Last Exit for Evermore - A Sci-Fi/Action novel by J. Michael Cook

The greatest civilizations of all time harbored an incredible secret--an incredible power. They used it to build pyramids and erect obelisks. They used it to fashion astonishing monuments that outlasted the most powerful dynasties on earth. Some even used it to fly. Now, thousands of years after those miraculous societies of stars and stone have crumbled to dust--their bastard stepchild, the empire of oil and electricity--has ground to an apocalyptic halt. The time for the great secret to be revealed has arisen once more.

               Jack was thrown into the war like a sack of potatoes--if you remember potatoes. He had no choice. His options were few. Jack hated life under the dome. A couple short hours ago, hacking transportation bots, stealing food bars and providing THCigs for his quad mates was just enough for him to preserve his sanity. But now, all hell had broken loose. Great plumes of fire and ash churned around the under surface of the dome as the herculean city seemed intent on self-destruction.

               After two decades of hunger, strife and subservience, Jack now wielded one of the most powerful armor sets known to man. With a buxom and brilliant new ally at his side, the impossibilities of the stolen armor were slowly coming to light. The filtration and HUD were life savers. The Locomotion Energetics was intoxicating. The directed energy weapon at his fingertips could slice and melt and batter the most sinister of his gangland enemies to a bloody pulp. The incredible power made him giggle with school-girl delight.

But today's enemies were far more sophisticated than yesterday's enemies. The roving patrols and strangulating blockdowns were bad. The autonomous drones were worse. But the relentless, shadow-black Axion warriors—constantly at their heel—simply defied explanation.
There was much more to the technology of the elite than met the eye, but Jack, Jett and Anvil would find out what it was if it was the last thing they ever did.  

Off the Grid: The Catalyst - A New Dystopia by Brian Courtney

Off the Grid: The Catalyst is thought provoking and visual, telling the story of Pan and his battle against himself and society. It asks the important questions, points a few fingers and is thoroughly entertaining. Off the Grid is an intriguing page turner full of thrills, chills, sex and violence.

Puffy & Blue - inspiring true story by Kayla Fioravanti

Readers agree – you will fall in love with Puffy & Blue. Nine lives are never enough to spend with a four-legged best friend. Puffy & Blue chronicles the uplifting true story of the deep friendship between a cat and her girl.

" Puffy & Blue is the perfect complement to an afternoon by the fireside under a cozy blanket. Kayla is inspiring and so very real. Kayla has woven a beautiful book of inspiring stories with -- of all things -- a cat at the center. You will be encouraged." Donna Maria Coles Johnson

“Kayla Fioravanti's book is a timeless classic about a girl and her cat; traveling the world and most US states as they grow up together pushing through fear, uncertainty, cancer and more life lessons that will lighten your heart and brighten your spirit.” Shila Laing

“What does an amazing life lived look like? LIKE THIS! You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll live vicariously! You will love Puffy & Blue. Kayla shows us how love between lifetime friends has no boundaries or zip codes in this endearing and poignant book of remembrance.” Ginger Moore

“Fioravanti's stories of incredible devotion between a girl and a black-ball-of-fur kitten named Puffy, had me laughing and crying through every chapter. I never thought a cat was capable of following her beloved person to school, or of raising a young girl while teaching her important life lessons, but Fioravanti's Puffy and Blue proved me wrong on both counts. The stories are deeply touching.” Debbie Richards

Puffy & Blue: The Chronicles of Nine Lives Together is purr-fect for fans of Dewey: The Small Town Cat Who Touched the World, Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, and Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog. Experience this unforgettable journey spanning three continents and twenty-one years.

Indigo Heartfire - a romantic fantasy by Jo Marryat

Robert Kirk returns to London after several years, looking for a new town, a new job, and  a new life. He'd hidden himself away in Cornwall, grieving the death of his wife, but needs to make a new start.  He begins work at a Health Center, working as an Osteopathic Physician, and reluctantly joins in their regular meditation session, very cynical about New Age notions. He encounters a fairy in the meditation: "Annabelle. Like Tinkerbell, only better"  and is convinced he's losing his mind, when she follows him home that evening. His shrink convinces Robert she's a figment of his imagination, made up by his subconscious mind to protect him, and if Robert ignores her, she'll fade away. Except she won't go away, and eventually forces Robert to acknowledge her by threatening to fly around butt-naked, and watch him trying to explain that to the shrink...

Then strange things start to happen when he listens to Annabelle; she's there to help him find a new love, and determined to do a good job. But the girl she thinks is right for Robert he's already fallen out with, big time. But when Robert saves a small girl from drowning, warned by Annabelle, they start to come together cautiously, and he begins to believe that there may be a another chance for him to fall in love again.

Indigo Heartfire is a fae, whimsical love story that deals with grieving with a light but sympathetic touch, showing that when you do believe and never give up hope, surprising things can happen on a journey back to happiness.

Exposed by Jessica Love

You don't think we've met? I sat next to you once at the airport, and you asked me what time it was. I hoped you wanted to strike up a conversation. We sat at tables next to each other at that coffee shop on the corner, where the atmosphere and coffee both have character.

Remember when I caught you staring at me when I came out of the courthouse? Or was it the exquisite old building where I practice law? You were embarrassed, but I didn't mind, not at all. In fact, you made me smile.

Maybe we met at one of the "special clubs" I enjoy in Seattle, or Portland, or Vancouver or San Francisco, Denver or Las Vegas. You know, clubs where clothing is optional and anything goes, with friends or with strangers. I admit I like that, but "no" always means "NO."

I've been told I'm arctic cold, and hot as a black sand beach in the Caribbean; I'm either indifferent, or too passionately engaged. These are labels and don't really matter to me any more. I've been called a slut, a force, a lawyer, a nymphomaniac. You decide which one was the insult if you'd like, I don't really care.

Exposed is about who I am and why I'm that way. I describe a few events in a story you'll think explains everything. It doesn't, but gives an idea of how I grew up, how I discovered sex, what I like about men and what I don't, how close I came to being murdered and how that led to my discovery of who I really am.

Sometimes, when explanations fail, story is all we have. And though my story may be very different from yours, you and I are very much alike in those places where we hide our desires.

Readers have said:
“That was bloody brilliant! I like when I am pleasantly surprised by a book, but I absolutely love when I am blown away by one, and Exposed blew me away. I finished reading it yesterday, but I still can't stop thinking about it.”
“The author had an intricate combination of mystery, romance, angst and some suspense as it follows the leading lady- Jessica Love- through her life and eventually marriage.”
“There is a real story there and I'm hoping more people will give this book a chance as everything she tells you, is building up to a really good story and ending.”
“This was an AMAZING read! I absolutely loved it! It's not one of those romantic romance novels at all. Yes, there's sex, a bit of bdsm.. but for the most part it feels like a memoir. I am very surprised on how much i enjoyed it.”

