Flower of Heaven - a global thriller by Julien Ayotte


Flower of Heaven involves a priest who, early in life, has a brief affair with a beautiful French tourist guide in Paris.  The affair ends about as quickly as it began once it is revealed that the young man is a priest.  While he returns to the States to atone for his indiscretion, the French girl has to deal with an impending pregnancy and the birth of twin sons, totally unbeknownst to the priest.  Because she is penniless, she gives up her sons for adoption and attempts to rebuild her life.  She becomes a key figure at the Louvre and meets a Middle Eastern prince sent to Paris to learn about art by his father, the king.  The two fall in love and marry, but she is tormented at finding her lost sons.  Thirty-five years later, Fr. Richard Merrill finds out from Francoise Dupont that he is the father of twin sons he never knew he had.  He seeks help from old friends to find them and protect them from enemies of his former lover’s husband, now the king.  These enemies would stop at nothing to prevent the sons from succeeding her husband to the throne.

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