Full Circle: Freedom's Firewall by Alfred R. Taylor


Imagine being a police officer who doesn’t need to eat, sleep, or pee, has no personal memories, must obey every command of his owners, and never gets any time off. This is the ‘life’ created for Marshal John-27 when the mind of a human police officer was copied into an android body and sent to Amalthea, a colony built inside a moon of Jupiter, to enforce local law. A place where androids are superior to humans in every way, yet are used to fulfill every human desire, are treated like slaves, and murdered whenever a new, more attractive, model is purchased.

The discovery of a derelict spacecraft triggers an investigation that exposes corruption, piracy, kidnaping, and murder, but that was only the beginning. Throughout the course of his investigation, John-27 uncovers evidence that implicates his human masters, and he learns what happens to androids who get too close to the truth. Humanity’s hold over its android servants breaks, and John-27 finds himself in the midst of a rebellion. He has sworn to uphold the law and to serve and protect the citizens of Amalthea, but he also must fight to protect his newly acquired freedom, and the rights of his fellow androids.

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