Blood & Water: Daddy's Girl - a provocative, suspense novel by Tasha Bullock

Follow Lori as she struggles to break free from her dysfunctional family; an overbearing father, Bishop Andrew Daniels, and drug-addicted prostitute sister, Rhonda; in pursuit of love and happiness.

Although successful, Lori is getting older, and wants what every woman wants at her age, a family. But her father forbids her from being with the only man she has ever loved, Sebastian.

Lori's life takes a dramatic turn when she moves into a new upscale neighborhood, gains the attention of her two handsome neighbors - James and Jonathan, Sebastian pops back into her life, and Rhonda moves in.

Rhonda, having always been jealous of her sister because of her loving relationship with their father, quickly becomes more trouble than she's worth.  She puts Lori's life in danger when she brings her promiscuous lifestyle into her sister's home.

Seeking refuge from the drama, Lori turns to her friends, James and Jonathan. Their relationship, though platonic at first, quickly turns into something more when James and Jonathan both realize they have feelings for Lori. When James hashes a plan to fulfill their needs to be fathers, things get even more complicated.

Lori's once perfect life goes from bad to worse when her father learns she is living an unconventional lifestyle. One that he strongly opposes. Not wanting to lose his baby girl, like he lost Rhonda, Bishop Daniels becomes determined to fix the mess Lori has gotten herself into, even if requires drastic measures.