the long-term survival of mankind, a massive bio-dome is being constructed to house the population after permanent midnight – but not everybody is welcome. All known genetic diseases have been banned to protect the delicate ecosystem inside the artificial environment. All Stanford needs to do to book his family’s ticket to the dome is bear a healthy offspring with Sarah. But fertility is never guaranteed, not even for a perfect couplet, and with civil strife trumped only by the impending threat of perpetual darkness, Stanford must defy his own moral compass as he searches for truth along Idyllic Avenue.

Love You to Death - psychological thriller by Vivian Wolkoff

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HOT New Release!

Rachel is shy and has a blend-into-the-walls approach to life. Ben is a natural born leading man who isn't afraid to take center stage. He's also Rachel's new neighbor. What starts out as opposites attracting blossoms into a whirlwind romance. Then, Rachel's gossip-loving neighbor says she knows something about Ben. Something dark and twisted. She urges Rachel to break up with him. Then, she disappears.  Rachel knows something happened to her neighbor. And she fears Ben is involved.

Fans of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl and Liane Moriarty's The husband's Secret will love Love You to Death

Dogstar: It's Moonlight Robbery - Kindle ebook by Jez Campbell

An American Werewolf in London meets Trainspotting

Say hello to dogstar Pete, sink estate druggie turned werewolf thief. He’s got a nice line in robbing dealers, stashing cash and planning for his get-out-of-London.

The dog’s life, right?

And all’s sweet until he finds himself banged up in the Pound, behind bars, sentenced to death and realising he’s not the only dog in town. Now things ain’t looking so good. Maybe this time, Pete’s bitten off more than he can chew.

About the author:

Jez Campbell was born in London and brought up in the hills and woodlands of the rural Midlands in England. He studied languages and literature, specialising in medieval sagas and the German Romantics, before travelling & working throughout Africa and the Middle East, and then settling back in the UK.

By day he inhabits glass and steel tower blocks in the big smoke, helping people in big brands think more creatively and develop more exciting products and services, and by night he escapes to the country and transforms into an author of horror fiction. When not working and writing he runs wild and free with his mate and their pack of cubs in the Surrey Hills.

War of the Black Tower: Part One, kindle ebook by Jack Conner

"War of the Black Tower: Part One" by Jack Conner, now for only $0.99!

When a dark power rises, only a doomed prince can stand against it. For centuries the free kingdoms of the Crescent have lived in fear of the Dark One launching his final war, the war to sweep away all bastions of the light. That time is now. And the one person that can stand against the growing shadow, Baleron, is the Chosen One of the Enemy himself. What will it take for Baleron to throw off his dark destiny and cast the Enemy down? Join Baleron on a pulse-pounding thrill ride through a world at war as he attempts to find out. Everything hangs in the balance.

This Stuff Really Works by A. D. Ruffin

So, what distinguishes people who are living their dreams from those who are not? Thoughts...nothing but thoughts.

This book provides real experiences of people who have used law of attraction techniques such as vision boards, visualizations, lists, "acting as if it is so", and scripting, and successfully manifested their desires. It is the 1st book in my series: Real Law Of Attraction Manifestation Stories. You can also check out the other books in the series: It Was On My Vision Board, Speak It Into Existence, and Write Your Vision, Make It Plain.

There are plenty of books out there that teach you how to preform Law Of Attraction techniques, this is not that type of book. There are plenty of books that attempt to explain why these methods work, this is not that type of book either. This book simply provides real experiences with actual links that take you directly to people telling their own story. I include my story as well. It includes AWESOMENESS like traveling the all over the world and being on a different continent every six months. I explain how this all came about after I watched an old recording of The Oprah Winfrey show that centered around a movie called The Secret and made my 1st vision board. This movie was created by Australian Rhonda Byrne who says that if you follow the philosophy of The Law of Attraction, you can create the life you want. According to the Law of Attraction, everything that happens to you - good or bad - you attract to yourself by way of your thoughts and feelings.

There is no way you can read this book and not try this at home. It will change your life, I promise!

Dragon Dodgers - A Fantasy Short Story by V. R. Cardoso

Welcome to Arkhemia. This is the year 2103 Before Unification.

Dragons rule the land and mankind hides underground in order to survive. Only a brave few dare to cross the great outdoors - Surface Runners.

Captain Targon of the Dragon Dodgers has Ran the Surface for far too many years, but he has finally found the mother of all jobs. In the hope of becoming rich beyond his wildest dreams, he has dragged his men all the way across the continent, to a land they've never been. But the men are tired of their Captain's secrecy and exhausted by the long and dangerous journey. There are whispers within the Company and some believe that a change of leadership is required.

Has Targon finally found the job that will allow him to leave his Surface Running days behind? Or is he taking the Dragon Dodgers to their doom?

Dragon Dodgers is the first in a series of short stories leading up to the Wounds in Sky Fantasy series. Release of the first novel length book in the series is scheduled for Q1 2015.

Getting Him Off Quickly by C. R. Lemons

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This fast-paced and engrossing narrative of murder investigation and steamy adult romance will stimulate the mind and get the body yearning for more.

