Ignited Desire - a romance by Marco Lease


This is a story about a marriage romance that goes through a storm. Anyone that reads this story whether married or not will be able to identify with the main character's struggles. The keys to a good relationship mostly boils down to honesty, trust, and communication. Often these qualities are easier said than done as this story will depict. This book will cause the reader to feel a wide range of emotions. The reader will laugh and possibly shed a tear, or two. The supporting characters are full of personality and add humor to the story. The conflict between the main characters is very common in marriages. The way that the main characters deal with their problem is what drives the story to a climax (no pun intended). Finally a hidden secret is revealed and their trust and honesty is put to the test. All relationships go through ups and downs and life is not always perfect. This story highlights this aspect of relationships and the temptations that threaten them. The willingness of the main characters to hang in and fight for what they want is paramount. In the end, they learn a lesson about themselves and each other.

Fighting Fifty, Hot Flushes and Nose Hair by Elaine Naylor


About The Book
Anita Richardson thought the 7 menopausal dwarfs; cartooned in a Google Images poster were an exaggeration, until she experienced her own pre-menopause meltdown. As Anita fights fifty the emotional rollercoaster leads her to bouts of random weeping, profuse sweating, fits of anger and even a road rage ordeal. The offer of a secondment to work on The Big Contract presents Anita with the perfect opportunity to distance herself from the Project Manager she once called a friend.  Anita’s move to the South West office isn’t as cordial as she hoped. The support from a work colleague and a hunky project manager barely compensates for how much Anita misses her best friend or how her husbands’ refusal to join her, fractures their marriage further. But the worse is yet to come. A workplace confrontation and a contract issue that forces an old friend back into her life makes Anita wish she’d stayed in Liverpool.
I hope you enjoy Anita’s story, the friends who support her and the men who play a part in her mid-life journey.

The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss - Romantic Suspense by Michele E. Gwynn

Amazon link:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011J9KZ9Q

Elsa Kreiss returns. New career. Same kriminals. Break out the whip!

From spanking bad men to arresting them, Elsa Kreiss’s life takes a sharp turn from enforcing the rules of her dungeon to enforcing the rules of law. She sought a safer career, a way to help others after the kidnapping of her younger brother by a child predator. However, being a police officer in Berlin was anything but safe. An unsolved case of three missing girls from Charlottenburg pulls her mentor, Kommissar Joseph Heinz, back into the dark abyss just as love finds him. While he searches for a killer, she fights an attraction to a very bad boy. Lukas Trommler is everything she likes in a man; cocky, confident, and hot. An art buyer at a local gallery, Lukas exudes culture with an edge of danger. He invites her into his world where she comes face to face with a familiar monster, Yuri Ivchencko, one of the most powerful and wealthiest men in the world with ties to the Russian mafia. His obsession with the sick and twisted side of human nature expressed in art offends Elsa, who doesn’t hesitate to say so. Her outburst lands her squarely on his radar.

Gregor Koslov was sold at a young age to an extremist Orthodox religious order. He spends his days laboring, and his nights in supplication. Now a young man, his first encounter with the opposite sex turns deadly. Fleeing the scene of the crime, he finds himself near-starving on the docks of Riga, Latvia where he’s taken aboard a commercial shipping vessel - the Vledelets - belonging to a rich and powerful Russian, his life once again in the hands of others.

Now in Berlin, Koslov is questioned by Heinz, and his partner, Detective Birgitta Mahler, about his association with one of the missing girls, Liliya Avilova. Suspicious, they follow him to a manor house on Baumgartenstrasse, and discover a familiar art gallery delivery truck out front.
On the other side of town, Officer Elsa Kreiss receives a note threatening to reveal the secret of her past career to her captain if she does not come immediately to 1211 Baumgartenstrasse. The note is signed by none other than Yuri Ivchencko! Their worlds are about to collide, and not everyone will survive. Can Elsa trust Lukas or is he far more dangerous than she imagines? What does Ivchencko want of her, and how is he connected to Koslov and Lukas? Who is the killer, and who will be killed? Time is running out, and Elsa must embrace her inner dominatrix to save her friends and family.

What's Done in the Dark - a short psychological thriller by L.L. Sanders


Imagine being trapped in a windowless room, a door without a knob at your back, an old chair in the center of the space, and the unsettling feeling of being watched. Why are you there and how do you get out? This is the scenario the protagonist faces in this short psychological thriller.

What’s done in the dark will come to light ... Those words are engraved on the door and offer the only clue as to why I’m trapped in this windowless room with the only other occupant: a chair. The old dining chair and the overwhelming sense of someone watching begins my upsetting journey to discover who’s responsible and why. Will revealing who’s behind my imprisonment be the key to my freedom?

Attorney at Large by John Ellsworth


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a Las Vegas casino? Did you know all the drinks are mixed in one upstairs room and served by gravity flow all across the casino one floor below? Attorney Thaddeus Murfee sues the mob and takes away a casino. Now it belongs to him and he moves into the penthouse to run it.

His estranged sister comes to his casino and begins counting cards. Security tosses her out, she’s followed, and shoots the men behind her. Thaddeus is reunited with his sister when he goes to her side to defend her in the murder case against her. Then an employee of the casino is arrested on drug charges and Thaddeus steps in to defend him. The IRS is busy, meanwhile, and decides to charge Thaddeus himself with tax crimes.

All this through the lens of Thaddeus’ love life, where it appears that he has two women pregnant at the same time.

Join Thaddeus in Las Vegas in this, his third, book. These books have been incredibly well-received and are up to seven now. All are on Amazon best-seller lists. This book, Attorney at Large, has a 4.6 star rating out of 180 Amazon reviews. Out of those 180 reviews, 126 are 4.0 stars, the highest.

You’ll love the escape and quick fun this book gives you. If you don’t know Thaddeus and Katy and Sarai already, now’s your chance. Only 0.99 on sale for one week!

The Belly Fat Formula - Weight Loss book by Aaron Stone

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Take a glimpse inside the Belly Fat Formula eBook and you will learn… how SNEAKY manufacturers are fooling you into eating foods and using products that may actually be increasing the size of your waistline.  Why thousands of sit ups or crunches will NEVER get rid of your belly fat or deliver that flat stomach you are after.  The SECRET to super charging your fat burning by focusing on a few metabolism boosting foods.  The real TRUTH on why traditional cardio and muscle ‘toning‘ exercises are NOT an effective way to destroy your belly fat.  SHOCKING information on how fad diets are actually reducing your ability to achieve your fat loss goals.  1 SIMPLE Trick on how eating MORE can actually burn more calories and finally the TWO Reasons why people fail to lose that excess fat. Yes… there are only 2.  Learn this and a whole lot more with our brand new eBook.