FIT HAPPENS - an inspirational story of love, sweat, and tears by Sonia Marie Trimble

“Fit Happens” is no ordinary fitness book; it is an extraordinary read of determination and achievement. This novel is a must read for any who’s ever struggled with self-esteem, body image issues or a simple lack of motivation in life. Readers relate straightaway to the heartfelt and hilarious narrative of Fit Happens’ main, Whitney Cordona. Whitney is a sharp-tongued, yet insecure 37-year-old divorced mom whose fierce, yet fickle voice resonates with those who identify with the two sides of being their own best friend and absolute worst enemy through the choices and challenges of making fit and healthy a personal lifestyle. From the challenges in both her family and career relationships, to the life transforming experience with a personal trainer that will not only bring her to the mountaintop of accomplishment in her goals but also to the valley of contemplating total defeat yet again, Whitney’s rollercoaster tale of love, sweat, and tears is filled with raw emotion and real life inspiration, as it reminds us that every worthwhile journey bears difficulty as we push forward to bring forth the champion on the inside of us.

A Wolf is Watching - a suspense / thriller by Samantha Rowley

A Wolf is Watching is about realising that no matter how much you think you know someone, life has a way of showing you that you don't know them as well as you think you do. It's a story that could happen to anyone but you hope you won't be that person.

You are taken on a journey of discovering that even the smallest decision you take in a circumstance can alter your life significantly and the more you try to ignore the problem the worse the situation can ultimately become.

Lauren and Richard have been married for eight years but for the last six month's Lauren has been having an affair with Richard's best friend Alex.
Alex wants to move the affair forward into something a bit more permanent however Lauren has no plans at all to leave Richard. Her decision to end the relationship with Alex has devastating consequences for her and brings the strength of her marriage into doubt.
Not feeling able to confide in anyone, Lauren continues with her life until circumstances force her to come clean.

Can Lauren's marriage survive the revelation and can Lauren survive when Alex decides he's been wronged and plots to take revenge.

The Soul Retrieval: A Novel by Ann W. Jarvie

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Inspired by a true story, The Soul Retrieval is a suspenseful tale of love, loss and healing which follows traumatized southern beauty Henrietta Clayborn as she moves between her home in a small South Carolina town and the New Mexico Native American reservation whose spontaneous healings keep drawing her physician husband back. Tortured by her awful secrets, Henrietta struggles to thrive in either locale, but it is her unlikely friendship with Joe Loco––an eccentric Native American mystic with an Elvis fetish and a gift for healing––that shows her the way to be whole again.

Set in the late 1950s, The Soul Retrieval is richly woven with spiritual insights but also deadly secrets, forbidden healings, a murder mystery, stunning scenery and an unforgettable cast of characters.

A story of transcendent and inspiring power that is both entertaining and enlightening, readers will be cheering for the uptight woman from South Carolina to push through her fears of the forbidden as she searches for truth and healing, faces great obstacles on the frontier of self and ultimately becomes more than she ever thought possible

The Resistance - Epic Fantasy by Tim Vander Meulen

Available for only $0.99 now through April 3, 2015!

A fantasy of epic scope and high adventure!
The Resistance is the spellbinding sequel to A Humble Heart, in which the human country of Gemdals is taken over by the evil Possessors of the North, and the human boys Henty and Clese win over an army of Elves to brave the journey to their homeland and retake it. The introduction of this second installment hearkens back to before the invasion of Gemdals and lays bare the secrets of the human country’s downfall. Upon reading some of the old dogmas of his kindred, Grinalka, one of the leaders of Barasel, engages in a plot to restore the glory of the Elves as it had been in ancient times when the Elves ruled the North. In venturing to both the countries of the humans and Dwarves, he succeeds in advancing the loyalty of the allied races, but does so by raising taxes and impoverishing them. In Gemdals of the humans, many deaths occur and the government is split, while in the Dwarven lands of Dwenlas and Frorland, Grinalka spawns a new age of truth-seeking and disorder that rents the whole nation apart. His actions leave the two countries ripe for the enemy’s taking.

Now the Leader of the Elves and his army, known throughout the world as the Resistance, seek the aid of both the wizards and the Dwarves. Their venture to regain Gemdals is met with many complications as conspiracies and betrayal arise from within their own ranks. With the discovery of dragons and many lost secrets, in no way is their journey peaceful. The tale is spun with many twists as the characters discover shocking truths and the real story behind the downfall of Gemdals.

Enter & Delete - A novel by John Mann

Saul Poliakov is caught in an unsalvageable marriage that is slowly dragging him, his wife Fay, and their daughter into a morass of depression and self-doubt. His obsession with Nataly, the only woman he truly ever loved and whose sudden and inexplicable disappearance in the past still haunts him, lies at the root of his problems. The novel that Saul is writing lays unfinished as he realizes his work, his marriage, his life cannot move on until he solves the mystery of Nataly’s vanishing. So he sets out in earnest to find her. Somehow Saul knows that he is at least partially responsible for her disappearance.

Saul’s best friend, David, exploits Saul’s marital failure to pursue and hopefully implement his own romantic plans with Fay. He has always loved and desired her, but his friendship with Saul, until now, has prevented him from following through with his feelings. He encourages Saul in his quest for his own less-than-honorable intentions. As the mystery of Nataly’s disappearance is steadily uncovered, it has extreme repercussions on both Saul and David’s life, resulting in their rude awakening and an unforeseeable and staggering end.

The book will be in a bargain price (0.99) from 25-3.4.15

Project: Perception - a SciFi Thriller by Joshua C Cook

Mankind isn't changing. While technology increases at an ever frantic pace, society is stuck fighting the same battles and the same arguments over and over again. Even with the advent of true AI, mankind can't seem to stop infighting. But out there someone, something stirs, and plans the transformation of the future of the human race. Sacrifices will be made, Control will be given up, and lives will be changed. But no one knows if the future that is planned is one we would choose for ourselves. Strings are everywhere, the main question is, who is pulling them?

Aching: Memoirs of an Unrequited Sex Addict - a fictional memoir by Luke Hart

Aching details the filthy experiences and bitter thoughts of a man who is consumed by sex, but who can’t manage to find a partner. He tries to be what he thinks a woman might want. Repeatedly, he fails. Antagonized by lust, he retreats to the sex industry: pornography, phone sex, video chat, strippers, massage parlors, and escorts. He explores the depths of his considerable perversion as he tries to satiate himself.