Paralegal Daisy Sinclair works for a well-known successful criminal defense attorney in downtown Fort Worth.  She works hard and plays even harder, but has a code to never mix business with pleasure.  This code is tested when her boss hires Warren Cole as a criminal investigator to partner with her in a case defending a prominent figure against a double murder charge.

Investigator Cole is a gorgeous six foot five former homicide detective and Navy SEAL with piercing emerald green eyes, unkempt jet black hair, caramel tan complexion and rock hard body.  When Daisy catches herself imagining him handcuffed to her bed while investigating the crime scene, she soon realizes mixing business with pleasure maybe unavoidable.

Daisy is a strong-willed free spirit who plays by her own rules and Warren is a cocky alpha male who is accustomed to going by procedure.  This combination makes for an interesting and entertaining investigative team.  As they set out to prove their client’s innocence, they find themselves on a suspenseful winding journey of the many suspects and motives to discover things may not be what they seem, or are they?

Between finding out who committed the murders and the provocative sexcapades this novel is sure to satisfy.

The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky - kindle ebook by David Litwack

"...a fully imagined, gripping read..." - Kirkus Reviews
“... an enthralling look at an alternative world... thought-provoking, beautifully written and highly entertaining.” - Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite
Following his his first two award winning novels, the dystopian fantasy, There Comes a Prophet (“Superb” —Kirkus Reviews), as well as the striking contemporary novel, Along the Watchtower (“a poignant story of love, loss, and faith”—Clarion Foreword Reviews), author David Litwack returns with an intelligent, and thought-provoking tale of a bisected, alternate world.  In The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky, Litwack imagines a time and place where, in the wake of centuries of religiously motivated war, reason and spirit have been separated by decree—the faithful consigned to the Blessed Lands while, across a vast ocean, those who believe in a rational universe make the Republic their home.  But ancient boundaries are dangerously transgressed when a small boat carrying a single passenger, a nine-year-old girl from the Blessed Lands, crashes upon the Republic’s shore—an unexplainable occurrence that reunites two childhood companions, the daughter of a scientist and the son of a failure.  The strange arrival of the girl, who calls herself the daughter of the sea and the sky, instills these two damaged souls with a powerful new purpose, even though their decision to protect the mysterious child from the authorities could have dangerous unforeseen consequences for their future, their freedom, and their world.

Blood & Soul - an epic fantasy by Allen G. Bagby

In this epic, coming of age, action-packed fantasy the bastard prince Ledarrin is caught in the shadows of a dynasty as his brother goes on a murderous rampage to secure his birthright, overthrowing the realm. Ledarrin’s world is shattered. As he goes from the palace to the dungeon, hope for the survival of the realm seems lost. He escapes, only to be hunted by a legendary assassin. Meanwhile, demonic hordes, trapped for ages by a curse in the Underworld, await their release upon the sacrifice of the king--with plans for revenge on humanity. And so begins a heart-pounding adventure into a deadly future: a journey of loss, seduction, and betrayal. Ledarrin is joined by aging warriors and unlikely allies as they race to find the Creed of Kings, the ancient scrolls that can thwart the demons, but when Ledarrin’s true identity is revealed, he must choose between a destiny of blood--or soul.

Buttercup Cottage - Kindle ebook by Elizabeth Purcell

Buttercup Cottage is an e-book series.  This is the 2nd book in the series which is brand new, hot off the presses!  In this series there is a loud noise in the birdhouse.  Who could it be?  But the noisemaker won't come out because he thinks he will be made fun because he looks different from everyone else.    Nanny Buttercup assures him that they would never make fun of anyone, because they are all different too. Different sizes, and different colors too.
The puppet at Buttercup Cottage all have different input also.  For instance, Sally Spider talks about good nutrition; Bookworm talks about the importance of reading; And Penney Prettyworm, well what can we say about her?  She just loves to color.  There is also a funny looking guy named Knock Knock who loves to tell knock knock jokes, what else?

In the first book series, Penney learns her manners.  Visit us often, we'd love to see you.

A Substitute for Murder - Kindle ebook by JB Clemmens

A Substitute for Murder-Kindle ebook by JB Clemmens

As a substitute teacher myself, I never found a dead body in the high school gym. In the fictional story, A Substitute for Murder, though, a teacher is found murdered in an unusual way when the substitute gym teacher prepares for class. Fortunately, Lieutenant James from NYPD Homicide is called in to find out the truth about the victim - why and how he died. In doing so, he finds that some teachers are gambling, keeping secrets, or have had arguments with the victim, a graphic arts teacher, which makes them suspects. Lieutenant James digs and finds that a summer job where the victim worked holds a key to solving the murder. He becomes embroiled in the art world and the thieves who steal great art. He and his close female companion, Bitsy Schwartz, visit the local casino to gather information about"ASubstitueforMurder_JBClemmens.jpg some of the teachers' habits. Although Lieutenant James respects most educators, he is relentless and unbiased when pursuing a murderer. No one gets a pass without an unshakable alibi. Sometimes he makes food choice errors, but never errs when it comes to catching a killer.