The Blood Bargain - Young Adult Horror/Dystopian by Macaela Reeves


"This isn't your average end of the world, zombies take over and eat people story." - Amazon

"4.5 out of 5 Stars!" - The Bookie Monster

When the world is torn apart by the living dead, the last traces of humanity regroup in the country only to be confronted with a new horror; vampires. Driven by the depletion of their food source, these vampires offer protection for the surviving humans in exchange for blood; an offer that is begrudgingly accepted, forcing the last humans on earth into an uneasy alliance with their predators.

Evelyn 'Liv' Younger was fourteen when the deal was struck. Now, ten years later, she serves as a day guard for a small band of survivors living in the vampire protected colony of Junction. Her world is suddenly turned upside down when she picks up a garbled distress signal thought to be from within the city to the north, a place long since abandoned to the dead.  As her investigation into the strange transmission reveals more questions than answers, Liv realizes her only ally in uncovering the truth may be one of the fearsome vampires she trusts least of all.

Life Blood by V. M. Black


FREE today!

In a world where vampires are born, not made....

All she wanted was life. But he needed her blood.

Cora Shaw is desperate to live. Diagnosed with terminal leukemia, her only hope is the reclusive billionaire Mr. Thorne, who promises her a cure--but at what price?

Mr. Thorne seems to hold strange powers over her, able to twist pain into unimaginable pleasure. A man who, she discovers, isn't a man at all.

Life Blood introduces you to the world of Aethereal Bonds, which looks very much like our ownmbut is secretly populated by vampires, shifters, demons, and faes.  This secret won't last long, however, for the small choices of a single, seemly ordinary girl will change the fate of a civilization and rip apart the world as she knows it.

The Way by Mary E. Twomey


The Way by Mary E. Twomey
Are you a person, or a weapon?
Find out where you fit in a world not separated by race, creed or color, but by blood type. Follow Blue Anders as she learns to fight and survive alongside her violent, sociopath brother, Baird. Blue must fight with society to keep her life, but she also has to battle her brother to keep herself. When the first man to turn her head happens to be of the dominating class, Blue must fight with herself to go after what she truly wants.

Pointe of Passion by Annalie Walker


Every little girl dreams of being a beautiful ballerina, right? Well, Mia Parker was living her dream as a soloist in New York until her dreams were suddenly ripped right from under her when an injury took her away from her passion.

Now what? With the help of her two best friends, Mia opened a dance school in her small hometown and prepared to become the best dance teacher West Trenton had ever seen.

Jax Sinclair was not looking for a relationship after his wife was tragically taken from him two years ago. He had a five-year-old daughter to raise and the last thing he needed was the complications of a relationship.

That was before he met Mia. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he could not get her out of his head. He wanted this woman in his life and he wanted her to stay.

Can Jax bring this Dancer's Desire to the boiling point? Will he bring Mia to the Pointe of Passion that she never wants to return?

*This book combines my favorite things in life. Dance, football and romance. It is intended for mature readers only.

Silo Saga: Hoarder in the Down Deep - Science Fiction by Marilyn Peake



In Hugh Howey’s SILO SAGA, every girl has a birth control implant placed under her skin upon birth.  No woman is allowed to conceive without winning the lottery, a very special event in the world of those living beneath the ground in a post-apocalyptic silo.  It’s tough for those who desperately want children but fail to win the lottery.

In her Kindle Worlds fan fiction novelette, SILO SAGA: HOARDER IN THE DOWN DEEP, author Marilyn Peake asks the question: what happens if a woman’s birth control implant accidentally fails within the tightly controlled world of silo society?  HOARDER IN THE DOWN DEEP explores how psychological issues and emotional pain can lead to hoarding.  It also explores the mental strain placed on women who have lost control over their own reproductive processes.

When Marilyn Peake emailed Hugh Howey about writing a fan fiction story that would introduce a hoarder into the silo world of his WOOL universe, he quickly wrote back: “Love the idea!”  That made her entire day.  It still makes her smile.  Marilyn is a serious fan of Hugh Howey’s writing.  She’s in awe of his writing skills and the incredible science fiction world he developed in the WOOL, SHIFT, and DUST books of his SILO SAGA.

Secrets and Lies - a crime novel by Gina Amos


In the seemingly cosy suburbs of Sydney, the decomposing body of the elderly Rose Phillips is found in her kitchen. Empty pill packets and an empty bottle of Scotch suggest she committed suicide. The house has had the electricity supply cut-off but is for sale and this intrigues Detective Senior Constable Jill Brennan who is sent to investigate the death. Rose’s son William, a highly successful barrister, and his wife Suellyn are interviewed by the detective as she tries to unravel the mysteries surrounding Rose’s life… and her death.

Secrets and Lies is a skilful blend of mystery and suspense that crosses time and binds the present to the past and leaves us wondering about the future. Gina Amos cleverly draws us into her novel by introducing characters with hidden secrets and agendas. Ashleigh Taylor is a young medical examiner but coincidentally is a neighbour of the dead woman. Why does another neighbour, Kevin Taggart, watch her and seemingly have been one of the few people to have developed any kind of recent relationship with Rose? Why do other people in the street die? These are questions we want answered and consequently we are drawn into a guessing game.

Thieving Forest - historical fiction by Martha Conway


2014 North American Book Award Winner for Best Historical Fiction

On a humid day in 1806, on the edge of Ohio's Great Black Swamp, 17-year-old Susanna Quiner watches from behind a tree as a band of Potawatomi Indians kidnaps her four older sisters from their cabin. With both her parents dead and all the other settlers out in their fields, Susanna makes the rash decision to pursue them herself. What follows is a young woman's quest to find her sisters, and the parallel story of her sisters' new lives.

Fast-paced and richly detailed, Thieving Forest explores the transformation of all five women as they contend with starvation, slavery, betrayal, and love. "A powerful tale of sisterhood and survival" (Oakland Tribune).

Verum - A SciFi thriller by Ruairí Cinéad Ducantlin


I had, with the tilt of a coffee mug and a silent nod, committed my life to stopping the extermination.  Agreeing to fight, with your life, is a surprisingly simple thing to do when the alternative is worse than death.  I retain the permanent scars that will prove to you what I am telling you is not only truthful it may have actually happened.