A narrative exists, but it is woven into the accounts of his dirty life and his diatribes against the human condition. Most of it is chronological, but some of it isn’t. He divides his anecdotes with essays about what life is like for a lonely, dejected man on the brink of functionality.

Some men are born with wiring that doesn’t let them connect with others. These men are weird to everyone else. They get weirder as the world turns them away. A few of them boil so much in their isolation that they become monsters. They devour filth to heal themselves, but the filth seems to make them worse. They are casualties and the natural result of rejection. No one owes them anything, but no one should be surprised they exist.

Aching provides a glimpse into the mind of the kind of man most people don’t want to know exists.

The Patient's Guide to Pain Management - by Harvey Jenkins MD PhD

Free on Amazon  3/28/15 through 4/1/15

This book demystifies the process of finding treatment for your pain. My experience in 15 years of evaluating people with pain has led to this much needed resource. The book covers the things you need to know like how to find the right doctor, what not to do once you find one,  and some issues you would probably be afraid to ask.  This book goes 'there'.

Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1) - a YA Urban Fantasy/Romance by Bailey Ardisone

The story of a modern girl who gets intertwined with a secret, dying kingdom and the mysterious, dangerous boy destined to save it. Her name is Nariella Woodlinn -- a simple girl who wants nothing more than to ditch her small town and the abusive foster parent she's otherwise stuck with. But she never expected to run into Mycah Nightly -- a not-so-simple guy who wants nothing more than to escape the deadly men chasing after him. When Nari is thrown into the mix, now all she wants to do is stay alive.

And even more, be let in on Mycah's great secret.

Then there's Naminé -- the weaving storyline of a girl born of an ancient world who is desperate to find the saviors of her dying kingdom. She knows they're out there -- if only she could speak to them through their dreams. She does everything she can to protect her people, her family, and her secret supernatural ability. Even if it means committing treason.

Suspense, mystery, and the bloom of first loves abound in this urban fantasy -- it'll be a fresh take on elves you won't ever forget.

Trust Indeed - Short novel by Margit Anna Doyle

Free download from 27.3.2015 to 30.3.2015 on Amazon

Victor Palmer, a man in his fifties and former senior executive, looses his job. He is a decent gentleman and very proud, but very ashamed of his situation, so he is continuing his daily routine as if nothing happened to make neighbors believe he is still in employment.
He gets up the same time every day, leaves the house the same time every day and walks exactly the same route every day. One day is like the other for a long time, but life does not plan to go on like that forever and one afternoon everything should change, when he witnesses an accident close to a nearby park.....

IS IT NOT ENOUGH? - a literary fiction novel by Duncan Anthony

The focus is on Eleanor as the core of the book and the story is told in the traditional third person, scarcely deviating from a point of view close to Eleanor’s, encouraging a measure of identification by the reader.

I decided when writing this book to develop the character of Eleanor more than that of the others to draw the reader in and connect with Eleanor and her perspective of life.
As an added extra I have included in the appendix of the book a selection of the poems of the central fictional character Eleanor.  Eleanor's connection with poetry becomes apparent right from the early chapters of the book.

Dragon Faith - Mystery/Suspense/Christian by Richard Heard

A family fights for survival after a new bill mandate enforces microchip insertion in all humans. The Sandy family prepares for the upcoming thanksgiving feast. Meanwhile, newly elected Governor Thomas Russell prepares to make his announcement. He has just passed 'The Protection Act' bill. The bill is touted to stop immediately identity theft. However, the bill is sinister. In order to carry out the new order, all Pennsylvanians will have to be processed. Fingerprint analysis and microchip implementation is the law. The Sandy family are one of the first batch of civilians to receive their summons to appear after thanksgiving. Young Elroy Sandy, leads his family back to their spiritual  roots before the confrontation with the authorities.

The death of a next door neighbor starts A flurry of head scratching events.
These  unusual happenings during this holiday season continues. The family is being watched. They must conform .The new agenda is at hand. Whoever resist the chip will be punished. Elroy,  calls on Reverend Brown for guidance. His parents and sister  are all at risk for branding. Will they take a stand?

It's Best to Shoot in the Head - a thriller by Shayne Youngblood

"If you hide in hell, nobody'll come calling."
Those are words to live by for Youngblood, an American who escapes fraud charges in Las Vegas by hiding in a war-torn Balkan town in 1996. The city he's chosen for his shelter, Belgrade, Serbia, is hell—or paradise. Depends who you ask. Crime-ridden, ruled by decaying dictatorship and corruption, the city is perdition for everyone but Roko, a crime kingpin at his prime.
Irony has it that the worst place on Earth has the world’s most beautiful women, and Youngblood marries the most seductive of the fallen angels—Roko’s sister.
His dreams of a safe haven under the protection of his mob boss brother-in-law evaporate after a night of weakness, and Youngblood is soon in over his head. Drawn into a gang war, he ends up shooting the younger brother of a notorious Department of State Security enforcer, the Beast.
Roko fears no man. But Beast is no ordinary man. He's a top assassin whose legendary career ended because his ways were too horrendous even for the hardened State Security brass.
Youngblood's world spirals out of control when Beast threatens to avenge his kid brother by killing Roko's sister, Youngblood's wife—unless they turn over his brother’s shooter. Without Roko's protection, Youngblood is between a rock and a hard place: he must trade his own life to save his loving wife.

Kept: Book Two - Romantic Suspense by Tracey Lampley

Sex, lies, murder: Beautiful and sexy Kate is back. Instead of fighting for her life, this time she’s fighting for the lives of her family. The flawed, insecure character finds herself inviting trouble in the form of murder. This time Kate is alone in her fight for survival, in her fight for her family. Meet the characters impacting Kate Mercer-Burton’s life.

Anita Spencer: After a great loss, the woman has a score to settle with Kate.

Derrick Angel: The heartthrob threatens to ruin Kate’s family. Will he kill to win her heart?

Detective Garnett: Out of his jurisdiction, he tries forcing Kate to reveal the whereabouts of his kept mistress. When Kate refuses, he issues a chilling threat.

Carrington Grant: He’s more powerful than any of the previous three, and he indicates that he wants to become a part of his and Kate’s daughter’s life. Will he be the one to ruin Kate’s family?

Kept: Book Two is a stand-alone novella. It is not necessary to first read Kept, which is the first novella in this series. I brought Kate back because the character urged me to keep her alive. New and old supporting characters surround her. But one of them is out to destroy her and her family.

Start from Scratch - self help by Maria Tornga

Are you a home cook who is ready to start selling your delicious foods for profit?