Hawser - Kindle Book by J Hardy Carroll

War is said to make monsters of men. What does it do to monsters? This epic tale, set in the grim early years of the Allied bombing campaign against Germany, encompasses the sweep of war in all its horror and romance. Richly detailed and gorgeously written, Hawser packs a wallop readers won't soon forget.

Because of You - ebook for kindle by Tabitha Condren

This book is about finding the person meant for you, and how that same person impacts your life. My characters experience real life events that people in today's world may face. You will find yourself falling in love with their relationship as it blooms.

Michael is a very attractive and likable person, almost boyishly playful at times. While Lea has a dramatic and intense personality that almost makes you question how it is possible for him to fall for her.

The story captures your heart as you experience young love, sexual attraction, and hope for their future together. Yet it also pulls you deeper with life-threatening moments, raw emotion, and darkness.

As you read you will experience many different emotions along the way, which I think makes for an interesting storyline! It's a Fiction / Romance with an occasional sprinkle of drama for flair.

Mission: Lights of Langrenus - kindle ebook by V. A. Jeffrey

Something stinks in Langrenus. Or technically, north of the city.

Excerpt: “This way!” I said and I took hold of Justin's arm and bounded several times upward until I reached the cave opening. I extended my legs outward until my feet touched the opening and then I used the force of my body to fly through before we landed on the ground just outside. Liatel ran down the path and jumped out of the cave with the grace of a cheetah, just in time for us to hear laser blasts raining down from above inside. Finally out of the cave, I lead them to the moon buggy. As I hopped in I looked back to see the Glia woman raise the lasgun at me and power it up. Will's little alarm went off like a shrieking siren and all this while we were still being hunted. I ducked down just in time to avoid the blast of laser fire. I aimed with my vambraser and let loose a stream of laser fire but my aim was off and she was quick. She leaped out of the vehicle and away from the line of fire, ducked beneath it and then rose up, reaching over quick like a snake and grabbed my arm, nearly tearing me from the seat. I had no idea how strong alien females were but at this rate she would rip my space suit right off me if I didn't so something fast!

The White Lie - kindle ebook by Philip Shirley

Charles McNair said, “The White Lie can stand by Grisham on any bookshelf.”

This suspenseful thriller is full of surprises and nervous laughter. The story pulls you right into the car when advertising executive Peter Brantley is carjacked at gunpoint when a drug bust goes bad at a Jackson, Mississippi, bus station near where he is stopped at a traffic light. After the carjacker instructs Peter to drive to a deserted, rural area, Peter knows he will be murdered as a witness. The plan he comes up with to save himself—and get even with the type of criminals responsible for this brother Christopher’s death by drug overdose—leads him and his spunky wife, Mary Beth, deeper and deeper into dangers they have never before imagined as they are pitted against a ruthless drug kingpin and a drug task-force leader, both quickly closing in. The author Philip Shirley was called a “master storyteller” when his first book of fiction appeared, one called by novelist Mark Childress as “…a memorable debut in the world of fiction.” With this latest novel, Shirley delivers  and arresting and unforgettable tale that award winning author Dayne Sherman called “a story worthy of the late Elmore Leonard.”  Climb aboard this Kindle book for what First Draft magazine called “…a wild Southern ride of exciting twists and turns…”

Home Workout For Beginners - kindle ebook by James Atkinson

·        If you are one of the millions of people that wish that they were slimmer, fitter and healthier but don’t know where to start.
·        If you have always told yourself; “one day I will lose some weight”, but never actually got around to it.

This book is for you!

·        If you want to get real fitness results but don’t want to join a gym
·        If you want to start a progressive training routine from your own home that will give you great fitness and weight loss results

This book is also for you!

Entranced: A Halloween Box Set - Kindle ebook by Lori Handeland, et al

Holiday Feast from NY Times, USA Today and bestselling, award-winning authors. Nine exciting stories of romance and mystery, paranormal and contemporary, magical and mystical, ranging in lengths from novellas to short page-turning stories.

Escape to worlds featuring a vampire in love with a human, a powerful telekinetic, a secret lover, a spirit seer, a master magician, a wizard prince, a paranormal ass-kicker, and more.

When Midnight Comes - Lori Handeland

Visit the streets of 19th century New York in a novella based on the legend of the Jack O Lantern. Newly dead Jack Keegan may be doomed to wander the earth forever with only a lantern to light his way unless he atones for the sins of a lifetime. His love for Lucia Casale may be the only thing that can save him.

Midday Masquerade - Leigh Morgan

Can a mask help two lost and lonely people release their inner desires and find love strong enough to vanquish an ancient family curse?

Sian's Solution - Dale Mayer

Sometimes the depth of love is only understood when it is lost forever... When a vampire discovers the human man she loves has been captured and hung in a blood farm, she goes against her own kind and risks everything to save him.

Breaking Out - Michelle Diener

Imprisoned in a secret facility, powerful telekinetic Kelli Barrack and two other 'special' inmates grab a chance to escape, only to confront their worst nightmares on the outside.

