You vs You: A Guide to Creating Positive Changes in Your Life - a self help book by Adefoluke Shemsu

Have you ever felt lost? Defeated? As if for some reason, nothing ever seems to manifest as you want it to? Have you ever been oppressed as a child. or bullied as an adult? Do you want more confidence, and to feel more fulfilled in your life? Do you want success in your life? Do you desire inner peace, and a greater love for yourself and from those around you? If any of these things are true for you, the self help guide book, You vs You, is for you. It teaches the power of thought, and how simply changing your approach to your life can change your life altogether. The writer experienced everything mentioned above, and used the unique perspective gained from overcoming challenges such as depression and the alienation of his peers to create this ebook, in the hopes that he can help to show others how to overcome and how to ascend into everything that they came into this world to be happily and peacefully. He once said that any knowledge that isn't shared is a gift wasted, and having come to these understandings at only 20 years old help him to understand that this here is a part of why he exists here. He will always be the voice that says you can when everyone else says that you can't, and this book is an extension of that voice.

One of the first people to read the first  draft of this book quit her job only days after reading because she knew that she wasn't living as she knew she deserved to. Two weeks later, she found a better job and had a completely different idea of what life as we know it is and what role she will choose to in the grand scheme of her life.

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