This book is for those who often dream about what it would be like to see their canned goods, baked goods, sweets, treats, or gourmet mixes in small and large markets. Its for the home baker, the weekend canner, the summer grill master, the school fundraisers, and everyone else drawn to the culinary arts.

From part-time cooking to full-time; selling online or directly to your customers; borrowing the kitchen of a full-scale restaurant to cooking from home, there are a variety of ways to do it.  And this book will give you the ideas to get started.

For example, did you know that nearly all states have passed Cottage Laws which allow anyone to produce food out of their home kitchen and sell it direct to consumer?   That means you may be able to sell at your farmers market or festivals without the cost of renting commercial kitchen space.  Or did you know that building a commercial kitchen in your own home can be much simpler than you think?

There are many ways to start and grow your food based business and this book is perfect for anyone who’s looking for information getting started!

Legends of Windemere: Curse of the Dark Wind by Charles E. Yallowitz

Taking place several months after the battles in Gaia and on the Island of Pallice, Legends of Windemere: Curse of the Dark Wind continues the adventures of our heroes. Filled with the action, magic, and drama of its predecessors, the sixth installment of this fantasy series will have you reading into the morning hours.

With the Compass Key directing the champions to the north, Luke Callindor is determined to defeat the challenges within his temple. He has never backed down from danger and has always found the strength to battle against harrowing odds. So when he is infected by the Dark Wind that is causing an epidemic, the young warrior and his friends are at a loss on what to do next. He barely has the strength to walk much less fight, which makes Luke an easy target for their enemies. It will take every trick that his friends can think of to keep him alive including the forging of a bond between the young warrior and his oldest ally. Can Luke muster enough strength to expel the living curse from his body or will he be forced to challenge his temple during his weakest hour?
For the entire series, Luke Callindor has depended on his courage and abilities to help him defend others without hesitation. This is the first time he has been reduced to being so helpless that he cannot defend himself. He does try to maintain his bravado and continue being a reckless hero, but the Dark Wind has turned him into a shadow of his former self. With this story, Luke passes through a wide range of emotions that range from empowering determination to childish frustration.

The situation is difficult not only for Luke, but for all of his friends who now realize how much inspiration they take from his bravery. To all of them, it is unnatural to see their friend like this and the other champions, especially Nyx, all come off as lost and confused because he is not driving the action forward with his usual recklessness. Also with the knowledge that at least one of them will die during their final battle, this adventure causes everyone to face the possibility of not only losing a friend, but being one of the survivors.

Legends of Windemere: Curse of the Dark Wind leads to a lot of evolution of character relationships and a rise of maturity in Luke since he is forced to consider that he might be the weak link among his friends. These changes become even more evident when the truth behind the Dark Wind is revealed.

Coming in April 2015, Legends of Windemere: Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue !

Way of the Junglepreneur - a business, self-help guide by David Fasanya

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The Best Business Book for Learning to Survive and Thrive in any Environment

The business world today is really like a jungle and this book will show you exactly how to thrive in any tough business terrain.

In this book you will learn about:

Who is the Junglepreneur?
Where the Future of Global Business is headed
How to Succeed in Tough Times and Tough Places
The Tools & Frameworks You Need to Conquer the Business Jungle
The Right Mindset for Jungle Success
How to Network in the New Jungle Landscape
How to Make Money and Hunt for Big Game in the business Jungle
How to Develop a Jungle Attitude
Author David O. Fasanya has applied here his over 20 years of real world business experience. In this book he uses his skills and knowledge as a successful business person and management expert to show you how to unlock your potential and unleash your inner Junglepreneur. Reading this book is like getting a practical masters course in modern business.

If You Are Ready to Succeed at Higher Levels, Download This Book Now
  Praise for David O. Fasanya and The Way of the Jungleprenuer:

“Many people fail to succeed in tough business terrains. Reading the tips in Way of the Junglepreneur will help anyone overcome the obstacles and succeed. I like this book by David so much and would want to make it clear that in our company we have lived and are living the exact principles outlined in this great book” Professor Alexandre de Sene Pinto, Partner and Director of R&D, Bugs Agentes Biologocos (Bug Biological Agents), Brazil. World Economic Forum - Technology Pioneer Awardee,2014

“As someone who literally does business in the Jungles of Africa, I can very much relate to this fantastic piece of work. David captures the true essence of what is required in order to survive and thrive in cut throat business environments. It is essential reading and a great guide” Alpesh Kumar Patel, Founder and CEO of Mi-Fone and OJU Africa Ltd (Mi-Fone is the fastest growing mobile devices brand in Africa)

“David Fasanya’s book sets out clearly and succinctly a valuable set of principles which are essential for Today’s business person operating in highly changeable and volatile markets. It is an extremely well written and thought provoking book, and I would highly recommend it” Robert Ingham, Director, Glasson Grains and International Seaport, UK

“As a business guide for challenging environments, this book contains everything you need to know. It is brimming with straightforward frameworks that anyone can use to overcome any business terrain." Dr. Keith Ashcroft, PhD. (Edinburgh) Chartered Psychologist & Director, Centre for Forensic Neuroscience, UK.

“Way of the Junglepreneur contains absolutely amazing business concepts and frameworks which are required for every business person currently in challenging and dynamic business environments. The approaches work in all emerging markets and David Fasanya has written a business book that will inspire generations” Alex C.C. Pun, Regional Product Manager, Phillips. Shanghai, China.

About David O. Fasanya:

Born in Zambia and nurtured across Africa and Europe, the author has over 20 years business experience. He has successfully navigated tough jungle-like territories in developing and developed countries to co-found, manage or invest in diverse businesses. A subject matter expert in global strategic management, David holds 4 degrees including an MSc. with Distinction in International Business and Finance from Leicester Business School, UK. He is presently the chief terrain officer at The Junglepreneur Group and can be reached through the website

The Thirteenth Hour - a New Adult Fantasy Novel by Joshua Blum

The Thirteenth Hour's Amazon page:

The Thirteenth Hour book trailer:

Do you remember those 1980s fantasy movies with the big hair and electronic synthesizer soundtracks - movies like The Neverending Story, Ladyhawke, and Labyrinth?  If you can imagine those films in illustrated book form, you have some idea what The Thirteenth Hour is like.

It's essentially a fairy tale aimed at adults, chronicling the adventures of a young man named Logan who grows up in an orphanage with his best friend, Aurora.  When Logan is eighteen, he's drafted into the Imperial Army, where he is ultimately picked for a mysterious mission to find the elixir of eternal life for a petulant, immature, and thoroughly narcissistic ruler.  On the way, he is unexpectedly reunited with Aurora, and both characters have to reconcile adulthood with who they were as children.