Fleeing for your life is always a crucial moment in the timeline of your existence.  I was trying to take flight, literally running through a parking garage eager to sprout wings and fly away.  The upside of the terror I was feeling with the Agent Smith meatheads shooting at me is that I was struck by the realization: I think I know why 4A was so agitated.  The guy in 4A was afraid of Morningstar Pharmaceuticals.

The Panhandle Murders - mystery fiction by Texas author Robert Haydon


Available at amazon.com as paperback or kindle

Set in the small rural town of Clarendon, Texas, this mystery finds the newly-elected sheriff, Kelly Wren, swept into not only the 1949 cold case murder of sixteen-year-old Sandra Lynn Hershey, but also the 1971 murder of Brigette Mayer. The Mayer case takes on an added dimension when Wren realizes that his deceased grandfather, Hardy, also a sheriff in Clarendon for a decade, was having an affair with Miss Brigette at the time of her death. To make matters worse, there's this annoying newspaper woman (with no name) who makes it a habit to ask just the wrong questions at the wrong time.

And then there's Eddie Vasco. You think you've had some bad days? Wait until you see what happens to him. You'll squirm as he drags an unsuspecting Wren into the quagmire and the two men become targets of an unbelievably vile network of killers.

And romance? Well, of course, there's Angie Morrison. I'm talking about the knocked-out beautiful Angie Morrison. She's definitely interested in Wren but wait a minute! I'm trying my best to get these two kids together but what's this thing he has going on with his ex-wife, Rachel? Come on Wren, give me a break.

This is not a cut and dry mystery; it doesn't in any way mirror the well-rehearsed and scripted TV dramas where everything has to fall into a neat and predictable timetable. It's more of a reflection of the real world where it's difficult to dig through a gray blanket of fog to find the truth.

I haven't spent pages and pages describing and analyzing the main characters; I leave that to the reader. This is a fast-paced book that screams for a sequel. You'll understand what I mean when you reach the end.

Missy the Werecat - a new adult, paranormal, urban fantasy by P. G. Allison


Free two days only:  1/24/15 to 1/25/15

First in a series with 3 other books already published!

The Missy the Werecat Series has no pack, no pride of other werecats and no alpha; Missy is a girl with fantastic abilities doing great things in today's world, amongst humans.  Future books in this paranormal, new adult, urban fantasy series will have Missy going on to West Point and eventually serving in the Special Forces.

When puberty brings on her first Shift, Missy goes into the mountains for two years until finally learning to Change back.  She can Change from fully human in one instant to a mountain lion in the next.  Everyone assumes her two year disappearance was because she’d been kidnapped by a sexual predator that she managed to kill.  She keeps her werecat nature a secret.

She only has her instincts to guide her and those drive her to train herself to extremes.  She must control those instincts; dampening the wild predator is often necessary.  Her raging hormones and enhanced senses require very strong controls; she explores what happens when those controls are relaxed.

Whatever Happened To Romance? a humour, chick lit by K. T. Edwards


A hilarious book chronicling one woman's quest for old-fashioned love in a modern world!

Texting, Sexting, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Online Dating, Skype- all of these things expose us to more options than we’ve ever had before. And yet somehow, finding The One is harder than it has ever been. So how exactly do you find that elusive happily ever after?

K. T. Edwards sets out to discover just that. From dating unavailable men, to dating men who are too available, K. T.'s journey to finding The One is an extremely relatable one that will leave you in stitches from laughing so hard.

It's an honest, witty look at modern dating that will have you nodding your head in agreement along the way.

Finally a book that takes an unapologetic look at what it means to be a woman in the dating world and doesn't make you feel bad about your sometimes, questionable decisions.

K. T. Edwards believes that the dating game is harder than it's ever been but that true love does still exist. Sometimes it takes a lot of wrong decisions before you find your Mr. Right.

For, anyone who has ever looked for love, or has finally found it!

Harrison Family Desserts by Candace June


My grandmother spent a lot of time with me, baking and teaching  how to make these recipes. these memories are most valuable to me. I want to share some of these traditional recipes with others so that they could create memories of their own.

Spirituality 101 For Dropouts of the School of Life - non fiction Spirituality by Ivan Figueroa-Otero

2014 Finalist NIEA Awards, 2014 Medal Winner Readers Favorite Awards,  Finalist in 2014 in USA Book News contest

Kindle Countdown deals $ 0.99

Amazon.co.UK - January 22-27 2015http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00IRH11TM
Amazon.com - January 22-27 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IRH11TM 

This book attends to the needs of "Dropouts" of the great Universal school of life, by making them feel important in the process of learning. In a light funny textbook format, it guides the reader in a roller-coaster experience through the confusing ups and downs of religion-spirituality-science, which makes this ride very enjoyable. It guides the reader back in an inner journey to his real origins, where he finally finds the quenching of his endless thirst for "things" to mitigate his inner emptiness.
The author starts his tongue in cheek scholastic journey by tackling these intriguing questions.
Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? And then motivates you by expressing,
"I invite you to explore your soul in the infinite dimensional spirals of knowledge of the School of Life. I hope that the fruits of my failings help you to surpass your exams with fewer burdens and more joy."

Captivate Me - A Young Adult Paranormal Romance by S.J. Pierce

FREE at Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00IYW8OWC

"This story completely fascinated me. I have not been this entranced since reading the House of Night series." ~ Musings From an Addicted Reader Blog

"Captivate Me is a wonderful story that definitely captivated my heart. It was so great, if I could have, I would have read it in one sitting." ~ Angelic Book Reviews

"I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It's amazing, a favorite and can't wait for book 2." ~ Michelle's Paranormal Palace

Seventeen-year-old Kat Walsh is a Gifted - a human with paranormal abilities. With her mom a former Angel and her dad a dream prophet, it's always been in her genetic make-up to be extraordinary. Unfortunately for her, the world can't handle the strange or unusual. So when she slips up and uses her powers at her high school in Ireland, the entire student body treats her like a freak - even the ones she thought were her closest friends.

Broken, but hopeful for a fresh start, she allows her parents to enroll her in a boarding school buried deep within the forests of a small Colorado town. At Midland Pines, School for the Gifted, she feels as though she can finally be herself; she makes new friends and even has the attention of the most popular guy in school - Levi. Everything feels normal again... or does it?

Not long after her arrival, weird dreams of an alluring boy whom she's never met surface during the night, and the eerie, shadowy trees encircling their school seem to call to her. As these disturbing, yet enticing developments intensify, other bizarre occurrences happen - students and staff turn up missing, and mystery visitors leave gifts while she sleeps. With all of these other things vying for her attention, a desperate Levi has to fight even harder to keep her interest. But with the dreams of the attractive boy slowly captivating her heart, Kat has to make a choice - will she settle for 'great' Levi, or will she search for her elusive dream visitor, possibly stumbling across 'amazing?'

