Allies and Enemies: Fallen - a science fiction action adventure by Amy J. Murphy

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Fight. Survive. Repeat.
Purpose-bred soldier of the Regime, Commander Sela “Ty” Tyron was made for this.
But years of leading troops into battle have done little to prepare her for what came next:
Abandonment by those she’s sworn to serve and protect.  Helplessness in stopping the death of loved one. Ty’s chance encounter with a truth-spouting priest launches her into alien territory where she’s forced to question the values she’s been told to hold true by the powers that be. When her worshiped captain, a member of the ruling elite, is accused of treason and faces execution, Ty risks everything to save him.

With shades of space opera, military sci fi and a little bit of romance, Allies and Enemies: Fallen, features strong female protagonists and an action driven story. Fans of Firefly and Farscape alike will enjoy this character-driven adventure.

Excerpts from recent Amazon reviews:
“In addition to well-developed characters, the lore supporting the story is well-conceived, plump and juicy with details I hope she explores more deeply in future novels in the series. It is very apparent that much thought and planning went into this lore. It is consistent and believable, its ethos both alien and not.”

“…entertaining with excellent pacing. The characters are not your regulation sci fi military types. The characters are real with flaws, hopes, dreams and baggage.”

“dynamic and quick adventure story… If you like more of an Indiana Jonesesque experience through space then give this book a try.”

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