One could classify the story as adventure or fantasy, though not a serious JRR Tolkien-style fantasy.  The book doesn't take itself too seriously, though there are plenty of introspective, psychological parts where the characters grapple with balancing that difficult no-man's land of feeling older than an adolescent but too young to classify oneself as an adult.

In some ways, the book grew up with me, since I wrote a very early draft of the book the summer after I finished high school.  I'd drawn from some of my favorite novels and (mostlty 80s) sci-fi and fantasy films as inspiration for the narrative and illustrated a number of black & white and color pictures to add visuals.  Although I'd written the story because it was the sort of thing I'd always wanted to read but never found, I never really intended to publish it.

So life went on - going to many years of school, working to pay the rent, getting married, changing diapers, etc.  But the story wouldn't let me go, and I kept working on it, little by little, over the next sixteen years, reworking and editing the story and characters until I felt like they, too, had grown up.

If you're interested, there are two short stories that serve as bookends to the novel that are available free on Smashwords that may serve to whet your appetite, available here:

Buy and Rent Foreclosures - real estate advice by Joseph Neilson

In 2005 Joe was 61 years old, without a job or pension, with Social Security still five years away. He needed steady monthly income NOW! Cash flow was the priority. He searched for a real opportunity, not a get-other-people-rich charade. Almost by chance, he bought a rental house…easily the best decision he ever made. Seven years and 62 houses later, he makes $22,000 a month and has $3 million in equity. This book is the short version of what he learned and exactly how he did it. Hard to believe? Of course! That’s why in Chapter 20 he offers a full disclosure 13-column spreadsheet down to the dollar--the first real estate book to do that! This may be the opportunity you’ve been searching for.

The Triumph - adventure by Frank Scozzari

An American and his Tanzania aide thwart the plans of elephant poachers.

The Pushcart Prize nominated short fiction featured in Santa Barbara's preeminent literary theater, 'Speaking of Stories.'

The Hobbyist's Guide to Dating - a non-fiction comedy by Sharon Mason

A true, hilarious and also moving account of the author's dating escapades, both online and off, through blind dates and speed dates and dates so bad it seemed like they'd never end.  

Her ‘clock’ may have given up ticking years ago, but forty-something singleton, Sharon Mason defies logic, common sense and feelings that she should have become same-sex oriented years ago, by continuing and chronicling her search for Mr Right, despite set-backs, diminishing possibilities and an increasing waistline. The author also gives her own take on ‘The Rules’ and advice for struggling singletons everywhere, answering the tough questions like ‘How long should I leave it before texting him again?’ and ‘Just how wrong is it for a man to bring his teddy bear on a romantic weekend away?’

The author puts her wit to work, giving a play-by-play of the dating game, and also gives advice on how to deal with online pests...  “How can I make you moan in bed?” ...“Tell me you haven’t put the bins out!”   She airs her frustrations as she purchases expensive lingerie to wear for for her new beau, only to find herself partnerless days later.

Proving that the quest for love is fraught with danger, disappointment, perversion and overly-long checklists, and that happily-ever-after is not easily achievable.

Readers' reviews:

"A beautifully frank exploration of the trials and tribulations of dating. I defy you not to spit tea all over your Kindle as you giggle your way through this little gem"

"A rollercoaster of emotions."

Micah Seven Five - a crime thriller by Howard Robinson

What would you do if you discovered a man’s body in a black plastic bag?

The excesses of London’s banking world provide the backdrop for crime novel Micah Seven Five, which is set just after the Lloyd’s insurance crash in the late 1990s.

The book centres on an unidentified body, which is found dumped outside a charity shop. The find takes Det Insp Jack Munday and his colleagues on a trail that leads them into the world of London’s highly paid bankers, where drugs, sex, risk-taking and flamboyant living come easily.

But it also leads him back over 20 years to a group of now powerful and respected individuals who, when they were a close-knit group of friends at university, led a hedonistic lifestyle which could now prove ruinous for any or all of them.

Author Howard Robinson, who admits to closely observing fellow passengers on the London Underground, as he creates his characters says: “I try to write books that I would want to read; a story that has ordinary characters with whom any of us can identify, but are brought together through an extraordinary situation.

“What interested me was the impact of an event like the Lloyd’s crash had on somebody’s life. I had read about the disparity between those who lost everything and those who didn’t, and I built the story around a guy who loses everything he has as a result.”

Micah Seven Five is published by independent publishers Inspired Quill.

Hurricane Island, a mystery/thriller by Parker Francis

When PI Quint Mitchell reunites with an old Navy buddy for a relaxing weekend of fishing and good times with his girlfriend, he didn’t count on getting caught up in murder, kidnapping, a psychic in a purple evening gown, and a killer hurricane.

The two old friends leave Cedar Key, Florida headed for a day of fishing aboard Woody Carpenter’s fishing boat, the Island Hopper. They don’t get very far before Woody receives a call from the local police chief telling him to turn around because, “There’s been an incident at your house.”
Quint has been through some tough times in the past. In Matanzas Bay, he’s beaten and left for dead among the critters at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. And in Bring Down the Furies, the private eye runs afoul of a serial arsonist. But Quint has never had to fight the elements while dealing with a vicious drug dealer, a vivacious psychic, and the clock as Hurricane Freda bears down on the Gulf Coast.

All the action takes place in less than 24 hours in this gripping thriller. Find out why Shamus Award-winning author Michael Wiley called Hurricane Island “… the perfect storm of a mystery.”

Ghost - A romantic suspense novel by Stephanie Rowe

DEAL OF THE DAY: GHOST is on sale for $.99 for one week only, from 3/24-3/30! It has an average of 4.9 stars on Amazon, and has never been discounted before.

USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe plunges readers into the wilds of Alaska for a twisted, dangerous game with a serial killer so brilliant that no one except his next target even knows he exists. A perilous, sensual tale in which seduction can kill, and love is the ultimate vulnerability.

His sister was brutally murdered, and Ben Forsett was convicted for the crime. On the run from the authorities, he is in a race against time to find the real killer before the psychopath targets his next victim. The last thing Ben can afford is a distraction, so when he meets a brave, sensual woman who ignites a dark desire within him, he knows they're both in trouble.

Mari Walsh moved to the rural wilds of Alaska to rebuild her life after a violent tragedy, but she soon discovers that something even worse is hunting her. Her only chance is to trust the rebellious, sensual man that no one should believe in, especially not her.

Can Mari and Ben fight off a serial killer who is so brilliant that no one except them even knows he exists? Or will their passion for each other entangle them even more tightly into a murderer's twisted game?