From the author of the Alyx Rayer Chronicles, comes a refreshingly different Young Adult series with plenty of love, suspense, and a new take on the Paranormal.

Recommended for readers 16 and up due to mature content.

City of the Sun - a WWII historical romance by Juliana Maio


Espionage, love, and power play upon the shifting sands of wartime Cairo.

CAIRO, EGYPT 1941. As the Second World War rages, the city known as “Paris on the Nile” plays host to an international set who seem more interested in polo matches and swanky nightclubs than the Germans’ unrelenting advance across North Africa. Meanwhile, as refugees, soldiers, and spies stream into the city, the Nazis conspire with the emerging Muslim Brotherhood to fuel the Egyptian people’s seething resentment against their British overlords.

Ambitious American journalist Mickey Connolly has come to Cairo to report on the true state of the war. Facing expulsion by the British for not playing by their rules, he accepts a deal from the U.S. embassy that allows him to remain in the country. His covert mission: to infiltrate the city’s thriving Jewish community and locate a refugee nuclear scientist who could be key to America’s new weapons program. But Mickey is not the only one looking for the elusive scientist. A Nazi spy is also desperate to find him—and the race is on. Into this mix an enigmatic young woman appears, a refugee herself. Her fate becomes intertwined with Mickey’s, giving rise to a story of passion, entangled commitments, and half-truths.

Deftly blending the romantic noir of the classic film Casablanca with a riveting, suspenseful narrative and vivid historical detail, City of the Sun offers a stunning portrayal of a time and place that was not only pivotal for the war, but also sowed much of the turbulence in today’s Middle East.

Destiny Finds Her - Time Travel Romance by Miranda Lynn


What girl doesn't love coffee, wine, books, and designer shoes? Now imagine being thrown back in time where all those luxuries won't be created for decades. That's exactly what happens to Jami, taken from her comfortable life and faced with the truth of who and what she is. Throw in a shape shifting gypsy, a hunky and moody Highland warrior, and a shaggy dog that only obeys Jami and you have the making of a heck of a tale. But that's not enough to throw her way, just as she starts to adjust Destiny throws another twist that makes her choose between accepting who she is and saving her true love or walking away from it all.

Devlin is happy with his life and is in no hurry to change that, but Destiny has other plans. Fight as he might the attraction he has for Jami it won’t be denied. When he sees what she will do for his clan and family he vows to never let her go. Love may have not been in his plans, but Destiny can’t be denied.

This is just the start of Jami's story of love, learning, loss, and laughter. Destiny finds her, will Destiny Find YOU?

World Unknown Review Volume I - an anthology edited by L.S. Engler


Be a part of something new and exciting with the very first volume of the World Unknown Review, an independent literary publication intended to help bring great stories to its readers and build a strong community between its writers.  For less than a buck, you not only get 11 stories and 1 novella, but you also get to help support an independent endeavor in publishing.

There's a little bit of something for everything in WUR Vol I: there's romance, dragons, space adventures, history, memoir, and everything in between. . Authors include Miriam Sagan, Robert Robinson, Shan Jeniah Burton, Joe Bellamy, D.J. Lutz, Fallon Brown, Wesley J. Connell, Michael C. Smith, Luther M. Siler, Bilal Rahmani, Nicholas Conley, and L.S. Engler.  You're bound to find a new story and author to fall in love with, if not several!

America: We Have the Country We Want - nonfiction by Mark Mullen


In his new book, America: We Have the Country We Want, author Mark Mullen asks:

Is America becoming a country of throw away employees?

Can taxing the rich save America?

Has corporate America violated its sacred trust between employee and employer?

How do Americans feel about their local school and the way it educates their children?

What external factors shape what we see, hear, and read?

Is gun ownership a bad thing?

Why do some people complain about religious displays on public property?

Are all CEOs overpaid?

Are Americans being rewarded by blaming others for our mistakes?

Are there skill gaps between entry level workers and the jobs they will be asked to perform?

Are we justified in complaining about Wall Street Greed and a heartless corporate America?

Does social media provide us with more friends?

Why do politicians promote college for everyone?

This five star, Readers’ Favorite, book answers these questions, and more. Mullen challenges, entertains, enlightens, and exposes readers to pertinent analysis and observations on some of todays most talked about social issues. The chapter on education is particularly relevant in 2015 as the President and Congress debate free community college education for all.  Mullen’s analysis examines real facts surrounding a college education and the workforce. You may be surprised as to what the numbers suggest.

Another relevant President / Congress debate will focus on raising taxes on the rich by closing loopholes and increasing the capital gains tax rate to generate new revenue to pay for existing programs.  This begs the question, how much should the rich be taxed?  Under the heading of “Blame the Rich” Mullen addresses this issue.  The numbers tell an interesting story.

Under the heading of “Leaderless Corporate America” Mullen examines the impact of the board of directors on the CEO and corporate America.  You may not know their names or faces, but they earn mid to high six-figure incomes for working the equivalent of 4 hours per week.  Learn who boards are truly accountable to.

America was founded on the principles of self-determination. To fully exercise those beliefs we must always question and challenge the words and actions of our politicians and media. America: We Have the Country We Want challenges readers to press the perimeters of what we imagine to be true and what is real.

Destiny Takes a Hand - Mystery, Suspense, Novel by Martin Zehring


Follow CIA agent Harry Silver on his next case. He is to go under cover as a photographer for a Modeling agency.  When he finds out Jill, another agent goes undercover as a Model, he doesn't like the idea, Harry and Jill have a romantic past together.  On the case, he finds deep details on why the Models in Las Vegas have been disappearing lately, and in finding the Modeling Agency owner in ties with Russia, doesn't help to ease things any.  The ebook is on sale for a short time, available now for pre-order price of 2.99, price will extend two weeks after release date.  A wide array of characters, and the case taking him to many different places make this book a good page turner.

Romance to the Rescue - a romance boxed set to benefit animal rescue by Marie Force, Bella Andre, Eliza Knight, Debra Holland, Kathryn Shay, Lauren Royal, Julianne MacLean, Shelly Thacker, JoAnn Ross, and Glynnis Campbell


BUY A BOOK, SAVE A PET! For just 99¢, enjoy ten full-length novels from ten NYT and USA Today bestselling authors! Five contemporary romances and five historical romances, each featuring a beloved pet. All proceeds will be donated to Tails of Joy Animal Rescue.