The Halloween Prince - Edie Ramer

A sudden storm, a broken van, and a ghost dog take widowed Sarah Lowtower to a cabin in the Wisconsin countryside and an intriguing man who becomes her secret lover. But when he becomes the Halloween Prince, everything changes.

Medium Rare - Nancy Haddock

The ghosts of St. Augustine are spooked, and spirit seer Colleen Cotton must team with a by-the-book paranormal investigator to save them all, or risk losing her own great grandfather's spirit forever.

Feel the Magic - Liz Kreger

Jenna Carmichael is harnessing the magic of the full moon on All Hallow's Night in a tricky transformation to earn her Master level, when the past comes back to haunt her.

Masked Attraction - Mary Hughes

Daniel Light loved Zoe Blackwood when he was a gangly dork. Now a powerful wizard prince, a masked ball gives Daniel a new chance to woo her. Coming between them is an ancient parchment with a deadly prophecy.

Midnight Masque - Elle J Rossi

Bar owner and paranormal ass-kicker, Josie Hawk, stresses over her vampire lover meeting her vampire-hunting father, while at her stars-of-country-music masquerade, supernatural forces escalate to code red. If she doesn't unmask the insidious evil, the party could turn into a mass funeral.

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A Bloody Good Cruise - Kindle ebook by Diana Rubino

I wanted to combine Italian vampires, comedy and cruising in one package, so I hopped on my imaginary ship The Romanza in order to get my characters in all kinds of trouble. I envisioned the hero, Fausto, as actor Vincent Irizarry (Dr. Hayward on All My Children). That made my job so much easier. He is THE perfect vampire. Italian vampires and hunters (the Vampire Ball Busters) leave the field wide open for comic relief, and I had plenty of chances in this story. Since I'm hooked on cruising and I'm Italian, I didn't need to do that much research. The name Fausto came from an Italian woman I met in the 1980s, Fausta. I knew I had to use some version of that name in one of my books.

SEO 2014 - kindle ebook by Adam Clarke

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SEO 2014 is the groundbreaking book that walks you through ranking your website at the top of Google, step-by-step.

Great for bloggers, authors, marketers, business owners or entrepreneurs—this book is a must-read for any professional.

SEO 2014 has been written in an easy-to-understand language so even the most basic internet users can understand how to get their site ranking at the top of Google. And for the advanced users, it is filled to the brim with tools, resources and updated information on how Google is working in 2014, so all readers will have something knew they haven't used before.

On a time-limited discount promotion from 25th October -> 31st October, 2014. Be sure you don't miss out and download your copy!

Visit Amazon and purchase SEO 2014: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies, by Adam Clarke, today!

What Survives of Us by Kathy Miner

What would you do to survive, if life as we know it ended?  What should you do, to protect yourself and your family?  This post-apocalyptic story asks characters from diverse walks of life to answer that question, over and over.  Fear and desperation breed violence, but can these characters rise above?  They've got a chance to become something more, not just as individuals, but as a species - will they embrace that chance?  This first book in a multi-book series poses these questions and more.  Set in beautiful Colorado, the story follows a group of survivors through the first days following a plague that decimates the population and leaves those that remain different, in ways they never could have expected.  And though physical survival drives many of the decisions and difficult choices that have to be made, this story is at its heart about human connection, about the complex bonds of duty, opportunity, friendship, convenience, and most of all love that drive us all.  "What Survives of Us" is something each character must decide, and their decisions will shape the world that emerges from the devastation.  The sequel to this book is planned for release in early spring of 2015.

The Man Who Loved Too Much - Book 1: Archipelago, a Kindle book by John Rachel

At Amazon:

This is the first of a trilogy, both whimsical without being frivolous and severe without being melodramatic. Mostly, it’s good fun! Poor Billy Green! When he was just turning four, his father tried to throw him in the trash. He was a smart kid but that just seemed to create enemies. His mom did everything to protect him. But this was Detroit, armpit of the wasteland! Catholic school didn’t help much, except the time he got his first kiss from an atheist nun. Home life was dismal. Was his father capable of anything but drinking beer and farting? And what was with that neighbor who made puppets and tried to molest Billy? Golly! Detroit was sucking the life out of him. At such a young age! Then adolescence swirled around him. Like water in a toilet bowl. High school was a B movie. Only without a plot. So finally he did something about it. Billy ran away … to college. Cornell University. That was a good move for sure! He studied hard, lost his virginity, met the love of his life. Things were definitely looking up! What could possibly go wrong? Isn’t that what we always ask?