One by One - the debut thriller by Robert Enright

How far would you go to avenge the one you love?

A mechanic with a life best forgotten, Lucas Cole embraces everyday with his wife, Helen. Settled peacefully in a small, Lancashire town in North England, he has finally found a life he still doesn't believed he deserves.

Curtis Drayton is the biggest crime lord in London. His notorious family, consisting of four brothers and a sister, have helped him strangle the life out of London with his bare hands. The police keep their distance and Curtis's need for power continues to grow.

Once one of the Metropolitan Police's best detectives, Paul Fletcher is lost in retirement. Widowed and on the verge of alcoholism, he tries to get by day by day. Estranged from his daughters, he holds on tightly to the way things were.

Officer Oliver Starling is destined for big things in the Met, with many already tipping him to make it far. Striving for more excitement than the usual patrols, Starling is looking forward to progression and proposing to his beautiful girlfriend.

One horrifying act on a rain soaked, London night will set these four paths on a collision course that will rock London to it's very core. In a world where violence only leads to more violence, the body count rises as the ripples reach further out.

This riveting tale of grief and revenge is the debut novel by Robert Enright and is a must for fans of gritty, edge-of-your-seat thrillers.

'All the way through the book I kept thinking about what I myself would be capable of if something that violent happened to my family, I think I may want to make them pay too.
The author has created not only a violent crime thriller but a crime thriller with depth.'
From the 5* review from Crime Book Club

Breath and Soul: Yoga Therapy - Stories of Healing and Growth by Mina Gordon - Linhart

Mina Gordon-Linhart writes these stories as a gift to the world after 20 years of teaching yoga. This book merges the principles of yoga with stories of healing, growth, and development. Yoga creates a union between the soul and the body, between movement and breathing, between femininity and masculinity, between giving and acceptance. Body, mind, and spirit come together step by step in this holistic unification.

Mina Gordon-Linhart utilizes her vast knowledge and experience in many fields: pregnancy and birthing, geriatric counseling, and coping with illness. Through her stories, Mina turns the process of breathing into something new. She guides the reader down a balanced and moderate path to activate his or her Prana, life-force or, connecting the reader to unseen energies which exist inside the heart, the mind, and the solar plexus. "Breath and Soul" has been conceived out of a desire and a need to heal others — to help them give birth to their own truth, for their own sake.

Lose Your Inches without Losing Your Mind! by Justine SanFilippo


Lose Your Inches Without Losing Your Mind! is a practical and down-to-earth guide to shed inches in a healthy, balanced way and to keep them off…without going completely bonkers!

After hitting many roadblocks and becoming frustrated with every diet she tried in an attempt to lose forty-five pounds and four dress sizes, Justine SanFilippo finally found a simple solution to shed unwanted inches and keep them off for good. Like her, you may have already tried countless diets only to find that you can’t keep off the pounds, or even follow the plan. Maybe you are on the verge of losing your mind from all the confusing and conflicting diet information and you are eager for a clear and simple solution to follow. Or, perhaps because you have seen friends and loved ones lose their minds with all sorts of crazy diets, the mere thought of attempting one yourself is almost too much to handle.

However frustrated you are right now, SanFilippo's goal is to show you what worked for her and how it can work for you, too. She will save you the heartache, confusion, and mental exhaustion of dieting while helping you shrink your waistline. If you want to lose inches and keep your sanity, then this is the book for you! Lose Your Inches Without Losing Your Mind! tells you how to lose those inches and keep them off…for good!

Mr. Winters - Alpha's Second Chance - Paranormal Romance by Jocelyn Thomas

A story of fate, second chances, suspense and romance!

24 year old Lexi Jenkins has had nothing but shitty luck with men and life in general in the past. Vowing to write men off and stay solo, she gets a rude awakening when she meets Mr. Winters.

He is tall, dark, and is raw sex appeal. He is everything she wants, but can't have. She refuses to let any man in.

Kris Winters is rich, powerful and the Alpha Wolf of Vancouver. When he see's something he wants, he always get's it. No matter what the cost. And he wants Lexi.

When Lexi's past suddenly becomes her present, she is forced to face the reality of it. Will she run or embrace him? Will she be the alpha's second chance?

65 Genius Do It Yourself Gardening Hacks - Gardening by Teeto

FREE Amazon Book Days March/ 22/ 2015 until March/ 24/ 2015. Book link:

Fed up with expensive tools, overpriced plants, unwelcome insects and waste? With these amazing garden hacks you can
change all that. You won’t need any specialist equipment or know-how and you can make the most of what you have already have.
Including pest, weed, growing from stores Hacks, and many more; Such as scrap soap under finger nails before gardening, and no more dirt under your nails, just wash away after gardening.

However, is it possible to significantly increase yields without purchasing expensive equipment or learning difficult techniques? Yes – through simple and effective gardening hacks.
We usually come up with garden hacks when there is lack of space to grow plants. In fact, garden hacks force us to think beyond the normal ways of gardening. In this way, we end up finding efficient ways of planting that give us better results.

When winter is over, and the spring is near; nature is awaking from its winter sleep time for gardeners all over to come out and start the year’s garden. Gardening is a relaxing activity for many and a frustrating time for some. While people for thousands of years gardened for food and aesthetics, there are easier ways to do certain things.

A Family Affair - contemporary romance by Mary Campisi

Several years ago, I read an article about a man who'd kept a secret family for years without anyone's knowledge. I was fascinated that someone could and would actually do this. That one small article lived in my subconscious for years, emerging occasionally as I considered how a person might achieve this, the effects on the primary family as well as the other family, the pain, the grief, the anger, the emotional, financial and psychological entanglements between the two, and the ultimate question; which was the real family? I became so engrossed with the emotion of the situation that I knew I had to create my own characters and my own story and so emerged, A Family Affair. This book was intended as a single book, certainly not the beginning of a series. But readers fell in love with the characters and the town of Magdalena, NY and wanted more. Thus, the Truth in Lies series was born. These are stories of heartache, betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption all wrapped up in the lives of the people we love to love, and even a few we love to hate.

Into the Wilderness - Time Travel by Pamela Ackerson

The search for a better tomorrow, the saga continues with Into the Wilderness by Pamela Ackerson is a time travel adventure. Book 2 of the Wilderness series, Karen Anderson Standing Deer returns to the Lakota Nation to fight for the Lakota's lifestyle and their rights to live as they choose. She and her family find themselves in the middle of the Little Big Horn Battle, Custer's Last Stand, fighting for their lives and the lives of their family and friends.