FOOL FOR LOVE by Marie Force
Gansett Island: As a vet tech at the island's veterinary clinic, Janey McCarthy sees some hard cases—and adopts them all. Her pets provide comfort after she catches her fiancé with another woman, as does her brother's best friend, Joe Cantrell, who has been in love with Janey forever.

IF YOU WERE MINE by Bella Andre
San Francisco: The last thing Zach Sullivan wants is to watch his brother's puppy for two weeks. Until he meets the dog trainer, that is. Heather is bright, beautiful, and he can't stop thinking about her…and she just might be the only woman on earth who wants nothing to do with him.

Medieval Scotland: Lady Aliah is skeptical of the nobleman, Sir Blane, who’s come to escort her to Scotland. She demands her loyal hound, Frosty, accompany them as her personal guard. When her escort reveals his true identity, she can’t decide which is more fearsome: his Scottish ancestry or his seductive kiss.

Montana, 1895: After rancher Tyler Dunn rescues artist Lily Maxwell’s dog from being swept away by the river, an attraction develops between them. Yet both have secrets that hold them back from love. Can these lonely souls find their hearts’ desires under the majestic Montana sky?

New York: Charismatic and super rich venture capitalist Spence Wickham makes a bet with his brother to join an online dating service and prove people lie on these sites. But his deceit trips him up with sweet and generous Annie Hopkins, who’s looking for the type of man he’s pretending to be.

LILY by Lauren Royal
England, 1677: Lily Ashcroft loves animals and is usually surrounded by her beloved strays. Whenever a new one finds her, she feels lucky. But Lily's not so lucky when it comes to romantic love. She’s fallen for dashing Lord Randal Nesbitt…but her older sister Rose wants him, and Rose is supposed to marry first.

THE COLOR OF A DREAM by Julianne MacLean
Boston: Recovering from a heart transplant, Nadia Carmichael is haunted by a recurring dream about her donor. It’s not until Nadia meets his estranged brother Jesse—a dog-loving recue pilot—that she begins to explore the true nature of her dreams and discover what her new heart truly desires…

A mythical kingdom, 1302: Disgraced ex-knight Royce Saint-Michel has the chance to reclaim his birthright—if he agrees to escort the lovely Princess Ciara to her royal wedding. They must survive a treacherous journey through snowy Alpine passes…where forbidden love proves even more dangerous than the assassins on their trail.

RIVER’S BEND by JoAnn Ross
Southern Oregon: Welcome to River’s Bend, where spurs have a job to do and cowboy hats aren’t a fashion accessory. Sheriff Cooper Murphy and his “deputy” dog Hummer not only keep the peace, they ease a major life transition for widowed newcomer Rachel Hathaway and her young son.

PASSION’S EXILE by Glynnis Campbell
Scotland, 1391: Once noble Sir Pierce of Mirkhaugh now wanders Scotland as the sword-for-hire known as Blade. His latest mission goes awry when runaway falconer Lady Rose joins the entourage. Just as she tamed her crippled but beloved pet Wink, she gentles outlaw Blade to her hand.

Capo: a tale of life in the Mafia - a crime thriller by Michael Donnelly


Capo is a story spanning from the 1960s through to modern day and encapsulates 2 generations of life in the Mafia

Frankie Scalise grows up in the mean streets of the Red Hook section of New York. With him at every step is his 2 best friends, Gianni Leone and Salvatore Tramonti. They are slowly seduced by the lifestyle of the local "wiseguys" and they are taken under the wing of a Capo in the Costanza Family.

Over the years, Frankie soon finds acceptance and as he and his friends become good earners, they are inducted into the Family as "Made members". Frankie is soon forced to make decisions that will question his loyalty and how far he is really willing to go for the Family. Finally becoming a Capo with his own crew of Made members, his lifestyle now has very dangerous implications on his own son.

Capo creates a violent world full of "wiseguys", thieves, undercover FBI officers and murderers. This is a world where the true threat that these men face isn't from impending war between the five New York crime families, but from the paranoid decision of the Don of the Family which may seal someones fate. A fate that could be delivered by their own best friend.

Craving the Alpha: Part One - Paranormal Romance by Kate Kent



Hot, hunky and seething with raw sexuality the two weremen in line to be the next Alphas of the Lycan clan are ready to mate.

Curvy Kristen James has no idea that her stint to earn money as a summer counselor at Camp Rocky is about to change her life forever.  Taken by powerful weremen, she and the other counselors are forced to experience a whole new way of life as clan members, breeding, living, and loving in the Maryland and Pennsylvania mountains.

Forced to choose between the two wild and sensual werewolves, Dorian and Markus, Kristen’s hasty decision unleashes a frenzy of untamed lust, intense desire, and ferocious anger. As the two fight for her attention, Kristen’s craving for the wereman she has come to love grows deeper.  But will the pride and passion of the two werewolves keep Kristen and her soul mate apart?

Night Screams - a paranormal romance by Rubianne Wood


A two hundred year old curse is enough to ruin anyone’s vacation.  A road trip with friends seemed like a good way to get over her ex, especially when a new love interest comes along.  That’s what Cecily thought when she agreed to join her brother, but she never expected what she would have to go through to save herself.  Throw in a hidden mansion, a creepy doll, and a banshee and it can be absolutely nerve-racking.  Cecily and her friends attempt to unravel the mystery only to learn that love and hate only grow stronger with time and a grudge that old can be a hard one to break.  When past mistakes catch up to the present, all of their lives are in danger. A deadly banshee is after Cecily and it is up to her to accept her fate or endanger the ones she loves.

Though this book leans more toward the romance than is typical for the author, it still has enough bone-chilling elements to keep the horror lovers satisfied.  Any feedback and honest reviews are appreciated.

My Encounters With Michael The Archangel - The true story of a man's journey to Heaven and hell by David Crowe


Not only does this book give a true description of Heaven and hell, but it is a must read because of the troubling times we live in today.  The book explains, in detail, the real truth and cause of the turmoil in the Middle East; something most are unfamiliar with and have never heard before.
It further explains what will soon become of the United States and civilization as a whole.
It covers how the choices we are now making will affect us throughout eternity.  Simply put, the knowledge one will receive from reading this book is priceless.

Now You See It . . (A Hot and Spicy Romantic Comedy with Magic and Spells) by Teresa Roblin


The harder she resists him, the faster her clothes will vanish.

Outspoken Sarah Santorelli hides her sensitive side behind a gruff personality. Fear of abandonment causes her to manipulate romantic relationships to avoid involving her heart. But when her prying aunt casts a spell on her, Sarah ends up on a voyage of discovery on the open seas.