Catchy book title - book marketing guide #2

How to promote your book on Amazon
A good book title can be the single most important factor in catching attention of a potential reader. Of course, the title is an inseparable part of your book content, and should come out of it and be connected with it. However, there are a few simple rules that you should consider when choosing your book title:

  1. A catchy title is short. In 2013, an average title length of most books in Top 100 bestsellers was from two to three words. 
  2. If your book is a fiction book, the title should be non-descriptive. It can be a metaphor, play on words, an important hero's name or a place in the story - but it should not describe the book genre and plot ("The attack of vampire snakes on hospital").
  3. If your book is non-fiction, it should be descriptive -  potential reader should be able to see quickly if it is a kind of book he or she is looking for (a classic title that shows what we are talking about here is "How To Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie).
  4. Do not overcrowd Amazon search keywords in the book title. You will use the keywords and categories for this - in the Amazon KDP panel while uploading your book.
  5. If your book is a part of a series, put the name of the series and the number of the book after the title, in brackets.
You should also spend some time on research, and see if there are any books with a title similar to yours. If there are not, it gives your book a bit of uniqueness. If there are, you should consider if:
  • is your book easily distinguishable from others?
  • are those books the same or different genre than yours?
  • if a potential reader sees your book in the company of those others, do you feel that is a good thing for you or not?
After giving some thought to the matters listed above, head on to the next chapter of our book marketing guide, which is book formatting. And, if you haven't done it yet, submit your book to our site to help readers discover it!

Mystical Circles by SC Skillman

Deep in the heart of the English countryside, in an idyllic farmhouse, Craig, an idealistic young man with a wealthy father, has gathered together a community of complex characters to inhabit his eerie and atmospheric retreat. They’re all dedicated to Craig and his teachings – which involve rejecting the past and living only in the present. But Craig’s retreat for spiritual and mental healing and enlightenment has a darker, hidden side.

Into this ménage comes Juliet, a London journalist, anxious for her younger sister Zoe who’s fallen in love with Craig. Is Juliet over-protective? Or is she right to pursue Zoe from London to the Cotswolds, worried about her taking up with Craig and his band of eccentric guests?

And is Craig’s retreat a dangerous cult or a place of healing?

Juliet struggles to accept Craig’s teachings without quite understanding them or the overt willingness to join in. And along the way she meets a host of quirky and oddball residents who offer her the chance to become one of them and gain ultimate fulfilment and enlightenment... or perhaps something  very much worse.

As Juliet investigates, she’s drawn into their sinister world ... and the results are sometimes spectacular, sometimes dangerous.

Magnetizing: A different world - a fantasy/romance novel by Juliet Rose

A story about forbidden love in an hopeless place.

Seyai is a gorgeous girl. Too gorgeous to be human. She is an alien keeping her true origin a secret. But she has lost hope in finding true love after years of disappointment. The last thing she expected was to walk in her biology class and be mesmerize by her teacher.

Zevran has a marriage that has fail and two children who are not there anymore. Something he did not need was to fall in a romance with a student of his. A stir of events and emotions surround this two that pull them together like a magnetic.

Together the two fall in a forbidden love that has more consequences then one. A story about a supernatural, powerful love inspired by the song E.T. by Katy Perry.

The Eighth Day - kindle ebook by Donovan Gray

The Eighth Day is the first book in a trilogy centred on a tale of murder, vengeance and mankind’s ultimate demise, the end of the world.

Alex and Ruth Young stumble into a vendetta between two sworn enemies when their neighbour, Benjamin Douglas, falls against their door, shot and dying. This one event changes their lives forever as Ben miraculously recovers from his gunshot wounds. He confesses to them that his real name is Gabriel Armstrong and he was born nearly two centuries ago. He tells them how he witnessed the murder of his family at the hands of a charlatan Preacher named Jacob Burns and how he has sworn to avenge them. Ten years after this event he thought he had found his chance, but when the moment came he discovered something else about himself and Jacob that will change his, and our, fates forever.

Born immortal, Gabriel is dragged into the remnants of an age old war that culminates tonight when a weapon is used that raises the dead with one purpose. To kill!

This tale is told through past and present day story lines, each timeline focusing on different incidents which ultimately connect and intersect in the run up to its dramatic conclusion.  

This is The Eighth Day.

Also available on paperback from Amazon.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum - kindle ebook by Stephen L Nowland

This is the first in a series of six books, which is rapidly approaching completion. It's a fantasy action series with comedy, drama, mystery and a little romance too. Something for everyone!

There is a vacuum of power in the realm of Aielund. While the king's forces are away, powerful figures are positioning themselves to seize the kingdom from its rightful ruler. An unsuspecting group of locals must work together to track down the conspirators, but the trail leads to a far greater threat than they ever imagined.

On top of all this, the protagonist Aiden Wainwright is plagued by dreams that are not his own, and while he has dismissed them for years, it begins to become obvious they are somehow connected to the events going on around him.

7 Days 6 Worst - Case Scenarios Romantic Suspense/Mystery by Leslie Huggans

While the Leslie Huggans has never been a murder suspect, many of the events in this book actually happened to her...minus the dashing CIA agent. One must live in hope.

Mix dry wit with a juicy corpse and let it simmer over a red hot romance to serve up a wicked comedy.

Curious, quirky, crisis consultant Victoria Douglas needs a vacation, and to learn to keep her sassy mouth shut. Instead, she’s gunning a stolen SUV up a mountain with beer cans and bug spray as her only weapons in a fight for survival. She and her investigative reporter friend, Julie Tran, have landed in a Caribbean vacation crap-sandwich bursting with murder, narcotics, and one gorgeous piece of man-flesh.