September Song - a romantic suspense by Jeanie Freeman Harper

Suddenly, there on Moon Lake, the image returned for a second time. There at the pier was the empty boat and the dog looking down into the water. Emma caught her breath and began to run to the water's edge. The image faded and disappeared before she was half way there―shimmering away into nothing―like a mirage on a hot road in summer.
She stood on the pier long enough to allow the image to sink in. Had it been her mind playing tricks, or something outside of herself?
" What are you trying to tell me Ethan?" she whispered.

Emma  has returned home to Texas from Boston. She has  come to face the blocked memory of her high school sweetheart's drowning  seventeen years earlier. Just when she thought she had let go of the past and established herself as a commercial artist, she becomes obsessed with the return to Cobblers Cove. There  on  that horrific day in 1996,  she had found Ethan's body floating face down in the water. She can no longer block that memory, as their favorite song plays repeatedly on the radio. She can no longer ignore the eerie image of the teenage Ethan  appearing at the shoreline.

Emma  has come to find the truth at the cost of her career and her own safety. Only then can she return to Benjamin who waits in Boston.To complicate matters further, an old hometown friend resurfaces to make her feel the kind of love she  had  buried with Ethan so long ago.

Sleeping Truth - A new age, adult fiction novel by Martin Vesole

$0.99 March 19-23

"Anyone, religious or not, spiritual or not, would learn from this book!" - Amazon 5-star review

"The story is a kaleidoscope of twists and turns of murder, infidelity, loyalty, love, integrity, mob scenes, beliefs, and religion. Truly a spellbinding, interesting, and good read!" - Amazon 5-star review

Rabbi Hertzel is being held for a murder everyone knows he did not commit. Could it be because of his support for a newly-discovered ancient scroll found in a cave in Israel that challenges the very underpinnings of Christianity? Are the rich and powerful out to get him? Will God help save him? Will Mary be able to help him?

This book tells about the discovery of the ancient scroll, known as the Book of Emet, and what follows. A panel of experts is convened to evaluate the truthfulness of the Book of Emet, while a growing mob is threatening them from the outside.

In this charged environment, a forbidden love story develops, there is a mysterious murder, and the fix is in to blame the Rabbi for it.

As the Rabbi tries to escape his fate, he tries to find an understanding of God that works in the 21st Century...

The Silvering of Loran - a fantasy coming of age for adults and teens by G.B. Wren

The inspiration for this story came from a curious childhood experience. It was a lazy afternoon and I had just come indoors from the humid heat that lingered every summer. I crossed into my bedroom, and for some reason I can't remember, I stopped at the mirror above my dresser, probably to get something from the drawers below. I started to stare at my eyes reflected in the mirror and drifted, becoming entangled in my imagination. The world around me faded away. For a moment, a tiny moment, I felt connected to something beyond myself.

I've taken that long ago memory a step further and used it to weave a fantasy world. A world where the mirror, for some, has a greater value than can be imagined.

About The Silvering of Loran:

Magic alone won't set everything right, but it's a good start.

When Loran Avileen receives a gift that reveals magic is real, she discovers her father, the sovereign of the Avileen Empire, has banished any knowledge of it. But his edicts are in question since an evil started manipulating the future of her bloodline.

To defeat a powerful adversary Loran must change her father's destiny, while shaping her own. She will need the knowledge of magic held by a man who doesn't seem to age to save her family from an ageless evil. She will have just one chance to forge the destiny she craves, before evil destroys her family, and her future.

A Familiar Problem - Romantic Comedy by Sharon Karaa

Natalia Stokes is a loner, a demon loner with some strange ideas about life and, well, death. Banished from Hell for being a trouble maker, would you believe, Natalia is condemned to walk the earth with no one to communicate with.  You’d think that wouldn’t bother her but even loners get lonely.

Everything changes when a chance meeting brings her to Lauren, a witch in trouble, and she sticks around long enough to help her in the guise of her familiar.  The problem is, she then realises she doesn’t want to leave.  She quickly learns, however, that life doesn’t always go as planned and she is forced to make a decision that will affect her for the rest of her…let’s call it existence.

If she can ever figure out what good is, she’s sure she’ll hate it.  But that was before Zerachiel turned up, a hot as Hell angel with a naughty streak a mile wide.  To complicate matters even more, a demon arrives in the form of the mighty Abaddon, the subject of a childhood crush.  The question is, will she choose good or will she choose evil?

Decisions, decisions…

Kate's Blessing - a Modern Day Christian Romance by Kim Blair

A story of Love, devotion and greed

A full of suspense story

Kate’s Blessing is a Christian Romance about Kate Woods who has recently lost her beloved husband of almost 34 years.  Kate now finds herself having to run the company that she and her husband built almost ten years ago.  Kate is convinced with Gods help she can make the company continue to prosper.  Also knowing that replacing her beloved husband in the business is going to be an insurmountable task. Her best prospect for this position is her most loyal employee, Timothy Davis.  Kate knows this promotion is going to creates conflict with another employee who has a similar work background and is five years his senior.

Bill is determined to win Kate’s affection, not because he loves her or cares for her only because he wants the supervisor position for himself.  He tries to sweep her off her feet and when that does not work, he actually makes cruel accusations of inappropriate relations with Timothy.  Which is the farthest thing from the truth as Kate is strictly professional. Kate does have feelings for Timothy but will not let them develop with an employee.  This presents a problem when Timothy falls in love with Kate.

Kate’s morals and ethics prevent her from seeing God’s true blessing for her.   So God works through the only man she trust, her father, to intervene for her to open her heart to the spiritual blessing which allows her to love once more.

From Afar by Frank Scozzari

‘From Afar’
The memoir of a hopeless romantic's search for love in Russia.

Morgan Stanfield, a naive romantic jaded by past love, leaves the familiar surroundings of his Santa Barbara home to search for love in the far northern city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. On his four-day odyssey he encounters a Russian beauty, a prostitute, a wise old babushka, an American chauvinist, intellectuals, the Russian mafia, and the ‘face’ of love, and comes to know how love from a distance can be more captivating than love close on hand. From Afar is a timeless tale of a man’s struggle to find love and himself.

Aim True, My Brothers by William Brown

Middle East terrorism explodes on American shores as a skilled Hamas commander who has battled Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan seeks revenge for the deaths of his brothers by taking his private war to the heart of America unleashing a firestorm that will take out the President and half the American government. With faint clues to go on, it falls to Eddie Rankin, a maverick FBI agent, an Egyptian spy, and a hard-edged, female Mossad agent to stop him — and the clock is ticking.

From the author of The Undertaker, Amongst My Enemies, Thursday at Noon, and Winner Lose All.

You can find it on Kindle at

King Edward the Last by Graeme Ratcliffe

It is 1936 and King Edward must make a choice: keep his crown or marry Wallis Simpson.