The problem? Every time Sarah lets her guard down, instead of casting off her emotional barriers —the spell makes an item of clothing disappear.

Anthony Mancini has clawed his way to the top. Along the way he’s become a workaholic, putting the demands of his company above those he loves. That’s how he lost Sarah, and he wants a second chance to prove he’s changed.

Thanks to Aunt Lilly’s spell, and a week-long European cruise, stripping Sarah of her defenses just got easier.

Eternal Curse: GIOVANNI’S ANGEL - a paranormal romance by Toi Thomas


He’s not human. He’s not an angel or a demon, but something else beyond the realm of man. She’s a doctor who’s determined to classify him and discover his origin and all his secrets, but perhaps she’ll discover something within herself along the way.

Giovanni is a man carved out of stone with skin like ash after a fire who lives in seclusion out in the wilderness. Mira is a late twenties, thirtyish black doctor from the city in search of a quest that will take her beyond the limits of human anatomy.

When she dreams comfort and understanding abounds, but when he dreams his nightmares become reality and he’s not able to control the devastating consequences. One day Giovanni and Mira will share a dream that change their lives and there will be no turning back.

In the end, it will all boil down to one ageless battle; the struggle between good, evil, and all the powers of Heaven and Hell.

Described as Beauty and the Beast meets Jekyll and Hyde, this story is filled with themes of destiny, war, blessings, curses, discrimination, religion, love, and hope, all encompassed in an epic paranormal tale with fantasy, science fiction, romance, and Biblical influences.

Seven Seas Mysteries Boxed Set, Mysteries and Trillers, by R.P. Dahlke, C.L.R. Dougherty, Wayne Stinnett, Pendelton C Wallace, Ed Robinson, Jinx Schwartz, and Steven Becker

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Seven nautically themed adventure thrillers, by seven Amazon Best Selling authors. Set in the Sea of Cortez, the Caribbean, southern California, south Florida, and western Canada, these seven novels will keep you warm through the long winter still to come. If not, these seven authors have a combined 60+ other books also set in warm tropical climates, with palm trees, bikinis, and clear blue water.

Hocus Pocus (A Hot and Spicy Romantic Comedy with Magic and Spells) by Teresa Roblin


Trying to outwit the spell only makes matters worse.

Shy and quiet Amanda Santorelli is unhappy watching the world go by around her. When her well-meaning but wacky aunt casts an assertive spell on her, Amanda’s orderly world is turned upside-down. Unable to control herself, Amanda blurts out whatever is on her mind every time someone asks her a question. With no control over her own mouth, it’s only a matter of time before her boss discovers her secret.

Mark Abbott is happy with the way his unassuming assistant runs his office. But all of a sudden she’s become a new person—both in attitude and appearance—and he’s not sure he likes the effect on his orderly work routine. With each passing day, he finds himself waiting to see what will come out of her mouth next. Before long, he can no longer deny the truth—the new Amanda is seriously making him reconsider his vow never to mix business with pleasure.

Secrets of the Moon - a paranormal romance by Kristy Centeno

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In a small, middle-of-nowhere town like Wolf Creek Hollow, nothing interesting ever happens. The morning Kyran Rousseau steps into Marjorie Emery’s classroom, her life takes an unexpected turn. This mysterious stranger is not only handsome, stares back at her with lustful, gray eyes, but intrigues her in a way she’s never experienced before.

What she doesn’t know is that this outsider is hiding two very dangerous secrets.

One of which, can literally kill.

             With the mysterious disappearances in her hometown, the strange creatures popping in and around her property, and the unexpected attraction she feels for the new boy in town, Marjorie has her hands full. When Kyran turns out to be more than she bargained for, and life propels her into a life and death situation, Marjorie must find a way to cope with circumstances much deadlier than what she’s prepared to face.

              However, none of this compares to the set of events that are about to be unleashed by the monster hunting her down. With the full moon fast approaching, one question remains to be asked. Who will be a bigger threat to her? Kyran? Or the unknown alpha? And how will Marjorie and Kyran find a way to beat the approaching menace without sacrificing each other?

Lord Kevin - A Romance fiction story by Dishon Boro


Lord Kevin  was a  young ambitious man  who  curiously  sought  for  ways  to  make  it  in  life. Making it  in  life  is  like  crossing  a  bridge, he  found  himself  accepting  help  from  a  lady  without  clearly  understanding  her  terms. As  a  result  of  this  they  found  themselves  entangled  in a  love affair, non of  them  could  escape  from  it, it   is  said  there  is  no  remedy  for  love but  to  love more. The  lady  had  a  secret  which  she  preferred  to  keep  from the world  including  his  new  love  since   its  revelation  would  cost  her.

The Drifting Self - a novella by Andre Averbug

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Imagine one day you decide to depart from your routine, follow your most primitive instincts.
The Drifting Self is a captivating narrative. One morning, a happily married college professor decides to take a different exit while driving to work. That simple turn, and the story that unfolds, take him and the reader on a journey that touches some of the most essential human issues. It teaches us about the balance between the free, inquisitive self and the “civilized” individual, restricted by norms and conventions.

The novella speaks to every reader’s heart. After all, who has never been tempted to, one day, take a different turn in life?"

Eden Phase Vol.1 by L R Bee


This is a story of a young man, whose life is about to get caught up in the wondrous and horrifying schemes of the angelic creatures of Eden, the Malakim.

In the city of Erelton, Lucas Zerome, a reclusive nineteen year old, only expected to do one thing in his life; the daily grind of work, eat and sleep. To him there's nothing else worth doing. All the while his friends, Lily Valberry, an ambitious business studies student, and Craig Farend, a slacker with a long list of ex-jobs, urge him to be a bit more friendly to others, especially to his childhood friend Amy Corson, a kind, beautiful woman who Lucas is hopelessly, and secretly, in love with. But Lucas makes no attempt, fearing failure and humiliation.

But all that soon changes, and not in the way Lucas and his friends were expecting.

The existence of the Malakim, commonly believed to be called angels, has become obvious to these mortals. And among these powerful creatures is one that is rather twisted and malevolent. His name is Samael, and he has plans that will undoubtedly bring nightmarish suffering to the people of Erelton, and perhaps others outside the city.

Seeing the adversity presented itself to them, Lucas soon becomes acquainted with Sol Andrews, an intelligent mythology fanatic, Nate Isaac, a young man with aggressive tendencies and a foul mouth, and their boss, the mysterious Dr Damien Klaives, who knows more about the nature of the Malakim than any other mortal.

Lucas, his friends and new acquaintances alike, are given powers by Michael and other Malakim to help combat Samael, bring his schemes to an end and save the city.