College flame, Alex Marshall, professed his love and disappeared without a trace. Twelve years later he materializes at Victoria’s resort on St. Kitts and he’s got more charm and sex appeal than ever. Tingling lady bits and long-buried feelings aside, Victoria discovers she and Julie are at the center of a criminal conspiracy that stretches across two continents. They’ve got one chance to prove their innocence before competing nefarious factions feed them to the fish…or worse. Victoria has to decide just how far she is willing to go to save her life and mend her heart.

Match: A Supernatural Thriller - a horror thriller by William Massa


Online dating. A great way to connect in a wired, increasingly busy world, but do you really know who hides behind the smiling pictures? The flirtatious text messages? What if the person on the other end of the dating profile isn’t quite what they appear to be…


Mark found her photo on a popular dating app. Her name was Akasha, and she was beautiful. Seductive. Irresistible. She wrote that she was looking for friendship. Love. A real connection.

But Akasha is concealing a horrible secret. Now Mark must solve a terrifying mystery if he is to save those he loves the most and survive a dangerous obsession.

Accidental Exiles - kindle ebook by Scott Wingate

Accidental Exiles is a novel about love and escape and war and reinvention.

Jesse McCallister, a young American and Iraq War vet, finds his way to Europe where he seeks a new direction and to heal his psychic wounds. He meets the beautiful Sonya Alterelli, an Italian waitress in a cafe on the Swiss border with Italy, with whom he falls deeply in love.

On the shores of Lago Maggiore, Sonya and Jesse fall in with a coterie of American expats, who lead the handsome, rootless young couple into a carefree but perplexingly discomfiting festival of good times in the local villas and cafes. The expats are led by a mysterious, generous young tycoon named Michael Barnes.

Accidental Exiles is a serialized novel, with the first 130 pages scheduled for publication on Kindle in November 2014, and the book published in paperback in 2015.

The Halloween Attraction - Hidden Angels - kindle ebook by Cristina Imre

In less than one month from release (28.09.2014-14.10.2014) the first part of Jennifer reached over 300 readers, gaining popularity and very good reviews. Many eyebrows were raised as reaction to this story, unanswered mystery and data left imagination racing. But, it's just the beginning!

This is a story of dark mystery, suspense, murder, occult, sparkled with romance.

Starting with intriguing but mild scenes, the plot develops - in just a couple of chapters - into a highly sophisticated mystery tale about power, influence and knowledge, with deep explorations inside religion, myth, the occult and bloodthirsty cults. All for one cause…

Everything about the Fallen Angels gives you shivers down your spine. They are a secret group with more power that you can imagine.

The book meets your “clever and catchy” expectations. It has a great plot with well-developed characters, a lot of excitement and suspense about what’s around the corner. You can empathize with one or more characters from the books, since the palette is wide. The skeletons from the closet encompass our own personal fears. Cristina connects the dots carefully, revealing her story in a uniquely tailored setting. At the end, she leaves some mysteries for the readers to solve, letting their imagination grow, without compromising the integrity intended for each individual book.

“I’ve constantly imagined a box office movie, while shaping and drawing my characters and the storyline. I felt for Jennifer by seeing the world through her eyes. I wondered about what will happen next from the “watcher’s” (reader’s) point of view. That is how I created this series. I intend to create a complex experience for my readers, including the needs of highly intellectual ones, by covering all the question marks which set the difference between a superficial plot to a well developed one, ” states the author about her first fiction novel from the “Jennifer” series.

Enjoy the thrill! 

Earliest release date for the second book: November 23

You can check out new titles subscribing on the author's website:

YouTube Trailer:

This Years Love - a magical realism YA ebook by Kristen Forever

Genre: Young Adult, Magical Realism

What if you had no control over who loved you or for how long - including your parents? How would you grow up, missing such an integral piece of being a human?

Avoir Besoin has always known there was something wrong with her.  She's spent her life suffering through blood tests and psychological exams and experiments - all in the name of a cure.  But the way things are going, she's not sure she'll survive long enough for them to find a cure.  This year Avoir will finally begin to discover that living only for a cure, isn't a life at all.  This year, Avoir will have to learn what love really is.

A magical realism story about the different forms love takes in the life of a young girl, trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs.

Like a Shag on a Rock - by Vaughan Humphries

Oxford. The city of 'dreaming spires' and the sinister setting for countless crimes in the 'Inspector Morse' franchise.
Oxford is much more than this, a city of two halves, a city filled by real people with real stories.


Following the break up of Tom’s relationship with Janice, he hastily answers a room advertisement for what appears to be the perfect, Oxford city centre escape…

When the door is opened by his mysterious acquaintance, John, it seems as though fate has stepped in, and Tom quickly settles back into a life of blissful carnivorous freedom.

But although Tom is no longer under Janice’s control, he unwittingly remains the victim of manipulation – this time from John – who wields far more influence over Tom’s personal life than he is aware of…


Everyone dreads being thrown out of the house by their boyfriend or girlfriend, especially when living thousands of miles from ‘home’. However, for the protagonist, being given the boot is the start of a house-sharing adventure that is wilder than he could have ever imagined.

