Turning Grace - a sci-fi horror by J.Q. Davis


Medal Winner in the Ebook Sci-fi/Fantasy Horror Category of the 2014 New Apple Book Awards

Turning Grace is a story about a 17-year-old girl by the name of Grace Watkins, a seemingly typical senior in high school with an unexplainable, growing appetite.

A typical teenager could mean a wide variety of things, but for Grace, it just means that she leads a normal life for a hormonal girl her age. She questions her self-confidence, and her constant hunger that results in devouring large quantities of food her overprotective mother cooks, but is proud to admit that she certainly isn’t that lonely, nerdy chick from all those 90’s rom-coms that gets made fun of on a daily basis at school.

She loves her spunky, charismatic best friend, Phoebe, and she is more or less acquaintances with at least one person from every social group at Middleton High.

The only cliché line that almost gets crossed is her secret crush on the popular jock, Tristen Miles. But that’s not all – with every popular jock comes a popular socialite. Enter Sonny Westwood, the rich, perfect, mean girl that is set out to humiliate Grace with every chance she gets; even more so when she learns that Tristen and Grace have been hanging out together.

But normal ventures far, far out of Grace’s reach when she suddenly develops a need she can’t seem to control. She soon discovers that when this need isn’t fulfilled, her body changes in strange ways and walks home can no longer be enjoyed without snacking on something with a pulse.

A visit from her mother’s overly anxious colleague opens Grace’s eyes to a world she thought only existed in movies and to a decision that will lead to more questions than answers.

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