Lucas never wanted to face the harsh nature of his world. But now that he is forced to face that of other worlds as well, even he must realize that some things aren't a question of willpower or ability; some things just have to be done.

He must realize that evil forces, no matter how powerful or terrifying they are, must be confronted.

Before Midnight - a paranormal romance by Jennifer Blackstream


Before Midnight is a twisted Cinderella tale with humor, magic, and a lot of bite. Loupe has her hands full slaving away for her bloodthirsty stepfamily, skinning the wolves her stepmother and stepsisters hunt despite the royal family’s strict laws against such slaughter. It takes the last vestiges of her inner strength to keep her secret hidden, the secret that slashes its way out of her body under the light of the full moon. She doesn’t have the energy left to act on the desire stirred by the prince with the hungry eyes…or the obnoxious, but well-meaning pixie with the magic to bring them together.
But when a cursed prince needs a werewolf to help him preserve all that he is and ever has been, he doesn’t take no for an answer. Etienne will find the beautiful werewolf with the power to save him, no matter whose blood must be spilled to make it happen.
A grand ball. The stroke of twelve. A magic “slipper.” All kinds of things can happen when you don’t leave the ball…Before Midnight.

The Stranger Box - a psychological thriller by Pamela Cuming


Set largely in and around New York City in the years leading up to 9/11, this debut novel—about a girl’s attempt to find the mother who abandoned her when she was an infant—is a unique blend of psychological horror and coming-of-age tale.  Simultaneously redemptive and revenge-fueled, it is ultimately the story of a daughter and mother’s tumultuous journey of self-discovery.

Eden, who is almost 16 years old, has lived a nightmarish existence.  When she was born, her biological mother essentially abandoned her.  Adopted and abused by a family eventually torn apart by tragedy, Eden finds herself homeless—and hopeless.  Looking for a safe place to sleep in the tunnels beneath New York City, Eden is kidnapped by a delusional psychopath who calls himself “The Dark Angel.”

Living underground as this man’s queen, Eden finds the inner strength to not only escape his clutches but to survive while also attempting to track down her mother.  The story of Eden’s birth, she discovers, is filled with lies.  It’s obvious that her mother never wanted Eden (or anyone else) to find out about her mistake.

The power of this book—an undeniable page-turner—comes from the sheer unpredictabiliyt of the storyline.  The author incorporates a wide variety of narrative elements (Voodoo, Buddhism, the nature of evil, abandonment, abuse, etc) that leads readers to a virtual precipice at novel’s end—and the last plot twist pushes them off of that cliff.

Character development is another strong point.  The writing style is intelligent, insightful, and intimate.  Eden becomes real in these pages, and her painful rebirth is both heartrending and heart-warming.

The ending of the novel is, frankly, a risky move on the author’s part, but it’s a courageous decision that makes for a powerful conclusion.  Readers will find that The Stranger Box is unique, intense—and more than a little disturbing. BLUE INK REVIEW. December, 2014

On Earth As It Is In Hell - a fiction thriller by Cortina Jackson


The book starts out with a conversation that takes place in Hell. Satan gives orders to demons, imps, and all of the other inhabitants in Hell; directing them to go to Earth through portals that lead directly to homes, schools, police departments, record companies, everywhere; and wreak havoc in the lives of people on Earth. People are already experiencing disappointments, depression, suicide, abuse, job loss; all kinds of turmoil. The assignment, directed by Satan himself, is to go directly to people that can be influenced, so that their souls can be claimed for Hell!

It is a fictional thriller about three characters who experience such tragedies. Their lives are relatable, and their experiences are graphically told. Life is scarier than fiction; the fate of the world is scarier than this!

Only By His Touch - a romance by Bree Kraemer


Meet Samantha and Ethan.  Sam has gone through the last few years afraid of almost any human contact.  She won't touch and doesn't like to be touched.  She was traumatized after a horrible accident and now this is how she lives her life. She knows that it's no way to live, but can't seem to move beyond the fear.

Ethan has known Sam since she was 14, but they have never met in person.  For years, he wanted to be with her but out of respect for Sam's parents, choose to suppress his feelings. When he unexpectedly finds her living in the same city as him, he can't stop himself from seeking her out.

Will he be able to help her overcome her fear of touch?  Can love be more powerful than fear?

LinkedIn Secrets Revealed - How to maximize your 100% Complete profile on LinkedIn.com by Patrick X. Gallagher


Whether you are using LinkedIn for Business, LinkedIn Marketing or LinkedIn for Sales, these top secrets guarantee you enormous success. The thing is that companies appreciate how you make an effort to make your LinkedIn.com profile magnificent. If you know the techniques to dominate LinkedIn with your recognizable profile, then what are the chances that you can help a potential employer dominate the market, too?

Eve of the Hunter Wars by SD Tanner


Gears, Pax and TL met when they were ten years old after being shunted from one foster home to another.  Bonded by their childhood they grow up to join the US Army together.  When a virus erupts, that turns most of mankind into homicidal killers, the three men take on the mission to kill all hunters and restore order.

On their journey, they save a woman who can kill hunters with a touch.  Puzzled but hopeful, they endeavor to recreate her abilities in others.  She quickly becomes part of their family and she and Gears form a close bond.   All looks promising until it becomes clear that something else has taken advantage of the virus and their enemy is more dangerous and determined than they bargained for.  Slowly, the true face of their true enemy is revealed.

With everything at stake, they must adapt, grow and become more than they have ever been. New relationships are formed and old bonds are tested.  This is more than a post-apocalyptic story.  It explores the journey of people through impossible times, friendship, loyalty, trust and the strength we must all have when determined to succeed.  Set in a world gone to hell, this first book in the series of available books is fun, fast-paced, with irresistible characters and an irrepressible sense of fun.

If you like post-apocalyptic, zombies, plenty of action and good character development combined with a touch of the paranormal then this is the book series for you.

The Other Tree - An Urban Fantasy Adventure by D.K. Mok


Family. Truth. Immortality. Choose One.

It’s been four years since Chris Arlin graduated with a degree in cryptobotany, and she’s still no closer to scraping up funding for her research into rare plants. Instead, she’s stacking shelves at the campus library until a suspiciously well-dressed man offers her a lucrative position on a scientific expedition.

For Chris, the problem isn’t the fact that they’re searching for the Biblical Tree of Life. Nor is it the fact that most of the individuals on the expedition seem to be fashionably lethal mercenaries. The problem is that the mission is being backed by SinaCorp, the corporation responsible for a similar, failed expedition on which her mother died eleven years ago.