Wallis is a divorced woman. If he marries her he will be forced to abdicate, but what if he should keep her as his mistress and thereby keep his crown? Would Wallis accept a life forever in the shadows or could she become the power behind the throne?

It is the Great Depression. The people are starving. King Edward demands that something be done, but the King’s government is weak. Hitler and Stalin are on the rampage, war looms, but the King’s government is weaker still.

The military swears an oath of allegiance to the King, not the government. Will King Edward seize back the lost powers of the sovereign, be the next strong man of Europe?

Will Edward and Wallis take over?

King Edward the Last. When he chose duty over love.

“This is one of the most believable alt histories I have read. So much of it follows real events and deviates as little as necessary to create an excellent fiction.”
Gary H Dicker, 24 January 2015

Alison Wonderland - an offbeat comedy by Helen Smith

Follow the surreal adventures of an all-female detective agency in London in this offbeat comedy by bestselling British author Helen Smith. Private detective Alison Temple spends her days working undercover in offices and her evenings shadowing unfaithful husbands. Then one day, a beautiful client shows up and turns her life upside down. Clever, quirky, and infused with just a hint of magic, this humorous literary novel introduces a memorable heroine who can turn the everyday into a dazzling surprise.

A Veteran's Road To College Success - An Amazon Kindle Bestseller by Kenneth A. Bracewell

.99 Cent Special KDP Promotion Starting Now Until March 24th.

Have you ever wondered what the average person does when they fail miserably? They usually quit and give up. Not Kenneth, a United States Army Infantry combat Veteran returning from Iraq and exiting the service to begin college. After failing his first semester, Kenneth realized that determination, sacrifice, and dedication were the only options to move forward if he wanted to continue college and remain a student at the university that he attended. By doing this, he was able to earn two undergraduate degrees, one Associates and one Bachelors in three years. It was not easy, but Kenneth applied his values, military background, and skills in the classroom to become successful. His Mentor and Academic Advisor was a Vietnam Veteran. This was one of many contributing factors to Kenneth's academic success.

This is a Kindle you do not want to miss out on!

In the Shadow of the Spirits - historical fiction by Tallulah Salvator

Everyone values their freedom and peace but not everyone is lucky enough to live in a time that makes freedom or peace possible for the ordinary person. Iqharai and her sister were born into a tribe known only as The Wild Ones. They answered only to each other and lived free. Raxal was born to be their Spiritual Guide. But fate had different ideas and as children they witness the destruction of their freedom and then their tribe. Enslaved and sold in Spain as slaves they cannot escape the ghosts and memories that haunt them.
Can you imagine how it would have felt to be a girl sold into slavery so impossibly far from home?  To try to carry on with life when they weight of what your eyes had seen bore your spirit down? And yet despite it all, they struggle to find their own places in the world, places where they have enough freedom to be at peace with the shadows of the past.

The A.R.T of Motivation - Success in Life By Rediscovering Your Core Design by Ubong Ekpo

On Sale for $2.99 Till March 20th

Turn on your Dream Machine!!! 5-Star rated by Consecutive Amazon Top100,Hallof Fame Reviewer.

"A" stands for Adventure into Self.
"R" stands for Rediscovery of what has always been in you.
"T" stands for Travelling the road to fulfilment of life goals.

This book has a goldmine of tools in each section that deals with elusive questions we could all face like:
"How do I know which of all the things I was motivated about six months ago to focus in the future?"
"I've tried so many things and I was excited about my job two years ago. I seem to have lost motivation again. Why do I hate it so much right now? Why do I keep starting over?"
"How do I get started discovering what my life goals are?"
Ubong Ekpo talks about going beyond a seasonal experience to uncovering the inexhaustible reservoir of motivation within you that flows out of your purpose, giftings and abilities.
"Yubi" as he is fondly called is a motivational teacher whose coaching,training and consulting solutions have helped individuals and clients across Europe and America

Wounds of the Father: A True Story of Child Abuse, Betrayal, and Redemption by Elizabeth Garrison

#1 Bestseller in Child Abuse Memoirs

In the bestselling tradition of Smashed and Glass Castle, this raw, eye-opening memoir tells the powerful story of Elizabeth Garrison’s fractured childhood, descent into teenage drug addiction, and struggle to overcome nearly insurmountable odds. Elizabeth invites the reader behind the closed doors of a picture-perfect Christian family to reveal a dark, hidden world of child abuse, domestic violence, and chilling family secrets all performed in the name of God under the tyrannical rule of her father. Like countless teenage girls, Elizabeth turns to drugs and alcohol to escape. With smack-you-in-the-face honesty, Elizabeth chronicles the dark realities and real-life horrors of teenage drug abuse, living on the streets, foster homes, and treatment centers. She paints an unsparing portrait of scratching and clawing her way out of the grips of child abuse, addiction, and betrayal to find the strength within herself to save her own life.

My book is the #1 Bestseller on Amazon in Teen Personal Health. It is also the #2 Bestseller on Amazon in Teen Drug Abuse.

Shari's Shot - A cozy mystery by James Ross

KDP Select free dates - March 18-19, April 6-7, April 23. All in 2015.

The recurring characters at Prairie Winds Golf Course keep delivering interesting plots. Readers have been quick to identify with the eclectic bunch which represent a cross section of American life. Middle class America mixes with those that are new to US soil in all of my character-based novels.

It's been fun to create the regulars. Two brothers, J Dub and Curt run the pro shop. Julie, the assistant, is their "right-hand man" and very much a fixture. Captain Jer, a retired commercial airline pilot, is the clubhouse drunk. Fred and Pork Chop are portly behemoths. Paul is the retired military officer that is a perfectionist. Elia is a transplanted barber from Beirut. Paco owns his own lawn care business. He hails from south of the border. YouWho is a businessman from Japan whose real name is Yuuto but that was too difficult for the guys to pronounce. Scottie P is the tallest and best looking guy in the group. He just happens to be the live-in lover of Father Blair, the local Catholic priest. Doc, an aged veterinarian, babysits Captain Jer. Their sidekick is an old vaudeville performer named Lemuel Trot. The clubhouse wouldn't be complete without BowTye. He's the black clubhouse attendant that at one time was the king of the rock-a-billy blues.

Join the guys. They all have one thing in common. Golf. Each story introduces 20 or so new characters, some of which become fixtures.

New readers will find that an interesting new writing style has grown popular with my fans. Alternative means of communication such as texts and e-mails are used to advance the story. It has been a fun way for me tell the story as well. Shari's Shot delivers many clues in this manner. See if you can figure out the ending!

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