Jackal's Gambit - Predgarians Book 1 - A sci-fi/fantasy series by C. A. Ardron


Courin, a world trying to survive amidst an alien invasion. On the surface all seems normal, everyday life continues. Scratch the surface and you will find the Sarpiens, an evil cult that worship and do the bidding of the sclithe, an alien race bent on world domination.

Combating this dire threat are the Predgarians. They are just one of five military orders dedicated to beating back the Sarpiens and their masters. They wield magical medallions that grant them armour and increased strength and power. Unfortunately, the Sarpiens have these magical objects too.

As the story unfolds you will meet two people. Jay is a boy with no knowledge of how evil the Sarpiens are, his naivety could very well be the death of him. The other, a woman called Karen Fireirro, is trying to turn a blind eye to all that's wrong around her. Thrust together, Karen must now turn and face her greatest fear if she is to save Jay.

This is book 1 of what is to be an ongoing series about the Predgarians, with much more to come!

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