However, when Chris’s father is unexpectedly diagnosed with an incurable illness, Chris sees only one solution. Vowing to find the Tree of Life before SinaCorp’s mercenaries, Chris recruits Luke, an antisocial campus priest undergoing a crisis of faith. Together, they embark on a desperate, wondrous race to find the legendary lost garden.

However, as the hunt intensifies, Chris discovers growing evidence of her mother’s strange behaviour before her death, and she begins to realise that SinaCorp isn’t the only one with secrets they want to stay buried.

“An intelligent and riveting read that packs action and adventure with intellect and science. Best summed up as Dan Brown meets Indiana Jones.”
- Michelle Pickett, author of PODs

"Heartfelt, exciting, suspenseful, and poignant."
- The Book Adventures

The Professor's Wife Makes Three by Katrina Millings

A new twist on the Professor fantasy. http://www.amazon.com/The-Professors-Wife-Makes-Three-ebook/dp/B00OMEN7XM

All the girls in class have their eyes on Professor Meyers. He's young, handsome and has a reputation for getting to know his female students intimately. It's his famous wife, Tess Meyers, that interests Brianna, however. A fashion design major, Brianna has watched the professor's wife take the fashion world by storm. When the professor invites her to spend the afternoon in the Meyers's country home she is eager to take him up on his offer. Then Tess makes her a business proposition she can't refuse.

Stolen Beauty - a non-fiction self-help by Amy Madden


Amy Madden grew up with a brutal stepfather who committed unspeakable acts of sexual and emotional abuse against her and her siblings.  This led to a miserable existence filled with shame, self-doubt, anger, and fear.  She, like many survivors of abuse, felt as though her true self—the inner spirit and beauty she once possessed as a child—was irretrievably taken from her.

In her book, Stolen Beauty: Healing The Scars Of Child Abuse-One Woman’s Journey, Amy Madden shares an autobiographical account of how it is possible to move on from the horrors of sexual child abuse and discover a place of understanding and peace.

“…I couldn't move. Was he going to beat me? He came forward and wrapped one hand around the back of my neck; something that would become customary. I cried out in fear and winced as he pushed me into his bedroom and ordered me to sit on the bed. He stood in front of me and began unbuckling his belt. I felt the hairs rise on the back of my neck, replacing the burning feeling his fingers had left. But instead of taking his belt off to hit me, as I was expecting, he dropped his pants…I didn't want to look at him…I was confused and nauseated…”
-From Stolen Beauty-

Only through a long, soul-searching process and gradual determination to overcome the damage that had been caused was Madden able to break through to new emotional and spiritual ground. A combination of therapy, study, prayer, and forgiveness enabled her to overcome past trauma and find her own inner strength and spirit.

Unbelievably, she was able to write a letter of forgiveness.  Here is an excerpt from a letter she wrote to her stepfather, the man who abused her for most of her childhood.

“I am writing you this letter to let you know that I am sorry you had to spend the last nine years of your life in prison.  However, I hope you were able to use your time wisely in reflection so that you understand that what you did to me, my sisters, and the other small children you abused was wrong.  I hope you have received help…You stole the innocence of my childhood and replaced it with something ugly and perverted…I can only believe that you were blinded by your anger and resentment and the pain of your own neglect or abuse…Therefore, I can forgive you…”
-From Stolen Beauty

Stolen Beauty offers hope to any individual with a history of abuse who is struggling to emerge into the light where their true self can be reclaimed. Madden’s story will encourage and strengthen survivors of abuse, while also helping abusers to come to a place of understanding and recognition of the damage done.

Few autobiographical books raise the possibility of building a bridge between past abuses and a better life—a life that does not involve a continuing cycle of abuse or downward spiral into patterns of self-abuse. Madden’s story is one of triumph and hope, and will give others the encouragement and faith needed to move on.

“Child abuse doesn’t have to end tragically. There are ways to overcome our past. It’s never too late to start believing again. It’s never too late to recover the faith you’ve lost. It’s never too late to rediscover who you truly are.” – Amy Madden

House on Diablo Road: Resurrection Day by Jeanie Freeman-Harper


House on Diablo Road:Resurrection Day.
(Book three, McCann Family Saga)

Buck shut down the engine and looked up to the steep roof where a half dozen buzzards peered down into the high grasses in their search for death and decay.He caught the vultures' eyes. "I ain't dead yet!" he shouted.

1921:  The year it all begins. The McCann family is drawn  into the Civil War era and the  plantation house where  old secrets demand release.  It is the year that  dark entities surrounding the murder of a relative struggle toward the  light of day.
Jesse, Annie and their three children are drawn into an intricate web of a mystery that brings subtle changes to themselves and their peaceful life.

Foreshadowed - a young adult urban fantasy by Holly M. Campbell


She can't avoid the dark forever.

Amazon customer reviews for Foreshadowed:

"...once I started, I couldn't put it down!"

"Suspense at it's best..."

"In short, if you're looking for a quick read with a little mystery, humor, danger, intrigue, impending-doom---with a taste of a sweet and innocent romance on the side, you should read this book. Just read it on a day that you don't have much going on, because I promise you that it's hard to put down once you're hooked."

Hope Murdoch was born dead. She took a breath two minutes later, and now is an almost-normal sixteen-year-old. Normal: a hopeless crush on the boy next door, a negative body image, and a (mis)diagnosis of ADHD. Not-so-normal: an exhausting and distracting ability to read minds. And high school is hard enough without hearing what everyone really thinks of you.

Lance Hampton used to be normal until a car accident killed him and his parents. Paramedics brought him back to a life he doesn’t want: orphaned, uprooted, living with his uncle, and suddenly able to see how people die. At his new school, he tries to keep to himself. Seeing how complete strangers die is torture enough, let alone friends.
At first glance, Hope doesn’t think much of Lance (though a lot of the other girls do). He looks like the typical bad boy. No thank-you … but then she meets his eyes and everything goes dark. She hears labored breathing. Rapid footsteps. And then a thud as someone falls to the ground. Inside Lance’s head, Hope just witnessed a vision of murder … her own.

Together Hope and Lance try to catch a killer before he’s red-handed. A killer who could be anywhere. Anyone. Sure Hope can read minds and Lance can see death, but they still can’t see in the dark.

Gangland:World's Most Infampous - a crime epic by Yung Starr


A story of deception, vengeance, savagery, and rootlessness.
Join Rico + Deffie as they loot, raid, and plunder their way to becoming the world's most infamous criminals.

Also, this romance thriller will leave you sleepless. And the tales of gory horror will give you goosebumps.