His story is told in, ‘Like a Shag on a Rock’, the antics shared prove that life certainly wasn’t boring.

The book is a tribute to everyone who has dealt with the joys and tribulations of the infamous house-share.

It’s a story written for everyone who has had to house-share while travelling along their journey through life, as well as a reflection of my own experience sharing accommodation with my friends from the Southern Hemisphere.

Those who have been there will be able to really relate with Tom and his attitude. Sharing a home with another isn’t easy, and it takes a fair bit of care-free spirit to make the arrangement work.

Fearless Heart by Dana Ravyn

When investigative journalist Astrid Källström arrives in Minnesota from Sweden for her brother’s wedding, she quickly finds things are not as idyllic as they seem. Astrid must negotiate the minefield of her parents’ separation, thwart her stepfather’s inordinate affection, and bear the emotional machinations of her brother’s insecure fiancée. When a mysterious hit and run is linked to her brother’s former girlfriend, Astrid agrees to investigate. She quickly unveils a conspiracy at the highest levels, but nagging uncertainties from changing relationships and a family tragedy lead her to question herself as a reporter, a daughter, and a sister. Forced to face her demons, overcome her fears, and bring her family together, Astrid grows to find her Fearless Heart.

Broken (The Siren Series #1) by L.A.Griffiths



Broken (The Siren Series #1)

Genre. Yong Adult, Paranormal, Romance.

Something has awoken and wants a piece of Ellie

A story of a young girl’s survival against the paranormal.

Ellie Laveau is a shy, quiet sixteen year old girl, but she carries a deadly gift. At her local school they call her a freak and are afraid of her. She is scared to touch people, since she can send them into a lustrous rage. The only thing that gets her through the day is her family and her two friends, Lilly and Becky. While walking home from school she is stalked by a strange, beautiful woman who knows much about her, and soon her life is turned around by disturbing dreams of creatures that keep her awake at night, and the threat of danger that has seemed to taken an interest in her.

She is scared of what is dream and what is reality. Soon her powers start to put her family and friends in danger. Ellie must do the unthinkable, abandoning what she loves the most.

Quran in English - kindle ebook by Talal Itani

The Quran in Modern English – Clear and Easy to Read
The Quran is the last book from God. It contains Guidance, Mercy, and Healing. This translation is clear, pure, and easy to read. It is written in contemporary English. The sentence structure is simple, the vocabulary is common, the flow is smooth. The meaning is very close to the Arabic Original - The Quran will surprise you. This translation is as close as you can get to the Arabic Original.

Our World:Recovered Journals - kindle ebook by James Walton

A futuristic case study on four journals that peice together just how the world fell into complete chaos

The second prepper fiction from James Walton host of the popular podcast I AM Liberty @iamlibertyshow

Synopsis: Written in the form of a case study the book is collection of Journals studied by a man name J. Singfire. His anthropological study is on a period of time in America known as the Dark Decades (2019-2041) in which the country all but disintegrated. There are four Journals belonging to a diverse group that lived through the early days of the aforementioned period.

Sharon Kimball is an IT professional living in Phoenix who comes face to face with a human trafficking ring. Kurtis O’Leary, a father who lost so much in the early days of this time period and is struggling to keep Connor, his son, alive. Gilbert Hernandez is a criminal, plain and simple. Fighting for food and money keeps him from mugging and hurting people. Terrance Howard is the prepper. Deep inside a bunker with his family Terrance reflects on the days leading up to this terrifying time, that is, until a group of marauders gets a whiff of his location.

Dark one Rising - kindle ebook by Leandra Martin


Dark One Rising: Book One of the Tanith Prophecy series paints a touching landscape of beauty and solace brought to the brink of extinction by a powerful, evil force, whom only the Chosen One, unaware of her unique power, can battle for the soul of a kingdom. Within fantastic adventure and rousing action unfolds a truly human story of destiny and love and the power of spirit that will overcome impossible adversity.

Fantasy writers just don’t write for me, so how could a self published Fantasy book ever do well with these odds stacked against them? Well. In fact, very well. Surprisingly well! Read on dear book fan and let me explain why Leandra Martin may actually be one of the finest Fantasy writers I will ever read.

Melenthia represents all that is good, and Fallon is so brilliantly depicted as pure evil. You can FEEL the conflict!

I think I love Mel!

The Regressed - kindle ebook by Charlie Phillips

A story of mystery, intrigue and absolute power

When historian 'Dusty' Dallow discovers that his soul has lived for hundreds of years - it starts him on a fantastic journey that will rock his beliefs and blow his mind.

A story that is a full throttle adventure thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

With the help of his friend Kris he has to evade the clutches of Victor, a man so full of evil he will stop at nothing to find Dallow and the prize they all seek. If Dallow fails - the souls of every human will suffer for eternity.

This is How We Hewitt - kindle ebook by Danny Hewitt

If you are an underdog, you are not alone! The author takes you on a tour of his and his family's life in the tax industry, sharing a journey through success, temporary defeat, and success again. He shares pivotal moments in the ascendancy of the three biggest names in this industry and describes how his family navigated through turbulent times, both in the industry and personally, to ultimately prevail against the "big dogs". That in itself is compelling enough for a tax nerd. But through his life experience, Danny has lessons on how to succeed in any endeavor in which you feel that you are the "underdog". You will learn the importance of focusing your passion, dreaming big and embracing the hard work necessary to achieve the success that you desire. This book is inspiring, highly motivational and a great read.

Alethea - A Young Adult Novel by Jesse Arnold

All Alethea had ever known was gymnastics, so when a car accident crippled her months before the Olympics she was forced to redefine her life. Of course she never thought super powers would be part of that definition.

Now nightly battles against the monsters that have begun appearing around her home town are taking their toll, not just on Alethea's body but her sanity.

Bermuda Zone - Those who enter never leave - kindle ebook by Steven Trae Lauder

The pre-order to "Bermuda Zone", Those who enter never leave, is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store. The entire download will become available on November 10th

Somewhere in a mountainous area of the continental United States lies a 180 square mile region that hides a horrific mystery, and where those who enter never return, nor are they ever heard from again. Newlyweds, Dalen and Amber Johansen are on their honeymoon.  Peace, rest and relaxation is on the menu.  But, the honeymoon will be anything but stress-free.  Because the Johansens weren't paying attention.  Lost in love, they stumbled into the....
                                                                                                                        Bermuda Zone!

Bound - kindle ebook by Dean Murray

The only thing worse than having no family at all, is having a family that is out to hurt you. That would all be bad enough for a normal 17-year-old, but it's even worse for Alec Graves. A shape shifter's pack, his family, is the only thing stopping the other preternatural creatures out there from killing them.

Alec's pack isn't just neglectful, he's pretty sure that his father wants him dead. Alec is about to be sent to the front lines of a war between his people and everything else that goes bump in the night. His only chance of survival is to convince everyone around him that he's the perfect soldier, but there are lines that Alec won't cross, not for any price.

Bound is a YA Urban Fantasy novel and the first book in a series that currently includes three novels.

Dark Hope - Young Adult Paranormal Romance ebook by Monica McGurk

Dark Hope tells the gripping tale of Hope Carmichael—a compelling young woman instantly memorable for her endurance, heart, and determination. Kidnapped as a child and branded with a portentous mark, Hope’s whole life has been enveloped in foreboding. Quiet and reserved, Hope does her best to blend into the background, but she is destined to emerge as a strong, independent champion for others. Her interactions with a mysterious, and strikingly beautiful emancipated teen Michael—fated either to save Hope or to kill her—further add to the dark web of forces that seem to surround her. McGurk blends the fast-paced narrative of intrigue and perplexing biblical secrets with the thread of human trafficking and the moral urgency to combat it. In an epic narrative that takes readers from the back streets of Atlanta to the height of Vegas penthouses and beyond, Dark Hope introduces The Archangel Prophecies, a saga of vast mythological scope, great moral urgency, and forbidden love.

Dream Shadow - kindle ebook by Delena Epstein

Imagine a twenty-eight year woman, who after a year of constant nightmares that foretell of her death, cause her to lock herself away in her home in order to save the little sanity she has left. Not only is she agoraphobic, but also becomes Obsessive Compulsive, and so afraid of death that she needs a germ free environment with everything in its proper space.

Despite seeing a psychiatrist, Alyssa Daniels lives a life of seclusion. Once a renowned chef and restaurant owner, she is forced to hire someone to run her business for her. She has lost the love of her life and her tiny circle of friends are the only think that gives her hope for a better life.

To complicate her life even further, someone is now stalking her both in her nightmares and her waking life. It starts with threatening e-mails and escalates to a skeletal hand being delivered to her condo.

Alyssa is on the brink of insanity and she needs answers before her dreams become her reality.

Immortal Heat, A Guardians of Dacia Novel - a paranormal romance kindle ebook by Loni Lynne

Dacia was a land of mysterious people. Their god, Zalmoxis considered his warriors to be immortal. For centuries the land went unconquered due to its mystical enchantment. Their warring neighbors refused to cross the Danube and the great Carpathian Mountains surrounding their home. When the Dacians went into battle they fought in packs, like the wolves in their fields, and took with them great flags and banners shaped like evil balours or what we refer to as dragons. The winds that whispered through them gave the dragons their eerie, formidable sound, frightening their foe. Until the Romans conquered and called it Romania.

Immortal Heat is based on this ‘immortal’ clan of ancient Romanian people. Cursed by the gods for destroying a legendary shape-shifter known as a Zmeu, they were to live among the creatures of the night. Only one Zmeu survived and the gods believe it is time to reintroduce the modern world to the ancient Dacians of old and the Zmeu will lead the way.

Released October 6, 2014:
Immortal Heat (Book #1 in The Guardians of Dacia series)

Coming Soon Early Winter 2015:
Immortal Angel (Book #2 in The Guardians of Dacia series)

Coming soon from Crescent Moon Press:
Distilled Spirits  (Book #2 in The Crossroads of Kings Mill series)

Wanted:One Ghost Book #1 in The Crossroads of Kings Mill series)